If You’ve Ever Known…

…a little boy or a little girl who loves Star Wars (or any sort of superhero, for that matter), you’ll totally understand why this commercial is forty-two kinds of adorable. My husband actually told me about it the second – the SECOND – he walked in the door tonight.

Isn’t that the best?

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  1. that. was. awesome.

  2. I have grown up kids who still love Star Wars and will totally love this. Thanks for posting it!

    My older daughter and her husband are such big Star Wars fans that they had the theme music played for their entrance at their wedding reception!

  3. Sometimes I wish my big boys were still little boys… :)

  4. Saw this earlier today – so great! My Little Man doesn’t know a storm trooper from a Darth Vader, but we loved it!

  5. I’m showing it to my second grade class tomorrow! HOW CUTE.

  6. seriously……precious! LOVED it!

  7. We had to pause Star Wars to watch the video! Here’s another great one…..


  8. LOVE , LOVE , LOVE that.

  9. I can’t thank you enough for sharing this! I really needed a chuckle tonight, and did that little munchkin (and Daddy) ever deliver!!

  10. That is AWESOME.

  11. Too. Stinkin. Cute!!

  12. Best commercial EVER.

  13. He has little six-year-old boy hands. Smitten.

  14. One of the best I have seem in years! It goes up on FB!

  15. Too cute, thanks for sharing. I am sure we will be seeing this during the Super Bowl.

  16. This was awesome. I can’t wait to share!

  17. Judy in MI says:

    We cracked up!

  18. thank you for my thursday morning laugh out loud moment :)

  19. Laugh. Out. Loud! Hilarious!

  20. Oh. My. Word! Love it! That is the best commercial ever!!! I shared this with my two boys (10 and 6) we laughed so hard we were crying! Thanks for sharing with us!

  21. I saw this on facebook yesterday and utilized it most of yesterday afternoon to entertain my 3 and 5 year old boys…and me. It’s fantastic.

  22. Debbie in Tennessee says:

    Loved, loved, loved it! Thank you, soooo enjoy your blog. Love and Blessings to you and yours.

  23. Daddy saves the day!

  24. THAT is adorable.

  25. That’s great! Thanks for sharing. I like in a house w/ 4 boys (where even my 22 mo yields a lightsaber occasionally) and they loved it!


  27. I’m sitting here with a big, silly grin on my face. I grew up watching all of the Star Wars movies (thanks, Dad!) and watching that just brought back memories. Way cute and clever!

  28. WIth a house full of boys (2,4,6,8) that LOVE Star Wars, I absolutely adore this commercial, I’m going to play this for them when I get home! Love it! Thanks for sharing.

  29. That was so good. Now we need a similar one with Buzz Lightyear.

  30. So sweet! My son was given a Darth Vader costume on his 6th birthday, and he wore it for a month straight. He wore it to restaurants, to the dentist, and all over the house. I miss that sense of imagination and magic!

  31. That is a Super Bowl worthy commercial. Of course, that’s how I judge all commercials. :-) That was so stinkin’ cute.

  32. Ha!! I love that. What a great dad.

  33. Absolutely the BEST!!!

  34. That is the best commercial I have ever seen! Love it. ;)

  35. Okay, so I have a short clip I am sending to your email…. it is funny but in a strange kind of way….grab your light sabber. Great commerical.

  36. Oh my goodness!! That is sooo cute. We are BIG Star Wars fans over here. We had Hans Solo and Princess Leia on our grooms cake years ago. LOL. I actually just came over to tell you I’m having a good old fashioned Valentine’s contest/give away. You know here in the South it’s just polite to come by and give the neighbors an invite. So consider this your official invite to come tell me why your husband rocks and possibly win a $25 gift certificate to Union 28. If you’ve never seen their stuff, you are missing out. :) Here is the link to the contest. http://sheeptotheright.blogspot.com/2011/02/valentine-contest-with-giveaway.html

    Hope you are doing well and keeping warm! :)

  37. That is toooo cute!! Haven’t seen that!!!!

  38. That was 27 kinds of AWESOME!!!

  39. Oh that is just too cute!

  40. Peach Tracy says:

    That was great! Thank you so much for sharing. Ahhh, Darth Vader. One of childhoods fondest memories. :)

  41. Nate's Mom says:

    So stinkin’ ADORABLE!!

  42. I have girls (read: Star Wars free home), but I have a nephew who is OBSESSED with Star Wars. Sending the link to my BIL right now.

    Well, after I watch it again.

