American Idol – Top 7

So apparently tonight’s theme is “inspirational songs,” but so help me if somebody sings “Wind Beneath My Wings,” I’ll have no choice but to be done with this show FOREVER.

Oh, I kid. Obviously I am very attached to the Idol. Not even Sanjaya could drive me away. And that is saying something, my friends.

Here we go.

Casey James – “Don’t Stop” – At first I thought that this was going to be way karaoke-ish, but he put a nice little Casey spin on it. I loved the electric guitar, and he changed the melody just enough that I didn’t feel like I was sitting in a bar listening to the Tuesday night cover band (not that I do much bar-sitting these days, mind you). HOWEVER. Casey needs to surprise us. He needs to pick a song that really surprises us. And if he’s still around next week, I hope he’ll do just that.

Lee DeWyze – “The Boxer” – I thought this performance was great. It was a nice mix of tenderness and sincerity and power, and I liked it a lot.

Tim Urban – “Better Days” – I love this song so much. But this song requires an edge. And Tim, while utterly likeable, doesn’t have much of an edge. It all felt a little talent show-ish, and with the exception of the very first part, it was all the same volume (i.e., a little shout-y).

Aaron Kelly – “I Believe I Can Fly” – There were some pretty painful notes in there, and again, it was way too much like a high school talent show (I say this as if I spend a great deal of my spare time attending high school talent shows – what is it with me and the hypothetical destinations tonight? First the bar, now the talent shows). Anyway, the bottom line is this: it just wasn’t my thing. Perfect for a graduation ceremony, but nothing I would ever buy on iTunes.

Siobhan Magnus – “When You Believe” – You know what I think it is? Siobhan is a good singer. But she’s not a good performer. There’s skill there for sure – but the warmth is missing for me. And I think the absence of warmth is what keeps me feeling a little disengaged from her performances. Tonight got a little shriek-y at the end, but it was better than the last couple of weeks.

Michael Lynche – “Hero” – I liked his version of the song a lot. And I think I would have liked it even more if it had just been him and an acoustic guitar. The over-orchestration got in the way – and I felt almost like I had to fight through all the violins and cellos and dramatic lighting to hear what he was singing. He definitely keeps me intrigued from week to week, though – I’m always curious to see what he’s going to do.

Crystal Bowersox – “People Get Ready” – She’s in another league, y’all. So, so talented. And to see her get so genuinely emotional at the end? She is right where she’s supposed to be. Love her.

Best of the night: Crystal
Worst of the night: Tim, Siobhan
Should go: Tim
Will go: Tim

What did y’all think?

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  1. Love Lee and Crystal. Would love to hear more about her and her daddy. I kind of wish we could skip to the end with just those two. (and have Crystal win please)

  2. I agree Crystal was the best.

  3. I always love your recaps. Generally, we agree on the top, the bottom, and the inbetween, but this week, I gotta say, I think Siobhan will get the boot. At least I’m hoping.

  4. Agreed.

    And did you record this? I want to know how they had Crystal finishing her song without crying in the recap. Did I miss something?

  5. Southern Gal….I was wondering the exact same thing! What in the world??? I saw her perform, however I missed every single one else because I wasn’t home in time. And had to get children in bed. I’m hoping to catch it online somewhere tho. Crystal was absolutely amazing, and brought tears to my eyes!!

  6. Thanks for the recap…I was hoping you would…I was at book club and missed the show. Now I feel like I am prepared for tomorrow!

  7. I agree, Crystal & Lee all the way baby! That’s IT – Siobhan lacks warmth…I just keep calling her “weird”. There’s just something I like about Casey, I hope he gets a chance to surprise us…and he needs to stay till the top 3-5.

    Crystal’s recap…I think it came from dress rehearsal, maybe because they were running late?

  8. Thank goodness you gave me a recap, i missed it tonight…..I did catch my fave Crystal however…and thank you…Tim “Mr. Cheesy Smile” NEEDS TO GO! I thought he needed to go weeks ago. I have still not gotten over that he stayed and Lacy and the other really blond gal with the feather earrings got voted off.

  9. SouthernGal, I caught that too. I’m pretty sure they used footage of dress rehersal to pre-produce the end-of-the-show playbacks, and it back-fired on them. Bad production.

  10. The back story about Crystal’s father would be nice to know, now that she has piqued our curiosity.

  11. I’m betting that Tim’s gonna go home this week and Aaron and Siobhan will round out the Bottom 3. It’s time for Tim. Aaron makes me want to dry heave. Siobhan, well, she’s just out stayed her welcome in my book. So I agree with you on two counts. Good luck!

  12. I really hope Tim goes home tonight. It’s his time. I don’t remember another season since Fantasia when there was such a clear standout. I really hope Crystal wins this.

  13. I hope Siobhan goes home. I don’t get it.

    I imagine Tim could go home but even though he’s up and down I prefer listening/watching him over Siobhan.

    Lee and Crystal. They are the show. Everyone else is eh…Casey totally blew the song choice tonite. I like Casey but when they showed him again at the end I kind of thought, oh yeah, what did he sing? I loved the song he chose but its just too familiar.

  14. You know what it is about Siobhan (you know, “for me, for her”) is that she seems like such an alternative kind of chick and she’s singing these power ballady pop songs and they don’t match her personality and thus, the connection.

    And with Casey, I was annoyed that Simon said that wasn’t an “inspirational” song. I know there is a language barrier for Simon but the lyrics are all about looking forward to tomorrow because it will get better. And just because it isn’t a ballad doesn’t mean it wasn’t inspirational. Sometimes people need an upbeat song to help them through hard times.


  15. I am just crossing my fingers that they bring back Sanjaya as a mentor soon. It just seems right…

  16. I agree – with your top and bottom picks, but I think it will be Sibohan who gets the boot. I think young girls will continue to vote for Tim. He could fall of the stage and I’m pretty sure he’d still get enough votes to escape elimination!

  17. Siobhan is starting to irritate me. I feel like she could be a character on Saturday Night Live.

    Also, Crystal is A-MAZING. Rock star.

  18. I love what Jen (above) said — Siobhan is like a Saturday Night Live character–ha!

    I think that Tim might stick around. Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m thinking maybe Casey. I’d personally like to see Siobhan or Aaron go, but don’t think it will happen.

  19. I tried really hard to concentrate on Siobhan’s vocals, but I was utterly distracted by my desire to go after her costume with a fly swatter.

  20. These are the people I fast-forward through when I’m watching American Idol on my DVR.


    This should be an indication of who should go home.

  21. Aaron, Aaron, Aaron. (shakes head)

    It takes a brave white boy to sing “I Believe I Can Fly”.

    However, I heard the same performance at my eighth grade talent show in 1997. And it was better than Aaron’s. Shocking. I know.

  22. A national study conducted by among American Idol viewers found that Aaron Kelly was selected as the contestant that should be eliminated from the competition based on his performance last night and only received 4.8% of votes The study parallels American Idol voting to determine the weekly winners based on a democratic, “one person, one vote” methodology.
    More results can be seen at

  23. I really just want to do a study on Siobhan’s clothes and forget about the rest of the idols…except Crystal. She is my favorite, no contest.