Our Collective Springtime Goal

I won’t get into all the completely uninteresting details, but we spent yesterday afternoon in the doctor’s office (OH, POLLEN – YOU HAVE OVERSTAYED YOUR WELCOME), then at the drug store and grocery store and back at the drug store, so by the time we got back home and I cooked supper, I was way past ready to watch an episode or two of “Friday Night Lights.” Obsessive behavior is my love language, after all.

Anyway, I am happy to announce that I finished watching the last episode of season three. Just in time for season four’s premiere in a couple of weeks. I can’t even tell you how good it feels to have set and accomplished such lofty TV-watching goals. All my years of training – all those years of watching “Moonlighting,” “Friends,” “Seinfeld,” even “The Brady Bunch” – well, they’ve definitely paid off during this critical “FNL” juncture. Perseverance is an excellent teacher.

The lesson? Hold tight to your TV-related dreams, my friends.

Finally, I mentioned a few days ago that I love the new Hanson song.

Once you watch this, I think you’ll understand why.

Thinking ‘Bout Somethin’

HANSON | MySpace Music Videos

Is that not infectious?

And is it wrong that I totally want to memorize the dance? Because I TOTALLY WANT TO MEMORIZE THE DANCE.

Anybody want to meet me in our cul de sac for practice?

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  1. Oh my word-I can’t wait to put that song on my iPod and go for a walk/dance! And I would totally meet you in the cul de sac for practice if I was close by! Thanks for sharing. Any idea when we can get the whole album?

  2. What is it with Hanson? Their songs are always addicting…I love this!

  3. Love it!! Aren’t they a little young to know about “The Blues Brothers”? LOL

  4. leah Anderson says:

    Totally love the song and the Blues Bros. remake. Brooke would love to meet you for dance practice…

  5. It’s a date for practice on the cul de sac. Can I play the tambourine?? Fun, fun, fun.

  6. Mary Kat's Mom says:

    I loved seeing Weird Al on the tambourine! Fun video and song! See you in the cul de sac.

  7. Ok love that song and the dude with the tamborine makes me LOL
    How does he get his hips to move like that – HA
    And I think I have the first 3 steps of the dance down – you gonna be in ATL we can practice – hehe
    Much love

  8. I’ve been rewatching season 3 of Friday Night Lights getting ready for season 4 which begins soon. I’m just saying that the last two episodes of season 3 are some of the best television EVER!

  9. You are right. The song is great! I’m thinking I need to check out their new record.

  10. How can that be the same group that sang MmmBop?? They grew up! : ) Love it! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Love that song! Makes me happy!! If I lived near you I would be dancing in your cul-de-sac too. I looked on Itunes to put it on my ipod, but it’s not on there, boo.

  12. Sorry about the pollen… I agree that it’s wearing out its welcome:)

    And that video is taking me back to the good ol’ days of Showchoir… Thanks for the feel-good fun this morning!

  13. Brittany says:

    Wait, is this the same Hanson of MMMM Bop fame?

  14. I do! I want to meet you for practice. That would be so much fun.
    Think we can have a virtual line dance?

  15. I just found out yesterday that my cousin is going this Saturday to be an extra in the stands for Friday Night Lights. I’ve never seen the show but she is a big fan.

  16. LOVE IT!

  17. so high school musical…i love it

  18. Kelly in Carrollton says:

    now THAT was FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. LOVE IT!!! I so want to meet in your cul-de-sac to learn this dance!! :) I can’t wait to put it on my IPod!!

  20. How about me and Robyn and all of our hotel friends learn this and video it for you this weekend???


  21. Well… I can’t dance, but I’ll come watch. Unless I’m too busy watching the video and the cutie playing keyboard.

  22. Jake and Elwood!!! Shake Your Tailfeather!! Ya’ll have GOT to go watch the original!

  23. Jenny from VA says:

    Seriously, I’m so in. That made me so happy.

  24. Stephanie says:

    So great… doesn’t this dance remind you a little of the dance in the parade in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off… Oh late 80’s, early 90’s- you were good times!


  25. oh, i do love me a good group dance number. in movies, musicals, tv shows…

    know what i love best about this video? two things: 1) all the chicks aren’t skinny, and 2) the children are a hoot!

  26. I simply cannot wait for this to be available on iTunes!! I have been wearing it out for days wherever I could find it!!

    That and Michael Buble’s “Haven’t Met You Yet” video. If you haven’t seen it…check it out. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to dance in a grocery store and walk on top of the freezer sections!!!!

  27. Jabber Jaws says:

    Well, as soon as I Aussie Scrunch Spray my hair, slip on my Coca-Cola shirt and slide into my jellies, I will totally skate over to your house. Wait until you see my “special/extra” moves – the shimmy and full on JAZZ HANDS. Mercy, this made my 16 year old heart trapped inside a 36ish year old body HAPPY. Have you seen the I’ve got a Reading instead of I’ve got a Feeling?!? So love it.

