Lands’ End $100 Gift Card Giveaway

This post is sponsored by Lands’ End.

There are few things that fill me with fear and trembling more than trying on swimsuits. It’s an inescapable part of life, of course, since we have a child who loves the water (and, to be fair, I love the water, too), but there’s something so very, um, humbling about standing in front of a mirror, looking at yourself in a swimsuit and thinking, Well, for better or worse, this is what we have to work with.

For the longest time I’d make do with inexpensive swimsuits, but in the post-childbirth years I’ve discovered that I feel so much more relaxed and comfortable at the beach or pool when I’m wearing a swimsuit that’s made well. And for the last couple of years, those swimsuits have been made by Lands’ End.

A couple of weeks ago the Lands’ End people asked if I’d be interested in picking out a new swimsuit and writing a review, and I asked if I could do a giveaway, too. Since they are nice and lovely and accommodating, they agreed. For me it just boils down to the fact that I love their swimsuits. I wear their swimsuits. I know firsthand how durable and comfortable and dare I say flattering they are. So it only stands to reason that I’d welcome the chance to share the Lands’ End suits with you, the very best internets in the entire wide world interweb, amen.

I mean, look at all this cuteness.

Fun and colorful.

So flattering.

Adorable swim mini.

Perfect with this top.



These suits hold their shape over and over again; you need not worry about it fitting one way when you leave the house and sagging in unflattering places by the time you get home after a day at the pool. They launder like a dream, and – here’s my favorite part – you don’t have to constantly tug at them and check them to make sure that everything that’s supposed to be covered is still covered.

One more thing: I would recommend ordering a size larger than you normally wear if you buy any of the slenderizing styles; my experience has been that the fabric is so substantial and sturdy that there’s not as much wiggle room as you might be used to in other suits. The regular suits seem to run pretty true to size, but be sure to use the on-site reviews as a guide.

So. If you’d like to enter to win a $100 Lands’ End gift card, here’s what you need to do:

1. Click over to Lands’ End.
2. Check out the swimsuits (for women, men or kids – it matters not).
3. Come back here and share your the name of one of your favorite suits, cover-ups, towels, etc. in the comments.
4. For an extra entry, you can tweet about this giveaway and then leave the URL of your tweet in the comments.
5. That’s all!

And just FYI: if you win the $100 gift card, you can use it for whatever you want on the Lands’ End site: swimsuits, school clothes, Mama clothes, backpacks – whatever you’d like!

This giveaway will run from July 1, 2011-July 8, 2011. The winner will be notified by email and will have 72 hours to respond to me. If the winner hasn’t responded within 72 hours, I’ll select another winner.

Have fun, y’all!

This giveaway is now closed.

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  1. Love the pattern and colors on the Women’s Regular Beach Living Paisley Print Bandeau Tunic Swimsuit Top.

  2. I LOVE the Shell Beach solid adjustable Tunic Tankini Top and the solid swimmini with tummy control! I would totally get them in the Cozumel Blue. Hoping I win the $100 Gift card so I can buy it :) Thanks!!

  3. Ashley says:

    I already bought a land’s end suit for this year – and love it. I’d really like to get either a swim mini or swim shorts to go with it for our beach trip later this summer.

  4. for me , it is the sweetheart swimdress – that looks like something I would be comfortable wearing . Love it !

  5. Leslie says:

    LOVE Land’s End!

    Women’s Regular Carmel Solid V-neck Bikini Top
    Women’s Regular Carmel Solid Ring Bikini Bottom

    Although I just noticed they are out of my size in the bottom, so I might have to rethink this!

  6. Jessie C. says:

    I like Women’s Beach Living Floral Print Scoop Tankini Swimsuit Top with Women’s Tummy Control SwimMini

  7. Jessie C. says:
  8. I was just looking at Lands End swimsuits today! I like the Ombre V-neck tankini with the high waisted swim mini. I need all the coverage I can get!

  9. Ooh, I love the Women’s Beach Living Paisley Print V-neck Tankini Swimsuit Top…very cute!

  10. Tiffany says:

    I love all of the paisley print options. Too cute!

