American Idol – Final Two

I typically think that by the time the AI finals roll around, it doesn’t really matter how the final two contestants sing. Most people who watch are settled firmly in one of two camps, and odds are they made up their minds about how they were going to vote as soon as the final two were announced.

So given all that, I started watching tonight’s show with the assumption that tonight’s performances weren’t going to do much to change the outcome. Scotty and Lauren were pretty even through the first two rounds – and afterwards I was feeling pretty confident about my prediction last week that Scotty was going to win the whole thing running away.


The third round happened.

And what was so interesting about the third round – at least to me – is that Lauren clearly had the better song of the two. Plus, Scotty seemed to be struggling a little bit with the melody of his song…and by the time the third round was over, I really thought that Lauren out-sang him and might just win it after all.


(Also, as a sidenote, I very much enjoyed how Lauren had to hold her dress like Loretta Lynn when she was walking back up the stairs after she sang to her mama.)

(I think that probably made Loretty proud.)

(If she happened to be watching, of course.)

So. What do y’all think? Who’s the winner?

Stay safe & hang in there, Texas / Oklahoma / Kansas / Arkansas / Missouri. Praying for y’all.

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  1. Oh, I’m Team Lauren all the way! Did you know she actually lost her voice just before the show? To me, that makes how she performed that much more amazing. So proud of our Chattanooga girl!

  2. Lauren. She is consistent and cute as ever!

  3. I’m still team Scotty, but Lauren was better tonight despite her voice issues. I just hope it doesn’t matter. On the bright side, if it does, I won’t have to wait a year for Scotty to complete his AI contract before releasing his album.

    I did think it was so sweet that even though Scotty won the coin toss he let Lauren choose. Just another indicator of his top notch character.

    Need to run. Gotta keep voting!

  4. Lauren has been my fave since auditions. And the way she cried after singing to her mama really did me in, so I wound up blowing my nose on my shirt. BTW, if she wins, I’m recommending a duet on her album with Steven Tyler.

  5. Scotty is my FAVORITE! I really hope he wins… but his song at the end really did STINNNNNNNNNNNK. ahhhh.

  6. It’s me Boo Mama…..and while you know this wasn’t the final I wanted…ha, ha…..I’m going to throw my 2 cents in here…….I agree with you that the fans of these two…are hard core…and nothing that was done tonight changed their minds…..but for those voters who are going to vote but their favorite is gone……I think Lauren may have won a lot of those voters……was it just me or did the evening seem to be set up for her to win it?…..discussing her voice issues and bringing the doctor out?…the song written for her was clearly so much better than Scotty’s…….I haven’t been a big fan of either of these two but tonight I sort of felt bad for Scotty but yet excited for Lauren….all at the same time…ha, ha…..

  7. I’m with you. That last song did it. I think it’s gonna be a big hit. Plus there is the sympathy votes cause she blew out a vocal chord. I’ve loved her since her audition.

  8. L.A.U.R.E.N. w-i-n-s the C*R*O*W*N
    and i voted for her…
    However, I think Scotty is who I’d like to most hear in person. Love him THIS BIG!
    I think Scotty has the potential to be like the next Johnny Cash or Garth Brooks. I check *YES*

    I’m shaking my head in unbelief that Lauren could walk into the audience and sing that song to her sweet mom, peering into her eyes, offering a hug—without losing it. What composure on the spot for a 16-year-old. What command of an audience both of them have for kids so young. And they both are so unpretentious. Love that about them!

    Maybe they’ll TIE and crown them both. I thought both of them were stellar tonight. Song choices, a couple or three, were not my favorites.
    L.A.U.R.E.N. wins!


    THE END!

  10. Yep. I think Lauren will win but Scotty will have the bigger career. And there’s my highly biased, unprofessional opinion.

  11. While I still think it should have been James up there and I feel that the whole thing is rigged – Lauren totally blew me away. I like them both and wished it could be a tie.

  12. I was totally thinking Loretta Lynn moment too!!! Cracked me up when I had just been crying from the way she was singing to her mom! Huge Lauren fan since she auditioned. She’s reminded me of Kelly Clarkson with a side of Martina! Since she has sang some Martina I am so hoping she’ll be on tonight as a surprise! But I can’t help loving Scotty! :)

  13. I called Lauren then winner when she sang the Aerosmith’s “I don’t wanna miss a thing” during her audition, well AFTER her audition when her parents came in the room.

    She has a gift, without trying too hard.

    Love her! GO LAUREN!!!!

