Pop-Tarts Sprinkles Giveaway, Post 2

Back in the spring our little guy decided that he wanted to go to basketball camp this summer. After I got over the shock of realizing that he was in fact old enough to go (COULD SOMEBODY PLEASE STOP THE TIME?), I filled out the registration form and signed him up. He was excited as could be, and I was tickled to see him show some interest in a sport that I’ve loved for years and years.

I don’t know if he realized how much work camp would be, but he was totally carried away with it from the very first day. What he lacks in basketball skill he makes up in enthusiasm, and he thought it was the most fun to see his friends and cheer them on and dribble the basketball and maybe even make a shot every once in a while.

As a mama, I just couldn’t have been more proud of him.

At some point during basketball camp week I decided that we needed to celebrate all the fun he’d had with a little celebratory family dinner. All the food was round (get it? like a basketball? because I am queen of the obvious?), and I served some of the little man’s favorites: slices of turkey and pepperoni, Provolone cheese, lima beans (granted, the “round” was a littttle bit of a stretch on the lima beans, but we needed a vegetable) – and a very special dessert.

He loved it. And let’s all just pretend it looks exactly like a basketball. MAMA TRIED.

I used a biscuit cutter to make circles out of two Ice Cream ShoppeTM Vanilla Milkshake Pop-Tarts®. I made a little ice cream sandwich, and then a few drizzles of chocolate syrup brought home the basketball theme.

It was such a fun way to celebrate a great week at basketball camp – and the best part was how easy it was to pull everything together.

If you’d like to enter to win a $100 gift card courtesy of BlogHer, just answer one simple question in the comments:

What’s one of your favorite ways to celebrate with family and friends?

I can’t wait to read your comments, and be sure to check out the BlogHer.com special offers page – you have 9 other chances to win!

You can find the official rules right here, and you can find all sorts of great dessert ideas on the official Pop-Tarts Sprinklings site. If you’re wondering just how creative you can get with Pop-Tarts, you need only look at the Sprinkly Ice Cream Bites.

This giveaway is now closed.

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  1. I love to go out and eat at a really great restaurant or just stay home and hang out with friends.

  2. it takes so little to make our kids feel like we are having a celebration. is it a trip to mcdonalds? getting ice cream together? my personal favorite is bubble tea. if you haven’t tried it, you are missing out on something really special. and the kids all like it too, thank goodness!

  3. amelia bedelia says:

    we like to bake and eat cakes to celebrate!

  4. We eat- that’s what we do to celebrate, mourn, rest, and so on- but you know that, you’re a Southern girl too. I could totally rock those poptarts with my nana’s homemade ice cream recipe.

  5. The best part about having family is being able to celebrate with them…whether it’s a wedding or just having a great week. One of my favorite ways to celebrate with family is going out for a nice dinner, then coming back home and chatting until we’re laughing and crying :)

  6. I like to bake for celebrations. I’m not fancy like Martha Stewart, but for my son’s recent birthday I managed to make a Mystery Machine (Scooby Doo) cake. ;-)

  7. I love to have my kids make up the menu, and then I’ll happily cook whatever they want. They love being in charge of the meal.

  8. Mary Helen says:

    Grill out and relax in the summertime. Any other time of year, go out to eat at a fun restaurant and hang out at home afterwards!

  9. Eating is always a good thing to do, anytime, but especially to celebrate something. And, my granddaughters like to come to my house and bake brownies for their parents’ birthdays.

  10. I recently got an ice cream maker and I must say it is FANTASTIC for the celebrations of life!!

  11. Best way to celebrate? Good food and chocolate cake!

  12. Anne N. says:

    One of my favorite ways to celebrate is to go out to eat and get fabulous, decadent desserts!

  13. Favorite way to celebrate:

    summer – go swimming
    spring – go to the park/grill out
    fall – go the park/grill out
    winter – watch a movie

  14. Balloons. if we’re gonna celebrate, there must be balloons.
    At least, that’s what the three year old thinks.

  15. EAT! we love to go out to eat for any occasion.

  16. My favorite way to celebrate with family and friends is BBQ and games or margarita night with the girls.

  17. I love to make special food that suits the occassion just like you did. We have had some odd things to eat over the years!!!!

  18. sue sarver says:

    Have a big ‘pitch in’ where everyone brings a dish….lots of fun and laughter!

  19. Love chips and guacamole with the neighbors on a spring Friday evening… just celebrating the few days it is nice enough to sit out without mosquitoes and 112% humidity!

  20. For my kids birthdays, I fill their room floors with balloons overnight so they have a big surprise when they wake up.

  21. We usually have a cookout or if that doesn’t with everyone’s busy schedules we’ll meet at a restaurant that caters to loud family groups.

