The Links, They Are Plentiful

– The new Kellogg’s $100 gift card giveaway is up and running.

– The Juicy Juice $100 gift card giveaway ends tomorrow.

– I loved this post by Nester about decorating mantles for fall. I myself do not have a mantle, but I do have a lovely 1970s bar in the corner of my living room, and I’m sure it too would benefit from some leaves and branches and also some gourds.

Kate’s post about her wedding weekend left me in tears. So beautiful.

FryDaddy has written a book!

It really is so, so good – Melanie offers a little introductory information over here. I got to read a sneak peek the night before Travis pushed me down the stairs (OH, I KID – it was only a light shove) (REALLY KIDDING!), and in all seriousness I read the whole book in one sitting. Loved it so much that I stayed up until about 2 in the morning to finish it.

Maybe that’s why I did such a number on my ankle the next day. CLEARLY I WAS EXHAUSTED.

Anyway, you can find Surprised by Worship on Amazon, and I’m betting it’s in your local bookstores, too. We’re so proud of Mr. Cottrell and so grateful for his and Angela’s ministry.

And by the way, nobody asked me to post about the book, and I won’t make even a fraction of a penny if you click through to buy it (I don’t do affiliate links). I blogged about it because I happen to love it. And I think you will, too.

– In somewhat related news, I wrote a post about one of my own surprised-by-worship moments over at AllAccess. Feel free to read or not read at will. You have options.

– Finally, if you don’t believe that SEC loyalties run deep in this part of the country, then check out what happened when a mama (who I’m guessing is a ‘Bama fan) told her little boy that she was going to take him in the Auburn store (link via Shannon).

Happy Wednesday, y’all!

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  1. That’s a little more violent reaction than we see from a Virginia Tech fan being threatened with the UVA store . . . maybe we need help!

  2. God does love the SEC in a special, special way doesn’t he? :)

  3. I want to go in the Auburn store! Where is that?

  4. That video was equally hilarious and mean! I can’t blame the poor kid, though. So funny!

  5. Just read your blog at all access. I wanted to leave a comment about how touching I found it, but it required a working knowledge of “URL” and “HTML” which is a language I don’t speak because I’m old. However, I have surprisingly good taste in blogs. Something to not not look forward to!

  6. Best part of that video?

    (with the requisite Southern drawl)”I don’t blame you.”


  7. I’m an Auburn fan but that was pretty funny. Reminds me of my brother, a Bama fan, who after much prodding finally got his 3 yr old granddaughter (whose parents are Auburn fans) to say Roll Tide and then she cried because she thought she had said a bad word and was going to get in trouble. Such a mean Grandpa!!

  8. How funny! My brother’s sister works in a DC office full of Auburn alumni and fans and thought this was hilarious!

  9. Oh good grief, I meant my BOYFRIEND’s sister. This is now very awkward.

  10. Shannon is alive??? I’ve missed her smart wit.