Us Will Keep This Between We

It’s no secret that I love “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” on Food Network. And last night’s episode, I am happy to announce, marked the most enjoyable thirty minutes of culinary programming these eyes have ever witnessed: “The Best Thing I Ever Ate: Fried Chicken.”

Oh yes. It is true. For thirty minutes (well, 22), various and sundry food personalities discussed the best fried chicken they’ve ever eaten. I was tickled to see that Gus’ Fried Chicken in Memphis made the list (it is, in fact, divine), but I’ve never tried any of the other fried chcken selections.

So I think it’s safe to say that I’ve now solidified some new Fried Chicken Goals in my life. It’s right and good to be mindful of such things.


At the beginning of every summer I start to get a sense of what our summer soundtrack is going to be, and if this past week is any indication, Summer 2011 is going to be all about NEEDTOBREATHE. I’ve listened to them for a few years – ever since we heard them open for Dave Barnes one night and I LITERALLY DIED (sorry. I miss Rachel Zoe.) – but for whatever reason, I can’t quit listening to them right now. Because, well, this:

And also this.

It would seem that this summer is going to be all about bluesy rock music and fried chicken. In other words: MY SOUTHERN HERITAGE.


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Last night I also watched the season premiere of The Bachelorette. I had no intention of committing to this new season because, well, Ashley – though adorable – has one of those voices that sort of makes me want to scale the nearest wall by clawing out chunks of sheetrock with my fingernails.

That is to say: there are some speaking voices that I enjoy more than hers.

I ended up watching, though, mainly because I just needed to make sure that I wasn’t missing out on a defining television moment. As it turned out, I need not have worried.

I don’t know that I’ll tune in again since we really need to hold on to as much sheetrock as we can in our house (not to mention that the festivities were a wee bit boring). However, I’m glad that I watched just so that I could 1) confirm with my own eyes that a man on a dating show elected to wear a mask for the duration of the first party and WAS REWARDED WITH A ROSE FOR HIS BEHAVIOR and 2) continue to marvel at the unique and creative ways that people completely butcher pronoun usage.

“That’s between her and I.”

“I really need to focus on Ashley and I’s relationship.”

“I hope him and her are really happy together.”

(I made up these examples since I did not in fact transcribe the episode.)

(But if nobody said these exact words last night, just be patient. The mangled pronoun train is a-rolllin’ down the Bachelorette tracks, and NONE OF US CAN STOP IT.)

Did any of y’all watch?

I would enjoy reading your thoughts and insight and wisdom.

Not to mention your stellar pronoun usage.

The end.

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  1. I’m still undecided about the Bachelorette. The crop of men were not the greatest this time around. The guy with the mask, freaky! She gave him a rose! What was she thinking? At least she sent the drunk packing before the rose ceremony. I gave in to sleep and turned it off before the rose ceremony.

  2. I can’t bring myself to watch The Bachelorette this season for the same reasons you had your reservations. — Ashley’s voice and the pronoun mangling that is sure to take place.

    In Gus’s news, did you know there’s a new one going up in East Memphis? You might want to check it out next time you’re in town.

  3. Nah, I never watch, but I sure enjoy your commentary -that’s MUCH more entertaining than the show!

  4. Well. This post. First of all–MISSED THE FRIED CHICKEN! So thanks for the link. I will be watching indeed. Second, LOVE Need to Breathe!! LOVE!!

    And third… yes, I watched. I, too, wasn’t sure I was going to succumb to this season’s train wreck of a show. But I did. I missed various scenes. But I saw dude with mask. And now, I’m just not sure I can ever put on my beloved eye masks {though mine are for sleeping and do not have holes} without seeing the creepy scenes with dude with mask.

    Drunk guy. Can’t remember his name. So glad she sent him packing although she looked silly trying to wake him. Was embarrassed for her.

    But my favorite part aside from guy who reminded me of Summer’s boyfriend on Napoleon Dynamite {yea, don’t remember his name either. Memorable, these guys.}–you know the one, raised his eyebrows and made distorted facial expressions like guy on Napoleon whenever Ashley picked someone other than him? Anyway, other than that, the small town butcher from New Jersey! Made it so worth watching. He cracked me slap up! Sounded like Al Pacino in a bad mafia movie only he lacked the confidence he tried to portray with his unbuttoned shirt.

  5. Fanannie says:

    Well, OF COURSE I had to watch the Bachelorette train wreck…too entertaining!

