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I’ll be the first person to admit that I was initially reluctant to jump onto the whole smartphone bandwagon. I just didn’t get it, mainly because up until about 2 1/2 years ago, I barely even texted. I just didn’t have the patience to use the keypad on my little flip phone to hammer out an assortment of letters, and as a result of that I texted approximately four times a year. Usually when I needed to say something profound like “Ok” or “Thx.”

But a couple of summers ago, my husband bought me my first Blackberry. I don’t want to overstate it, but it was pretty much love at first sight. The full keyboard completely won me over, and I made a not-so-gradual progression from Reluctant Texter to Texting Machine. In fact, my Blackberry is the very reason why we now have an unlimited texting plan on our phones. Because ever since I’ve had a full-fledged keyboard at my disposal, I LURVE the texting. I love my Blackberry. My husband even upgraded me to a trackball-free model since I gave the first trackball such a workout. I’m an official, devoted Blackberry fan.

I have to say, though, that if there’s one thing I’ve missed since I made the switch to Blackberry, it’s the flip phone option. I used to love ending a call and closing my phone with authorit-TAY. I liked the assurance of knowing that when that flip phone was closed, there wasn’t going to be any pocket dialing, purse dialing or accidental dialing. I’ve even remarked to my husband at time or two that my perfect phone would be a flip phone with a full keyboard, something with all the functionality of a Blackberry and the practicality of a flip. But since there was no such smartphone animal, I’ve been happily content to use my Blackberry Bold.


A few weeks ago I got an email asking if I’d be interested in trying a Blackberry Style for a few months. At first I was sort of non-committal because I didn’t see any need to try a new Blackberry model, but then I read a little bit more of the email. And I saw the part about how the Style is a BLACKBERRY FLIP PHONE. And then I executed a very awkward hitchkick right there in my kitchen because I am deeply mature and not at all TICKLED TO DEATH when my gadget-related dreams come true.

The Style arrived at my doorstep last week, and I’ve had the best time playing around with it. If you’ve ever owned a Blackberry, knowing how to use the Style will be completely intuitive. If you haven’t owned a Blackberry, you’ll be surprised by how quickly you figure out how to use it. It took me less than five minutes to set up my email, Twitter and Facebook on the phone, and I have to say that I think the interface for setting up screen preferences, notifications, etc. is the most streamlined yet (one small exception: the selection of ring tones is pretty scarce, so you have to use the Blackberry app store if you want anything other than the ten or so ring tones that are already on the phone). The menus are specific without being overwhelming, and I appreciate that all of the options have been grouped into easily understandable categories (as opposed to seeing a list with 25 different areas you can customize).

In addition to all of that, there are a couple of things about the Style that I really love: 1) It’s incredibly comfortable to hold when talking on the phone. Because it’s more rectangular and less square, it fits better into the palm of my hand. 2) In terms of using call waiting and three-way calling, the Style is a dream. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to switch from one call to another and accidentally hung up on someone. With the Style there are four options on your screen for the duration of a call (flash, add a participant, mute and speaker), and all you have to do is scroll to one of those options and click. Super, super simple.

In terms of what could be improved, I have a few nit-picky suggestions. I wish the keyboard was just a smidge wider, but that’s something that I know I’ll adjust to over time. I also wish the keyboard was a little bit more raised – it’s not as easy to differentiate between the individual keys as it is on my Bold. If there’s a way to customize the external screen I haven’t figured it out yet (apart from selecting different kinds of clocks), but I think I’d really like that option if it were available (being able to put pictures or text there would be great). And while I don’t know if there’s any such product yet, a colorful skin for the phone would be great. I have a turquoise rubber phone cover for my Bold, and in addition to making it a lot easier to hold the phone, it also makes it super-easy to find the phone in my purse. I’ve had to do some fishing around for the Style, mainly because it’s just not as easy to see when it’s tucked away.

Because the Style is so sleek, you can’t flip it open from the bottom – you have to grab it on the sides and then flip. From a design standpoint I get this, though – one of the reasons one of my former flip phones broke at the hinge was because I would flip it open so forcefully, and that’s impossible to do with the Style. You have to hold it securely in at least one hand (two works even better) before you can flip it open, and that’s not a bad thing in terms of minimizing wear and tear on the phone.

