Finally. The Booties.

You know, I like to think that it takes a special brand of procrastination to mention that OH YES, I WILL DEFINITELY SHARE THE BOOTIE LINKS WITH YOU – and then sit in utter bootie silence for the next two weeks. I have no valid reasons for my negligence, but I do, however, have several excuses that I will present to you at this juncture:

– I was distracted by the slight hint of fall in the air.

– I was consumed with deep thoughts about the fact that there isn’t one person on “Real Housewives of D.C.” who makes me laugh. It’s a problem. How can a show be a guilty pleasure if there’s nothing pleasurable about it? Because then I just feel guilty. And I really don’t need Bravo to add to my ish-ahs.

– I was solidifying my hair-related goals for fall 2010.

– I was re-watching the Mississippi State / Georgia game.

– I was trying to think of new and exciting ways to combine bacon and cheese.

But at last – at long, long last – I have finally gotten around to posting all the bootie links that Melanie sent me a a few weeks ago. And I made sure that she wasn’t planning to use these links in a Fashion Friday, because, as I’m sure you can imagine, I’d hate for us to find ourselves in the midst of a dramatic blog stand-off with shocking allegations of improper usage of bootie links.

That would be just terrible.

Keep in mind that Melanie sent these links as inspiration. I like to look at the higher-end stuff and then find the most affordable alternative, always keeping in mind that comfort has to come first. So there you have it: my shoe-buying philosophy. No doubt your day is now richer than you ever dreamed.

Anyway. The links.


I thought these booties were super cute, but I didn’t think my recently injured ankle (HAVE I MENTIONED IT BEFORE?) could handle that strong of a wedge.

These black booties were a little dressier with their kicky stiletto-ish heel, but the stiletto-ish heel and I parted ways several years ago and have yet to reconcile.


I immediately fell in love with these cuffed booties and wanted to buy them and keep them forever. I adore the cuff, and I love that the buckles offer some adjustable options for those of us with calves issues. I made it my personal goal to find a more affordable option – and I’m tickled to tell you that I found one – but more on that in just a second.

These suede booties are adorable, but my abnormally high arches would be miserable in them. Plus, the fact that they’re secured by some sort of burlap cord leaves me a little uncertain.


These were a little bit more my speed, and I felt like they offered me some good inspiration.

Melanie wrote “LOVE THESE” next to the link for these booties, and I think they are great-looking. I’m just a wee bit uncertain about a cuff that gets into the heel area, mainly because I think I would inadvertently get tangled up with some sort of stick-like object underneath that cuff and fall and break my collarbone as a result. Clearly I have great confidence in the area of poise.


These were my hands-down favorite. BANANAS. Unfortunately I just don’t trust myself to wear them (see #6).

So once I made my way through all of Mel’s suggestions (she really does have great taste, doesn’t she?), I felt like I knew what I needed to look for in the more affordable versions.

The first place I looked was the Payless website (LOOK. I ALWAYS FIND SOME REALLY CUTE SHOES THERE.), and I sent Melanie a link to see if these booties were acceptable.

She responded that they were totally fine, but she suggested that I try them on first because I might find that I wanted to cut them off with a butter knife just to stop the pain.

That’s a good word, my friends.

Melanie then suggested that I check out all the booties at Target, and I was immediately drawn to these

– because of the sensible heel and the fact that my calves would be a non-issue. However, after some deep thought I remembered that I’ve never bought a single pair of shoes from Target that offered me any lasting comfort, and I decided that I needed to move on.

Eventually I decided to look at the Rack Room website, and the booties looked so promising that I drove over to the closest Rack Room store. I had a GLORIOUS time, and I actually found several things that reminded me of the links Melanie sent me.

These cuffed booties are also adjustable in the calves and seem really versatile to me.

I loved these booties so much that I bought them. They come in black, too. Super comfortable and great-looking with leggings or jeans.

And these are really cute on the foot – though not as much in the picture – but I think they’re a great option if you want a bootie that’s more like a regular shoe.

I also bought a pair of booties from Rack Room that look a little bit more like cowboy boots, but they zip on the sides, which is a huge help to someone like me who has a difficult time getting my abnormally high arches wedged down into a flat boot. The side entrance makes it so much easier.

So there you have it. A 2010 Booties Extravaganza. I’m ever-so-thankful to have a sweet friend like Melanie who will spend upwards of two hours on a Saturday morning consulting with me about all my bootie-related needs.

Remember – like it says in Proverbs – a friend loves at all times, and a sister is born for booties research and support.

Or something like that.

Hallelujah and amen.

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  1. Love #5 – very cool! I’m still not on board with the whole Puss-in-Boots look (#7), but they’re growing on me!

  2. Well, I saw the words ‘bacon and cheese’ and that is all I could think about. Have you ever tried this –
    buy a carton of already make ranch dip, stir in a bag of already cooked and chopped bacon, and stir in a bag of finely shredded sharp cheddar? Oh my word- it is one of those dip/spreads that people think you really spent time on.

  3. I meant already MADE – where is my head this moring?!

  4. Thank you for the links. (Melanie, too.)As much as I’d love to order off the internet, my size 12 has to try on before buying. I mentioned before that the only pair of boots I’ve ever found to fit comfortably were found at Rack Room and they were 11’s. So after this inspiration, it’s off to the big city shoe stores to see what I can stuff my big, high arch foot into. Oh, and the heels? I’m 5’11” and my hubby is 6 feet tall. Gah. Maybe I need Melanie to shop for me???

