Do I Like To Talk To Tomatoes? Yes. Yes, I Do.

This summer the little man and I have gotten in the habit of going out to lunch together a couple of times a week. I don’t know how it started, really, but I imagine that it went something like this:

Me: “Hey, you want to go get some lunch?”
A: “Sure, Mama.”

We don’t typically do things with a lot of fanfare around here.

Anyway, our little lunch outings have been one of my favorite things about this summer. We usually end up at the eight year-old’s favorite Mexican place where we split an order of nachos. He drinks Coke. I drink unsweetened iced tea. We talk about whatever happens to come to mind.

Yesterday we had just started to dig in to our chips and salsa when Alex posed a question: “Mama? What are your favorite kids’ shows?” I think he’d been a little surprised Sunday night when he saw me watching Phineas & Ferb OF MY OWN FREE WILL (I am of the opinion that P&F is hilarious), and I guess he was trying to figure out if there were any other current kids’ shows that I like to watch just for kicks.

Which, for the record, NO.

And also for the record: I have never wanted to put any real-life child in time out as badly as I used to want to put Caillou in time out. In fact, I finally had to implement a strict “No Caillou” policy in our house because I COULD NOT TAKE HIS WHINING. At the time Alex was probably 4 or 5 and didn’t understand why Mama would get so angry at the TV, but listen: Caillou wore me out.

However, despite my Caillou aversion, there are some kids’ shows that have found a special place in my heart over the last few years.

1) Phineas & Ferb – It’s laugh-out-loud funny. Smart. Clever. And I’m just waiting for some sort of announcement that it’s going to be a major motion picture.

2) Little Bear – If I hear the theme music for Little Bear, odds are I’m going to say, “Awwwwww” shortly thereafter. There’s such a sweetness and timelessness to it. And Little Bear’s parents are the best.

3) A Snoodle’s Tale – Okay. I know. It’s not technically a TV show. But we have watched a LOT of Veggie Tales DVDs in our house over the years, and A Snoodle’s Tale is my all-time favorite. I can’t watch it without putting my hand over my heart while I sigh with great feeling. And when the narrator says, “A gift that’s demanded is no gift at all” – well, forget it. MAMA’S GONNA NEED SOME TISSUES.

Wait! I have a fourth! And it’s a movie!

4) Finding Nemo – I could watch it a thousand times. OH, HOLD ON. I PROBABLY ALREADY HAVE. But I just adore it.

Are there any kids’ shows or movies that you’re always happy to watch? Or that you might even love more than the kids in your life do?

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  1. I’ll admit to being a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse fan. Not only could my DD watch them 24/7 if I allowed, I could sit through a few episodes too before growing bored. I love the many concepts it easily teaches children and how the characters interact with one another. Two thumbs up in my book!

    Caillou? Caillou is banned here too!!

  2. Curious George, Berenstain Bears (don’t you love mama bear?). I totally agree about Caillou. I pointed out to my kids one day that Caillou and Sid the Science Kid are both 4 years old and there is a world of difference in their behaviors, attitudes, and maturity level. Maybe analyzing kids shows too much?

    What will I do when my kids outgrow VeggieTales?!?

  3. Oh man, it took about 3.5 seconds for me to ban Caillou for the EXACT same reason! I also banned Miss Bee Gee because she was such a little LIAR! That kid lied all the time, to everyone, and never got any kind of consequence!
    I think that P&F is, hands down, the BEST kids show ever made! In fact, last Friday when the movie was on, watching it was a family affair! We looked forward to it all day and ate dinner in front of the TV and everything.
    My kids are into more of the “grown up” Disney shows now, and I can tolerate several of them. Good Luck, Charlie can be kind of funny (although I’ve pointed out to The Kids that the little brother in the show is really mouthy!) and I adore the theme song to Pair of Kings. I’ve been known to come into the room JUST to dance to it!

  4. I am SO with you on Finding Nemo; I never tire of it :-)

  5. ohlookaduck says:

    We love everything VeggieTale also. The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything and Lord of the Beans are particular favorites–the outtakes and “Making of”‘s are hilarious.
    We also love Meet the Robinson’s (such a great movie) and my husband loves Finding Nemo so much he had to get his own copy in case ours got scratches.