  22. A big meal with family or friends! Either grilling out or going out — both FUN!!

  23. Eating at someone’s house…usually cookout or pizza and playing board games and enjoying one another’s company.

  24. Katherine says:

    Going out to eat at a fun restaurant, a cookout, or a potluck! It all revolves around food, doesn’t it??

  25. We love for family to come over and cookout and swim or watch sports.

  26. Pamela C. says:

    We love to celebrate with ice cream. Sometimes we buy it at the store along with a few toppings and sometimes we go out to an ice cream shop. We love ice cream…even in the winter.

  27. Johanna says:

    A Sonic run has celebrated many a’thing at our house.

    A good night of ice-cream and games is good.

    Eating out works well, too.

  28. Larke Cenac says:

    I cook supper for the family to celebrate each and every ones’ birthday. We have a tradition of cutting the birthday cake in the dining room with all the kids around the one having a birthday. Funny pictures over the years!!!!!!!

  29. Christi says:

    I love celebrating with dinner out and ice cream for dessert. That way–I get to celebrate too by not cooking or cleaning up!

  30. Our favorite celebration is a backyard campfire, complete with s’mores and singing.

  31. Just had my niece and nephew for the week and apparently everything is better with sprinkles. We had sprinkles on brownies, sprinkles on muffins…

  32. Melissa F says:

    We celebrate with a good old fashioned barbeque with family and friends. It’s the best!

  33. Jennifer says:

    We like to celebrate at Steak n Shake!

  34. Restaurants are really nice ways to celebrate without anyone having to scramble around fising food. We have a nice group of freinds, one of whom owns a pool, and we have had several marvelous group birthday celebrations there – everybody brings some of thew food and drink, so not too much work for the hosts.

  35. One way that we celebrate is to let the “special person” choose dinner at their favorite restaurant.(yes, i know…everyone does that) Although we’re not an original family…we’re happy!! :-)

  36. No matter the occasion, it’s all about the food for this Southern family, which my husband has never understood, being as he’s from NORTHern VA. But whenever someone in my family mentions “get-together,” the phone calls and e-mails begin to fly re: who will bring what.

  37. Fanannie says:

    Sitting at a table together (patio or indoor…doesn’t matter!) and just catching up!

  38. Colleen says:

    My parents have a pool in their backyard, and we love to get together to go for a nice splash and play with the kids, followed by some popsicles or ice cream afterwards. All this occurs only in the summer, mind you, since we’re from Canada and if we attempted to swim in the winter, we’d all BE popsicles! :) But its what we’ve been doing lately and its a blast!

  39. I love to get outdoors and hike, followed by a BIG meal!

  40. Meaghan says:

    We love to eat, whether we go out or my hubby fires up the grill. Nothing says celebration like FOOD! :)

  41. To celebrate with family: always a big dinner at my house (husband usually grills something and each family brings a dish to share and I do dessert). But when it just husband and I celebrating, we may go out to eat or just have a drink on the patio.

  42. It always involves eating! We don’t eat desserts on a regular basis, so to make up for it we ALWAYS have a dessert for a special celebration :)

  43. Jennifer says:

    SEC Football Saturday! We look forward to those special times all year where we can spend the day watching our teams, eating great food, and sharing great stories of football games past.

  44. We love going to a local frozen yogurt place where you pick your own toppings and pay by the ounce. It’s a treat!

  45. We have a favorite Italian restaurant, Tauraso’s, that is the go-to for Mother’s, Father’s, Birthdays, etc! It’s the best tradition in the world.

  46. We love to grill and sit out by the pool. We like to be outside.

  47. Robin M. says:

    Food, food, food!!

  48. Michelle says:

    I love a little friendly game time with family. Last Christmas, we got my mom playing the Wii. Hilarity ensued.

  49. Kathryn says:

    I love a game night – games and snacks with good friends guarantees memories!

  50. A special meal – either one I make or one we eat at a restaurant.

  51. we get together almost every sunday and make homemade ice cream…my 12 year old says it is not good ice cream unless papa makes it…then i told him mya actually makes it, papa just freezes it…

  52. stephanie says:

    Eating good food and playing games together.

  53. Dinner and wine… and lots and lots of laughter. That is my recipe for a celebration!

  54. I love packing a picnic lunch for the family and finding a sunny or shady spot to sit and just relax and enjoy the time together.

  55. Breezy's Mom says:

    Getting together for a good home-cooked meal then playing Euchre. We’re quite the lively bunch as well. :o)

  56. Shannon says:

    Food….there is always food involved! A special meal and dessert or a trip to the Mexican restaurant.

  57. Anything with food is a hit in my book. I also like long walks and hiking with family. Particularly if there are snacks involved.

