No “Idol” Post Tonight

Well, apparently I’ve tied up with a touch of the plague. And this particular plague? Comes complete with razors in the back of the throat, a hearty fever and no small degree of congestion.

Oh, it’s a delight. It truly is.

Anyway, I’m taking the night off from posting about “American Idol” so that I can stay under the covers and try to convince this fever to break.

After school today Alex walked in the guest room / sick suite and handed me a glass of ice water, a bowl of gingersnaps and a piece of paper. He’d drawn something on the paper, and when I looked at it, I saw a big red heart and the following message:

“Hope you fell beter Mama.”

It was all I could do not to wrap up that boy in a plague-ridden hug.

And I’ll be back when I fell beter. Can’t wait to read what y’all thought about tonight’s show!

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  1. Oh bless your heart! I had that exact form of the plague a few weeks ago, and it was just terrible. I actually called it the plague because it was so horrible! Get some rest, and I hope you feel better soon!!!

  2. Oh, so sorry! Hope you feel better soon. I had the same thing about two weeks ago.

  3. We have dodged the plague thus far, and are so thankful for it.

    Hope you are EVER SO MUCH BETTER very soon.

    Prayers for your patience and comfort on the road to recovery!

  4. Hope you’re better soon.

    I wasn’t impressed with tonight’s show for some reason. Kind of blah in my book.

  5. Lynnette R says:

    Yes, please fell beter. I had identical symptoms several weeks ago…strep throat. I really didn’t start feeling better until almost 48 hours on the antibiotic. I sure hope yours isn’t strep. Take care Sophie.

  6. I hope you feel better soon! Fever and that whole situation is horrible!

    At least you have a sweet son to ease the ache!


  8. Imagine my disappointment when I saw the title of your post. Of course, if were not all about me, I’d tell you to get better QUICK!

  9. :( Feel better.

    Just so you know, thanks to you I can no longer watch Haley on American Idol without thinking of Sally O’Malley.


  10. Aw! Boo Mama!!! Get well soon!

    I have ONE WORD about Ido tonite: JACOB! While Bridge Over Troubled Water is a little, uh, corny. Not tonight! I had to stop the treadmill and get off I was crying so hard. What’s a song for anyway? It’s an art form. He put words, a voice, an advocate, to my heart tonight! I am surrounded by pain and by a Good God on my side. The song touched deep places in me. It’s what music is all about—a door into my soul tonight. A voice speaking to me.

    I think all three judges are way too easy on all 8. But it’s still enjoyable. And the alternative would be Simon. Maybe it’s because all three are artists themselves and so want these talented kids to make it cause they are really talented. Jennifer was very reticent to say anything about the girls even though it looked like she had a constructive thought for Haley. Jennifer asked America to vote to keep both girls on. The judges are way-too-positive but they do swing voters.

    I know I know I know Casey is super talented. But to this untrained ear, you have to “get” what he is doing and I don’t. Artists do; audiences don’t. I don’t think America will vote for Casey this week either. Bottom 3 for me: Casey, Stefano, and Haley (Lauren will get the girl votes.) But what do I know? This I know—Jacob Lusk touched a deep place in my heart tonight. That Jimmy guy told him not to preach it—hey Jacob can preach to me all he wants. I’m going to vote for Jacob….ooops, it’s c-l-o-s-e-d.

    You take care BooMama!

  11. Sophie, I am so sorry you are sick. Wish we could email some homemade chicken noodle soup to you. I have to tell you, I was hoping to read your Idol recap tonight. My man decided to clean out some old recordings on our DVR and accidentally deleted everything…even tonight’s idol. oiy!!!

  12. I agree with Bev that Jacob did an amazing job on Bridge Over Troubled Water, but I love that song….and it does not matter what Scotty sings, I love him…but I think he made George Strait proud tonight.. I even liked Paul, but its never good to be first…
    I hope Haley, Casey or James goes…after last week it could be anyone…Hope you feel better soon

  13. Feel better!

  14. In a nutshell:

    Paul – very entertaining, but not an Idol winner.
    Scotty – love his voice, he could win the whole enchilada. He will need to work on his stage presence, he comes off a bit corny.
    Lauren – LOVE this girl! She could win this competition, but the numbers indicate a male winner this season.
    Stefano – love his voice, he is another Michael Buble with a little coaching. He may not go this week, but he will go
    Haley – I know I’m in the minority here, but this girl is awesome. I love R&B & Rock and this girl is a natural.
    Jacob – He is not my ‘thing’ at all. I would like to see him go this week. His voice is amazing, but he is a cartoon character to me – sorry, I know I will be stoned for this statement.
    James – Love this kid! I don’t know if America will vote for him to win, but I hope he gets a rocking career from this show. He is living the Dream!
    Casey – very talented, don’t think he can go the distance. Most people won’t get his depth. I think he will have a career in music, but maybe not as an entertainer. He is a great musician, maybe a producer.

