Linky Goodness

– I do not, as a general rule, enjoy baking, but I like the idea of being a mama who has tasty treats on hand when the kids on our street are playing together in the afternoons. That’s why I was tickled – TICKLED, I TELL YOU – to see recipes over at Picky Palate for Chewy No-Bake Cookies and Cream Bars and Chewy No-Bake Nutter Butter Bars. I can’t wait to try them.

– Jennifer has written a lovely post about the fact that changing diapers is about way more than just changing diapers. So, so good – and such an encouragement to moms with small children.

– Nester has done some really fun no-sew upholstery treatments with fur. Well, with “fur.” Totally kicky.

– For whatever reason, this assortment of photographs (taken by a whole host of super-talented people) on Ree’s photography blog just blew me away. I have a different favorite every single time I look – but right now I’m leaning toward the picture of the mountain. But I love the picture of the little boys on the bench, too. And the poppies. I adore the poppies. (See? I have a problem.)

– I am officially crazy about Chopped All-Stars on Food Network (ever since I discovered it last week on the plane), and I was so happy to discover that the host, Ted Allen, is writing recaps of each episode on the FN site. I think it’s such a blast to watch super-talented chefs perform (and excel) under those crazy conditions. Are any of y’all watching?

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  1. chopped all-stars! last week’s episode was crazy good. i haven’t seen tonight’s yet, as i instead watched my beloved illini implode, as per usual, in the ncaa tournament. i’ll definitely check out ted allen’s recaps!!

  2. Love Chopped anytime but Chopped All-Stars is great! It’s amazing how they take those unusual ingredients and make something I might actually eat!

    I have enough trouble cooking with normal ingredients…you know, like hamburger meat, tomatoes, and noodles. what could I possibly make?

  3. Love love love Chopped All Stars. I am so happy they now have a food dictionary because half the time it’s an ingredient I’d never heard of (like that sugar from the dessert round last night). And I love Ted Allen. And Alex Guarneschelli. And Marcus Samuellson.

  4. I don’t often comment, but I just had to say that I love your blog! Chopped is one of my favorite shows, and it’s especially fun to see the All-Stars struggling with those crazy ingredient combinations. I also enjoy Pioneer Woman’s blog and thought the beauty pictures were incredible – don’t know how I’d ever pick just one winner! Thanks for making me laugh, or cry, or smile EVERY TIME I read your blog!

  5. We watch Chopped all the time – it is set to automatically record on our DVR and was SO happy to see Chopped All-Stars. Awesome!!! I have actually learned a lot about food by watching those shows and they are just so entertaining. Even my 9-year-old son likes to watch it with me :)

  6. The Chopped All-Stars! A must-see! It reminds me every time that I stand staring blankly into my pantry that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. Amen?

  7. Chopped is one of my favorites, but Chopped All-Stars is fantastic! Usually I just watch it when it’s on, but now I’m setting the DVR. CANNOT WAIT for the episode where all the judges compete.

  8. OH My! We LOVE Chopped at our house so we’re all about the All Stars!
    I sat and got caught up last night when we rolled in from Spring Break-ATHON.
    I did not disappoint !

  9. LOOOOVE Picky Palate, such a fun cooking blog, she has snickerdoodle popcorn today, YUMMO:)

  10. I’m behind on the All-Stars episodes, but it is FUN! Watching the Italian episode cracked me up and the foodies got all angry about the risotto. “It should SPREAD on the plate.” That’s some kitchen wisdom right there.

  11. Thanks for the heads up on chopped all stars. That sounds just like something I would love! Off to set my DVR now.
    the wanna be country girl – Caroline

  12. I can’t say “amen” enough to Jennifer’s post. Seriously. It’s exactly what God’s been teaching me over the last couple of years, big time.