Some News And Notes And Etc. And So On

So you know that at least once a week I have to write a post that’s nothing more than a random assortment of bits and pieces of information that I’ve been carrying around in my brain.


I will number my thoughts in an attempt to appear organized even though I’m actually a total train wreck.

1) The season premiere of Bachelor Pad was last night, and it was three hours long.

I don’t have any analysis of the show or anything like that, but for some reason the combination of America’s financial crisis and the knowledge that a major network allowed Bachelor Pad to be THREE HOURS LONG makes me more certain than ever that we are a nation in peril.

I’m only sort of kidding. Because THREE HOURS, MY WORD.

2) My friend Cindy Beall has written a book called Healing Your Marriage When Trust Is Broken: Finding Forgiveness and Restoration. If you’ve ever had the wind knocked out of you in your marriage – or if you have a friend who’s going through a tough time in her marriage – this book is a fantastic resource. It’s also an encouraging story of healing and redemption. Yay, Cindy!

3) The MouseMail $100 Visa gift card giveaway is up and running for one more week.

4) I think this post by Ashleigh is so beautiful.

5) I don’t do a very good job of mentioning when I blog at other places because, as I’ve said before, I think the internet has to be pretty sick and tired of me at this point. So just consider what I’m about to type as my annual hey-sometimes-I-blog-at-other-places update. First there’s AllAccess, where Melanie and I have both blogged for the last few years. And last week I started writing a some TV-related article-type things for the new entertainment section of Ree’s blog. I’m going to try to do something over there once a week-ish. Except when I only do something every couple of weeks-ish.

So there you have it.

6) Only one more day until The Help! Not that I’m counting or anything.

7) Are any of y’all watching Design Star this season? I think it’s so much better than it’s been the last couple of seasons. And I also think that Kellie’s my favorite. Or maybe Carl. Or maybe Leslie.

Or maybe I just have a lot of favorites.

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  1. What I find most sad is that I actually watched The Bachelor Pad last night, while doing a myriad of other things in an attempt to pretend I wasn’t watching, and had no idea that THREE HOURS of my life was lost there.

    I’m becoming way too comfortable with horrible reality shows. I think we are all in trouble for sure.

  2. Kristen says:

    Yes, I am loving the posts on Ree’s site. Yay, Boomama!

    Also, Design Star is a weekly watch for myself, my mom, and my 12-year old daughter. Kellie is our favorite for sure. We love to watch Food Network Star and Design Star together each week. Not as great as The Carol Burnett Show but you know, not much is.

    Cannot wait to see The Help! I’m trying to figure out a time I can go see it by myself or maybe drag my mom along with me. I really want to wear a pretty floral sundress and a little bump-it do to see the movie but I might scare people! :)

  3. Yes, favorites Kellie and Karl! And yes, The Help!

  4. We gave up TV three weeks ago. I don’t really care, except I have to wait 5 days (they say four, but THEY CAN NOT COUNT) to see So You Think You Can Dance on and/or hulu. Food Network Star is available 4 days late, but truly, who cares???? YAWN. I haven’t figured out project runway yet, but I will. And, Design Star. Sigh. Design Star. They graciously put the video up the next day. Now, sticking with Design Star…

    I am accepting donations to buy Meg another outfit. Please, people! Think of someone other than yourself! Think of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SICK TO DEATH of seeing Meg in the black suit with the green top. Let’s help a sister out, y’all.

  5. I love Design Star! I do miss the earlier seasons where Clive would coldly say”Your show has been cancelled.” Tandika saying “We will not be producing your show” just doesn’t have the same effect. I think I like Kellie and Mark best. I really like Karl, I just can’t see him having a TV show, he is just a few steps behind at all times which makes him endearing, but not necessarily capable to host a TV show.

    I know I am in the minority but I hated the book “The Help” so I have no desire to see the movie…

  6. Thank you for your support, my friend! Hoping our paths cross again soon!

  7. 1. Reality TV is the bane of our existence, having said that I relish most reality shows with gusto.
    2. Having been married for 27 years, the ebb and flow is challenging. One of my friends and I love “Oh Brother Where Art Thou”. Our favorite quote is, “Mrs. Hogwallop up and R-U-N-N-O-F-T.” There are times I want to runnoft, and yet the staying and working on it is so worth it.
    3. I am loving the entertainment section of PW, and I think you are such an asset.
    4. Why is it that I get really nervous when I like a book and then worry that they are going to mess up with the movie?? I think The Help is going to be fine, but I may have issues.

  8. My best friend just came home from RYM ~ Reformed Youth Movement (it’s the program for all of the youth in our Presbytery that her husband is over). And told me the most amazing story about the movie. The lady who is over a crisis pregnancy center gave this testimony. Get your kleenex ready!