    Agreed on all the comments, but one more thought…does anyone else think Ames looks like of “syndrome-y”?

  6. I love me some NeedToBreathe as well. I went to high school with Seth Bolt in a little ol’ South Carolina town, Walhalla. He is the guy on the far right of the front picture on the video.

  7. Well, as far as usens here at the abidin place, us don’t care none aboot proper pro-pro-, well, anyhoo…

  8. I’m skipping this season of “Bachelorette” and considering that the title of your post alone made me twitchy (former English major and teacher here), I’m thinking that was a good call. I would wrap up this comment with some sort of butchered pronoun usage but I think that might seriously throw me over the edge. So I’ll just pray blessings upon your summer’s journey towards fried chicken and bluesy rock music. May the breading be appropriately spiced, the oil seasoned and the music something you can dance to!

  9. Totally forgot to rant about the bad pronoun usage. Enough already!!! When will they stop making “I” possessive?

    I tread lightly upon this subject, however, as ever single time I make reference to the abuse of pronouns, I trample over my own grammar and stick my foot in mouth. Dang. Hate that.

    But I hate the abuse of the pronouns more.

  10. I must confess. I watched. Even though I told myself I wouldn’t.
    And that mask? Reason #1 I should stick to my promises.

  11. First of all, I watched this because my husband refused to turn the channel. No lie.
    I definitely agree about Ashley’s voice, though it provides entertainment when hubby and I try to imitate everything she says. It’s such terrible television, but at least it’s good for providing lots of laughs!
    P.S. I proofread this comment about 4 times hoping that my pronoun usage is correct.

  12. I don’t watch The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, but I thoroughly enjoyed your posts that addressed the sad pronoun usuage (or misusage) on those programs. I taught my third grader the pronoun rules this year and even he knows not to say “her and I” or “Us boys”. Maybe they should take them to a classroom beforehand just to brush up on the rules a little?

  13. Did not watch. Never have.

    Check out the band Gungor. Their album is called Beautiful Things. I think you will love it. They are touring with David Crowder Band this summer/fall.

  14. dear. GOD. seriously. ashley? really? she was The Best of The Best from last season? because her voice. HER. VOICE. i don’t know if i can handle it, boomama.

    and i did the same thing you did – i had to watch the premiere just to make sure i wasn’t missing out on anything.

    turns out, i wasn’t. but now i feel sucked in. blah. and BOR-RING.

    how do you feel about the end of idol? i haven’t really watched it this season, only a little here and there. and i definitely haven’t cared at all ever since casey was eliminated. and, even though scotty is our ‘hometown hero’…really? haven’t been able to get too excited about him. just a little…same-y. bland. blah.

    not unlike the bachelorette.

    and while i am super-ocd about spelling and grammar (and therefore cannot bring myself to intentionally figuring out an error to make, although i’m sure i might have done so accidentally), i clearly need a lesson or two by way of adjective usage.


  15. Love me some NTB. LOVE THEM. That is all.

  16. My summer TV is all about So You Think You Can Dance… (dance dance dance)

  17. When I read your title, I thought for sure you were channeling my 3yo son. He just asked, “What us having for lunch? Me want mac & cheese.”

  18. Adore, adore, adore, Need to Breathe!! That song is one of the best ever. I have never listened to it without tapping my feet! Taped the Batchlorette, but thanks for the preview :).

  19. The only reason I watched the first episode of The Bachelorette is because I was watching Dancing With the Stars which was over in an hour and Ashley snuck in on me. But I was amazed at the quality of the men – good looking, all with great jobs and seemingly very polite. Well except for the 3 goons. I would have sent all three packing – the bozo with the mask (Jeff), the drunk one (Tim) and absolutely would have sent home Bentley. She already knew he was there for the wrong reasons thanks to her friend, and he proved it by his asides. Good grief Ash, use your brains this time.
    I guess it probably is a good time and it probably does get you media coverage. I often wonder why anyone would go on that show though. Way too many men to start with (25 is a whole lot) and she doesn’t even get to know them before she has to get rid of them. That one seemed sincerely, really sad to go home. And I thought the Italian butcher was just a hoot. I would have kept him just for the laughs.
    Very interesting season I’ll bet. Me and her would get along famously!!! lol

    Hugs from Minnesota

  20. I have watched each.and.every. season of the Bachelor and the Bachelorette – why stop now? Although I agree with the thought of Ashley driving me a little bonkers but I can overlook it just to find out what would possess her to keep a guy in a mask! And the one that is divorced and apparently there “for the wrong reasons”? Gotta stay tuned to see what’s up with that!