  11. I would have to go with the Women’s Sport Tankini Crossback. Not that I’m sporty, mind you. It just looks easy to get in and out of in the public bathroom. Just sayin’. :)

  12. We love Lands End in this house. I have 3 girls and I always buy them their swimsuits – my baby is wearing the same suit that my 6 year old wore. They hold up that well. I like the Beach Living Geo Print V neck with the Supplex Swim mini for myself.

  13. Oh my goodness yes, what ever would we do without Land’s End swimsuits. LOVE them and they have such a challenge with me. Love their tankini swimtops and swimshorts!

  14. Blessed Mom says:

    After having three children in less than 5 years, any bathing suit with “control” in the name gets my vote. I love Lands’ End. My daughter’s bathing suit is from Lands’ End this year.

  15. Melanie says:

    I really like the sweetheart swim dress. I think it has the coverage that I need in a swimsuit these days.

  16. I would love the purple tummy control swimsuit.. thanks

  17. Natalie says:

    I bought the swimdress for the summer and love it. Now I would like to have the swim mini skirt and a matching top. Such cute stuff!

  18. Kathie says:

    I really need to do an online chat with them. Gifted in the chest area but I don’t fit the “mold” of the size chart. I hate shopping for bathing suits, but I live in Phoenix and it is 1000 degrees in the summer (jk). It is HoTTTT! Something that will support and slim at the same time would be great.
    Thanks Sophie and Landsend!

  19. Heather says:

    Love Landsend swimsuits! I need a new one too! I love the Sweetheart tunic top in bright berry or any color really… Cute stuff!

  20. Ruthie says:

    That paisley v-neck would SUIT me just fine! :)

  21. I feel the same way about swimsuits–and Lands Ends’!
    All time favorite swimsuit ever: Women’s All-over Control Slender Tunic Swimsuit. I have them in black and purple but a girl can’t have too many of a great suit!

  22. I love the mini swim skirt in polka dot. Adorable!

  23. LindseyA says:

    Oooooo, I need a new Lands End swimsuit. I bought my first one last year and I LOVE it :) I like the one-piece suit so I would love a Slender Grecian in Bright Rasberry or Deep Mineral Red . . . or maybe both?!?! :)

  24. Laura Falk says:

    I like the Women’s AquaTerra Batik Print Racerback Bikini Top, although I’m sure I’d never be brave enough to wear it.

  25. Tamara Davis says:

    I like the womens sport v-neck tankini. :) (black & white)

  26. I like the Lands’ End Women’s Beach Living Floral Print V-neck One Piece Swimsuit in Bright Berry Floral. Liked some others too but they were sold out in my size.

  27. Melissa S says:

    Love the swimini!

  28. I like that swim dress, but I’d have to see if it accentuates my ‘top’ a little too much. One of my favorite things about LE is that I can order a bunch of things to try on in the privacy of my own home, then return the ‘no ways’ to my local Sears. And the swim dress is half price right now….So, I could get two if I win this prize :)

  29. I love the one piece with the ruffle around the top/neck! So cute! :)

  30. Women’s Shell Beach Solid Ruffle Tankini Top is adorable. Lands End is quality.

  31. I like the Women’s Regular Beach Living Paisley Print V-neck Tankini Swimsuit Top
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  32. Faille Empire Tankini Swimsuit Top and swim mini!

  33. Vicki M. says:

    I really like the paisley but it’s sold out of my size. I also like the Faille Twist Tankini. There are several I like, really.

  34. Heather says:

    I like the women’s v-neck geo print top.

  35. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LE swimsuits. And I really need (*want*) a new one. The one I am wanting soooo badly is: Women’s Beach Living Paisley Print Bandeau Tunic Swimsuit Top – paired with Women’s Plus Size Beach Living Shirred Mini SwimMini and I am very much in love with the Pool Blue color. :) And also I would like matching nail polish because that would be so cute.

  36. Jennifer G says:

    I like the bandeau tunic swimsuit top and the #2 leg swimsuit bottom.

  37. Women’s Beach Living Geo Print is my first pick but I love all their tankini’s!

  38. Mama needs a new suit. I love the Seaside Bandeau Tankini Swimsuit Top (in black, of course). Oh, this would be a delight!

