As An Added Bonus, Maude Would Be Totally At Home Here

So there’s this little room off of our kitchen/breakfast area, and we’ve used it several different ways in the almost five years that we’ve lived here. I’m a little fascinated/obsessed by what the room was used for originally, but we have no idea. I think maybe it was a small den with louvered doors (that have since been removed) so that MAMA COULD HAVE SOME PEACE, but it’s hard to tell. It might have been an office (did houses built in the early 70s have offices?), or maybe it was a morning room.

I have no idea what a morning room is, by the way. I’m just grabbing at straws here.

But as far as how we’ve used the room – well, first it was a playroom for the little man.

Then it was an office for me when my Hoopty Laptop died.

Then it was a slightly redecorated office.

This is riveting, isn’t it?



As I’ve mentioned before, a few months ago D and I decided that the room would be a great place for the eight year-old and his buddies to hang out and watch movies and play the Wii and whathaveyou. That’s why I bought a groovy sofa at an estate sale back in May.

You’ll be happy to know that we did in fact move it off of the driveway. Moved it all the way into our garage, in fact. Where it’s been for, you know, about the last six weeks. -Ish.

Yesterday, however, I finally got around to rearranging/repurposing the room ONCE AGAIN, and I have to say that I think this incarnation is my favorite yet.

But first, a disclaimer: if an, um, ecelectic home environment isn’t your thing, then you may find that these pictures make you long for a quiet corner and soft music and some matching chairs. It’s just that I like a mix of things, and I especially like color. I operate by the theory that if I’m drawn to something, then that something will work in my house. And if the something has a history, then all the better.


This is from the hallway by the kitchen:

And this is from the breakfast room:

And we should probably talk about that gigantor painting above the sofa, shouldn’t we?

Oh, all right.

That painting is one of those things that I saw and immediately loved for no logical reason. I was in my hometown at a flea market where a family friend, Ben, sells some antiques and collectibles and whatnots. The painting was in his booth, so I said, “Ben? Is it wrong that I kind of love that painting? Because I really, really like it.”

And Ben said, “Oh, I totally get it. It’s so bad that it’s fabulous.”

So I bought it for very few American dollars. And when I hung it up yesterday, it made me smile.

And yes, I could have moved all the other stuff on the wall, but that would have been a lot of trouble. Plus, everything on that wall means something to me or to our family, so it’s not going anywhere.

I also thought about having some pillows made in the same fabric as that little window mistreatment, and I still may do that down the road. I’m still not settled on my throw pillow combination – I have some extras in the back of my car right now, just waiting to return to World Market and Target – but I’ll keep working on it. It’s already different than it was when I took pictures this afternoon, mainly BECAUSE I’M INSANE.

I had something bolder pictured in my head, but anything bolder will fight with the fabric on the windows. And I’m really sentimental about the fabric on the windows.

I know. I’m weird. But I totally welcome any pillow-related advice you have to offer.

The best part of the whole process, though, was that I had barely finished moving the furniture when A came inside with our neighbor, B. I put on a movie for them, and they settled in like they’d been hanging out in there forever.

B even moved the ottoman in front of the computer so that she could stretch out across it, and I thought that was perfect – I’d been thinking of moving the ottoman to that spot anyway and letting it work as a little coffee table.

So there you have it. I guess the room is officially a den now. A 1970s den.

And something about that just tickles me to pieces.

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  1. For what it’s worth, I love it!!! Sofa, pictures, it all looks great. Hope ya’ll enjoy it!

  2. That sofa and that picture should marry and have babies. They go so well together!
    And the fact that your boy and his friend are already enjoying it is testament to your foresight.

    For what it’s worth, my parents had a house built in the 60’s with a bedroom off of the kitchen?????? We know it was a bedroom because it had a closet. Mama used that baby as a dining room for years then when they started using the den as the dining room (as it was intended) they knocked down the wall between that bedroom and the living room (the wall where Blue Boy and Pinkie resided, mind you) to make a huge family room. How did you like that sen-tance? (as Ernest T. Bass would say).
    Sorry I’m all over the place this morning.

  3. Katherine says:

    Pier One has funky, fun pillows!! i love your little room, and all of the artwork. It makes me think my walls are naked! Now you’ve got me thinking…..

  4. Mary Kat's Mom says:

    I Love it! ! ! It makes me happy to think of A in that room making memories and having all sorts of fun with just his imagination and with buddies! ! ! I want to watch a movie in that room myself! ! The gallery of art above the sofa also is a hit with me! LOVE IT! ! ! I’m all about using space that way and especially since those pieces mean so much to you! !

  5. Eclectic is best.
    I salute you.

  6. I am in love with your blue desk. And I also want to know the story behind all the artwork, because I am nosy. :) Your could do “Our Eclectic Walls: A Portrait Series” next!

  7. I LOVE it. And I really SUPER love that painting. I love that it’s so bad it’s good. I would have absolutely hung it up and smiled. :)
    I have no pillow related advice, as I tend to switch ours out every few weeks or so and then love then hate then love them for a few days and then not. Because I am also insane. Perhaps we could form a pillow insanity support group.

