Because Maude Might Need Some New Things For Fall

So back in the spring I wrote a post about my fondness for the asymmetrical hemline. However, I have to tell you that despite my best intentions, I don’t think that I was necessarily using the right terminology when I tried to describe the object of my fashion obsession (though I do have a couple of cardigans where each side is a different length, so I think those would in fact qualify for the asymmetrical moniker).

Anyway, I think what I should have said is that I was smitten with open front cardigans in general and handkerchief hemlines in particular. And I still am smitten with them – mainly because I still feel like I’ve met my fashion goals for the day if I get dressed in the mornings and bear some resemblance to Maude. And let me tell you: there is nothing that will help you achieve Maude-related fashion goals faster than an open cardigan. If there’s a handkerchief hemline, then all the better.

I want to assure you, though, that I’m going to try to practice Maude moderation this fall since I’m well-aware that combining my beloved open front cardigans with all the new palazzo pants possibilities may be too much Maude for the average citizen to bear. I mean, I’m all for looking to Maude for some fashion inspiration, but I’m not necessarily interested in looking so much like her that people start to hear a certain theme song when I walk by.

Yesterday we had our first little tiny hint (tease) of cool in the air, which naturally made me want to look for all manner of cute, Maude-ish clothes for fall. Some of these are what Martha would call “transition pieces! they’re transition pieces! you wouldn’t wear them in the winter, necessarily, but they’d be perfect in September and October, you know, when you go to breakfast with the girls! They’re just adorable for breakfast with the girls!”

So here are a few (or 12) of my open cardigan favorites, and then I’ll be all done with talking about clothes for a very long while because I think we’ve already established that the extent of my fashion expertise is, well, dressing like Maude. And it probably comes as no surprise that the demand for such a skill is practically non-existent.

This one from Loft is oh-so-versatile.

This plus-size Awake Rosette Trim cardigan (on sale!) would look good with just about anything; you could dress it up or dress it down.

This Style & Co. cardigan = great price, great colors.

And you can’t beat this one for when the Maudes of the world need maternity clothes.

This striped cardigan, in sizes 14 and up, is super cute.

I found the love’s sweet innocence curvy plus cardigan when Melanie linked to Ruche on one of her Fashion Fridays. Love their vintage looks – very fun and girly.

The Rolla Coaster Open Cardigan? It’s a rolla coaster of love is what it is. It’s also out of my league budget-wise, but it’s so cute that I had to include it.

Technically this Style & Co. ruffled vest (plus) doesn’t have a handkerchief hemline, but it’s on sale and a great layering piece for fall.

Gorgeous though it is, I would never, ever pay full price (or even half price) for this Balkhash Shawl, so I look forward to the pretend day when it’s marked down to $20. My imagination and I will be so happy when that happens.

This tie dye cardigan (petite) is a kicky variation on stripes. I’m such a fan of tie-dye in moderation, by the way.

You may have noticed that I have sort of a thing about stripes. I LOVE THEM.

This Hive & Honey Cable Tassel Cardigan makes me long for chilly mornings. It’s Maude-esque, for sure – but 21st century Maude. In fact, I think Maude would wear this sweater to Starbucks with jeans and tall boots.

And she’d look FANTASTIC.

Have a great Tuesday, y’all.

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  1. Whoa, two recent posts on fashion made me check to see if I was on Big Mama and not Boo Mama! Love both posts. I can see my fall clothes favoring these styles. You work it in B’ham and I will work it in Huntsville then let’s meet in Cullman for a milkshake since no one can see our figures with all the fabric flowing. :-)

  2. Thanks for links! I will be every different stage of pregnant this winter and fall and I plan on living in these and (gasp) my jeggings. A girls gotta do…

  3. Love your fashion posts! Thanks for including some plus size findings. I’m always looking for a new store to shop. Although, I do adore the Steinmart, the closest one to me here in sunny SoCal is twenty minutes in a direction I never venture towards. I may need to change that this fall! Of course I could wear these particular clothes all year long here because the evenings and early mornings are always cool.

  4. I cannot tell you how happy watching that clip just made me!!!! Oh, the memories!

  5. Ooooh, those are all so cute!! I love them.

  6. Gotta love youtube. I haven’t thought of “Maude” since I was about 10 years old. I used to lie on our yellow shag carpet watching the tv with the DIAL that somebody had to GET UP and turn if we wanted to see what else was on the other 2 stations. Good times.

  7. Those are great, thanks for the links.

    Anyone else bothered that the models for the plus-sized sweaters look far far far from plus sized? I mean, come on.

  8. These sweaters are something retro I love, unlike the Pacer or shag carpet. Shag carpet was so nasty.

  9. Thank you for including options that those of us who can’t fit into a size 2!! I love the Style & Co. ruffled vest. I think I might just ordered it..

  10. I don’t comment too often but BooMama, this post tickled the heck out of me! Maude sure had some sort of style going on didn’t she? I always have some sort of cardigan on – even with these 100 degree temps! Just feel naked without one!

  11. just stay far away from the ginormous shoulder pads and the longggggg vests, and you’ll be just fine and fashionable. I just bought a lovely burgundy open sweater at Nordstroms on markdown for the fall—which is imminent up here already!

  12. I LOVED this post! All of the sweaters are great! The “love’s sweet innocence cardigan”? I had an ivory-colored one almost exactly like it when I was in college. In 1978. I really like the new one, too! Hmmm…thanks for the style show :)

  13. I also love the cardigans with the angled hemline. I was at Belk today and they had several really cute ones on sales. I got a great smokey blue color one for $13.99. It will be a great “fall transition” piece! (I’m assuming you have Belk in AL)

  14. Oh! This “Maude” thanks you ever-so-much for your inclusion of the maternity piece.
    Clothes and me, you see, are not exactly seeing eye to eye lately. All I wish is that the muumuu would make a fierce comeback so that I could dress like Mrs. Roper every single morning and find happiness again.
    Alas, I shall squeeze into these heinous, yet trendy, maternity tops that are meant to show off one’s “bump”, but actually makes you feel distinctly like you are being suffocated in a sausage casing, and get over it.

  15. I just wanted you to know that I just got home from vacation and while my google reader has about 3000 updates for me and I’m trying to blow through them really fast I stopped and read each of your posts that I missed…why??? Because you totally crack me up. I am a Kentucky girl transplanted to Texas and while football rules out here it’s not SEC football and oh my…they just don’t get basketball at ALL!!!! Seriously sad!! Anyway, just wanted you to know that your Maude and Palazzo pants posts cracked me up and made me smile even though it’s like eleven billion degrees here and fall seems like a really long ways away and I can’t seem to find that sweet boy who was bringing me drinks by the beach all week!!

  16. I LLLLOOOOVVVEEE these cardigans soooo much…they are so versatile and now that you’ve reminded me why- I love them even more. I love Maude. I must go an watch the clip again. thank you.

    ps- enjoying your entertainment beat at the PW…