  6. I know it’s not popular, but I love ‘Caillou’! To me, it’s just so calming to our house when we watch it. And his parents don’t yell or get uptight, so in that sense it kind of ministers to me on our more intense days.

    I personally love ‘Max & Ruby’, too. :)

    I love ‘Word Girl’ on PBS. But I also love words. :) I’ll drop everything to go watch Captain Huggyface dance at the end!

  7. Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Friends is the favorite (and, thankfully, the only at this point) in our house. My 7-month-old twins can be anywhere in the vicinity, and their heads swivel toward the TV as soon as the theme music starts. The same goes for my husband, who has now taken to working bug puns into our conversations whenever the opportunity presents itself. (“What’s everybuggy doing?” “What’s all this bugabaloo?”) It’s actually pretty cute, and strangely endearing.

  8. We are Caillou banners, too! Can’t stand the whining!!

    We’ll have to check out A Snoodle’s Tale, but our favorite Veggie Tales is Saint Nicholas. My kids always love to watch it and I never mind joining them!

  9. Jennifer says:

    “Calliou” makes me want to punch a wall. Annie loves it, but thankfully it’s not in the PBS lineup any more. (Thank you, Jesus. Because I did pray for that, you know.)

    I do love “Between the Lions” and “The Cat in the Hat” (the cartoon on PBS, not that freaky movie). Martin’s Short does the cat’s voice, and it cracks me up. Reminds me of when he used to perform as Ed Grimley on SNL.

    And “Finding Nemo” is a big favorite in our house. And I love the score. I think I tear up at the end every time, not for the message so much as those strings! I try to stay away from as many Disney things as possible, because it’s everywhere; however, “Finding Nemo” and “Toy Story” are always welcome. (It’s those busty princesses who make me feel bad about myself that I’m shutting down. You should be so glad you have a boy just for that reason.)

  10. I don’t have little kids so I don’t see these shows too often, but when I babysit we watch WordGirl and I think it’s genius. And Finding Nemo is a winner in my book too. And finally, Enchanted. I know it’s only rated G, but between McDreamy and a totally unrealistic yet adorable love story, it’s one of my top five movies.

  11. Thanks for the Snoodles Tale tip- I need to get that one. My FAVE is Charlie and Lola (some episodes on You Tube).

  12. Katherine says:

    My kids are teenagers, but i remember that Caillou was a big whiner. I also didn’t like how Arthur and DJ hated each other so much – BAAAAD example for my kids! I miss all of the Veggie Tales singing we used to do. (Oh wheeerrre is my hairbrush?) I do really love Finding Nemo, and The Incredibles is a big thumbs up in our house no matter what age you are!

  13. I LOVE Phineas & Ferb, that is definitely one that I could watch on my own.

  14. We love the Veggie tales Madame Blueberry – Too many items from the Stuff-Marts. My daughter loved Caillou, and it was the only show she would sit down and watch, so I allowed it. At 13 (now), she just won 2 Caillou coloring books at the arcade with her 900 tickets, and thought she had won a million dollars. So it again caused her to sit still and be quiet for about 30 minutes at a time! THankfully, they still like veggie tales from time to time. They along with Little Bear and Max & Ruby are classics.

  15. I love P&F too! I couldn’t watch Caillou either, or Max & Ruby – while cute, I was always wondering where the heck M&R’s parents were! Grandma floated through a few times, but that was it. I’ll also admit to liking Backyardigans and Magic School Bus.

  16. We have been on a Phineas & Ferb-a-thon this summer, and I haven’t complained once. The “movie” was a hoot!

  17. If a squash can make you smile…
    Big Veggie Tales fan here.

    My son just started watching Caillou. He sits in a trance while watching it. That can’t be healthy.

    When my daughter was younger, I liked watching Jimmy Neutron with her.

  18. The first time I watched Phineas and Ferb, I was a little annoyed by it (not sure why). Now I love it!! We also really like the Imagination Movers – actually saw them in concert this spring and they were fantastic.

  19. My girls laugh because I call Caillou “Whineou” and I can’t take him either!

  20. Dying over your Calliou comment- for real! I haven’t heard of Snoodle, I must look it up! Tangled is the current fav in our house-o-little-girlies. Have a great week!

