Please To Let Me Tell You

So yes, I sort of dropped off the face of the earth at the end of last week. Melanie and I went to Nashville to do some stuff for .MOM, and while I thought that I might get a chance to write a post or two while we were there, I was wrong. Which is nothing new, really.

Anyway, at some point I’ll recap all of our shenanigans and fun (oh, there were indeed some wacky shenanigans), but before I forget I want to share three or four things that have changed my life forever over the course of the last few days. Or maybe they’ve just changed my life for a few days. But still. IT’S ALL SO VERY EXCITING.

1. Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle Body Wash – I can’t seem to find this BONA FIDE TREASURE online, but oh my word it’s refreshing. Mel and I went to Trader Joe’s with our friend Paige last Thursday night, and I bought the body wash for two reasons: 1) I love anything made with tea tree oil and 2) it cost about $3.50. My expectations were low, but sweet mercy this stuff is good. It’s also the perfect way to treat yourself after you’ve spent the day running errands in 106 degree heat. Because just in case you were wondering? IT’S HOTTER THAN IT’S EVER BEEN.

2. Trader Joe’s Moisturizing Cream Shave Honey Mango – Paige recommended this shaving cream, and I was a little skeptical because it was only $4.00 and I’ve never really had luck with a shaving cream that’s more like a lotion. UNTIL NOW, that is. It works beautifully and leaves your skin so soft that you’ll vow to use it FOREVER. I know that re-stocking is going to be a challenge for me since there’s no Trader Joe’s in Alabama, so I guess that just means that I’ll have to buy embarrassing amounts whenever I go to Nashville. I’m totally fine with that option.

3. Nadeau – I’m typically a big fan of finding furniture at a thrift store or estate sale or whathaveyou and then re-purposing it, mainly because I think that there’s something a little more interesting about a piece of furniture that’s had a little bit of a life before it finds its way to my house. BUT. Sister has been telling me about Nadeau for months (we even have one right here in B’ham), and this past weekend we went to Nadeau in Nashville. They have great-looking chests and occasional tables and benches and chairs – sometimes in the most fun, bold colors – and their prices are great, too.

So there you have it. Just needed to share.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to watch the last ten minutes of the final episode of Friday Night Lights again. D and I saw season 5 on Netflix a couple of months ago, but I recorded the final episode on the DVR Friday night, and OH MY WORD that’s a fine 70-ish minutes of television. Nearly perfect. And I don’t even know why I said “nearly,” because I can’t think of a single thing that I’d change.

Except for that whole season-5-is-the-last-season-and-you’ll-never-see-Buddy-Garrity-in-a-golf-cart-again thing.

Let us all sigh deeply. And, lo, with feeling.

Texas Forever.

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  1. I posted a long comment about FNL over on Melanie’s blog so I’ll not repeat here. But it was perfect. Well except that I really don’t think one wears short sleeves in the Cotton Bowl in December…I’ve been in Dallas in December when it’s been mild, but not that mild.

    Don’t you think they did a great job of casting Buddy, JR? He looked so much like Buddy.

    Clear Eyes, Full Hearts

  2. Terrie Cash says:

    I almost cried the last 2-3 minutes for FLN. Not because it was sad, but it was the end. The only reason I didn’t is someone chose to drop in the last 10 minutes of the show. The entire scene when the Taylor’s were arguing over Julie’s engagement had my daughter laughing so hard she was in tears. She asked if the writers had been spying on her parents to see how couples argue comically. I suppose that is how she sees me and my husband, comedians.

    The producers did a great job bringing the end together and placing a pretty bow on top. I will miss the show all the characters and their drama in their lives.


  3. When you re-stock at Trader Joe’s would you purchase for me and mail it clear to Kansas. I believe our nearest Trader Joe’s is south of us in Santa Fe, NM.


  4. I’m sooooooooooooo stinkin sad about FNL ending!!!!!! There will never be a greater show on television!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I’ve been using Trader Joe’s products for about a year and am IN LOVE! They are all amazing, and the fact that most of them are less than five dollars is a bonus!

  6. “Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can’t lose!” I definitely cried at the end. But I’m terrible with goodbyes…even the fictional kind. Seeing Becky send Luke off to the army was too much.

    And now back to reality. :)

  7. If you need a supplier for Trader Joe’s stuff let me know. We have one, I go there often and can pick up what you want for the price of the stuff and cost of shipping. LMK.