  39. I think the Women’s Shell Beach Solid Ruffle One Piece Swimsuit is cute. :)

  40. Elizabeth W says:

    I like the Aquaterra Batik Print X-back Tankini. Super cute

  41. I love the Women’s Regular Shell Beach Solid Ruffle Swimdress.

    I would love this gift card. I’ve lost almost 30 lbs. and none of my clothes fit! HURRAY!

  42. love me some lands end. so does goo. guess i’d have to split it with her.

  43. The beach dot sweetheart suit is adorable.

  44. JustBetty says:

    The Beach Living Floral Print Scoop Tankini with a black Oahu SwimMini.
    And could I have a side order of Ragtop Stripe Canvas Tote, please?

  45. The polka-dotted tankini (and skirt) in black, so darling. Haven’t bought a swimsuit in so long; can’t handle the emotional turmoil. :)

    I feel like the mirrors in the dressing rooms are those crazy mirrors you see at county fairs. All distorting the worst parts, meaning, EVERYTHING.

  46. cbg423 says:

    Love the beach living polka dot separates! I already own several LE swimsuits and LOVE them!! Thanks for hosting the giveaway :)

  47. I like that shirtdress coverup. I had forgotten about land’s end swimsuits. Im going to order a catalogue.

  48. I’ve bought Lands End swimsuits for years! Love them.
    I really like the Beach Living Paisley Print Scoop Tankini Top –with a swim mini.

  49. Colleen says:

    I love the Sweetheart Swimdress. I think it’s the only suit I would dare be seen wearing. :-)

  50. Women’s all over control slender grecian swimdress. Covers all and elegant too! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  51. The Women’s All-over Control Slender Grecian Swimsuit. In a lovely teal.

  52. Lori Cundiff says:

    Women’s Plus Size Beach Living Dot Scoop Tankini Swimsuit Top
    I’m a plus sized girl, and it’s SO difficult to find a suit that covers everything yet doesn’t look like a big bag. I’d love to give this one a try! It has great reviews.

  53. Loving the shell beach tankini top with the solid bottoms! Everything is cute!

  54. I’m loving those giant beach towels since ours look pretty pitiful, but I also ADORE the girls’ long-sleeved rash guards, especially the purple laguna top. My girls would love that!

  55. Annette says:

    Love any of the tankini’s. I especially love their fun colors and prints. Fun!

  56. Jennifer S says:

    I love the Beach Living Paisley Print. Can’t wait to get one!

  57. Carol harp says:

    Dot shirted mini and a top that meets it! Love them all…

  58. Love the paisley print v neck tankini!

  59. Nicole says:

    My little girls and are Land’s End swimsuit fans! My 7 yr old has a cute tankini with a ruffle skirted bottom from this year and my 2 yr old is wearing the suits my 7 yr old wore, that tells you the quality of the suit. I am wearing 2 different suits this year that I have had for a couple of years from land’s end. My favorite is the giraffe print tankini with the skirted bottom that is slimming and has awesome support on the top for a busty girl like me. They are a little costly up front but the quality is well worth it!!
    And my husband loves the Land’s End Canvas collection swim trunks!!!

  60. Lovin’ the polka dot scoop tankini and the paisley bandeau top!

  61. I would LOVE to win this! I just had my third baby and hate wearing bathing suits. But these are adorable!! I like the swim mini’s, the living v neck and the living dot scoop. Pick me!!

  62. I bought the shirred swim mini in chocolate for a trip to the beach and it was great.

  63. I would love the Living Dot V-neck tankini top with a ruffle mini swimmini!

  64. abigail says:

    I really like the Women’s Shell Beach Floral Print Bandeau Tunic Swimsuit Top I think i’d get the blue one. I have a lands end bathing suit from last year and even after wearing it every day to the pool it has held up great. Looking forward to getting more lands end swim suits.

  65. Kristi says:

    I like the black and white paisley swim suit

  66. Love it all!!! Esp the swim mini with ruffles.

  67. I think the Aqua Tera tankini top is way cute. I got the tummy control medallion for my self this year and I do wish I had gotten a size bigger. It still worked for me though.

  68. Gosh, there are so many cute suits and I so need a new one! I think I’d pick the Women’s Beach Living Paisley Print V-neck Tankini Swimsuit Top with the women’s beach living #2 leg swimsuit bottom.