  21. I have never seen the specific Veggie Tales of which you speak. I am going to have to find it. Love Finding Nemo. Cry every time!! I also really like Wonder Pets. Are they even still on?

  22. jennifer says:

    I LOVE some Phineas and Ferb too!! Also, I’m a fan of Tangled. Love it!!

  23. My 19-year-old daughter is sitting here and we both laughed at your Caillou comment. I hated that show too! My girls were never allowed to watch it. (That, and Sponge Bob.)

    • Sponge Bob drives me nuts!! Every time I hear it on the TV it’s like nails on a chalk board!

      • Canadian Cathy says:

        My kids were never allowed Sponge Bob – it just seemed too trashy for me. Yet, my kids were all totally drawn to the Sponge Bob merchandise in the stores. So weird.

  24. A Snoodle’s Tale is my absolute favorite Veggie Tales movie. It makes me tear up every time!

  25. We also have a Caillou ban in our house for the same reason!!! Good gravy at the whining!!!! It took about half an episode for that to happen. Lord knows the 5 yr old in my house is whiny enough without inspiration from the television.

  26. jennifer says:

    I banned Caillou years before I had my daughter.,, my niece watched him and the whining about did me in! I have a 2 yr old girl who is passionate for Cars & Monsters, Inc. I -love- Sulley & Mike Wazowski. As for TV shows, I learned of The Backyardigans from you in one of your earlier posts and I think I now like them more than my daughter does. She still likes to dance with the opening sequence, but then moves on.

  27. We love Phineas and Ferb too. My 2 year old calls the older sister Kansas (that’s where we live right now). I saw in Family Fun magazine that there is a P&F live stage show.

    • Canadian Cathy says:

      Live show? Live show? Thank you Katie! Apparently the Boo Mama comment sections is both entertaining and informative.

  28. Wendy D. says:

    I always referred to Caillou as Cry-you. Our current favs are P&F and Good Luck Charlie. But I remember how life would stop for Backyardigans. And my 10 year old SON will still sneak a Blue’s Clue’s in if he thinks no one is noticing :)

  29. I love the Backyardigans. My secret fav…..Kick Buttowski:Surban Daredevil. I am pretty sure they modeled it after my MC 2:)

  30. just keep swimming, just keep swimming…what do we do? we swim! swim! aaa-ahh aha aaa!

  31. Franklin (the turtle) was also a big whiner and it drove me up the wall. I loved Sponge Bob and have silently grieved since she’s deemed herself too old to watch it. It just cracked me up..I love Mrs. Puff. Love Snoodle’s Tale…just a sweet message. P&F was after “our time” but I was trying to get hubs to watch it with me last night because I hear so many people like it..and we like cartoons anyway. But he said no.

  32. Penguins of Madagascar . . .we can often be found watching when the kids aren’t around! :)
    Bob and Larry and the Veggie’s will always have a special place in my heart. Helped us through many a breathing treatment when our oldest was little.

    Yeah, we banned Calliou too. Seriously, do they think kids need help in the whining???

  33. Funny thing, I’m watching P&F right now…I thought I was alone in my enjoyment of funny kid shows. I can also handle Spongebob and Yo Gabba Gabba, surprisingly! Caillou is #1 for shows that make me want to scream, holding a close second is the show Fresh Beat Band. Seriously, one of the most stupid shows ever created. I feel so much better now that I’ve got all that off my chest. :)

  34. OMG! Nemo is my favorite of all time!!! My son is 14 now, but every once in a while we have a Disney movie night. And the discussion over which movie to watch inevitably begins with my son saying, “Anything but Nemo.” (but only because we have seen it a gazillion times!)

  35. Caillou’s parents needed some assertiveness training that’s what was wrong there. “But I don’t wanna brush my teeth”. “Tough nuts for you kid, go brush your teeth” is what they should have said instead of “well, Caillou, tell me about how brushing your teeth makes you feel”. Gag.

    I don’t mind most of the PBS shows. Dinosaur Train seems to grate me a little, but the others are really quite good.

    Imagine the tuition at Sid the Science Kid’s school! Four kids (one with ADD), one teacher who never seems to have a lesson plan but has a vast assortment of illustrations and even a kicky song for anything that Sid throws her way. Love it!

