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One spring afternoon in the early years of our marriage, my husband went home for lunch one day and found a very skinny, very pregnant dog lying in our neighbors’ flower bed. They said they didn’t know where she came from, but they did know that they had no interest in keeping her. Since D has never met a dog for which he did not feel immediate, heart-wrenching affection, he fixed the dog some water and some food. And when I got home a few hours later, Mystery Dog had moved to the flower bed in front of our house. Since we already had a dog – a lab who was several months old – I was bound and determined that THE STRAY DOG, SHE WOULD NOT WIN ME OVER.

But she was covered in fleas.

And she was scared.

And she was clearly great with puppies.

So, you know, I took her inside and gave her a bath.

We decided that night that we’d take care of her until her puppies arrived, but then – AND WE MEANT IT – we’d find her a good home. Sure enough, we managed to find great people for every single of one of those puppies, but the dog – who we’d since named Ally McBeal because, well, she looked like she could use a good steak dinner – showed no signs of wanting to leave. We talked about it and made a decision to keep her, but she was going to have to be an outside dog. Plain and simple. The end.

One night a few weeks later D was out of town, and it was raining. In south Louisiana it always seems like it’s raining sideways, or at least it did to me, and I felt a little sorry for Ally the Skinny Dog who was in our backyard. I decided that spending one night in our bedroom wouldn’t hurt a thing, and besides, it wasn’t going to be a regular occurrence. So I put a towel on the floor of our bedroom, called her inside, and she curled up on that towel like it was the world’s finest dog bed. She never made a sound – but her sweet little eyes told me that she was grateful.

I’ll have you know that Miss Ally never slept outside again.

So now it’s almost twelve years later, and while we have no idea how old Ally was when she came to us, we tell ourselves that she was one. Because if she was, say, five or six, then that would make her a Really Old Dog at this point. And we don’t want for her to be a Really Old Dog. We want for her to stay with us forever. It’s where she belongs.

We know that Ally is getting older. The beige marks on her face have turned white, and her formerly jet-black coat is sprinkled with gray. But she’s just as sweet and loving as she was that day we found her in the flowerbed. She makes regular trips to the doggy beauty shop, rests on three different dog beds that are scattered throughout our house, gets lots of hugs and kisses from a certain second grader, and basically has the run of our house. And recently, when we switched her to Purina Pro Plan Selects food (the Natural Chicken & Brown Rice formula), she overcame her initial uncertainty and decided that mealtime is the very best time of day. She loves her new food, and we feel so good about giving it to her. It’s made from brown rice, real chicken, and it’s loaded with protein (it even has whole egg protein to make Ally’s coat all nice and shiny). After all, we want to take really good care of her so that she’s part of our family for a really long time.

What can I say? She really is the best dog in the whole wide world.

We’re so glad she found us.

If you’d like to enter win a $100 Visa gift card courtesy of BlogHer, just leave a comment that answers the following question: what’s something fun or special that you like to do for your pet? Do you keep a stockpile of special treats? Do you go on hikes together? Do you like to snuggle up on the couch and watch TV?

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  1. i love that the stray dog won you ever! those are the best kinds. i have two rescued dogs, & when i want to do something special for them, i pick up some all natural doggie treats or take them to the park for a hike.

  2. LAMusing says:

    Mr Piper Kitty was an abandoned very tiny kitten when we took him in (like you it was “just till we find him a permanent home” HA!) Anyway, although he’s an adult now, Mr. Piper still LOVES his toys. He puts them in piles, or lines them up, or circles them around his food dish. I make sure he has a big supply of goodies to play with :)

  3. LAMusing says:
  4. I’m 80 and my cat escorts me every time I use the restroom. Even if he’s sound asleep, he gets up to follow me, sits patiently till I’m done, and escorts me back to bed :) He has his own little enclosed patio so he can enjoy the outdoors without danger.

  5. Olivia L says:

    My dog is getting up in years now and a special fun activity we have always had together since she was a puppy was an evening walk. Rain or nice weather we are out there going many blocks in the neighborhood. With her age she now has some arthritis so we are slower than when she was a pup. But it still is a meaningful and bonding activity.