As much as I’ve loved my Blackberry Bold, the Style definitely gives it a run for the money. The flip feature is something that I’ve really, really missed, and being able to have a flip with a full keyboard just delights me. And even though the screen on the Style isn’t quite as wide as what I’m used to, it’s a mighty small trade-off in the long run. The Style sounds great, is easy to use and offers all the conveniences of a smartphone (calendar, GPS, mp3 player, 5 MP camera, etc.) in a tiny little package. Plus, you get to end your calls with authori-TAY by flipping it closed.

Surely I’m not the only person who loves that feature.

Here’s the best part: I get to give away two (TWO!) Blackberry Styles so that two of you lucky people can head into 2011 all organized and sassy and dare I say flippy (hooray for the flip!). The phones will come with a month of Sprint service, and at the end of that time you can transfer the phones to your own Sprint plan (these particular phones don’t work on any other network). If you’d like to enter to win, just leave a comment that answers the following question: what kind of cell phone user are you? Are you totally dependent on it – to the point where you’ve contemplated wearing it on a chain around your neck? Do you use it sporadically throughout the day and keep it tucked away in your purse most of the time? Or would you be hard-pressed to know where to even find your cell phone – and if you found it, it might not even be charged?

This giveaway will run from 1/6/11 until 1/18/11.

Good luck, everybody – and Happy Blackberrying!

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  1. I am way too dependent on my phone – I wish I could stash it away more.

  2. christine says:

    I use mine but am not addicted; mainly because I haven’t figured out how to use it to its full advantage

  3. Well, I have an old flip phone that is not very smart. But I wish it were so that I could depend on it more.

  4. I guess I really want to win; I even tweeted this giveaway:

  5. I’d love to upgrade to this phone. It’s beautiful and I love the flip style. Thanks so much for the chance to own it!

  6. Mary Helen says:

    I think I am pretty balanced when it comes to my phone. I don’t have a smartphone yet, which keeps me from texting/emailing/surfing the internet too much while I am out and about. I would love to have one though! The Style sounds great!

  7. I am low tech at this point…no texting, emailing ect…but I do TALK on my phones daily. Would love to move up into the smart world and see what I have been missing.

  8. My cell phone is usually in my purse, but getting an iPod touch for Christmas is making me think I would enjoy a smart phone.

  9. Angela M. says:

    I’d love to upgrade to this phone. Right now I’m using my daughter’s old phone. I just use it for emergencies and basic texting…as that’s about all it will do.

  10. Leslie Mackey says:

    oooh, I’d love this! I don’t have a smart phone right now, so it would be fun to finally be a little more up to date and with-it! ha! :) thanks! Leslie Mackey

  11. Thanks for the giveaway. I’m phoneless right now so this would be a great win!

  12. I really, really want that. Okay?

  13. I’d love a smartphone!

  14. I would perish without my cell phone – I don’t even HAVE a landline anymore! (And I would LOVE that Blackberry!)

  15. Susan Smith says:

    I use my phone to make and get phone calls and that’s it. I don’t have a land line so I do have it on me at all times.

  16. Susan Smith says:
  17. Christina Skelton says:

    I am ashamed to say that I am one of the 19 people who are not using a smart phone yet. I, too, like the flip feature but I’ve been eyeing all the smart phones. This flip Blackberry would be perfect! Maybe then I would not hide my phone way down in my purse so no one knows how untechy I am!

  18. I don’t have a cell phone but I would love to win this one.

  19. Annette D says:

    I usually have my cell phone with me when I am out and about. I like to stay connected because I have two teenage sons who are both driving…it is quite unnerving!

  20. Jeannett says:

    It looks really cool! I so want one.

  21. I am way dependent on mine. I have the Blackberry Curve and would love the new blackberry!

  22. I think I’m in the middle– not obsessed but I need to have it with me when I leave the house.

  23. CindyDavis says:

    I love the texting, but usually keep my cell stashed in my purse during the day. I have been toying with the Smartphone options myself, and winning this would decide it all for me!

    p.s. I still have a call-and-text-only tiny leedle flip phone. Love the snap shut!

  24. I use my phone regularly, but I also have been known to forget it at home a time or twenty! (Maybe I do need to chain it around my neck just so I don’t forget the thing!)

