A Few Things

– All the winners of the Passion – Here for You giveaway have been notified and have claimed their prize. It was one of the fastest giveaway wrap-ups ever; all five winners emailed me LICKETY SPLIT and had their prizes by the end of day Monday. So fun. Here are the winners, by the way.

Congratulations to Kim, Marcia, Laurie, Elizabeth and Lydia!

– I’m oversharing about my obsessive pre-travel list-making as part of a giveaway sponsored by Slim-Fast.

– Meg says that marriage is not what she expected. And her post a must-read for anyone who’s married or who wants to be married. So good. (link via Dedra)

– I’m loving the before & afters from sweet AJ’s remodeling project. Can’t wait to see more.

– Tonight on American Idol it’s the songs of Elton John. And – AND! – tonight also brings us the finale of Top Chef All-Stars.


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  1. I cannot tell you how much I adore Richard Blaize!
    It was only made more so by us meeting his sweet little preggo wife.
    Love me som Top Chef!

  2. The Chopped All-Stars finale should be SO VERY EXCITING.

    You know, I think we should have perhaps done some type of bracket-esque type-thing to go along with the whole wonderful competition.

    I surely would have scored better than with my NCAA BB bracket. Hello #1 and 2 seeds? What Up?

  3. To borrow or uh… steal your phrase SWEET FANCY MOSES. How in the world did James do a perfect form toe touch in SKINNY JEANS? Also, I’d love to know your thoughts on the contestants’ plea at the end of each song to dial their number and vote by holding up the coordinating number and mouthing that number. It drives me batty. PLEASE STOP!