    At least she sent the drunk guy packing….

  21. Ooh! That (The Best Thing I Ever Ate… Not so sure about the Bachelorette!) sounds like a show I need to watch… And I definitely love me some fried chicken too! I have to find Gus’s. Actually, my husband needs to find it. I’m terrified of getting lost in Memphis.

    And yes, the pronoun mangling really grates on my nerves too. And speaking of grammar, I’m so glad to know that Needtobreathe understands that BREATHE is a verb. BREATH is a noun. The end.

  22. I am bookmarking this in my teaching file because I’ll be teaching a couple of college English classes this fall, and I will most likely use some of what you have so brilliantly written here in my class. Seriously, the pronoun mis-usage that is out there today is making ME want to climb the sheetrock! “Me and her” is my least favorite phrase out there, and I’m afraid it’s being accepted into the English lexicon as . . . well . . . acceptable. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE, people! This is just plain WRONG.

    Alright, I feel better now. Climbing down off the soapbox, I also have to say that I was highly entertained by The Bachelorette last night. (Her voice doesn’t bother me, so I guess I’ll be watching.) How about that drunk guy?? Oh my. He needs a new line of work. Or AA. Or both. And I’m so glad they gave so much away in the previews of things to come. Bentley is going to be the next most-hated man in America, I predict.

    Ramble over. Thanks for allowing me to vent!

  23. Fantastic! On behalf of writing teachers everywhere, I salute you.

  24. Myself did not watch the Bachelorette last night because a) Ashley drove I nuts during the last season and b) me forgot that it was on. But I do find it heartening that someone else is so appalled by the pronoun (mis) usage.

  25. First of all, the pronoun usage on TB (it truly was like a disease last night anyway) was akin to level of my four-year-old, who STRUGGLES.WITH.PRONOUNS and constantly uses female pronouns for males, making for many awkward conversations, not to mention bringing forth utter confusion and perhaps a complex to her 14 month-old-brother.

    My husband and I cackled every time they played music from “Phantom” and then. THEN. When Boozer (for a living and on the side) Tim gave Mask Boy grief for being admittedly unconventional (read: crazy) all while being more toasted than the points on a salad, I felt we had crossed the shining barrier of glimpsing into some lives trying to find love to glimpsing into the matchmaking party at a psych ward. Where did they get these guys?

    Oh, the drama.

  26. When I arrive at the Pearly Gates, I fully expect my sweet Mamaw Mullen to be standing there with a platter of Fried Chicken, just for me. My very favorite part of the chicken is the wishbone. It is nigh impossible to cut a wishbone these days. It has something to do with the way chickens are um, butchered. I digress. My Mamaw’s fried chicken would make you burst into song while eating. Eden Brent has a version of Fried Chicken on her latest cd, “Fried Chicken, wing takes a breast, leg takes a thigh, rice and gravy and blackeyed peas and cornbread on the side. It’s a southern institution, black skillet is preferred. Fried Chicken, a most delightful bird.” Sounds like Eden ate some of Mamaw’s chicken!!!

  27. I live in a little mountain town in CO. “The Best Food I Ever Ate” did a sandwich special a while back and they were in Boulder CO @ Jimmy & Drews, I cant wait to go try it out. I love the show too except it makes me hungry for things I cant get here.
    We have a large hispanic population here and they are all very sweet but have trouble with their pronouns as well. For the longest time one of my customers called me Sir (I wasnt the last time I checked!) But he’s now calling me “Mi Amiga”, too cute.

  28. Leslie Mackey says:

    Boo Mama! You hit the nail on the head! what is the deal with the pronoun troubles on these shows? don’t they have some sort of person to EDIT this stuff? sweet mercy! your thoughts were much better than the show, so keep it up! by the way, I listened to the Big/Boo cast while I cleaned out our kitchen junk drawer yesterday — it was hilarious! (the podcast, not the drawer – that was a nightmare!)

  29. I would like to contribute the following from last night’s episode of The Bachelorette….”If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the oven.” I think that about sums it up.

  30. You MUST see Rob Lowe on Parks and Recreation, because he uses the word “literally” all the time and it’s soooo good.