  69. Love the Women’s Regular Beach Living Paisley Print Bandeau Tunic Swimsuit Top

  70. * Lands’ End Women’s Shell Beach Solid Ruffle Swimdress
    * Island Orange
    Love this color, love the ruffles!

  71. Courtney says:

    I love the Shell Beach Ruffle Swim mini.

  72. Fun! I like the Women’s Sport Tankini Geo Stamp. Thanks for the giveaway!

  73. I love the Women’s Beach Living Geo Print V-Neck Tankini!

  74. This is easy for me because I just bought the Lands End shell swim mini in deep pink and matching swim top that has the ruffle and ties behind the neck. I love it and it fits great. I ordered a size 10 (that is what I normally wear)and it fit perfect !

  75. Tracy K says:

    I love the Beach Living floral prints, both tankini v neck and scoop neck and the Beach living swim mini. So colorful and fun!

  76. Colleen Wolowski says:

    I love the Deep Sea Dot beach towels!

  77. I really love the Faille Empire top – so cute! And I love, love, love Land’s End swimsuits; they last 5-8 years, cover everything that needs to be covered and stay put int he water. Well worth spending a little more to get something that lasts.

  78. Jennifer C says:

    I like the Beach Living Geo Print vneck tankini top in chocolate brown with the choc brown swim shorts with tummy control. I have been all about brown lately.

  79. Jessica says:

    I love the Women’s Beach Living Paisley Tankini Top with a little skirt on the bottom. So cute!

  80. I have loved Land’s End swimsuits since the summers I worked at a church summer day camp and had to take the kids swimming several times each week. They are good quality suits, and they have options that provide lots of coverage but are still really cute! I like the ruffle tankini and the Grecian suits.

  81. I like the Women’s Regular Shell Beach Solid Ruffle Tankini Top w/ matching skirt in pink. Very cute! I’ve had several LE suits and love them!

  82. Amy Brown says:

    I LOVE the womens all over control slender tunic!

  83. OMGoodness I never knew this exsisted, I must try the ShapeWear High-waist SwimMini with my tankinis!! An extra gut-sucking layer…GENIUS!

  84. Jennifer says:

    Bandeau tunic swimsuit top in the paisley print and I love it! My plan is to purchase another one at the end of the summer and this card would definitely help with that!

  85. Kristy says:

    I like any of the swimdresses – gotta hide those chunky thighs!!

  86. For the support this Mama needs
    Women’s Plus Size Tummy Control Scoopneck Tunic Swimsuit Top
    Item # 39807-8AK2

  87. Jamie Mc. says:

    I love the Women’s Regular Beach Living Paisley Print Scoop Tankini Swimsuit Top paired with the Women’s Regular Beach Living Mini SwimMini.

  88. Heather Miller says:

    I just looked at lands end swim suits and promptly fell in LOVE with the “Swim-mini”s!!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!! I tend to think my legs end in big lump and this little skirt looks like it would cover my “lumpy legs” perfect!!!!! I also just found your website today and also fell in LOVE with it!!! I look forward to coming back each day to see what is up!

  89. My favorite is the Carmel Stripe V-neck Bikini Top in Black/Ivory stripe with red trim found here –

  90. Women’s Regular Sport Tankini Crossback – there are some really cute suits!

  91. Mandy S says:

    I really like the Women’s Regular Shell Beach Solid Ruffle One Piece Swimsuit in Island Orange. So pretty. :-)

  92. Women’s Plus Size Tummy Control Scoopneck Tunic Swimsuit Top

  93. Ginger says:

    I have never ordered a Lands End swimsuit so I would love to win the gift card and give them a try. It’s sooo hard to find a modest good quality swimsuit! I loved the beach living dot scoop top in purple with the swim mini.

  94. Hannah says:

    i’ve been admiring the oahu one-piece in rose – would totally splurge and buy it but they’re out of my size! have been buying these suits for years. the overstocks section is great if you can’t splurge.

  95. Michelle says:

    I like the Geo-Print Tankini. They have soo many cute ones!!!

  96. I love the Beach Living Paisley Print Bandeau Tunic Top!!

  97. Heather says:

    I really like the Aqua-Terra X back tankini swim top. In ANY color! :) I love Lands’ End!