Nations Outfitters Giveaway

So one of my favorite bloggy things I’ve gotten to do over the last couple of years is to host giveaways for Nations Outfitters. Nations is a clothing company that’s owned by a family here in Birmingham, and I absolutely love that the clothes are stylish, modest, and age-appropriate for teenagers (and mamas, too). Plus, Nations encourages the people who wear their clothes to serve their communities, and over the last two years that’s played out in all sorts of wonderful ways.

Like, for instance, a Habitat project this past summer.

(These are some GREAT kids, y’all.)

(Seriously. They would restore your faith in the American teenager.)

(In fact, if you were around me pretty much any day of the week, you would hear me talk about at least one of these kids with all sorts of complimentary adjectives.)


Given all of that, when Lisa and Genie at Nations asked if I’d like to do another giveaway for a $75 Nations gift certificate, I said yes within about two seconds. Because, well, LOOK.

If you’d like to enter to win a $75 gift certificate from Nations Outfitters, just take a look at the Nations Outfitters website, then come back here and leave a comment with the name of the item(s) that you like the most.

And if you’d like up to two additional entries, you can like Nations on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. Just make sure to leave a separate comment for each Facebook like or Twitter follow (all you have to do is say “I liked them on FB” or “I followed on Twitter”).

This giveaway will close Friday, September 23. I’ll use to choose a winner.

Enjoy, y’all!

p.s. Just FYI: Nobody gave me anything, offered me anything, paid me anything or fried me anything in exchange for this post. I just love what Nations stands for, and I think their clothes are adorable. Hallelujah and the end.

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  1. I have been wanting the Candy dress for months, but I also love the new Lauren dress.

  2. I like nations on Facebook

  3. I’m tweeting about this giveaway now. I’m @kodibev

    Thanks Sophie

  4. The Whitney dress.

  5. Well, if the Rachel dress isn’t screaming parent-teacher conference dress, I don’t know what will! Love it!

  6. I like Nations on Facebook.

  7. Love the Michele tunic in dark grey!

  8. I like the Alexa Dress

  9. The Ally Top for me

  10. Susan in indiana says:

    I’m torn between the Carrie and the Rachel dress! How on earth are we supposed to choose??
    Thanks Sophie!

  11. Susan in indiana says:

    I liked Nations Outfitters on Facebook!!

  12. I LOVE the Kathryn B. dress!

  13. I liked Nations on Facebook!

  14. Julie Piatt says:

    The Rachel dress is darling!

  15. Sold on the Carrie dress. So simple with just the right amount of personality, and I LOVE that everyone of their outfits looks great with boots!!

  16. I like ’em on FB too!

  17. Love the Carrie dress!

  18. I love the MK Dress!

  19. Valerie Moore says:

    I love the Alexa dress – it would look adorable on my daughter!

  20. Valerie Moore says:

    I liked them on FB!

  21. Valerie Moore says:

    I followed on Twitter”.

  22. I am in love with the Ruby dress and the Michelle Tunic!

  23. I like Nations Outfitters on FB!

  24. Oh! The Kelly skirt or the Ruby or Rachel dress for my daughter would be so cute!!

  25. I like them on FB!

  26. melissa burns says:

    love it all, but especially the Whitney dress

  27. I would love to win this for my sister. She would look great in all of these items. Like the Carrie dress a lot!

  28. I love the Candy dress.

  29. I’d like to see my daughter in the Holly dress… or the Ellie…. or the Yellow Bird…. or….

  30. I think that the Yellow Bird dress would be gorgeous on my daughter. :)

  31. I liked them on FB.

  32. I liked Nations on FB.

  33. I’m following them on Twitter now too!

  34. I’m following on Twitter.

  35. Hands down for me the Rachel dress, but I love the leather necklaces, too!

  36. I think I’d pick the Ellie dress. But I’d probably get a t-shirt too! :)

  37. I love the Carrie dress!

  38. What did I like? All of it! What I loved the BEST about them is that I could allow my 16 yo daughter to purchase from their site – without having to “approve” it first. Loved the modest cuts and hemlines. (Man, that makes me sound old!!!)

  39. I really like the Carrie and the Rachel dresses….maybe I just like red. :)

  40. Brittany L says:

    I LOVE the Holly dress! SO cute!!!

