Nations Outfitters Giveaway

So one of my favorite bloggy things I’ve gotten to do over the last couple of years is to host giveaways for Nations Outfitters. Nations is a clothing company that’s owned by a family here in Birmingham, and I absolutely love that the clothes are stylish, modest, and age-appropriate for teenagers (and mamas, too). Plus, Nations encourages the people who wear their clothes to serve their communities, and over the last two years that’s played out in all sorts of wonderful ways.

Like, for instance, a Habitat project this past summer.

(These are some GREAT kids, y’all.)

(Seriously. They would restore your faith in the American teenager.)

(In fact, if you were around me pretty much any day of the week, you would hear me talk about at least one of these kids with all sorts of complimentary adjectives.)


Given all of that, when Lisa and Genie at Nations asked if I’d like to do another giveaway for a $75 Nations gift certificate, I said yes within about two seconds. Because, well, LOOK.

If you’d like to enter to win a $75 gift certificate from Nations Outfitters, just take a look at the Nations Outfitters website, then come back here and leave a comment with the name of the item(s) that you like the most.

And if you’d like up to two additional entries, you can like Nations on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. Just make sure to leave a separate comment for each Facebook like or Twitter follow (all you have to do is say “I liked them on FB” or “I followed on Twitter”).

This giveaway will close Friday, September 23. I’ll use to choose a winner.

Enjoy, y’all!

p.s. Just FYI: Nobody gave me anything, offered me anything, paid me anything or fried me anything in exchange for this post. I just love what Nations stands for, and I think their clothes are adorable. Hallelujah and the end.

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  1. I like the Carrie Dress.

  2. I liked on FB and followed on Twitter.

  3. Love the Rachel and Alexa dresses!!!

  4. I really like the Michele tunic, the Rachel dress, and the Carrie Dress. Its good to see that my nieces have another choice for very stylish, clothing that they could wear and not feel completely exposed!

  5. I absolutely love the Emma shirt (black with the blue print peeking out!) Thanks so much for introducing me to this website!

  6. Lisa Blakesley says:

    I love Nations Outfitters! I adore the Burnout Top with pockets!

  7. Lisa Blakesley says:

    I followed on Twitter!

  8. You had me at “Red Dress”. That’s all. Thank you!

  9. Love the Heather dress with a pair of jeans…super cute!!!

  10. The Red Dot Skirt is adorable!

  11. I LOVE nations Outfitters! My favorite dresses right now are the Rachel dress and the Lauren dress. :)

  12. I like them on Facebook.

  13. Definitely, the Michele tunic in brown!

  14. The Laura Shrug looks like a great basic for fall & winter!

  15. I follow them on Twitter (my account is locked but I really do!).

  16. Oh, my, tough choices. :) I like the Michelle tunic in Brown, the Emma top, the Ruby dress in black…just to name a few. :)

  17. Love the Rachel Dress!

  18. I love the Carrie dress in red! So cute. I like a lot of their stuff, but the empire waist is not my friend so I can only admire from afar. The Carrie dress does not have that issue though.

  19. I liked them on facebook.

  20. Also, I follow on Twitter.

  21. And of course I liked them on FB. Thanks!

  22. I like the chandelier dress. :)

  23. Love the grey ruby dress!

  24. I like them on Facebook.

  25. I liked on FB

  26. I’m following on twitter.

  27. Oh, that Rachel dress in black….that is what I would choose!

  28. I followed them on Twitter!

  29. I think my daughter would look precious in the Carrie or Rachel dress. She needs a new one for a school banquet next month!

  30. I followed N.O. on Twitter!

  31. Well….I love the brown Michele tunic and my 15 yr old would be adorable in the Holly Dress!

  32. I like the Whitney dress.

  33. I liked N.O. on Facebook!

  34. I like them on facebook.

  35. I liked them on FB!

  36. Not so much for this mama, but my almost 14-y-o daughter would LOVE the Michele Tunic in Brown.

  37. Really like the Ruby dress.

  38. I can’t decide between Maggie & Alexa! Such great clothes!

  39. I really like the Michele Tunic – Brown and their necklaces are beautiful!! Never heard of the company before, but after browsing their site and reading about them, I am very impressed.

  40. I liked them on fb

  41. I followed on twitter!

  42. I LOVE the Ruby Dress in Grey!

  43. Since this would be a gift for my 17 year old stepdaughter, I let her pick – BUT – she would HAVE to pick a DRESS. Not a big dress-wearer that one.