  36. Our family LOVES LOVES LOVES veggie tales. We love a Snoodles Tale too, but one of my favorites is Gideon the Tuba warrior. It may or may not have had to do with real life issues :) but the truth of that DVD hit me like a ton of bricks. I also love St. Nicholas and the little diddy they sing “I can love because God loved me, I can give because God gave” there’s a lot of truth packed in that one little line.

    Our new favorite is “whats in the Bible”. It’s also from the creators of veggietales. I popped it in for the kids while we were driving down the road (so I could only hear it) and just about spit out my coke from a couple of particular lines that were funny. But, the DVDs are so “meaty” with information; and the way it explains what I feel is hard to explain theology is awesome. If you havent’ already, they are worth checking out. Lifeway often offers one in the series for $5.

  37. I think I am a monority because my son loves Caillou, and while I do not love it- I definitely do not hate it, nor have I banned it. There are not a lot of other “shows” that I can say that I like, but I do LOVE the movie Tangled. I would totally watch it all alone if I had the time!

  38. I have a problem with Max and Ruby. Well, not specifically with poor Ruby, but with her parents who have “abandoned” her and stricken her to a child slave forced to take care of her forgetfull brother. No wonder my six year old thinks she can boss her sister around!! Ha! ;-)

  39. We r a Caillou and Spngebob free home but all veggietales are allowed. And I love, Love LOVE Monsters Inc and The Incredibles. So FUN!

  40. Little Bear is one of our favorites! I had all the books when I was little and loved them. Imagine my delight when I realized that they had made a cartoon out of the wonderful stories. When my boy was little, he would watch Little Bear every day.

    He was also a big fan of Franklin (the turtle).

  41. WE ARE CARS fanatics around here. We also like Imagination Movers and Curious George. Finding Nemo is always the best, and my 5 year old daughter has found a love for Mary Poppins, much to my delight.

  42. Caillou? i think you mean CRY-ou . . . UGH.

  43. GIRL!!! I am sooo with you on Caillou. What a whiner!!

  44. We have never watched Calliou and it sounds like for a good reason. We banned Barney when we had our first child. It was just too much for us. A favorite with our first chidl was Bear in the Big Blue House…it was The Muppets of his generation. Loved that show.

    My kids are 6 and 12, so we watch a lot of iCarly, Good Luck Charlie and Pair of Kings. iCarly and Good Luck Charlie have some pretty good humor, very family friendly sitcom style. Pair of Kings gets on my head a little because the kids overact, but I can tolerate it on the TV.

  45. YES. To all of it – the show choices and especially Caillou. This is why I love you.

  46. P&F is a favorite of ours. I also like The Fairy Odd Parents, and Good Luck, Charlie :)

  47. My step-daughter is 9, and I’ve been with her for 4 years, so I was lucky enough to skip over the Caillou, Dora the Explorer, etc phase. We don’t have cable, so we can only watch what is on networks or Netflix. She watches a lot of Wizard’s of Waverly Place on Netflix, which I find entertaining to watch. And I’m good with Hannah Montana, and some episodes of iCarly are OK, but some are just a little too weird for me, but I probably would have liked it as a 9 year old, so I don’t make her turn it off.

  48. Yo Gabba Gabba!!! i get more excited when they come out with new episodes than the kids do; but it’ll keep them glued when theyre watching it. Yeah, no spongebob here; my daughter calls him the cheese b/c shes never watched it so she doesnt know he’s a sponge. lol!

  49. I don’t know if they do outgrow VeggieTales. My 16 year-old will still watch them. I love the Silly Song with Larry in Lord of the Beans. Phineas and Ferb is hands down the best thing on Disney, possibly on any network. I makes me laugh out loud!

  50. I enjoy “Charlie & Lola” and I was really bummed when Playhouse Disney took it out of the time slot. I grieved. I also have a soft spot for “Olivia” and made my daughter an Olivia costume for Halloween a couple years ago. She was a doll. ;) But I also love “Finding Nemo” so much that I have the script memorized. And it taught me a HUGE life lesson as a mom with a special needs child… Don’t be a Marlin. Don’t hold her back because you’re afraid she’s gonna get hurt. Let her grow, imagine, and explore. Because even though she isn’t like every other kid, she CAN do things. Darnit. Here come the tears. :'(

  51. Mary Anne says:

    Our house loves Phineas and Ferb! It is one show that my husband and I will still watch after the kids go to bed. Or my husband even finds himself turning it on when he’s traveling for work, then realizes that he doesn’t have to watch kids shows.