  8. Love it! As for the pillows, maybe a pillow that has some of that blue color in it that the curtains have. A small pillow or just a little bit of the color or something. I think it would make the room have a more visual flow and balance the color better. The painting is great and is amazing with the couch. Ok, honestly… the frame kinda makes me jump… but the painting is awesome! You could get a totally different look with a different frame… or not. Great job on your little room!

    • I’ve been sitting in the room for most of the morning, and after I read your comment I thought, Yep. That’s it. I need blue pillows.


  9. I love it! I also like eclectic. A room with all matching, perfect furniture makes me uncomfortable. We have a bedroom off our downstairs hallway that just never worked as a bedroom as it was so we made it into a little den a few years ago. It also is a mischmatch of furniture, a TV, computer, etc. and we spend almost all our time in there. Much cozier than our living room.

    I agree that blue pillows would tie the desk, window treatments and sofa together.

  10. Hobby Lobby usually has some great pillows. I’m with you: eclectic and lots of color! I’m still trying to put up drapes in my lr. I’m waiting for the inspiration! Lots of luck to you! I love your flea market print, too.

  11. I have been lurking for years, but just had to comment today because I read a blog earlier this morning that addressed this very issue of decorating in a way that is YOU. Check out . Thanks for all the laughs you have given me through the years.

  12. Love it — love the funky, fun feel. My office includes a 1940s sewing machine table (for the computer) a 1950s desk and a great wooden arm chair (that I’m going to recover in a great purple plush fabric). Ooh, and the HUGE gun safe that I covered in lavender mink-y fabric (and yes, hubs thinks it’s a bit odd).

    Love your room and makes me want to add some more wall art.

  13. I think it looks great. I’m with you, I don’t always buy something because it “matches,” I buy it because I like it and it wants to come home with me.

    We just embarked on an entire upstairs re-decoration. Or maybe it’s just the “decoration” because it’s never actually been painted or “did up” since we moved in… four years ago. We only intended to do the boys’ room, but then we needed to move their bedroom, which meant we needed to move another, and then another, and suddenly I was buying 7 gallons of paint at Home Depot so we could move every single room to another room.

    I may not survive.

    But I’m glad you’re re-do turned out well for you!

  14. I just love how the room turned out – it’s so eclectic and fun and what a great hang-out spot! :-)

  15. Kimberly says:

    THANK YOU FOR THE REPLY BUTTON!! I have wanted to reply to some comments a few times but since there was no reply button and since I was probably gonna reply to person #10 and I would end up being person #32, I mostly said forget it…but yeah, now we can have little conflabs in the midst of the comments…woo hoo!!

  16. I love your funky-fun-den-office-playroom! Blue pillows would be great, but I was also thinking of one statement black pillow, perhaps in the center. Something like this (you wouldn’t have to sew it….I’ve seen similar at Marshalls, Ross, and Homegoods):

  17. Angie Griffing says:

    I just have to tell you that you and I are both from the same hometown. I graduated in ’91 from “THE” high school. Ha! Go Wildcats! It tickles me to no end when you mention people that I know…like Ben. Isn’t he just the greatest! I don’t live in Meridian anymore, but I still keep in touch with many who do. Also, I was so excited about the live blogging during the Miss Mississippi pageant. Oh how I love some good, southern belle dancin’, sangin’, & interviewing! All of the comments were so fun! When I was growing up, we always kept 2 junior miss girls during the week the state pageant was held in Meridian every year. I still go home for the final night of it. Anyway, I so enjoy your blog! Thanks for sharing your life in such a way that brings light to others and reflects the light of Christ!

  18. LOVE this room! It’s unnique and interesting. I like how it all just came together.

  19. As soon as I scrolled down to the re-invented side room, I wanted to flop down on the couch and stare at that deliciously retro window treatment. Fabulous and comfy all in one space? Well done, Sophie, well done.

  20. I.Loved.This.

    And is it weird that I still have to pinch myself when I think about the fact I’ve actually seen that room in person? A person I used to just read on the internet?

  21. I think it looks awesome! And I don’t think your decorating style is all that eclectic…it looks good to me!

  22. Laurie says:

    Love it! I’ve always had things that were so ugly they were great so it is right up my alley!

  23. I just love your changing room! And what a great idea to use it for your kids. I think the colors look very charming together. Way to go!

  24. I dig groovy sofas.

  25. Love the sofa and the whole layout. My first thought on the painting was ‘what the heck is that doing there’, but I completely understand the appeal. In fact, what I think would bring the whole room together now would be pulling a yellow/gold out of that picture and painting the walls with it. The whole thing would pop, especially because the awesome child art has yellow in it, too.

    Of course, that would mean pulling the whole room apart again, and who wants to go there?

  26. Visiting from pioneer woman. I like your room. I must admit when I saw the sofa in the picture outside, I thought, mistake…but it really looks quite nice in your room. Love all of the personal artwork on the walls and I like the painting as well. I live in NYC and several times I have seen paintings like that in various thrift shops and I have been so tempted to purchase. I think, I shouldn’t like this, but I really do. Next time I see one, I am going to go for it! thanks for the display.