  31. Ever been to the Seafood and Chicken Box? It used to be in Centerpoint but is now in Trussville. I used to go to church with the family who runs it. I also saw a big write up about it in Southern Living not too long ago. However, we’ve never eaten there. It’s on my list…just as soon as I can get over the Chuy’s addiction.

  32. I did watch, but like this season of Dancing with the Stars, I just wasn’t feeling it. And I agree about the grammar! Oh, the grammar! When will people realize that “I” cannot be used in the possessive?

  33. I am totally geeking out right now that you share my Needtobreathe LOVE. Love them so dang much, I harass pretty much everyone I know to listen to them. I was just listening to one of their earlier albums (“The Heat”, in case you were wondering) this morning. Fab. The Outsiders is my favorite though. Well, sorry I wrote a novella length comment about NTB but really… Sigh. I love Bear’s voice. What can I say?? I like my worship music sung by guys who sound like they’ve spent their lives chain smoking and drinking Jack Daniels! LOL

  34. I did watch and get so very aggravated each season by the pronoun usage–it doesn’t seem to bother anyone in my watch party but me (I want to put “I” here as a pun but I just CAN’T). Anywho, we did a new thing this time where we made bachelorette bingo with phrases like “I’m here for the right reasons” and “I’m ready to fall in love.” This made the spectacle much more enjoyable, even though I never got bingo, sadly.

  35. As one who struggles with pronoun usage herself or would it be myself? Now I’m afraid to leave a comment! :) Anyway, I may have to check the show out and see if it improves my usage!

  36. I didn’t watch last season. I swore I would not watch again.
    It is shameful that I watched a little bit toward the end due to NO OTHER TV CHOICES.
    However, I have to say, the mask thing was just about riveting. Really? A mask? A huge, weird, Batman-like mask?

    It was too much of a train wreck to turn away.

    Her voice is annoying, but she was good at chatting them up. Funny how a villan always emerges first round.. Bentley!

  37. lavonda says:

    Well, yes, I admittedly did try to watch the Bachelorette last night. But I fell asleep. I saw it in bits and pieces, and it was boring. I’m frankly tired of seeing these people get together and have to always have a drink in their hand. The highlight of the episode though, was when my phone rang and it was my mama: “Hey, are you watching the Bachelorette? Because our cable’s out. Is your cable out? Don’t we both have Comcast??”

    Mama lives 6 hours south of us, in another state.

    I couldn’t stop laughing.
    (After we hung up, of course.) :)

  38. As a reality TV addict, I make bold statements that I will not watch *** fill in the blank**** ever again. But alas, like all addicts I go back for a fix again and again.

    Once I realized that the Bachelor franchise was more for self promotion and not for real life love, I could step back and enjoy the show. My observations are as follows-
    so glad you asked…

    1. I liked Ashely’s hair better as a blonde. I am worried about her bangs. They seem a might long. I don’t think they will make it through her journey without a barrette or a trim.
    2. Me and Ash will be a catch phrase said over and over.
    3. It will be a journey, that is awesome and amazing. More amazinger, and awesomer than ever.
    4. I am glad that this season there is someone in a mask, and last season someone had fangs. Because in real life, we would call that person strange and would run like the wind from them. But not on the Bachelor franchise, no sirree BOB!! Our stars ” want to get to know the real so and so” who just happens to be wearing a mask or wearing fangs.
    5. I wonder when they will trot out Trista and Ryan for advice?
    6. The last several seasons the locations have been the most. dramatic. locations. ever!

  39. I only watch the Bachorletter because it always promises, every Monday night in fact, that we will be present for “the most dramatic rose ceremony ever” and we haven’t ever seen one of those before for sure!!
    Seriously, we watch and laugh our heads off at how ridiculous the guys/girls act on there!

  40. I wish you would address the fact that so many people are ending sentences with the preposition,at. For example: Where are you at? This is seventh and eighth grade grammar people. Oh, but that is the problem we are not teaching grammar in school anymore.

    There, I feel better for voicing my opinion.

  41. Kathryn says:

    SEAFOOD CHICKEN BOX in Trussville (formerly in Roebuck). That is all! It is my favorite fried chicken evah!!!

    If you haven’t tried it, you will kick yourself for missing out all these years, but you’ll also have to buy bigger clothes if you go too often!