    (I looked at them and find something to like about each one!)

  44. Love the Michelle tunic!

  45. Luuurve the Alexa dress…

  46. I love the Emma top!

  47. I followed them on twitter! @meganrowdy

  48. Beth in the Heartland says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the Ruby Dress! And it would be nice to cover up my post pregnancy body…thanks for the giveaway!

  49. I’m loving the Lauren dress – and all the great tunics!

  50. My fave is the Michele tunic…I haven’t decided which color though…maybe the dark gray and the brown

  51. I like the Holly dress. :)

  52. Stephanie Lawson says:

    It has to be a tie between the Carrie Dress in red AND the Holly Dress.

    I am nothing if not indecisive! :)

  53. Stephanie Lawson says:

    I liked them on Facebook!

  54. Stephanie Lawson says:

    I am following them on twitter!

  55. I liked them on FB, I followed them on Twitter. I love the Michele tunic and the Holly dress!!!

  56. Love the gray Ruby dress!

  57. I would love the Carrie Dress in red to wear to a Hogs game. :)

  58. I also liked them on fb.

  59. It’s a toss up between the Ellie, Rachel and Carrie dresses for me!

  60. I like Nations on facebook!

  61. those clothes are darling…am i too old to wear them? love the dresses

  62. I like the Holly dress, for my niece Holly, or Alaina, or Erin. Any one of my beautiful nieces would look good in those dresses, and their mama would appreciate that all their stuff was not on display. And I like that silk necklace for myself.

  63. I love the Michele tunics! It is so hard to find modest clothing these days, I love all these styles, and their dresses, I love ’em, especially the Ruby dress!

  64. I think the Emma top is my favorite.

  65. I liked Nations Outfitters on facebook.

  66. MK dress. Sydney dress. SO MANY cute things!

  67. I followed them on twitter.

  68. I like the Alexa dress.

  69. I like the Rachel dress in red, and the tunics.

  70. Love that Carrie dress!

  71. I love the Lauren dress! I love them all, actually. :-)

  72. I liked them on FB.

  73. I love the michelle tunic!

  74. I liked them on Facebook!

  75. I liked on Facebook.

  76. I’m following on Twitter, too!

  77. The Ruby dress in gray, please! Because that flower is SASSY!!! :)

  78. I like the Michele tunic for my 14 year old. I really hope I win because last year after you mentioned Nations Outfitters, I checked it out and ended up ordering two dresses for my daughter. She’s already making a list of things she “needs” this year!

  79. I love the Michele tunic!!! Any color would be lovely…

  80. OK, I’m back.. just liked them on The Facebook too.

  81. Oh, the dresses! I’ve been in a dress clothes slump, with being a stay-at-home mama and not working for several years now. I love just about every single dress on the site!

  82. I love the red Rachel dress!

  83. My niece would look great in the Alexa dress. Maybe a Christmas present for her.

  84. I really liked the Alexa dress and the Ally top!

  85. I love the Ally top!

  86. Liked on FB

  87. Sallie Lawrence says:

    This is great timing – just yesterday I mentioned Nations Outfitters in my 10th grade SS class when speaking to the girls about purity and the fact that their dress can be a factor of a young’s man sin. I told them that NO has a line of clothing that is appropriate and cute and I LOVE IT!

    My fav is the Chandelier dress! LOVE IT!

  88. I love the Whitney dress!

  89. I liked them on facebook.

  90. I really like the Alexa dress!

  91. I liked them on FB!

  92. I followed them on Twitter.

  93. I really like the yellow MK Dress. Very cute!

  94. Ooh, their stuff is adorable! I love pretty much everything but the Holly & Carrie dresses are my favorites!

  95. I like the Rachel dress.

  96. I like the michele tunics – cute!

  97. The Ruby Dress in black is adorable!

  98. I’m gonna need the red Carrie dress for many reasonable reasons! 1) My NAME is Carrie, so duh. 2) My favorite color is red. 3) It is a gorgeous dress that made my heart a little pittery pattery and that is always a very good indication that I must have it.

  99. I am now a Twitter follower of Nations Outfitter.

  100. AND I like them on Facebook. (And I would like them here or there. Yes, I would like them anywhere! I do so like…)