  52. I completely agree with Phineas and Ferb! I always encourage a Phineas and Ferb show over anything else. And while I do think Caillou is a whiny little guy, his mom absolutely inspires me. The way she always keeps her cool amidst all the whining, it’s really an inspiration. Right?

    My new favorite right now is “Yo Gabba Gabba.” There is something cool about it. All the dancey dances and silly songs that get stuck in your head. Love it! ;)

  53. YES ABOUT CAILLOU. YES. Although I always just assumed he whined like that because he was French. :)

  54. My husband loves Penguins of Madagascar and often walks around talking like King Julian usually incorporating something about the royal feet in whatever he’s saying.
    For me, I channel Dory, “I i i i i i s s s s s p p p p p p p p p p e e e e e e a a a a a a a k k k k k k k k k w w w w w h h h h a a a l l l l e e e e .”
    And we don’t even have kids.

  55. My boy started high school today and I’m beyond a hot mess. What I would give to watch Little Bear, Franklin, and Arthur again. We also watched Spot and Madeline (but really Madeline was just for me). And the ORIGINAL Veggie Tales- I have all the CD’s- and I am not ashamed to admit that my family of 5 which ranges in age from 40-12 listened to a solid 6 hours of Veggie Tales songs, we sang our hearts out, laughed about the videos, and had a ball. Not a bad way to spend family time!

  56. I LOVE Monsters, Inc. I could watch it over and over! I like Finding Nemo also. Angelina Ballerina (the new one) is a cute show that my niece enjoys.

  57. ditto on the caillou…we LOVED little bear…the music makes me miss babies…for tweens, i like wizards of waverly place and we love good luck charlie…oh, toy story forever

  58. We love P & F, and also Fetch on PBS. :)

    One of my favorite movies is Charlotte’s Web, both the cheesy animated version and the more recent “live” actor version (although they added a few unnecessary lines about friendship . . . DON’T MESS WITH THE CLASSICS, PEOPLE!).

    We also love some audio stories — Focus on the Family just did some great renditions of the Narnia books and The Secret Garden. We highly recommend them for car trips or snowy days. Or in your case, days when it’s too hot to be outside without bursting into flames.

  59. I like Good luck Charlie, the old Scooby doos, and the old smurfs. I sometimes like the Upside Down show too. There are a ton of disney movies I love too including Finding Nemo!

  60. Kimberly says:

    I don’t know if someone has already mentioned this….but WHY is Calliou BALD?!?! His entire family has thick, luscious heads of hair. Even his little sister! So where is his??? It’s a mystery and it was just another reason for me to turn it off whenever it came on.

    I like “Imagination Movers” and don’t even mind listening to them in the car. With the kids…just to clarify. I also like “Super Why” and we love, love, love Phineas and Ferb!!! I even made the kids Phineas and Ferb sandwiches that I saw on Pinterest. The boys thought they had won the lottery!

    And movies…Tangled. I love Tangled! (And don’t think that isn’t in large part due to the fact that it is Zachary Levi voicing Flynn. He is adorable!!)

  61. I love “Little Bear”, too. And “Franklin”. My now 15 y.o. son used to sing along (and do the motions about 2 beats behind) to the opening song of “Blues Clues” when he was a toddler so that show will always hold a special place in my heart. Disney’s “Jungle Book” (the original) is a personal favorite. My older son loved “The Fox and the Hound.”

  62. I, too, loved Little Bear, and I loved another (obscure) Nick show called Maggie and the Ferocious Beast. Love the Veggies, too, but Mister Rogers is my all-time fave.

  63. The only thing I was able to take away from the whole post was that you were drinking unsweetened iced tea. That makes me so sad for you.

  64. I LOVELOVELOVE Phineas and Ferb also! And I’m 24 with no kids on the horizon. I nannied last year and also like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, but I guess Alex is pretty old for that. But yes! Calliou and Max and Ruby are my 2 kids shows that make me want to punch someone. I would gladly watch Barney on rotation before having to watch either of those for 5 minutes.