  42. I love NeedToBreathe too! I don’t usually watch but I tuned in last night to The Bachelorette and my thoughts on it: trainwreck. Also, for your music listening enjoyment, check out Gungor, they are amazing! And a band from Denton, Tx- Seryn, I heard Gungor & Seryn at Catalyst and I just adored them both.

  43. Melissa says:

    You are so funny!!! Some of the things you say make me think we may
    have been separated at birth. I adore Rachel Zoe and miss her as well.
    The mangled pronoun train is a subject we could talk about forever.
    My Mom was an English teacher and she would be horrified. :-)

    Thank you for always bringing a smile to my face!!


  44. God bless all those poor folks who were not brought up to use good English. Wonder what all their former teachers are thinking?!
    It is not so much that they are lacking in the language department, it is that they think they sound so deep and classy .
    I only watch the first episodes of the series – that is about all I can usually take of them.
    I was rooting for that butcher, and I loved the way all the New Yorkers were totally freaked out by the mask. The southern boys [ with their good home training] did not get so aggressive towards him. I am thinking he must have had some major stress-induced acne that needed to be covered for a day or two. Just a thought.

  45. and my sister was correct – our Mamaw Mullen was the best chicken fryer [ and pecan pie maker] in the state of Mississippi. God bless her time.

  46. I’m sorry but us was not able to keep this between we – I had to share with my hubby (as I do nearly all of your posts; he’s often inquisitive when in the middle of the news I start giggling/snickering/full-out laughing).

    Watching the Bachelor and Bachelorette with my step-daughter is something a tradition we’ve started over the past couple of years. She’s home from college for the summer and so I was glad to be able to pick up watching with her again. We both agreed that this year’s selection of gentlemen is lacking. When Ashley said they exceeded her expectations, I felt that her standards had to have been very low to start with, indeed. Being that I grew up only an hour or so away from Ashey’s hometown, I definitely am rooting for her to find her prince charming, though she’s going to have to kiss more than a few regular ol’ toads before she gets there.

    Our pick so far is William. He seems to not take himself too seriously and the fact that he resembles Josh Lucas from Sweet Home Alabama (swoon) doesn’t hurt his cause much, either.

  47. I am so curious why anyone watches the Bachelor/Bachelorette???? They never stay together! It’s such a waste of energy and time:) Trista and Ryan….now those were the good old days;)

  48. Her voice drives me to drink, which may be the very reason Tim got sloshed. I really thought I was going to start throwing things at the TV if I heard her say the word “regraht” one more time…but I didn’t, because I didn’t want to have any regrets (as it is supposed to be pronouced).

    And don’t even get me started on the pronouns. :)

  49. I’ve practically “worn the grooves” off my Need to Breathe CD! (Although, technically I guess there aren’t grooves on a CD and that expression is left over from the bygone age of records. Or “Tthose big CD’s” which is how my kids refer to records.) We bought the CD for “Lay ‘Em Down” and then I fell in love with all of the other songs, except one that I just skip over. Number 6, I think.
    And I can’t watch The Bachelorette because my husband would leave the room and, frankly, I like having him around!

  50. Nicole says:

    Oh, I watched! Oh, yes I did. Not sure if we’ll be tuning in until the “final rose” (like I did last season, after watching the first two episodes). I can’t stomach it on a weekly basis anymore but the first one or two episodes and the last one (or two) are always more than a little entertaining (and what I mean by a little entertaining is a real big train wreck). I don’t remember a single guy’s name other than “Bentley” (if that’s even his real name) and that guy’s head is bigger than Ashley’s whole body, but I digress…
    Thanks for the bachelorette shout-out! Always good to get Boo Mama’s thoughts on bad television. ; )

  51. We love The best thing I ever ate! I think we are drawn to it and Man vs Food because most of the food they eat are things we would like to try. Yum!

  52. I love, love, love that you get annoyed by improper pronoun usage. SO DO I!!! (Or “me” as it were?!?) It is so annoying. I am continuously amazed at how many educated people say things like “her and I”. My mom used to absolutely drive me crazy because she was forever correcting my grammar as a kid. I am very thankful now though… but don’t tell her that. :)

    I don’t watch The Bachelor(ette)… it drives me crazy. I also don’t watch AI, for the same reason. :)

  53. I dislike bad grammar, and once watched “Rock of Love” with Bret Michaels… one of the girls on there said, “Me ‘n him foreeeeveeeer!” My husband and I still laugh about that painfully bad little grammatical gem.