  6. Selinda McCumbers says:

    We have a special toy, we call it “Big Blue” that is a favorite of our dog and gets thrown for him many, many times a day!


  7. every night she jumps into our bed..i give her head rubs while she drools on me and then she’s off
    nannypanpan at gmail.com

  8. Deb Anderson says:
  9. Deb Anderson says:
  10. Terri P. says:

    Unfortunately, due to health reasons, I don’t have a dog in my life right now. I’ve had several over the years, though, including Butterscotch, the collie; Freddie, the cocker spaniel; and Jingles. We always loved playing with them, whether it’s outside in the yard or inside just rolling around. Spending a little time each day will keep a pet happy and healthy.

  11. Terri P. says:
  12. We have bunnies, and we like to give them leafy greens, and carrots when they are good for special treats.

  13. My Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Griffey stares me down every night about 9:30 (as my husband is headed to bed) to play “laser” with him. We can’t even spell the word, let along SAY it without him knowing. (Even saying “little red light” winds him up!) It makes me sad not to indulge him, so I do even if I’m tired.

    As a “practical” couponer, one of my favorite recent “scores” was 5 bags of Purina Beggin Strips on a “Buy One, Get One FREE” sale paired with a “Buy One, Get One FREE” coupon! So, yes…I stockpile his favorite treats!

    We don’t go on hikes, but the Dog Beach in Long Beach, CA is one of our favorite weekend excursions!

    As a “herding” dog, snuggling is not one of Griffey’s strong points. He will (begrudgingly) but would prefer laying at my feet. We have a running joke at my house from the “Alice in Wonderland” movie, when the Red Queen shouts, “I need a pig here. I love a warm pig belly for my aching feet.”

  14. we snuggle on weekend mornings!!

  15. Jill H. says:

    I liked to snuggle with my kitty on the couch and watch tv.

  16. I go out for lots of walks with my eager dog.

  17. Eugenie says:

    I love to take him for long walks. Good for both of us!

  18. Mary M. says:

    Good food and plenty of exercise were the key to healthy happy pets for me. We walked a lot.
    marybug2 @ yahoo . com

  19. Mary M. says:
  20. I have 2 cats and I love to have them snuggle on my lap, especially in winter when it is so cold!!

  21. My Jasper was my first child! To spice up his “boring” indoor life, I will occasionally let him up on the sink counter in the bathroom and let a skinny stream of water run – he drinks it and plays with it like he’s a young cat again!

  22. Our dog, Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson (Jack), gets treats almost every week when I go grocery shopping. He is well loved by not only my husband and me, but also our 7 and 5 year old daughters, He really is a great dog!

  23. Tiffany W says:

    My husband has a german shorthair named, Rusty. Rusty is a great dog! When I bought a small, blue, plastic pool at Walmart I incorrectly thought I was getting it for my kids to play in….but, nope. Rusty loves the pool. It gets hot in Kansas and he uses the water to keep himself cool. Our kids may not be interested in the pool any longer, but Rusty thinks it’s the best thing ever!

  24. Stephanie says:

    My dog loves to play in water so the kids got him a baby pool and sprinkler to play in.

  25. Beth Varner says:

    Our Scooter is a corgie/aussie mix. He’s a farm dog through and through. We’ve had him since he was 6 weeks old and he’s now 1yr 2 mon. He has his own swimming pool. Actually, he has 5 if you count the horse’s and the cow’s watering troughs. He can’t get enough water time. I’ve checked his paws to make sure his feet aren’t webbed. Nope, no sign of a lab anywhere… and he luvs him some ProPlan twice a day! Oh, and BTW love your blog!!

  26. Marcia Goss says:

    Our dog Sushi likes to go on walks with us in the neighborhood park.

  27. Marcia Goss says:
  28. Our 13 year old poodle is sweet as pie. She sleeps in her own little bed in our room. She only barks as a greeting and is immediately friendly to all who visit.

  29. Tammy Elrod says:

    We like to give Max the bones from our Steak Nights! He absolutely loves this tradition!