  65. I must be oblivious. I let my 2 year old granddaughter watch Calliou and have never noticed whining. I was surprised she started liking it because it is so low-key and she is used to Yo Gabba Gabba, Dora, and Kai Lan.

    When my older granddaughter used to visit my husband and I both loved Pepper Ann, but it is no longer anywhere. I loved Bear in the Big Blue House and wish I could find it again. The older girls (and I) do like P & F too.

  66. The Lion King, I also love Little Bear and Franklin. Also, all of the Narnia movies!

  67. You and I are Children’s-TV soulmates. I LURVE Phineas and Ferb, and want to grab that Caillou by his bald Canadian head (I have never in real life had the urge to grab a child by the head, by the way – I don’t really even know what it indicates).

  68. Everyone is sweet to each other on “Little Bill” and the Mom and Dad wear their wedding bands. I love that. I also ADORED “Peep and the Big Wide World.” Quack made me laugh out loud. My son (age 9), however, would watch DragonBall Z Kai 24/7 and that show is AWFUL. I would just as soon watch Caillou! My girls (4 and 3) are very bored with TV right now, so they spend alot of time outside.

  69. I love Little Bear and Finding Nemo too! Franklin and Arthur are my other two favorites. I still might occasionally watch them even though my kids are 21 and 16. lol

  70. I think you and I were separated at birth. I don’t want P&F but my son does. I have seen a few episodes. However, I also LOATHE Caillou! I would not allow my son to watch it either. A Snoodle’s Tale is soooo good. I once brought it to a Bible Study I was in, and made the girls watch it at the end. I think they thought i was crazy! Finding Nemo is awesome! I also LOVE Monsters’ Inc and CHICKEN LITTLE! It CRACKS ME UP!!!! I quote lines from Chicken Little all the time! I may need psychiatric help:) Pump, pump, pump it! (i.e. Abby Mallard on Chicken Little) Have you seen Chicken Little? If so, the gym scene where the coach separates the kids into popular vs. unpopular is PURE GENIUS!!! HILARIOUS!!!

  71. Amen on the Caillou thing.

  72. Aww, OT loves Caillou, and I let him watch it. I don’t think he’s particularly whiny, but the pitch of his voice is annoying, yes.

    I love, love, LOVE Super Why. It’s aimed right at OT’s age group, and his letters/phonics knowledge has EXPLODED since watching it. I’m very impressed with it, and it’s just fun to watch.

  73. We love ‘Timmy Time’ – it is the sweetest little show. He is a naughty sheep, but I love him, just the same.
    My other favorite is always going to be Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. I love that man. I can still remember sitting in my classroom [ teaching seventh grade] when a student told me he had passed away. I sat and cried. That poor student who told me is in her twenties, and every time she sees me, she still apologizes for upsetting me that day. Bless her time.

  74. My Time-Out choice is Max of Max and Ruby. And Ruby, for being such an awful trainer of said Max, although since she appears to be his sister and not his mother, who can blame her, poor bunny left orphaned to raise her bratty little brother.

    I love A Snoodle’s Tale, too – pure awesomeness. I may have made an early-twenties girl I was mentoring watch it once, too – and she may have learned quite a bit from it.

  75. I feel like I could sit down & talk to you for hours. I cannot stand Caillou either.
    I love Phineas & Ferb & I love how their sister always tries to tell on them a minute too late to their Mother. It cracks me up & love their pet platypus.
    My 4 year old really likes Super Y & Cat In the Hat on PBS kids.

  76. This isn’t a show exactly but Sandra Boynton’s work is kid stuff I never tire of. This song in particular. B.B. King and the One Shoe Blues

  77. Karen Hokanson says:

    Dear Boo,

    Ahem, ahem, (palms sweating, heart pounding). . . I cannot stand Finneas and Pherb (and probably just misspelled their names). . .but totally respect your opinion. If I hear whatshername yell “MOTHER!!!!!!!!!” one more time, I might throw my tv out the window. My daugher LOVES the show. It just really creates a reaction with me. Otherwise I would have stayed quiet. This is not a reaction I can suppress, though. My kids are a little older. I loved Zaboomafoo, and my favorite video was “Going to the Zoo”. I can still sing the songs from that video. And my little man (now 14 and taller than me loved “Road Construction Ahead”. We must have watched is 15 times a day!