  14. I thought both of them did a great job but in round three after Lauren sang, I told my friend that her last song may have won it for her. I love them both and it really doesn’t matter who wins, both will have a recording contract and both will be headed to Nashville.

  15. Sue Mom of Two says:

    Scotty has been my fav since auditions, but Lauren definitely had the better songs for finals week. I think Scotty has the best moral character of all of the contestants this season, although Lauren is a very, sweet girl. I think by finals week everyone votes for their favorite regardless of how they do that week. I think they both will go far in their careers.

  16. I think Scotty’s done better in the past weeks, but I thought Lauren sang much better last night. I do love Scotty’s upstanding character! Even when the judges were saying that Lauren outsang him, Scotty was encouraging Lauren and telling her what a great job she did. I don’t know if I would be so generous!

  17. Melanie says:

    I’m team Scotty all the way. BUT, I think the producers want Lauren to win. I actually felt a little manipulated after watching the show.

  18. I was worried about Lauren’s voice during the first two rounds but she blew poor Scotty way in the last. I’m not sure who will win the Idol crown but I’m rooting for Lauren!!

  19. Terrie Cash says:

    They are both winners in my book. I think Scotty is going to have singing career no matter what happens. I had my doubts about whether Lauren could become another Carrie Underwood or not, but after last night’s third round song, strong possibility. Lauren’s third round song should be a top ten hit. Let’s see what happens. I love them both and pray the Lord blesses their socks off.


  20. I’ve said from the start that I can’t stand to watch Scotty and since he’s not my favorite, I’m definitely going with Lauren. I do think it’s sad the song choices can make or break them and they don’t get to pick them. That being said in previous years when the contestants had to sing the same song it didnt’ seem fair either. The style of song might not be their “thang”. I’m with you. You pick who you love before the finale and stick with it. I’m going to miss these updates.

  21. I thought they both did awesome but I really felt the show was geared toward pushing us to vote for Lauren. Can I just say I hate when they make the judges say who won each round? Don’t know who’ll win but I think Scotty will have the mega career in the end.

  22. Kimberly says:

    OH, I AM SO EXCITED FOR TONIGHT!!! You know it’s going to be a country music star FAN FARE!!!! I am pretty sure they are going to pull out all the stops and get a bunch of amazing stars to sing with the two finalists…and I LOVE country music!!! As do obviously, many americans since they picked these two kids. How many pairs of cool cowboy boots does Lauren have? Those stylists are hitting a home run with her outfits! And she killed it last night…wow! I love Scotty tho, but it’s a given that he’s solid into a country music career…I am hoping for Lauren but I ADORE Scotty so it’s a win-win.

  23. I don’t really care which one wins, but I do want Lauren and Scotty to get married and have sweet babies together (when they turn 25, of course).

    And as my friend Carol so richly pointed out, Scotty will turn to Lauren and say, “babylockthemdoorsand….”


  24. i agree with lauren alexander above. i had no idea scotty is almost as young as lauren is (not that it matters in the country music industry, anyway. heeey, blake & miranda.) but i definitely want them to get married and have babies. one day.

    that said, can we talk about j-lo’s dress? did anyone else think she resembled an icecapade? and her eyebrows were a little wonky. still, she’s j-lo. and j-lo = gorgeous, even in a papersack. myself? not so much.

    as for the actual competition (because what is AI if not a who’s who and what’s what among the judges?) i DEFINITELY thought lauren out-sang whats-his-face overall. hellooo…? sh’girl can SAAAANG. her voice is much more dynamic. scotty (that’s his name, right?) is just a little…same-y. and…boring. uninteresting. i mean, he’s cute and all, but…bland.

    there’s my $.02, for what it’s worth. (which may not be much.)


  25. I thought Scotty had it in the bag, but then Lauren got the Mama song and that changed everything.

    Spot on with the Loretta moment for Lauren.

    I must comment on the judges attire. They all looked like they had raided my 1980’s closet. What. Was. Randy. Wearing????

  26. I think that both Scotty and Lauren are sweet, talented kids but in general I won’t be listening to either of their music (not really my personal style) so I feel that I am objective. I don’t have anything against Lauren or Scotty, but I am sickened by the blatant manipulation that was going on last night from the judges, producers, Ryan Seacrest, and pretty much anyone involved with the show. It is clear that they want a female winner and are pushing for it in any way they can.

    First they bring out the doctor on stage to tell everyone just exactly how bad Lauren hurt her voice. Now I’m sure that she really did injure her vocal cords and I feel bad about that and pray that they get better soon. But the whole point of trotting the doctor out on the stage and telling us about it was so that we would feel sorry for her and give her the sympathy vote. Lauren herself was very graceful and tried to brush it off and say that she was fine, but the Idol producers tried to milk her pain for all it was worth and it disgusts me.

