Come Here For All Your Empty Carb Needs

I wasn’t kidding about overdoing it on the chips and crackers.

Oh, it looks harmless enough at first. A few two-liters of Cokes, some Veggie Sticks, a bag of tortilla chips, an economy-sized Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

But as you work your way up the shelves, you start to notice a the abundance of All The Chips & Such.

What you can’t see are the new Lay’s Tangy Carolina Barbecue chips – have y’all tried them? They sneak up on you with their tastiness. Because at first I was all, “I don’t really think I like these,” and then within five minutes I had developed a WHITE HOT CRAVING for that chip and that chip only.

Imagine that you cross a regular barbecue chip with a salt & vinegar chip. That is the tangy barbecue chip. And oh, it is tasty.

And by the way, that’s a bag of Peppercorn Ranch Sun Chips on the bottom right. It’s on the edge of the shelf so that it doesn’t make quite as much racket when you’re reaching for something else.


And finally, our cracker collection.

The Chex Mix, mini-Nutter Butters and mini-Oreos are behind all of the crackers. We think it’s better to keep the more nutritional offerings – like, you know, Nilla Wafers – front and center so that we can make smart food choices.

But in our defense, we have really cut back on our Cheez-It consumption this year. And please make sure you notice that Paige’s Cheese Nips are reduced fat.

Or as we like to call them: health food.

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  1. Speaking of Cheez-Its. Three words. Hot and Spicy. One warning. Addiction. That is all. Have a good night.

  2. oh, thank you for posting this!! looking into someone else’s pantry is the 30-something homemaker’s equivalent to trading purses with your best friend in middle school to discover what another girl your age carried with her. :0)

  3. Oh. My. Lanta. That is a lot of food!

  4. I am tempted to send you a bag of Old Vienna Red Hot Riplets, because you can only get them here in St. Louis, and they will make you cry both because they’re hotter than a bonfire in August and they are JUST THAT DELICIOUS.

  5. nanette lynch says:

    Amen to the Sun Chip bag loathing!!
    I quit buying them and they are on my top 3 chip list!!
    The new Tangy Lay’s might move right into that spot….will try them today!!

  6. OMG – I despise those crackling Sun Chips bags. They’re horrible. Annoying.

  7. I bought some Garden Salsa Sun Chips yesterday and had to put them in a large Ziploc bag when I got home. Probably defeats their intention of saving the planet, but I figure if I reuse the Ziploc for my next bag of Sun Chips, then it pretty much evens out!

  8. So jealous of your mission chips. My meijer stopped carrying them (they tend to do that after I find something I truly love, jerks). Oh and we do the Sun Chip bags, but they are on the top shelf and get poured into a bowl to snack on. Seriosuly, can’t hear the tv with that bag, but I’ll let it slide since the thing does decompose. So they say.

  9. I love North Carolina but do NOT enjoy those chips!

  10. Diet Coke was made to go with cheez its, triscuits and all manner of flavored chips. Once that combination has hit one’s taste buds, the sensation must be repeated over and over and over.

  11. Oh my! This is very nearly what I hope my cupboard in Heaven will look like.

  12. No pantry is complete without a good can of Ro-Tel.

  13. Why does it seem that everyone in the United States of America knows that the Sun Chips bags are ridiculously loud and obnoxious EXCEPT the people who make the bags??!!

    No Diet Coke for me – Dr. Pepper is my poison of choice HOWEVER, I’ve cut it out of my life because I’m pretty sure that’s what is keeping those last 20 lbs from coming off.

    7 children in 11 years may affect the extra weight a smidge too, but they’re too sweet to blame. :)

  14. OH WHY WHY WHY did you tell me about the Tangy Carolina BBQ chips? I am trying to avoid empty carbs, but I can tell you that my fave chips are S&V and BBQ and a chip that combines both is simply IRRESISTIBLE to me. I mean, I am like going to get in my car in a minute and go to the Kroger and get some of those chips.
    I blame you totally. *wink, wink*

  15. OH.MY.WORD.!!! Can’t wait to share in the joy! ;-)

  16. you crack me up, and I tried that spinach and artichoke hummus…oh my it was tasty (notice the “was” in the sentence). I know better than to try these new potato chips you speak of because I certainly don’t need to eat a bag of them!