    Boo, I hope you are feeling better soon!

  15. My My- hope you feel better soon. I know that little note helped start you on the road to recovery! So sweet!

  16. Get well sweet girl. I love Idol this season, the talent is just over the top. I really liked Jacob, Lauren and Casey tonight. My husband liked Paul, Scotty, and James. I think it is a toss up who is going to win it.

  17. Dwight is in route from Seattle to Atlanta, so I doubt he will have time to “chick blog.” I will put my four cents in. I am a big Scotty fan, and while I don’t think he will win, I did vote to keep him safe. I also texted my votes for Paul (can’t lose the Porter Wagoner suits and Rod Stewart voice so soon) and Casey (reminds me of an MHS student). I find myself looking away from the tv screen when Jacob sings, and I while I know he is so talented and so sincere, I find myself wondering if he is pulling the act out of a can. Remember, the girl from Idol past? Was it Melinda? We determined she was running game on everyone, trying to give it the ol poor pitiful me routine. Stephano makes me think I am at the Holiday Inn in Natchez, just can’t go there. They loved him last night, but quite frankly, they loved them all. I miss Simon. Ok, I ramble. You would think I had the funk. Hope you feel better. Talk soon.

  18. Seems everyone here in small town Nova Scotia has that plague too. Make sure it doesn’t turn into strep throat and if it does, go to the dr because then it can turn into…well, something much worse. And then you won’t fell beter at all. So, drink some lemony things and rest up :)

  19. Hope your plague-ness gets better soon. For once, I’m glad I don’t live near you. Sounds like the whole of the South is sick (based on the comments here, anyway).

    I so fear for Casey! I loved it, my husband hated it. I’m a musician, he’s not. I’m afraid he went too “cool jazz” for most of America. Oh, my, I hope not.

    I agree with Laura. I’ve been looking for a description of Stephano and that’s it! Lounge Lizard. But he’s going to make it because the tweens seem to like him. Oh, well.

    Top three: Casey, Jacob (those last three notes were all in one breath, America!), Lauren
    Bottom three: Stephano, Haley, James (I’m bored with the metal stuff).

    Who will go?: I don’t even want to type it….

  20. Mary Kat's Mom says:

    Bless precious Alex’s heart! ! ! I love that child! I hope you feel better but I really hope you get to watch your DVR’d Survivor last night and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE post about Phillip! ! ! ! ! Please, Boomama! ! ! I want to hear you talk about him on last night’s show.

  21. Oh my….I heard about your blog last night at the Lacrosse game and something deep inside me jarred….it was as if I’d known all along that I should be following this!!! I hate, hate, hate that you are sick…and I really hate that you can’t post about idol because I am just sick over THAT!!! My true love got off of Idol tonight….Holly called and teased me…not meaning too…telling me that I would be so happy with the man on the show, etc…later I found out she meant Jason Aldean!!! I’m so very sad about Paul!! I know that no one thinks he was Idol material…but he was….nonetheless…I could tell Randy was running up to the stage to sign him immediately!!! ( atleast thats what I’m thinking!) anyway…. so excited to find your blog and will look forward to you getting well so I can read it!!! Love you dearly and am so very thankful for your influence on my son and his friends…they love you and think the world of you!!! therefore…so do I!!! :) You’ve made a huge impact on the kids even before you were Miller’s teacher! So I thank you for that…and I especially thank you for putting up with all of those boys!!!
    much love….and praying for a speedy recovery!!!!

  22. BooMama – Sure hope you’re feeling better by now. I think Paul was ROBBED last night. Not sure how Stefano keeps skating by. Of course, I didn’t vote this week so I really can’t complain. Take care of yourself!!

  23. Oh Boomama…had the same plague set in on Sunday after church. Moved in like a freight train and messed up my 40 year streak of never having strept throat. That was horrible! Great part was that it was not the flu and that antibiotics kicked in quickly. Hope you are having the same luck! Oh and the not being able to hug your baby part, that is the worst. My 2 year old and I both cried when Daddy had to pry us apart on Monday. Happy to say I have managed to catch up on kisses and hugs since. Take care of your crazy self!

  24. day late – you are well on the way to being “beter” AI – we like(D) Paul – unique quirky and not just another singer. Don’t like Casey and Jacob – meh – Stefano – another meh – Scotty, Lauren, James – all winner potential. Of course – that is our opinion and we are SOOO out of the target demographic of AI – we don’t even download music!