  28. I call the part where the guy just back-flips on in to the dance. I’ve been working on my gymnastical skillz.

    So in short, I’M IN.

  29. Sophie, I would SO meet you in the cul-de-sac for dance practice if I lived nearby! Love it!

  30. That is an AWESOME song!!!!! Oh my word. I’ll meet you for practice. :)

    By the way, have I ever told you about what happened when I was 5 involving my new doll, a bowl of gravy, and Hanson’s mom? I think I’ll just blog about that.

  31. We could call ourselves BlogMotion and do dance numbers behind Ree while she signs books.
    Anyone …

  32. http://www.hanson.net/site/postings/7163

    That link is to a tutorial for their dance ON their website BY the choreographer. Oh, yes ma’am, it most CERTAINLY is. Indeed.

  33. Count me in! Your culdesac cant be that far since the ‘ham isn’t that big. Unless you live down 280 and then we will have to talk!

    Plus, that is a dance that even an uncoordinated white girl can do!

  34. can’t believe some commenters don’t know it’s a celebration (better not be a parody) of what we call the street dance scene in the movie the Blues Brothers. ray charles plays the keyboards and it’s a great scene, highlighting dance moves. haven’t seen that shade of (light) blue jeans in quite a few years. i have to say i’m impressed with the boy/brother band i used to mock!

  35. 1.) I’m a little ashamed to admit that I’m gonna download me some Hanson shortly.

    2.) Anything with Weird Al invovled (the tamborine player, since someone above didn’t seem to realize it was him) gets two thumbs up from me.

    3.) I’d TOTALLY learn the dance with you. There was a time in my life when I spent a chunk of time in front of the computer learning the naked baby dance. :) I’m NOT above it. :) haha

  36. Frydaddy says:

    Now THAT is a summer song.

  37. Thought you might enjoy this, cause one good turn deserves another :)


  38. Oh my word. My own lil dancin’ girl would loooooove this! I should put it on the teevee for her and she’d be dancin’ the moves within… well, honestly it’d take her a coupla months at least to get em all down (hey, the kid has Down syndrome, she’s doing the best she can! ;-))
    She’d have a wonderful time learning though, and give anyone within view a big old smile in the process too♥

    Thanks for sharing☺

  39. Oh, thank you! Love it – and I could TOTALLY be the tambourine player. Let me know what time dance rehearsal starts.

  40. I’ll totally meet up with you on the cul de sac on one condition: I get to be the tambourine player. That is if I don’t throw my back out.

  41. Too fun! I’m so there to dance with you!!

  42. okay, you HAVE to know that that is a totally redone scene from the blues brothers movie, right??? tell me you knew that!!

    and YES! cul de sac it is!!! ready and waiting!

  43. LOVED IT! The song, the dance, and the video! I had no idea it was a Blues Brothers Tribute (“I’ve never seen the movie” she’s says shamefully), but I had just sent the link to my hubby who replied right away before it even finished loading “looks like a blues brothers theme”. So…for everyone now curious to compare the two here’s the link to the original Blues Brothers theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rN5V-6yCbpg&feature=related I’m now officially in love with this dance & would have it learned already if the video didn’t keep loading every 5 seconds. sigh :(

  44. Holy semolie – I just loved it! Totally would like to learn the dance- if I could do that dance – would quit messing counting points and all calorie nonsense – dance off this winter fat! woo hoo
    p.s. I’m ashamed to admit a few moment of Hanson mockery myself – but doggone they rocked it – Elwood and Jake would approve!

  45. I think I like them more now than I did back in the mmm-bop days. Cute song! But I might get a bad reputation in the ‘hood if I actually danced (or attempted to) where people can SEE ME. ; )

  46. I love Hanson and I love the video however even though I am in my 30’s I think I might hurt something if I tried that dance, but I bet I could play a mean tambourine.

  47. Sorry had to add one thing- If you click on the Hanson name under the video and go to their My Space page there is a thinkin bout something dance video tutorial!!!

  48. I read your blog every day, and I’m very lazy about clicking out of my reader to comment, but this. THIS. I feel compelled to tell you what a firestorm of emotion this video has sparked for me. Starting with embarrassment, because I managed to watch the entire thing without realizing that it was Hanson, as in HANSON, as in those mmmbop boys. The whole time I was like, who IS this awesome new band?

    Oh, the dancing. The awesome street bubble-gum multiracial multisized dancing.

    I then proceeded to watch this with all of my children for most of the evening. Then I went on into a youtube rabbit-hole where I watched all of the making of the videos (and where I also realized that the making-of is the easiest way to learn all of the choreography).

    So anyways. All that to say, yeah, I’m in. I can be choroegraphy captain, if you need one.