  17. I also notice that the Cheez-its and the Cheese Nips are being kept apart. Is it similar to the Coke/Pepsi rival or simply shunning the “health food?” ;>)

  18. Jen Griffin says:

    I felt like I was looking at my own pantry – minus the Coke! We also have healthy olive oil and cracked black pepper triscuits!

    Let’s hope no one links your post to Jillian Michaels or you may be on an upcoming episode of her new show! Yikes!

  19. Reading your blog just makes me so happy. It’s like I’ve found my long lost twin. Please ask your mom if she some how misplaced your twin. If so, I’m right here waiting to hear back from you.

  20. I have been stocking up on the crackers too, it’s just too easy to warm up some cream cheese and go to town on a box of wheat thins.

  21. Here in the Northwest we have “Tim’s Cascade style” potato chips and the “Hawaiian Maui Onion” is ADDICTIVE. I don’t know if you get it out there where you are but if we don’t have any in the cupboard (along with wheat thins) it is a sad day indeed.

  22. I know what you mean with the Sunchips bag. I am no longer allowed to eat them in bed at night because the crackling keeps Hubby up. Darn you Sunchips and your environmentally conscious ways!

    As for crackers, I recently went through the grocery checkout like with 1) box Saltines, 1) box Cheese-its, 2) boxes Garlic triscuits, and 1) Garlic Parmesan Thin Crisp Triscuits (different because they’re shaped like triangles!) The check out girl was like, “Party?” and I was like, “Pregnant”. And she was all “Oh honey, been there, done that. Enjoy your crackers”. So my pantry looks alarmingly like yours, but the only difference is I’m not allowing anyone else in the house to touch my carbohydrate cache.

  23. Did I ever share with you that my hubby works for Frito? So if that is what your pantry looks like, you can only imagine what mine looks like.Not to mention my obsession with melba toast, pita chips and bagel chips. And then the good gooey stuff that you spread on… I am very interested in that hummus you showed the other day, will be looking that sweet thing up when I make groceries. But until then, Laughing Cow cheese is my yummy of choice.

  24. Cynthia says:

    Don’t tell but my son is collecting those annoying bags to use at PEP rally’s this fall for noise makers- seriously.

  25. Thanks for the glimpse of the closet we all asked for yesterday. I’d say more, but I have to run right out for some of those Lay’s Tangy Carolina Barbeque chips. They better have them in Texas.

  26. Lynnette R says:

    I had heard but had not experienced the noise that is now the Sun Chip experience until I picked up a bag in Walmart this week. Lawdy! I wondered what the heck and then I realized what was happening. I bought the chips but just can’t get over the noise. I was motivated to email the good people at Frito Lay. Well in response I received a nice email about recycling blah blah blah composting blah blah blah saving the planet and you know the rest. Apparently we are supposed to thrown them on the ground when we are finished now or something.

  27. You had me at “empty carb”. : )

    My pantry looks quite similar but not nearly as organized.

    The Carolina bbq chip sounds to die for – I love me some salt & vinegar! Don’t think they are available here in the midwest.

    This post is extremely dangerous to a girl who is suffering with PMS of the highest level.

    Have you ever been part of the sweet/salty vicious cycle? Any cure for that or just keep going until you are sick? I know my answer.

  28. I am slap out of Cheez-It right now. Your photo made me drool.

  29. Looks like a GREAT vacation to me!! That cabinet makes me want to shout!

  30. Glad no one is gluten intolerant in your tribe!

  31. Whatever you do don’t reach for the Cheez-its and accidentally eat the Cheese Nips…