  43. So stinkin’ adorable indeed! I just emailed a link to my hubby who grew up in the late 70’s/ early 80’s… die hard Star Wars:)

  44. AWESOME.

    And boy, does VW know their target audience or what?? Who’s going to buy the “starting around” 20k car? Oh, probably those around the age bracket of “grew up watching the original Star Wars.” Stellar marketing.

    Know thy audience!

  45. Oh my…I just showed that to my three Star Wars fans…they loved it. Thanks for sharing!

  46. This is the car that the Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, TN is making! Great video!

  47. love love loved it!

  48. SO PRECIOUS!!! In our house of girlies, the Jedi mind tricks are what you might call “non-existent” so that absolutely tickled me!

  49. reminds me of my own star wars moment—we have auto start up here in Alaska, and I flew down from way out Barrow to shop in Anchorage for the weekend and knew nothing of this newfangled auto start stuff. I was in the parking lot and went to click the unlock button on the key for my rental car and the car next to me started up—no driver. I jumped about 10 feet and my heart almost stopped cuz I thought that somehow I had triggered their car to start. The owner walked up and ‘splained to me about this nifty auto start thing, and we had a good laugh.

  50. My 12 yr old grandson is such a Star Wars fan. He actually got in trouble in first grade, for he hummed the theme to Star Wars ALL the time. he still loves it…has so many Legos that are Star Wars related. I even have to give him a Legos Star War III Wi game for his birthday…this commercial is so awesome…I can see Trey doing all of this and then his dad doing the same thing the dad did in the commercial. That was such a great laugh….thanks for sharing. didn’t read the other comments but I’m betting they said just about the same thing.

  51. Yep – now that is a reason to have a remote starter!

  52. This will be the first car made in the new Volkswagen plant just built here in Chattanooga. The community is happy about Volkswagen coming to town bringing new jobs and bringing parts supplier companies with more jobs. The commercial is great!

  53. LOVE IT!!!

    My 13 year old is howling right now after watching it.
    “Mom! That is SO cool!”

    Honey, we have every Star Wars toy you can imagine. Action figures (even the obscure ones), all the ships/vehicles, the cheap light sabers, and even one of the Master Replicas light sabers (http://www.amazon.com/Anakin-Skywalker-Episode-III-Lightsaber/dp/B000JINJKQ — though they were $99 back when we got it)… he still loves the action figures on occasion, but he’s definitely outgrowing them. I’ve thought about passing them on to a younger Star Wars fan, but then don’t you think it’d be fun to keep them all for when the grandkids are over some day?
    Mamaw would have the coolest toys! :)

  54. My boys loved this! Even my husband, who isn’t a huge Star Wars fan, laughed. I’m going to have to post it on my blog, so my youngest can watch it over and over again. Thanks for sharing!

  55. It was one of the first things my hubbie told me about yesterday! We can not wait for the kids to see it…oh, they will LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

  56. <3 LOVE. <3

  57. Mary Kat's Mom says:

    LOVE THIS WITH ALL MY HEART ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  58. That is hilarious! My boys all love Star Wars, and recently my car was under the weather, so we had to use my husbands car. His has buttons on the steering wheel to control the radio and such, and my boys think that they can “use the force” to turn the volume up/down and change stations on the radio. They haven’t realized yet that it’s me doing it on the steering wheel. Of course it only works when the car is in park while we are waiting in line, but they haven’t questioned why it only works at certain times yet, haha!

  59. Oh my word that is FANTASTIC!!!! Love it!

  60. Best commercial ever! I just wanna see that sweet little boys face. Don’t you know he had a ball? Or he had no clue what it was all about. ;)

  61. I just showed this to my ten year old and he has watched it five times in a row.
    And no doubt will continue as long as I let him.

  62. funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!when do you think you’ll see that in between an ordinary show.but that car,boydid you see the details?!

  63. funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!it reminds me of my brother. and i thought that he would like the car best. once he saw that commerceshal,he went crazy for starwars things.


  64. So that sweet, amazing 6-year old little boy has Tetralogy of Fallot, a congenital heart defect requiring multiple open heart surgeries for survival. My son, Luke, also has a congenital heart defect (although not ToF) and has had two open-heart surgeries in his short little 4 years. This week is Congenital Heart Defect Awareness week … 1 out of 125 babies born is born with a heart defect, a large percentage of those requiring life-saving open heart surgeries. These kids are amazing … they often defy doctors’ predictions of quality of life … and I absolutely love that they picked this little Max to be Darth Vader.

    Let me know if you want to post anything on your blog about this important, silent issue!