    Then Lauren is just given better songs to sing by Jimmie and whoever else picked the songs. Scotty’s last song was so dreadful and sounded like something a 3-year-old ought to be singing in preschool. Then Lauren sings that song that they knew would affect mothers and grandmothers everywhere and have everyone jumping for their phones to vote for her. And as if the song itself wasn’t enough to get people to vote for her, they have Ryan Seacrest escort her down to the crowd to hug her mother in the middle of it. If that had been a spontaneous move on her part then I would have enjoyed it and thought that it was touching. But the fact that Ryan escorted her down the steps and lead her over to her mom means that it was a pre-planned move to gain more votes and that kind of thing just leaves me with a bad taste in my throat.

    People don’t like to be manipulated and they don’t like being told who to vote for. I actually think that all of the producer’s pimping of Lauren is going to backfire and that Scotty will win the whole thing tonight. And honestly I think Scotty does deserve to win it just because he has been the more consistent contestant throughout the competition and I also think he’s a little more mature and better equipped to deal with winning than Lauren.

  27. I think it was the song choice, which is the way it works out sometimes. From the beginning of Scotty’s song, I thought it was a stretch, even forced. Lauren’s just “fit.” Both of them could win and deserve to win based on talent, but in this one show, Lauren had the edge. It was also sweet that Ryan helped her down the steps.

  28. Lauren!! How could anybody not love a song about a mama? I had to shed a tear or two. Loved your comment about Loretty, hadn’t even thought of that. I can do a pretty good imitation of Loretty (talking, NOT singing), even did for something in high school which was a coon’s age ago.

  29. Call me a skeptic from way back but I too, along with Melanie, felt a little manipulated–I even felt this coming on from the very end of last week when all the judges were singing the praises of Lauren. Yes, I like her–she has a really good voice and I’m sure is a beautiful young lady inside also but for whatever the reason I do feel the producers want Lauren to win and I feel that.

    If I am right, I wonder if the reason has anything to do with the last few winners being male–

    I did think it very interesting also that Haley never ended up at the bottom like she had been in previous weeks after JLo spoke of wanting to keep “the girls” in it–I even wondered at that point if the producers had suggested to her that she say something to that effect to keep the competition a bit more interesting.

    Speculation, speculation and we will probably never know–of course, Scotty could still win it and he is my choice by far. I think he will ultimately take a career way further than Lauren will.

  30. I agree. I think Lauren had the best song. I like them both. My mom loves Scotty and I do too, he has such a good voice. They both seem like really good people. Me and my daughter didn’t like him much in the beginning because of what happened with that young boy Scotty didn’t stick up for. I know he made a mistake and apologized for it and he is a kid himself, but me and her go back to that all the time. I did think it was really nice and seemed sincere when he walked out after Lauren’s last song and told her “it was beautiful.” Then, me and my daughter decided they would make a cute couple!

  31. Oh, they’ve already announced the winner, but I have to say that this year America couldn’t get it wrong. Both finalists are precious, gracious, and SO talented. I think this may always be my favorite AI season!!! I love how Scottie honored God, his family, and his fellow contestants.

  32. Jennifer says:

    What do you make of the kisses and hugs and intertwined hands … are they a couple?
    I had to rewind the DVR 3 times to make sure I wasn’t just seeing things. Great analysis on the part 1 show, I agree totally. We were prepared to vote for Scotty all week and then Lauren outsang him at the end. Song choice, people.

  33. I agree–I thought Lauren’s song choice was much better and that it would give her the edge. But Scotty pulled it out in the end! And I’m with Jennifer on her comment…I had to rewind several times on my DVR b/c it definitely looked they were a couple! I didn’t know what to make of it either!

  34. It’s all over now and I’m pleased with the outcome. I think that based on his performance throughout the entire competition Scotty deserved the win. He was just more consistently good throughout the whole show. But both he and Lauren will be successful. I do worry more about Lauren than I do about Scotty though, because she seems a bit more naive and I worry that the music world is going to eat her alive. I really hope that doesn’t happen because she seems like a sweet girl.

    I thought the hugging and hand-holding that went on between them was adorable. They were asked earlier in the season if there was any chance of them ever being a couple and they said no. They have come to think of each other as brother/sister and couldn’t imagine ever being any other way. And I do think Scotty treated her the way a proud big brother would treat his sister. I thought it was very cute.