  5. I have to say that the most comfortable black dress shoes I have EVER owned came from Target. They were the Merona brand. It surprises me too. I could stand in that heel all day long! I loved them better than my tennis shoes. Sadly, I wore them out. And then I kept wearing them. Then I decided I should throw them away. And I kept wearing them. Finally I HAD to throw them away so I wouldn’t keep wearing them. I keep checking Target hoping that they will get something similar, but after 4 years….nothing.

  6. “improper usage of bootie links.” I keep rolling this around in my head trying to figure out how I can work it into conversation about seventybajillion times today.

  7. Hmmm…I have yet to venture into the bootie arena….I’ll admit it. I’m scared….

    however, I adore boots. I’ve been wearing all 7 pair I own (not at once, that’s be difficult) the last 3 weeks.

    Maybe in 5 years when no one is wearing the bootie anymore, I’ll “discover” it and fall in love…until then..I’m not a big fan of change ;)

  8. This may sound very grandman-ish, but have you ever thought of using those Dr. Scholl’s orthotic inserts? Maybe you can use them and wear any type of shoe you love. Just a thought. I don’t even know if it would work.

  9. Well. I love them all.
    But I am now going to make it my personal mission to find #5 in a little bit less expensive version. I LOVE them. LOVE them.

  10. Please tell me you know that booty is perfectly Biblical. Hubby is in seminary and studies all sorts of these word things, and booty is thrown around a few times in there. You can find it in most KJVs, but here is a biblical definition:

    PS: I am giggling with all this booty talk :)

  11. I just have to tell you that your blog is good for my soul!! I literally laugh out loud every time I read it. I love your style of writing and since I have listened to your podcast I can hear your voice every time I read it. My close friend Brandi, @brandiandboys, introduced me to your blog and I thank her daily!! I just wanted you to know that I think we are cut from the same cloth and reading your post sometimes is like reading my thoughts!! I’ve had so many tripping episodes that I totally identify with every tripping story that you share.
    Hope you don’t think I am a creeper. Totally not!! Just wanted you to know how entertaining you are and that I appreciate your sense of humor!! Have a great day!

  12. You are hilarious. Is the link for the booties that might need to be “cut off with a butter knife” correct? It links back to the piperlime ones in the picture. I was expecting the payless version… or am I using the bootie link incorrectly?

  13. I am howling at Melanie’s phrase “cut off with a butter knife” and your response, “That’s a good word, my friends”
    Howling, I tell you.
    Fantastic post.

  14. As someone who has a high arch, uhm, less than athletic calves, and ZERO fashion sense, I really loved all the great finds you posted. I might just have to make a trip to Rack Room for my fall shoe needs.

    Also, I would like to take this opportunity to point out that Toms Shoes has MAROON SHOES for sale. Glorious. I even included a note about it in a blog earlier this week.

    GO DAWGS and YAY comfy shoes!!

  15. I love, love, love the brown cowboy bootie that you say you got at Rack Room. However, when I search for my size and a store near me, I’m afraid I just can’t find one. :( Is it possible there is no “Rack Room” in Central California!? I am on a missing to find a similar bootie in my area, I must have them!!

    Thank you for the link and the photos!

  16. First,

    Thanks for these amazing links. I would not have even considered booties this year if it wasn’t for you. Now, I’ve very excited to try this trend.

    Any combination of bacon and cheese is exciting.

  17. Wow! I’ve never had so much fun looking at booties. (wait, what??) Sadly, I don’t think there’s a thing in my closet that would be fashionistically (yep, just made that word up) worthy of these shoes. I mean, what fashion statement can you make wearing Rachel Zoe approved booties (see item 2), jeans, and an Old Navy tee with toddler handprints on it? sigh…

  18. How did THE hair go? Do you like the new place/style?

  19. Oh I hear you on the Washington DC housewives. I like their clothes and houses and peaking into their lives, BUT there will only be one Ramona. Turtle Time!!

  20. Ok, when you first mentioned booties, I thought you were talking about baby booties. Then I thought some more and figured you were going to discuss derrieres. Huh…I was pleasantly surprised you meant “boots”. Maybe I’m too much of a northerner, but I’ve never, ever heard the term booties refer to the kind of boots you’ve shown. I learned something new today :)

  21. Can’t help myself – but when you call them “booties”…I hear KC & the Sunshine Band singing “Shake, shake, shake…shake your bootie”. Sorry, lame I know. But I do appreciate the flashback in time.

    And love the boots you ended up purchasing!

  22. All this booty, I mean bootie talk has me giggling like a 12 year old.

    I am headed to Rack Room tomorrow, I like those cowboy boots and need something to wear with leggings since I will pretty much be wearing them daily until my delivery date in December. Thanks for the inspiration.

  23. I can’t do the booty, I’m scared! Love the post and I’m trying to talk myself into the trend! Hopefully I’ll fall for a booty I love soon!

  24. I love those cowboy boot/booties that you picked up. But having already established that I have freakishly large calves, a flat foot and cankles due to achilles tendon surgery I’m sure that they won’t fit me. But I am tempted to run out to the closest Rack Room and try them on. Not that I would have anything to wear with them but they would be tre chic in my closet!

  25. OK . . . I bought some booties tonight . . . and they are even hoochie mama booties!
    After I bought them, my shopping buddy looked at me and said, “Boomama would be so proud of us right now!”
    And you are . . . of this I am sure.