  78. I am FOR unsweetened iced tea, P&F, and Little Bear. I also find Veggie Tales to be highly enjoyable. I want to be Little Bear’s mama with all of my being. So calm and gentle. I bet she does not freak out when they are running late for school in the morning.

  79. HA! You are the second blogger I have actually read about who banned Caillou. And of course he was also banned at our home, too. My word, the whining could drive a mama to drink.

    I love P&F, too. They are absolutely hilarious. My favorite was Charlie & Lola. I cannot even begin to explain how much I loved their accents. It was so fabulous. My little one could take it or leave it, but I was always watching. :)

  80. Love me some VeggieTales! I cry at Snoodles all the time…Have you seen the newer one called Sweet Pea Beauty? It has Snooderella on it. Oh MY! I cry watching that one because God tells her she is beautiful. Oh don’t we all long for that?

    Nemo makes me smile. I say “Just keep ________-ing,” often when encouraging my kids to do stuff. They most often laugh with me. ;)

    Fun stuff!

  81. You have 82 comments already….why I am thinking it is sooo important that I also comment, I am not sure. BUT…can I just tell you that we have just recently started watching Phineas and Ferb, and it is H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S. My husband and I laugh so hard. I am very thankful the whole first season is on Netflix streaming. :) If I lived anywhere near Alabama, I would ask if I could come over, and we could watch it together.

  82. clearly, i’m not the only one who agrees with OH MY WORD CAILLOU IS THE WORST.

    ok. i have to come clean and say…i’ve never seen an episode of Phineas & Ferb.

    *hanging head in shame*

    we are huge fans of peppa pig. and charlie and lola. (we have an adoration for british accents.)

  83. I’ve always loved Snoopy and Winnie the Pooh. And Veggie Tales are the best! I can’t stand Calliou either… also can’t handle Sponge Bob.

  84. How to Train Your Dragon is one of the best animated movies to come out since the animated goldmine in the early 90’s. It even made me tear up a bit.
    And I thought there was some big screen production of P&F this summer. I remember seeing a picture somewhere of some famous actors children attending the premier.

  85. Caillou was also bannef from my house, along with Barney. I didn’t even know it was till on…ick. We also like P&F, my husband thinks its hysterical. WordWorld on PBS has pretty much taught both my kids their letters and beginning spelling! My little guy has just started watching Scooby Doo and I’m so excited. That was my favorite as a kid. The HUB channel is showing some old cartoons…Jem, remember that? Loved it. The original Cars movie is a big hit around here and it doesn’t annoy me like most Disney movies. 101 Dalmations and Fox and the Hound will always be my favorites:)

  86. My son, who is now a freshman in high school, used to call me “Mother Bear.” How I miss those days. That show will always be my favorite. He probably wouldn’t admit it now, but I think it was his favorite, too.

  87. HIS JULES says:

    I loved this Sophie!! I am glad that I am not the only one who likes to watch shows with my kids (and without). I loved the Princess diaries movies, and I always loved watching 7th Heaven but alas my kids are grown so I only get to watch the kids shows by myself now.

  88. I could watch the original Cars movie every single day until the Lord calls me home. (I have yet to see the second one, which is odd since I love the first one so much!) It warms my heart when Lightning McQueen helps all his vehicle friends in Radiator Springs before he goes to California and OH. MY. WORD…when he helps The King get across the finish line at the Piston Cup race…I die every time. Such a great message for kids: When someone needs help, you help them. It’s that simple.

  89. Nate's Mom says:

    I liked Arthur and Bear in the Big Blue House, and our son loved Blue’s Clues.

    iCarly is pretty cute for pre-teens, it depicts high schoolers, but once the kids reach later middle school they would not watch to save their lives.

    Nate’s Mom

  90. Caillou is banned at my daugter’s house, along with Max and Ruby. Ruby is way too bossy with her brother and my four year old granddaughter already thinks she’s in charge of her three year old brother. She has to be constantly reminded that she is not the mommy!