    I hope I get all of the details correct. The main little girl in The Help is played by a set of twins. Their mother had intended on getting an abortion. I can’t remember exactly all that happened, but somehow she actually went into labor before she could get the abortion. She delivered very premature twins and had no idea she was pregnant with twins. They had a very slim chance of survival. She had just signed the papers for there to be no extraordinary measures to be taken to save their lives when the lady from the crisis pregnancy center arrived. I think she had actually been trying to get to her before she had the abortion. The girl ended up signing guardianship over to the lady from the center. Soon after the twins were adopted. The adoptive grandmother of the twins, who like any other grandmother, thought her grandbabies were the most beautiful girls she had ever seen. She sent their pictures to someone and sometime later Steven Spielberg’s people call her up to tell her they will be casting for a movie in her area. They want the girls to come audition. The time they set for the audition was during the girls naptime, so she refuses to go. The twins come first and she’s not going to interrupt their naptime. They didn’t find what they were looking for that day and months later they call the grandmother back to tell her they are going to be casting in a nearby city, and they want her to bring them. She says she will as long as it’s not during naptime. She takes them, and they get the part. While she is signing the papers the girls outside of the office playing, which is actually in a trailer in an airport hanger. She steps out of the office and there is complete silence except for the girls singing. She panics thinking they are filming and the girls are interrupting. But she soon realizes they are watching the little girls playing with dolls and signing Jesus loves me to each other. She says tears are streaming down some of their faces. Some of them actually tell her they’ve never even heard that song before in their entire lives. So these little girls, who were supposed to be aborted, are able to minister to all of these people for months while filming this movie. I sobbed when I heard this! How great is our God!

  9. Kimberly/OKC says:

    Hi! Loving you over at Ree’s…and congrats! People are lovin’ ya!! You are getting some serious comment numbers!! Way to go, girl!!

  10. Kimberly/OKC says:

    P.S. Wha…What happened to “reply”? You know, after someone else’s comment…You didn’t like it?

  11. Amanda J. says:

    I LOVE KELLY!!! I want her to come design my house, especially my kitchen and den. I love her style and it makes me feel good. Also, she reminds me of Ree’s friend Hyacinth. Cute, cute, cute.

  12. Design Star – yes, and Kelly is so cute, but is anyone else driven ABSOLUTELY NUTS by Vern and Genevieve? They’re so pretentious on the show it’s almost unwatchable when they’re on screen.

    • Laura, I cannot STAND Vern and Genevieve on Design Star! They are so nasty and hateful, and I would enjoy the show SO much more without them on it!

  13. Yes! Design Star!

    I am liking Leslie and Kellie. Am I the only one counting the minutes until Kathy gets the boot??? She is so pretentious!

  14. Sarah Kate in WA state says:

    Can’t wait to see ‘The Help’! My birthday is the day after it opens, so some girlfriends are taking me out to dinner (to a fun little restaurant over in Portland with amazing Southern food….which is a bit hard to come by since we live in the Pacific NW!) and then out to see the movie. So excited!! :)

  15. The Help -cannot WAIT to see this movie!!!

    Design Star -loving the designers -host grating on my Last Nerve. She’s like a version of what you think a disc jockey should sound like if they were impersonating a disc jockey.
    But really do enjoy the designers and I don’t have a fav, only those I’m ready to see go. . .

  16. I agree about the financial crisis and the Bachelor Pad. What in the world?

    Love you over at Ree’s! I squeal with delight when I see your byline there!

    I’m seeing The Help tomorrow afternoon. Can.not.wait. I’m not a southerner (should that S be upper case?), but I love you GRITS. It’s going to be fun just listening to them talk!

  17. 1. Love the Help, can’t wait for the movie.
    2. The book you mentioned is already downloaded to my kindle. I think it is the reason God brought me to your site!
    3. The bachelor whatever- I never watch. My life is enough of a train wreck to avoid watching the wrecks of others. I’m very jealous of those who can enjoy….lol.
    4. You on REE!! Yikes, I’d better skedaddle on over there.
    I love your blog and your writing. You make the day better!

  18. Been loving your TV posts. Read the last one recently and never got around to posting my thoughts, so here they are:

    – My favorite Carol Burnett skit is the Gone with the Wind spoof. When she comes down those stairs wearing a curtain rod in her dress and says, “I saw it in the window and just couldn’t resist,” I about die.
    – Seinfeld lines have certainly crept into my brain and being. When I was pregnant with my firstborn, he was a little shy during the 20-week-ultrasound, so it took a while to confirm that he was a boy. After 20 weeks floating around in amniotic fluid, I felt that he was thinking, “I was in the pool! I WAS IN THE POOL!”
    – I didn’t watch the first few seasons of Friends because I thought it was just another show of twenty-somethings trying to look cool. Then I happened upon the episode where Joey puts on all of Chandler’s clothes while going commando. I realized then that they were just a bunch of dorks, just like me, and I became a fan.

  19. Kellie (but not the one from Design Star!) says:

    Saw The Help this afternoon with my mom! We give it two thumbs up. Haven’t read the book (so I can’t gauge whether the movie messed things up at all), but it was basically your liking it that made me want to see the movie, so thanks!