  30. Our yellow lab, Jessie, loves to go on long hikes! She also loves to take naps on the couch!

  31. And THAT is exactly how a dog should live! I’m so glad Ally gets to be someone’s baby!

    I have a Lab who just turned two, and I’ve taken him to try dock diving a couple of times. So far, he LOVES the water, LOVES the toys in the water, LOVES the swimming, LOVES running down the dock, but he has yet to take any flying leaps into the pool. He runs down the down, hesitates, considers, then finally jumps/falls into the pool, because the toys are worth it! I’ve thought about taking the classes they offer to see if he would jump, but right now we’re focusing on obedience classes, and he just graduated the intermediate class!

    And as you can tell, HE is MY baby! :o)

  32. A few months ago we bought a beagle, Sissy Girl, who was about about 9 months old. Little did we know she was pregnant. Thankfully the pups are full bred. She had to have a c-section because she was too little to have the pups. Three lived (the Duke, Rita & Cooter), two did not. One week later our gate was left open (we have no idea how because we had not been home), I put her outside to go potty, she got hit by a car breaking both hind legs. She is in splints (pictures on my blog). Our favorite thing to do these days is carry her everywhere. She’s doing great, but spoiled rotten.

  33. Susan R says:

    Letting my daughter’s puppy dogs sleep with me when they come to spend the night is a real treat – for them and for me!

  34. We love running around together in the backyard. I can tell this makes my pup VERY happy! :) Thanks for the chance to win!
    gina.m.maddox (at) gmail (dot) com

  35. tweet-http://twitter.com/#!/CrazyItalian0/status/91635808146165760
    gina.m.maddox (at) gmail (dot) com

  36. Dana West says:

    Our 200lb Great Dane, Rocky, gets special attention from the whole family. Whether its sitting on the couch watching a movie with the us or swimming with us out in the pond he is always with us. He loves to sneak bites of yummy snacks and stand in the way like a big kid when my husband and I are trying to talk. His favorite thing though is getting away with sleeping between my husband and I! He is a fantastic part of the family!

  37. Dana West says:
  38. I tweeted! (And I had to google to find out how to get the URL. Obviously, I’m not much of a twitterer!)


  39. Elaine Lund says:

    Our TJ (chihuahua/corgie mix)loves to play tug w/ his toys, LOVES to go for a walk(have to spell that word in front of him if we aren’t going at present time), likes bedtime where he lays right-up-against-and-can’t-get-any-closer to either my husband or myself, LOVES to get a treat(have to spell this word too), loves a tummy rub, knows when it’s time to help Dady make lunch for work the next day, he is ham for the camera and he has been loved since we adopted him 1 1/2 years ago. I could go on and on- he is such a sweet little boy!!

  40. We recently got a three year old puppy mill rescue. She weighs 4 pounds versus the 108 pounds our other dog weighs. My sweet Violet is still so frightened and cowers down like she has been beat. She does love to sit on my lap and I make it a point to have a lap time each day. Big boys’s best time of day is treat time. I make him run through his routine of ‘ticks’ first!

  41. All of our animals are rescued. We think that they chose us- so that makes it even more special! I love snuggling with them on the couch. My little crazy dog crashes in the evenings and just lays across your lap. I’m sure he’s exhausted from his adventures through the neighborhood.

  42. Robin Scott says:

    I give my cat, Houdini (escape artist) fur ball treats in the morning, and a little canned cat food in the evening. He is in the kitchen like clockwork, and is very anxious unless he gets them. What a baby!

  43. Robin Scott says:
  44. Joyce Harrell says:

    We got to dogsit our 4 granddogs quite often and we love to walk with them. They are great walkers and can go way farther than me….but I give it my best shot for them.

  45. Scoobie is a 95lb pit rott chow mix — my what a mix loves kids and loves to romp and play

  46. Daniel Thornton, Jr. says:
  47. Donna B. says:

    Make sure they get plenty of exercise and quality one-on-one time.

  48. We don’t have a dog now, but we have had some in the past. My grandkids have had their dog for a few years, and I always enjoy a little visit with their dog when I stop by their house.

  49. I spoil my dog with treats. Luckily he is really active do he doesn’t gain weight. He also gets to sleep in the bed with us on some nights (especially when it’s storming out). Every night he gets to sit on the couch with one of us as we watch TV.