  25. I would love a smartphone and I would actually start texting more than 3 times a year!

  26. Ooohhh, I want a smart phone so bad. I don’t use my cell phone too much right now but that’s because it’s old and doesn’t have a good texting keyboard. I would love to increase my cell phone power potential! I love my ipod touch but it isn’t cutting it when I am out and about. :)

  27. My phone is usually in my purse, use it for must make calls. I also use it as my alarm.

  28. I have a blackberry curve that I love love love. Use it for my home phone personal use. If I win I would give the new phone to my hubby who uses a 3 year old blackberry pearl! Thanks !

  29. I am a Blackberry user as well and completely love the phone. I would love to upgrade to this flip phone as I always seem to be purse dialing someone with my Blackberry Curve! LOL

  30. I’m pretty dependant on it. If I ever leave home and forget it….I have to go back!
    I love to text…but don’t do it like a crazy feign. I just utilize that as needed with my teens, friends & family!
    Awesome prize!

  31. I’m more of the not usually sure where it is or if it’s charged, but that’s because I have the crappiest phone available…

  32. I’m in the middle. I’m totally dependent on my phone, but I sometimes leave it in my purse or coat pocket and miss calls. That’s okay with me too. ;)

  33. I now use it sporadically throughout the day, just changed my plan to take off the data plan
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  34. tweet]!/ChelleB36/status/23479245523132416
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  35. I am a moderate cell phone user and a non-texter, although I’d like to become a texter! I’m also on of the old fogies that still has (and uses) a land line.

  36. sad to say, but i only turn my cell phone on when i’m in my car, because i leave it in my purse, turned off, until i get back into my car.

    my family and friends love the extent to which they must go in order to find me, i’m sure.

  37. ohhh I love my blackberry, except that awful lil thing called a trackball!!

  38. Abigail D. says:

    I use mine mainly for making plans/appointments…I text occasionally.

  39. I love my blackberry!

  40. I have been DYING to get my hands on a Blackberry Style! I was a Blackberry “convert” three years ago, and I’ll never have a phone that’s not a Blackberry. Simply the best. :)

  41. I use my smart phone periodically through the day.

  42. Margaret Smith says:

    I keep my cell phone with me most of the time, but only use it on and off throughout the day.
    This phone sounds amazing. Would really love to own one of these.
    Thanks so much for this giveaway.

  43. I’m pretty stuck to my phone. I love going online and searching for the best prices while I’m at the store.

  44. I don’t think I could live my life without texting and email…wherever I go, my phone goes…recently I took it with me to the ladie’s room and it accidently slipped out of my pocket into the toilet…you know the rest of that story…would love to have a smartphone to upgrade from my LG Rumor (although I do love it because it has a wonderful keyboard for texting)…I also am a Sprint customer…

  45. Elizabeth I says:

    I do not have a cell phone and haven’t had one for the last 7 years. But if I win this phone, I am going to have to pick up a plan. topgun34er(at)hotmail(dot)com

  46. Elizabeth I says:
  47. I’d have to say I’m more of the sporadic type, but that could all change with this new Blackberry!

  48. Rebecca Graham says:

    I text a lot on my phone all day. I cannot leave the house without it.

  49. Sometimes I leave my phone in the car on purpose. Store talkers get on my nerves.

  50. no phone right now- would love

  51. Adrienne Gordon says:

    I use it to keep in contact with my family all day and make sure I am accessible for emergencies.

  52. Keri Always says:

    I’m an abusive cell phone user. I drop them. I shove them in my back pocket or my purse and throw my keys in on top of them. I have let my baby chew on them. I now let them play with them – you know, for my SANITY!

    I have an old, scratched blackberry curve. It works. For now…

  53. I’m so dependent on my phone that it goes to bed with me every night!

  54. awesome!!! up until a few months ago, i didn’t text nor did i have a full fledged keyboard…..OH.MY.GOODNESS. YES, i would wear that thing around my neck….nothing fancy, but it has a keyboard!!!
    thanks for a great giveaway!!!


    A new smartphone would be a great way for me to start 2011 as I learn to be a mom of three, ages for and under. Maybe it will make me feel less old! And I can send more pictures of my little ones!

  56. Sarah Hirsch says:

    i never use mine and it’s always beeping low battery because i forget to recharge it. this phone would be for my husband though, because he is addicted to his crackberry but the kids broke a piece of it off. he is already on the sprint network so this would be perfect.

  57. I get teased by friends for my archaic phone. So yes, I could definitely use an upgrade!

  58. mickeyfan says:

    I am not tied to my phone, it’s an older one. Just started texting about a year ago. However, I’m pretty sure a smarter phone would rock my world!

