High Hopes

Last week before I left for St. Louis I met my parents halfway between our house and theirs. The little man was going to stay for them a few days, and he told me in no uncertain terms that he wanted me to pick him up this Wednesday. It seemed like a long time for him to be away from home, but he was all about it. Breakfasts of brownies and Cheetos hold a certain appeal with seven year-olds, I reckon. Not to mention all the TV and Cokes and trips to the toy store that you can handle.

I got home late Saturday night (I will have to tell you about how the St. Louis heat got my attention but good on Saturday afternoon), and Sunday was super-relaxing. D and I went out to eat for lunch and for supper (we’re CRAAAAAAAZY!). We talked about his work and my time in St. Louis and the sermon we heard yesterday and a maybe-trip that’s on the horizon and TV and tennis and soccer. It was such a good, easy day. And since I knew I was going to be all by myself today, I decided before I went to bed last night that I was going to sleep later than normal, treat myself to a pedicure (it’s not something I get to do often, but it’s my most favorite indulgence in the whole universe and I really hope with all my heart that there’s some sort of nail salon in heaven) and then tackle my house with a vengeance. Change sheets. Wash clothes. Dust. Clean bathrooms. The whole thing.


When I looked at my phone after the pedicure, I’d missed a call from Mama and Daddy’s house. It was Alex. And he had some thoughts about his travel plans. When I called him back, he said, “Well, Mama, here’s the thing: I’ve just really been missing you.” So I said, “Aw – that’s so sweet! Do you want me to come pick you up today?”

And before I could finish the question, he said, “THAT SOUNDS PERFECT! WHAT TIME WILL YOU BE HERE?”

So I walked straight to my car, cranked ‘er up, and drove to Mississippi. I pIcked up the little guy (who, by the way, has grown approximately four feet in the last five days), then stopped by the drug store to pick up a prescription for Mama – who decided she’d ride back to Alabama with us and stay here for a few days. I didn’t clean a thing. Didn’t dust even a little bit. AND NOW MY MAMA IS HERE.

But my boy, he’s home. And OH, HE IS LIVELY.

All that to say: I had great intentions of putting up a post today and showing you the 73,000 pictures I took of the Arch last week – each one just as rivetingly boring as the one before. My spiritual gift is repetition, apparently. And I’ll say that again just in case you didn’t get it the first time: I TEND TO DO THE SAME THINGS OVER AND OVER.

But now it’s time for our little family to get our groove back. And to take Mama to the Steinmarts. And to take Mama to the Home Goods. And to take Mama to the TJ Maxx.

So I’ll be back in a couple of days. But in the meantime, there’s another chance to win a $100 gift card courtesy of BlogHer – here’s the post where the giveaway magic is happening.

And also, you know, this:

There’s 72,999 more where that came from.

You must be beside yourself with anticipation.

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  1. Having lived in STL all my life (IN CASE YOU DIDN’T KNOW), that’s one of the best photos of the Arch I’ve ever seen. And I have seen a lot.

  2. Ah, I love the relationship between a boy and his mom…so sweet!
    I can remember the days when our kids would go stay with Mam-ma and Pap-pa! We thought we would just have a high-ole-time while they were gone But we’d end ending up talking nonstop about them and how much we missed them!

    Alex is just the neatest little kid!!

  3. Every single day when I am fluttering about in blog-world, I come to yours hoping that you are going to break the news that you are writing a book. Seriously. It can be about nothing really…and I will still preorder it…and I will still read it cover to cover, over and over…just to see what you have to say. You make me laugh. HARD. You make me want to take a creative writing class and then use my learned skills and my God-given brain to concoct something HALF as creative and clever as you. You make me want to hang out with you all weekend until we are the best of friends. Seriously. Write a book, would you? Pretty please?

  4. Now that’s just a FLAT-OUT BLESSING!!! I love it! And your love for pedicures…and the color, which is very pretty (’cause I looked it up), and your sweet and beautiful-hearted you!

    PS Son is sleeping fine now in his room–we think it was the stuffed animals. Praise God!

  5. Goodness sakes, I read that and now *I* want to get in the car and drive to Mississippi to pick that boy up! *lurve*

  6. I hope I get the chair next to yours in heaven’s nail salon : ) I heart pedicures too.

  7. After your last post, I wondered if you stuck around STL long enough for it to really get hot ;)

    I’ve lived here for 10 years, and grew up 100 miles away from STL, and I can never get enough pictures of the Arch. I’m totally fascinated by it, even now. Not to be a total dork, but have you seen the documentary? I loved it. :)

    How fun to have your mom around to shop with for a few days! I was just at HomeGoods last night. I came home with a lamp I didn’t need. But I could seriously do that every time I go there!

  8. Oh My Gosh … tears are falling off my cheeks … “nail salon in heaven.” I just love the way your mind works!! And once I composed myself, I thought you may be on to something. Jesus did wash some feet in that upper room … just sayin!
    Happy shopping!

  9. Aw, so sweet he missed. That’s just too long to be away from Momma, you know!!! And that picture of the Arch is BEAUTIFUL!!! :) One of my favorite things about St. Louis!!

  10. splumier says:

    Saw you at the Beth Moore conference (from a distance since we were in the high seats) Love your new favorite white pants and super cute tunic. (Really wasn’t stalking you — just sat directly above you) When I saw you I thought… those are the white pants Boo blogged about!! Really cute and summery!

  11. Oh my, your little man is so sweet. I am terribly excited to see all of your Arch pictures. Because then I can compare them to the approximately 200,000 pictures we have of the Arch. (We have been there like three times now, so that is why we happen to have more than you.)
    Have a fabulous week, dear!

  12. Heck with pedi’s….when your baby calls you go!
    I love it how they devour our hearts!
    I hope you guys have fun!

  13. If breakfasts of brownies and cheetoes, all the tv and coke i could want and endless toy store trips were given to me anytime I went somewhere, I’d never leave! You must be some Mama for him to be willing to leave all that behind. How sweet!
    P.S. You crack me the heck up.

  14. Can’t Wait!

  15. Jeannette says:

    I went to the Arch on Monday, June 28th. One of the little cousins did not want to ride up in the arch. He thought he would have to ride on the outside of the arch. Showed him the movie and he changed his mind.

  16. pam-tastic says:

    Yep…this sounds about right…when our babies call, we come a-runnin’! No matter the age or the need…we’re always there, aren’t we?

  17. I enjoy pedicures more than any other earthly pleasure, and I too hope there is a nail salon in Heaven. Part of me hopes that it’s one where you can get the massage part for all eternity and only move on to the polish when you’re good and ready.

  18. Still sad I didn’t get to visit with you more in St. Louis. But glad you enjoyed the Arch! Its a definite must see!

    wished you could have gotten to Ted Drewes… Bobby Flay said it was “the best thing (frozen treat) he ever ate”

    Sending love