  91. I always wanted to BE Mother Bear. You know that episode where Skunk was sad because no one would kiss him because he smelled, so Little Bear brought him home because he knew (without hesitation) that his Mother Bear would kiss him, for sure? Makes me all teary just thinking about.

  92. Dear Boo Mama,

    I don’t know that I’ve ever read your blog before, but my sister sent me this link and I now know why. You may not be aware of it, but I do believe we are long lost best friends, sisters, or perhaps even twins. My brothers are six and ten but have been watching P&F for several years. When I would just see parts of it, I thought it was goofy. My mom tried to convince me otherwise and when I finally sat down and watched a whole episode, I LOVED IT!! And I would totally watch it on my own. I love Doofenshmirtz’ line in one episode, “As a lazy tailor would say…suit yourself!” when Perry’s in his way. My first exposure to VeggieTales was the Hairbrush Song while helping in the two year old room at church…I was a teenager, but I loved that also. And though I’ve watched countless other VT movies and have heard all the silly songs, the Hairbrush Song remains my fave. And I could not stand Caillou either…yuck! But, Finding Nemo is definitely my favorite kids movie, and my second favorite movie overall. It’s just so good! I just started teaching elementary school and I told my kids that I really do like children’s books, movies, games, shows, etc. more than adults’, and that’s completely true. I could go on, but I’ll spare you. I just thought it was cool that we had so much in common! Thanks for sharing and I look forward to reading more of your posts!

  93. I love Charlie and Lola, the brother and sister duo from the UK. It is so clever and the animation is completely different from any other cartoon I’ve ever seen. I also love the Backyardigans because their music is so catchy. Another favorite is Peep and the Big Wide World. Very simple animation, but very funny!! I cannot stand the types of cartoons that ask viewers to participate. I don’t want to be commanded to “Say it louder” or “Count with us!” When I watch TV, I just want to relax!!

  94. Hands down Curious George. They don’t “scream” like Dora or Diego and don’t whine like Calliou. Also, we love Princess Gigi for our princess/girly show.

  95. Just chiming in…we had a “no Caillou” policy too! And Franklin, y’all remember Franklin, the turtle? He was always doing something stupid and it drove me nuts. I do love Little Bear. And I still will watch Charlie and Lola if my 13 YO daughter flips it on! And then we all speak with fake British accents the rest of the day. :)

  96. I used to watch Rugrats all the time before even had kids! I love iCarly too.

  97. Love Finding Nemo, Emperor’s New Groove, all the Veggie Tales, Hoodwinked and Monsters Inc. for movies. Our kids are 9, 13 and almost 16 so for TV shows we watch things like Good Luck Charlie, Phineas and Pherb and our all time favorite, iCarly. My husband and I will find ourselves sitting there watching iCarly long after the kids have left the room. I recently bought the old “School House Rock” series on dvd from Target that I used to watch as a kid (conjunction junction what’s your function?) and my kids love that as well!

  98. We had a party here for the Phineas & Ferb TV movie premiere last week. I wasn’t as crazy about it as I am just everyday episodes, but it was so fun and I love having something I share with the kids as far as tv passion goes. And every time my husband and I grab some popcorn or dessert and pop the tv over to P&F we say, You know, this is exactly what the kids are afraid happens after they go to bed. The snack food comes out and Phineas and Ferb are on and THEY ARE MISSING IT. But they see plenty before 9pm so we do not feel guilt.

  99. Devan Griffin says:

    Ohhh, I am so glad to hear that I am not the only one who detested Calliou! My ex thought I was just the devil for hating such a cute show – but how much whining can one person take?! Ugh! I am with you on Little Bear too – loved that show! It wasn’t as popular when my two youngest were little – but I made them watch it anyway – ummmm, for THEIR viewing pleasure, not mine! I also have to say that I teared up, just a little (ahem), when Steve left Blue’s Clues . . . Joe is no comparison.

  100. How funny! I laughed out loud when you said Caillou was banned…hilarious! I was just thinking about this very topic the other day. We don’t watch TV yet (my daughter is only 7 months old) but I was wondering if there will actually be shows that don’t annoy and bother me?!? So now I have some hope and I really want to check out Phineas and Ferb….so thanks!