  59. would love to have one for my daughter, who is on Sprint, a college freshman, and about to head to Orlando with the Disney College Program. She needs a smart phone to stay in touch!

  60. Heather S says:

    I love my smartphone but it is getting old so this one would be fab! I have to have access to my emails and the internet so this would help me.

  61. I would love to win this for my DH~our friends dog at his at a New Years Eve party & he his using his very old, outdated phone for now.

  62. Nice phone! I have my phone on me at all times. Usually in my pocket. Never owned a phone this nice. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

    gmissycat at

  63. Tweeted here too

    gmissycat at yahoo dot com

  64. i currently use my phone once in a blue moon..mostly emergencies..but this little beauty may get me addicted
    nannypanpan at

  65. I am so completely dependent on my phone. I have it with me at all times and next to me charging when I sleep! I have a palm and was thinking of switching to an android, but now you’ve totally got me considering a blackberry!
    alihook AT gmail

  66. I need an upgrade in a bad way. My current phone has duct/duck tape holding the battery in!

  67. Mary Marowsky says:

    I need a cell phone at all times. But I also need a house phone too funny but true. Who knows who will be calling!

  68. Mary Marowsky says:

    Twittered too!/marybug2/status/24190357717647360

  69. scottsgal says:

    I use my blackberry all the time to text and for internet
    msboatgal at

  70. I am completely dependent on my phone. Like, it might as well be glued to my hand. I need serious help!

  71. Debbie Bellows says:

    i have my cell phone with me every minute of the day!

  72. I’d love a new phone! Thanks for the chance

  73. I’m a BlackBerry girl. Its always by my side. I depend on it when I’m out so I can handle my personal emails as well as business and even use it as an early email alert when at home.
    Up until 3 years ago I didn’t even HAVE a cell phone. Now I’m at all ends trying to figure out what to do because my dependable old BlackBerry is badly in need of an upgrade.
    chainmail (at) iwon (dot) com

  74. I tweeted about this
    chainmail (at) iwon (dot) com

  75. Debbie Bellows says:
  76. I am a Blackberry person ALL THE WAY! I could not live without mine! We do not have a home phone, so me and my husband both have Blackberrys and we use them for almost everything.
    But alas, mine is the original Curve….if I had a snazzy new Blackberry, think of the things I could accomplish!! ;-)

  77. april yedinak says:

    I have to have my phone with me all the time, like a security blanket for emergencies, but I only use it to make a couple calls a day.

  78. Courtney S says:

    I use mine sporadically throughout the day.

  79. Monique Rizzo says:

    my phone is ducttaped together so I need this!!Thanks for the chance.

  80. I have a 2 year old Blackberry, and I’m due for a new one. This BB Style would be a great upgrade for me. Awesome! Thanks for the chance!

  81. sherri crawford says:

    i really dont use my cell phone that much but i always have it to talk to my daughter or for emergencies

  82. Cheryl Schlins says:

    I use my phone sporadically throughout the day. I love texting. Say it, send it, done.

  83. I’m a stay at home mom of five, and my phone is still in my pocket all day. Sometimes, when I’m up in the night with the twins, I play a game or two on it…

  84. Henria O. says:

    My phone is like a lifeline! It’s with me all of the time and always charged!
    sazzyfrazz at gmail dot com

  85. ANGEL JACKLYN says:


  86. ANGEL JACKLYN says:

    2ND ENTRY TWEET!/kytah00/status/24532581605183488

  87. Henria O. says:

    sazzyfrazz at gmail dot com

  88. Scott Martin says:

    The Blackberry Style will come in handy. I am a total multi-tasker. You have to be when you are a single dad. It has been hard and somewhat restrictive, but totally worth it. You also need to schedule time for play otherwise we all go insane.


    Scott Martin

  89. Marcia Goss says:

    I use my phone for calling and for texting. I’ve never had a phone that lets me access the internet. I would love to have this!

  90. Marcia Goss says:
  91. Great looking phone Blackberry! Cool new features.

  92. I don’t even have a cell phone, but I would be looking for the right size and an inexpensive plan.!

  93. hi

  94. The most important quality I look for in a cell phone is call quality.

  95. K Skipper says:

    I am addicted to my Blackberry, and I miss my flip phone, too!