  8. oh dear heavens fnl..clear eyes full hearts we cant lose..o ill miss me some taylors, and riggins..and oh that buddy garrety makes me laugh!

    gone but not forgotten

  9. I can supply your TJ’s needs. I do it for a friend in Oklahoma.

  10. My nearest TJ’s is an hour from here. And now I feel like getting in the car and going, despite the fact that the heat index today is in the 110s. IN WISCONSIN. Yesterday it was in the 90s with a heat index of 119. It was like walking into a very hot cloud. But won’t it be nice to shower with my tea tree body wash!

    Also, I’d like you & Melanie to cease and desist with all this .mom talk. I am really wishing that Birmingham wasn’t so blasted far from Wisconsin. That sounds like a really great way to spend a September weekend to me. You know, without the children who almost burned down my house Friday. The ones who were messing around on Saturday and it was all fun and games until someone lost a tooth. That hadn’t been particularly loose.

  11. Oh, that FNL series finale was PERFECTION. The shot with the final pass that would clinch the state championship…that ended with the ball being caught in Philadelphia showing Coach Taylor with a state championship ring? Should win the Emmy right there. Texas forever, indeed.

  12. Oh, BooMama!
    How I am going to miss Friday Night Lights! Why on Earth can’t a great family show like this stay on TV…and get rid of something like…oh, say…Jersey Shore??? Seriously! Love Coach and Tami Taylor! and Tim and Billy Riggins…I’m off to cry, now.

  13. I was going to start watching FNL…I got season 1 at the library…but then my husband told me it was a football show with lots of teenagers in their underwear…or so he’s heard. I decided to take it back unwatched. Mayhaps I should have given it a chance? Is this rumor of nakedness true?!? I’m not a football fan AT ALL, but I am kind of enjoying the new show Necessary Roughness, and that’s got football in it (and some nakedness…which I could do without!) So, should I give Friday Night Lights a chance?

  14. I love Trader Joe’s too but we do not have one in Montana. My sweet in-laws fill their trunk when they come to visit from CA. I am spoiled!

  15. TJ’s shave cream is fantastic, I agree. And my mom doesn’t have a TJ’s where she is, so she does actually buy embarrassingly large amounts when she visits me here in Nashville. Glad you enjoyed your time here–I enjoy both your blog and Melanie’s after finding you via the Pioneer Woman!

  16. lavonda says:

    I didn’t know they had a body wash in the Tea Tree Tingle! I use the shampoo… love it. I keep it in the guest bath shower too. When people stay here, they always want to get some to take home before they leave. Good thing Trader Joes’s is right down the street.

    I loved this last episode of FNL… teared up several times throughout it. And laughed out loud at Buddy Garrity zipping ’round the corner of the field at the very end. Wish his girl Lyla would’ve come back for the finale. I’m sure going to miss the Taylors. (ps: Am I the only one that wanted Tim and Becky to end up together?)

  17. Thanks for the TJ tips. I have one in walking distance to my house (don’t mean to rub it in or anything), and I’ve never tried either of those products. I’ll have to check it out.

  18. Ooh I am for sure going to have to try that body wash! It sounds perfect for an evening shower after the gym and commuting on the train for an hour! I’m all for helping to share the loveliness that is Trader Joe’s as well! I have one about 20 min from my house and it’s one of my Saturday morning musts when I’m out for my “me time.” Feel free to message/email/comment and I shall hook you up! :)

  19. Frances says:

    Let me know when you need to restock…my son is in Iraq right now and loves, loves, their dehydrated fruit, so I am always visiting TJ. AND…you could come to Athens this fall to see your beloved MS play our Bulldogs, and there is a TJ right down the road. Did you, by chance, try any of their veggie sticks? Holy cow, are they out of this world delicious. And I don’t feel as guilty eating those as I do chips, because they are VEGGIE sticks :)

  20. Merritt says:

    Went to Nadeau yesterday. Loved it! Had never heard of it. Thanks for the good info. Now, if I just had a little extra $$ lying around. The prices were very reasonable, though.

  21. OH how I love Nadeau! The one in Houston is a charm. I’ll have to check out the Trader Joe items…

  22. I live in Shreveport, LA with no Trader Joe’s either. When I saw what you posted I had to let you in on the Trader Joe’s cornbread deliciousness. It is THE BEST cornbread mix ever. It tastes like cake. We have a friend that lives in Nashville and is our “cornbread supplier.” He sends us 8-10 boxes at a time…I start to get nervous when our cornbread supply runs low!! Try it if you can…I just don’t understand why they don’t have internet ordering!