  41. Liked on FB!

  42. Love the Jill Top! And my faith in tasteful women’s clothing has now been restored. Praise Jesus!

  43. Their clothes would be great for my teenagers! (whispering) Did you know your date has August and not September? Have a great day!

  44. Ooh, the Rachel dress and I really like the three strand leather necklaces!

  45. I’m following on Twitter!

  46. What pretty dresses!!! I love the Carrie dress in red – great for gameday!

  47. I adore the Carrie dress! As the Mom of 2 teenage daughters, I applaud a company like this for making such cute, appropriate clothes. Thanks Sophie!

  48. I liked them on facebook.

  49. I’m following them on Twitter.

  50. I like the Michele tunic and the Alexa dress.

  51. I really like the Carrie dress in red…love their clothes!

  52. I follow Nations Outfitters on Twitter.

  53. I just liked them on facebook.

  54. I like Nations Outfitters on Facebook.

  55. Love the Carrie dress!

  56. Love the Ruby and Rachel dress as well as the Michele tunic. Too hard to pick just one!

  57. I love the Emma top. or any one of the dresses..

  58. As a mom of a 12-year old daughter I am always looking for something cute and feminine for her to wear that is not trashy – not an easy task. These dresses are adorable! I love all of them but the Holly really stood out for her (and maybe the Rachel for me!) :) Thank you for the opportunity!

  59. I liked them of FB, too!

  60. i love the Michelle tunic! our baby is due any day and i’d love to order something cute and new after he’s born!

  61. Love the Michele Tunic in dark gray!

  62. Ah La Gorgeous!
    I love the entire line. The MK dress in Mustard is precious! My girls and I wear lots of dresses. This is one of my favorite shops.

  63. How do you decide???? I’d have to say the Rachel dress in red!

  64. I liked them on FB!

  65. I would love the Ruby dress!

  66. As a Bham girl myself, I’ve heard and loved Nations since the beginning. As a BAMA girl, I can hardly wait for it to get cold enough so I can break out the Rachel dress in red for a game!!

  67. I love the Rachel dress in red!!! So cute!!

  68. I liked Nations on FB

  69. I followed Nations on Twitter

  70. The Emma top is adorable!!

  71. I love, love, love the Rachel dress in red!!! Please pick me!!

  72. I liked them on facebook!

  73. I NEEEEEED the Holly dress! Love the Ruby dress also. Great stuff.

  74. My daughter would love the Michele tunic.

  75. The dresses are all so adorable that I’d have a hard time choosing, but I think that Alexa dress would look adorable on my daughter.

  76. I think the “Holly” dress has my name all over it. Well my name is Beth but for that dress I will answer sweetly to Holly.

  77. I love the Heather dress. Such cute clothes…

  78. I have liked them on Facebook also… I have liked them for awhile..

  79. I love the m.k. dress in mustard and I am now following on twitter and liking on facebook!

  80. i like them on facebook

  81. i follow htem on twitter

  82. Oh I love it all! Love the gray ruby dress and the yellow bird dress and so many others! Can’t believe I haven’t seen them before. So great!

  83. The Emma top is darling~everything is really cute but I’m drawn to that top. (I’m whispering too now, I think it is funny that so many people commented about the site and didn’t mention the date being wrong~just goes to show you, give us a good deal………….. : )
    Thanks Sophie!

  84. The Ruby dress looks so cute and comfy! Love it!

  85. I am loving the Michele tunic and I think my tween would love it. Thanks for sharing about them!

  86. love the michele tunic!!

  87. I love the Rachel Dress in red. No black. No red. If I win, my indecision may be an issue!

  88. I love the red Rachel dress. So cute!

  89. I like NO on Facebook.

  90. I liked them on FB!

  91. I’m a twitter follower.

  92. The Michele Tunic or the Ally Top.

  93. I like the asymmetrical slub tank and the asymmetrical pocket burnout. Is that too much asymmetrical? I hope not.

  94. I would like the Alexa dress for my daughter.

  95. The Michelle tunic is too cute!

  96. I would get the Carrie dress in Red…perfect for a fall Razorback game!

  97. I liked them on Facebook!

  98. Following them on Twitter now! :-)

  99. I love the Emma top! So cute! (And I hope you meant that this giveaway will close on September 23, not August 23 otherwise I’ve missed it!)

  100. I love the yellow bird dress, M.K Dress-Mustard, Ruby dress, and the Carrie dress!!! LOVE IT ALL!!!!!!!!!! So fun!!! :)