  50. We have a dwarf frog and we love keeping his aquarium clean and full of fresh vegetation
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  51. Katharina says:

    We each have special things we do with our pet… special playtime, “chat time”, even traveling. And she responds to us each differently with our own interactions. :-)
    Katharina angelsandmusic[at]gmail[dot]com

  52. Lethea B says:

    We love to have a snuggle-fest on the sofa=)

  53. Lethea B says:
  54. Bear and I walk 40 miles a week. He loves it.

  55. My dog Daisy (all 80lbs of her..lol) loves to go for a ride in my truck. We will go to the Handy Way and I will get a beef jerky and we will split it..she loves these. Thank you!

  56. Tarissa says:

    I love spending time with my dog, cuddling with her white fluffiness. She likes sitting beside me in the chair to watch tv, or curling up on my bed while I’m reading. She couldn’t be more perfect.

  57. Our dogs, Truman (11 y/o Border Collie) and Chloe (6 y/o Beagle) are the most spoiled pups on the planet. They get treats multiple times a day, walks every single day of their life (even in rain, snow, heat….they LOVE their walks), one sleeps on the couch and the other has his very own specially made bed with memory foam! They get freshly cooked chicken every day, two huge rubbermaid tubs full of toys (it’s kind of embarrassing how many toys they have) and weekly trips to the pet store and park. They basically have the run of the house and well, lets face it, our hearts as well. I can’t imagine life without our dogs!

  58. I love love love your fur baby, Ally, and want to snuggle her!!!! GREAT rescue story! I currently don’t have a dog but do have 8 house cats and am a HUGE animal lover. I am also a huge proponent of natural and organic foods for all animals and currently feed/spoil my cats with an all organic diet that, quite frankly, is better than I serve myself! LOL. I too was once shocked that meat was not the first ingredient in most pet foods geared towards carnivores. Crazy! Am very glad to see that Purina is taking the natural plunge!

  59. I have a bunny so it’s hard to take him for walks, but I like to put him in his “enclosed personal outdoor hotel” (aka a gate playpen creation from when by siblings were babies). :)

  60. Today is a sad day in our pet world…we had to put our horse down. He was 21 years old and too feeble. We loved babying him and he loved apples…

  61. Tweet-http://twitter.com/#!/danddgiveaways/status/93373249349632000

  62. ewhatley says:

    Buddy loves to walk the beach. If he’s ready to go, he grabs his leash and drags it around until we take him.

  63. nanjhall says:

    Our dog loves to hike with us. If she sees us getting out the packs she knows it is time for the park:)

  64. Our westie is nine yrs. old now. She is always with us where ever we are, if we are outside working in the yard, cooking or watching tv. She is a great companion!!!

  65. Betty C says:

    I like to read in bed and I always have a snuggling companion. In fact, I think she is a little jealous of the attention the books get.

  66. Betty C says:
  67. Mami2jcn says:

    We definitely like to snuggle!

  68. Mami2jcn says:


  69. We go for walks to the pond behind our house. Well I walk, he runs in circles waiting for me to catch up.

  70. Great!

  71. Our dog has special stuffed animals that he plays with, that he puts on the couch in a certain way. It’s really cute. He doesn’t like anyone to touch his stuffed toys! Then, before he sleeps at night, he’ll take them and hide them under the dresser.

  72. love contest and winning

  73. Michelle Spayde says:

    What a heartwarming story!!!! After the heartbreaking loss (I still can’t talk about it without crying) of the last of my Poms last year at 14, I adopted a puppy mill rescue (also a Pom) that was born at a puppy mill and used as “breeding stock”. It took months to get her to respond because she was so emotionally shutdown. Even now, a year later, she will only come to me, but I love and adore her! I make sure she eats good food, and is spoiled rotten with soft beds and yummy (healthy) treats.

  74. Michelle Spayde says:
  75. Kandi Smith says:

    Weather permitting, we take our two dogs to the city dog park daily and let them run until they’re ready to go home. We take a few trips each year. We bought a used motor home so that we could take “the kids” with us on the road, keeping them from having to stay cooped up in a small kennel cage or exposed to insects and the elements at a kennel.