They Don’t Need No Doctor

So more than anything else, I really need to address this little treasure right from the get-go.

Listen. When he started singing, I had to STAND UP. Blew me away. Granted, I’m sort of a sucker for that whole bluesy, jazzy vibe thing (which is in fact the proper musical designation just in case you were wondering), but OH MY MERCY. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for young Casey Abrams.

Coincidentally, Casey Abrams’ audition song was also one of Casey James’ Hollywood Week songs last year, but unless Casey Abrams has acquired some extensions since his audition, I don’t expect for him to be rockin’ a ponytail anytime soon.

However, given the fact that I’m now feeling a little nostalgic about Casey James’ ponytail, I think it might be a good thing for us to pause for a moment and remember it. If you feel so led, of course.

There. I believe we’ve come full circle. I feel a sense of AI completeness.

And no kidding: I still can’t get over how much I’m enjoying the JLo and the Steven Tyler. What I enjoy most about them is that they so obviously LOVE MUSIC, and that enthusiasm changes everything about the show. Since they’re not as focused on the music business angle (though I’m sure there’s a well-trained team of people behind-the-scenes who are very much focused on the music business angle), they seem to really enjoy the contestants. And it’s delightful.

I also appreciate that in the six shows we’ve seen so far – 12 days’ worth of auditions – Jenny from the Block has sported a different hairstyle every single time (including, on tonight’s show, sort of a Rhoda-esque scarf ‘do). That’s inspiring, people. My hair can only dream of such kicky versatility.

Hope y’all have a great weekend!

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  1. Agreed on all counts. It’s just so darned refreshing to have judges who aren’t cruel or mean or rude. Steven Tyler, even with his bleeped out language, is completely endearing. He’s like the Huckleberry Finn of the music world.

  2. Yep- totally agree- it’s so fun this season and I like J-lo and Stephen Tyler (although I’m not too fond of all his leering at little girls!). That Casey guy was just great- can’t wait to see more of him!

  3. We are loving it too. I have heard there is a Simon-like character behind the scenes who we’ll see when they get into the week to week songs. He is a record exec or producer of some sort and he’s going to be the tough guy.

    One thing I’ve liked is that they are showing more of the good singers in the auditions. Last season it felt like all we saw in the audition shows were the, ahem, ‘less talented’, contestants.

    J-Lo looked beautiful last night. I’ve always loved Steven Tyler.

  4. I am enjoying this season of AI more than the other 8 I’ve watched put together all because of the judging panel. You really hit the nail on the head when you said they have a LOVE for music and it shows. Can’t wait to see how my faves do in Hollywood. Glad you’re on the bandwagon, too, because it just wouldn’t be the same without your recaps.

  5. i heart american idol!
    WaS Skeptical at firSt..noW im juSt Smiling and cheering the ShoW on!:)

  6. I got sucked in to this year’s American Idol against my better judgement, and I’m hooked. I am just so impressed with J Lo ans ST’s ability to hold a straight face during some of those auditions. That is way more control than I could dream of.

  7. I haven’t watched much AI in the past few seasons (Who am I kidding? I haven’t watched much tv that’s not PBS Kids, Nick Jr., Disney, or ESPN!) but I’m thoroughly enjoying it this year. Steven Tyler and J-Lo are rockin’ the judges panel! You’re exactly right- their obvious love and appreciation for music is so much fun to watch and it’s also neat to see them more as real people, not just their on-stage personas.

  8. Love it too! I was not going to watch because to tell you the truth, I was just over the whole thing! But I love J-lo and ST. Although I will say he is too old to be learing at those young girls the way he does. I believe his mind is stuck in his after the show partying years. The glory days are over, but he is a great judge. Just a side not though does anybody else agree that with all of his obviuos surgery that he kinda looks like Janice Dickenson? I’m just saying.

  9. I’m with you, Boo!! I am LOVIN’ American Idol this season!!!
    P.S. I read you every day…well, if there’s a post. You had me at the story about your mother-in-law…middle of the night…looking for keys…she was having a marvelous time…sooo funny.

  10. Last night was sheer delight. Not so much in the talent department although there were a few with AMAZING talent including your aforementioned Casey. But the crazies came out indeed.
    By the end of the show I was indeed feeling “GOOD” but not likely as much as the guy from deep in the woods Arkansas.
    I’m lovin’ the judges! Best season ever! So far.

  11. Dear hubs and I were just talking about this last night, the bit about the new judges. As he said, “Steven Tyler is just so peculear looking you can’t help but look at him, and JLo is so good looking you can’t help but look at her!” Blahahahaha! I just appreciate the absence of the Paul vs Simon drama. It’s like a whole new show. I have to admit I haven’t watched AI for a few years because I was so tired of Simon being a jerk and Paul being… well, Paula. She’s far better suited for the new dance show she’s been doing.

  12. I truly believe that I would be a happier person if I was able to have my hair styled in a drastically different style every day like J Lo. Perhaps this will be my new entertainment for my stay at home mom self. Are banana clips still available?

  13. I had fallen out of love with American Idol but I decided to give Tyler and Lopez a chance and I’m really enjoying them. So glad I gave them another chance!

  14. Oh, the fun of this clip! Haven’t watched Idol this season, but I think you’ve made me a believer that it is worth tuning into!

  15. I told my son that I was amazed at how much I was enjoying this season. I didn’t expect to like Steven or Jennifer much, and with each and every show I fall more in love with both of them. My son asked me if I missed Simon, and I told him I didn’t miss Simon, Kara, Paula, or Ellen. I know he was a bit shocked, but, it’s like an entirely new show – almost a spin off!

  16. YES! I whooped and clapped for Casey! (But I’ll admit I was waiting for Jennifer to get all sweet and say, “But honey, we need to talk about the facial hair…”)

  17. I loved, loved, and more loved the whole show! I am telling you, the new judge line up is re-freshing, I tell you!

    Also, I kept going, really? She is wearing a scarf? And she looks good? It’s not even a “MAN this is a bad hair day, only a scarf can cover the ugly”, she actually rocked it!

    I loved it all!

  18. My DH and I are hooked – after having NO interest in AI for a couple of years – watched some of the Casey James stuff because he is an ex boyfriend of my BFF’s daughter – so practically family right? Jennifer and Steven and Randy are SO much better chemistry and musicality (how often can we use that word in our real life?) than previous panels – loving the goofiness and oh my lawzey how she can glam it up! Going to be a good season – although how they will weed through the hundreds (it seems) allowed through to Hollywood week is doing to be a challenge.

  19. Hi-I’ve read your blog from time to time, its very cute! I fully agree about J-Lo’s hair. It is beyond impressive, its like her hair has a life of its own. I am enjoying the new season too, Steven Tyler is a trainwreck worth watching. What did you think about the apology?

  20. I agree with you! I was unsure if I’d watch this season, but I am loving Steven and JLo. However, I was slightly disappointed in the scarf because I honestly look forward to seeing the shine and lush of her hair each week!

  21. Sweet mercy Boo Mama I believe you have identified this year’s American Idol. I don’t get to watch the show here in China so please do keep us posted about how Casey does. He is amazing.