  58. We do special meals for family celebrations. Lasagna is a big favorite among the menfolk, in particular!

  59. I have some really great friends who know how to cook. I mean really cook. We get together kids and all and bring our favorite foods to share. We try new recipes on each other too. Good food and good friends is the perfect way to celebrate anything!

  60. I absolutely love cookouts. There’s nothing better than having some grilled steaks or hamburgers/hotdogs and the fixins while laughing at nothing with family and friends.

  61. First, that looks DELISH. Second, my fave way to celebrate with our fam & friends consists of my husband cooking the meal (he is a fabulous cook!) and me creating the dessert! I think we’re a good team that way. :)

  62. There’s usually cupcakes involved :)

  63. I come from a going out to eat family. So, going out to eat. Preferably followed by some ice cream or cake. But oddly, not both. I hate ice cream with my cake. The cake gets soggy, and the ice cream takes away from the frosting.

  64. I love having people over for dinner. I’ll make home made pizza or something, open a bottle of wine, and hang out and talk deep into the night.

  65. Love to celebrate with a meal, either out or at home.

  66. Natasha P. says:

    Anything with food! We love to eat and have some good cooks in our family!

  67. A special meal… homemade!

  68. Our favorite way to celebrate is by going out to eat! Either going to eat homemade pizza or to this other place we like to go to that has the best cheese sticks.

  69. I’m pretty easy to please these days . . . my husband is the type to always prefer drive-thru or take-out, so a reason to celebrate is a reason to get to go to my favorite full-service restaurant.

  70. dallimomma says:

    Exactly what we’re doing this weekend; going camping with 35 of our immediate family!

  71. I love to sneak into my children’s rooms during the night before their birthdays to secretly decorate with streamers, balloons, confetti, etc. Now, I might have to add a special pop-tart breakfast, too!

  72. I find out that person’s favorite meal and cook it all from scratch, then we play games, laugh, and just enjoy being together!

  73. I like to celebrate by going out to eat. I love trying new restaurants!!

  74. We love to have bonfires all summer long.

  75. With a Funfetti Cake! It is not my idea of a great cake, but my husband loves them. And our children do too.

  76. I love to celebrate by getting everyone together.

  77. We usually go out to a meal and maybe a fun event. For my husband’s Birthday this year I threw him a bowling party. What fun.

  78. Making a fancy dessert that isn’t the “norm” in our house is a way we celebrate!

  79. Cake and ice cream. Yum.

  80. Tammy Mc. says:

    Family, Friends and good Fiddle Music!!!

  81. Sally Green says:

    We go out for a special treat… like an appetizer and a desert. Both of which we never really order. We are all about FOOD!!!

  82. I love to find a new dessert recipe to try out and that always makes the meal more special!

  83. Homemade Ice Cream – need I say more? And to see the southern living recipe for Banana Pudding Ice Cream – OMG

  84. A special meal – either at home or at our favorite restaurant in town. Just there on Saturday night to celebrate my great nieces half birthdays! :)

  85. Our fave way to celebrate with our family is at our house, cooking out (hubby has earned the nickname “The Grill Master”) with the boys (we have no girls – only sons & nephews) running around in the back yard, squirting each other with squirt guns and jumping in and out of the (above-ground) pool.

  86. Going out to eat or if I have the nephews a trip to Mcd’s !

  87. Generally, I love to celebrate with food…preferably some I didn’t make. :) Then anything that involves lots of laughter and fun and bonding.

  88. Shish Kabobs all around. Great fun!

  89. Sit in the lawn chair under a tree with a glass of lemonade watching the young’ens play. (When did I become my grandmother?_)

  90. I love celebrating all together with my family at my parents place on the lake. We grill out on the deck and just hang out together. It is so nice and relaxing!

  91. We like to eat out and have dessert. What a treat!!

  92. Dinner at our favorite place or cook a nice meal at home and just spend time together.

  93. With a meal, of course! Being as we’re Southern. And Baptist!

  94. Anything involving food, especially cake!

  95. Sallie Baker says:

    Always involve food…..!

  96. A homemade meal followed by some board games and a delicious dessert. Not much can beat that!

  97. Get together for a special meal. Eat out, cook out or home cooking-doesn’t matter.

  98. pam-tastic says:

    At my house, where there are two adults and 4 children (all with very picky taste buds) we celebrate every Tuesday with Burger & Shake night. Every week I make a different kind of burger (I use Bobby Flay’s Burger, Fries & Shakes cookbook or this other one I found in the bargain bin)and a shake or sherbet freeze. It’s quite a hit with everyone and I know that at least once a week, we’re all at the table celebrating being together…

  99. We usually have a special meal for a family celebration. Sometimes I’ll take my daughter out to lunch or dinner for a girls only treat.

  100. Like many others, celebrating must involve eating for me and usually it means eating out!