Nations Outfitters Giveaway

So one of my favorite bloggy things I’ve gotten to do over the last couple of years is to host giveaways for Nations Outfitters. Nations is a clothing company that’s owned by a family here in Birmingham, and I absolutely love that the clothes are stylish, modest, and age-appropriate for teenagers (and mamas, too). Plus, Nations encourages the people who wear their clothes to serve their communities, and over the last two years that’s played out in all sorts of wonderful ways.

Like, for instance, a Habitat project this past summer.

(These are some GREAT kids, y’all.)

(Seriously. They would restore your faith in the American teenager.)

(In fact, if you were around me pretty much any day of the week, you would hear me talk about at least one of these kids with all sorts of complimentary adjectives.)


Given all of that, when Lisa and Genie at Nations asked if I’d like to do another giveaway for a $75 Nations gift certificate, I said yes within about two seconds. Because, well, LOOK.

If you’d like to enter to win a $75 gift certificate from Nations Outfitters, just take a look at the Nations Outfitters website, then come back here and leave a comment with the name of the item(s) that you like the most.

And if you’d like up to two additional entries, you can like Nations on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. Just make sure to leave a separate comment for each Facebook like or Twitter follow (all you have to do is say “I liked them on FB” or “I followed on Twitter”).

This giveaway will close Friday, September 23. I’ll use to choose a winner.

Enjoy, y’all!

p.s. Just FYI: Nobody gave me anything, offered me anything, paid me anything or fried me anything in exchange for this post. I just love what Nations stands for, and I think their clothes are adorable. Hallelujah and the end.

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  1. Oh my word – the Carrie dress or the Rachel dress in red – I must have! They are adorable and this Dawgs fan (that would be the Georgia Dawgs, BooMama) needs more red :)

  2. I liked them on facebook :)

  3. Love the Alexa dress!

  4. I love the Michelle tunic in gray! Love their clothes!

  5. I’m in love with their dresses, and I really can’t narrow it down to a single one. I own zero dresses, but these are all appealing to me! Cute!

  6. I like the Michele Tunic. It looks so cute with leggings!

  7. Love the CArrie dress is blue:)

  8. I really like the Alexa and the Lauren. So cute!

    Thanks for hosting this!

  9. I have always loved those cute burnout baseball tees!

  10. I like them on FB.

  11. I follow them on Twitter.

  12. The Laura shrug! What wouldn’t it go with? Too bad there aren’t more colors.

  13. the Michelle Tunic is very fun!!! but I love them all — that’s why I’d love to win! :)thanks!

  14. I like the yellow bird dress.

  15. I love their stuff! The MK dress and The Sycamore dress are calling my name =)

  16. Love the Ruby dress in gray and the Holly dress.

  17. I followed them on Twitter!

  18. I liked them on FB!

  19. The Kathryn B dress is cute!

  20. Love the Alexa dress! my daughter, Paige, turns 16 today and this would be a great gift!!

  21. Heather Jameson says:

    How would I decide between the Rachael dress and the Carrie dress?? :) Love them!!

  22. I love the Michele tunic in dark gray.

  23. Ashley Healey says:

    I love the Holly dress!

  24. Betsy Bodin says:

    I Love the Carrie Dress, The Rachel Dress and The Michele Tunic and so may others. Thank you for letting me know about this website.

  25. Would love to give my daughter the Michelle tunic. She would love it!

  26. Followed on Twitter

  27. Jennifer C says:

    I like the Michelle tunic in brown and the emma top.

  28. Deanne Robertson says:

    I love the Michelle tunic!

  29. Deanne Robertson says:

    I’m also a fan on Facebook.

  30. I now follow them on Twitter! @laanykidsmom

  31. Love the Holly dress!! Adorable!

  32. holly dress!

  33. I love the Laura shrug. It’s very Maude! =)

  34. I love them all! Please don’t make me choose just one! Ruby, Michele tunic, the tree necklace….they’re all so cute!

  35. I like them on Facebook.

  36. I now follow them on Twitter.

  37. Michele tunic! My daughters would love these clothes.

  38. I’ve loved the vintage Sally dress since I first saw it – that would definitely be my choice!

  39. LOVE the Carrie dress!

  40. I love the Rachel dress!

  41. Julie Wiseman says:

    I like the Michelle Tunic-Gray.

  42. Julie Wiseman says:

    I liked on Facebook.

  43. I like the black button skirt!

  44. Whitney J. says:

    I LOVE the ‘Holly’ dress! It would be perfect for teaching!!

  45. I liked them on Facebook.

  46. Whitney J. says:

    I ‘liked’ them on FB!!

  47. I followed them on Twitter.

  48. I’d give the card to my teenage nieces.

  49. I love the Michele tunic! I’d take it in all 3 colors!

  50. My favorite is the Rachel dress.

  51. at the CUTENESS! My favorite it the Carrie dress in red or blue, but I adore the Maggie,Ruby, Alexa, and the Emma top and the Michelle tunic… and I think my daughter would like them too!

  52. I’m really liking the Rachel dress and the Alexa dress. What a great company! Thanks for promoting businesses I can admire.

  53. I’m following on Facebook

  54. I”m following on twitter

  55. Love the Michele tunic & the Rachel dress! And the Alexa dress!

  56. Probably the Michele top in Brown. I guess I need me some boots so I can get one of those cute dresses!

  57. Love the yellow bird & lauren dresses – and either carrie dress too

  58. Michelle tunic and Carrie dress

  59. I followed them on Twitter!

  60. Love the Sydney dress!!

  61. The Rachel and Maggie dresses are super cute!!

  62. The Carrie Dress in red and the Red Dot skirt! So much love and perfect for Georgia football games!

  63. I like the Ally Top.

  64. I love the Emma top or the Lauren dress.

  65. I liked the company on FB.

  66. the Alexa!

  67. I like the Holly dress!

  68. The Yellow Bird Dress was my absolute fave! It’s sooo cute! Thanks Sophie

  69. I liked them on facebook.

  70. The Ruby Dress!!!!

  71. I can’t decide between the Alexa dress and the Holly dress! Love them both!

  72. I followed them on twitter. @mcherry

  73. I liked them on Facebook.

  74. Liked Nations on FB – and I wasn’t lying either.

  75. The Carrie Dress.

  76. Ruby dress in grey would be perfect for one of my cute-as-a-button daughters.


  77. Love the red Rachel dress! Thanks for another fun giveaway :).

  78. The Ruby Dress = Love!!!!!

  79. I like Nations Outfitters on facebook!

  80. The Aly top:)

  81. I like The Alexa Dress
    ljatwood at gmail dot com

  82. I like the MK dress in brown. They’re all very cute!

  83. I followed on Twitter
    ljatwood at gmail dot com

  84. I adore the Rachel dress. They have the cutest things, thanks for the chance to win ;)

  85. LOVE LOVE LOVE the MK Dress-Mustard!

  86. I liked them on facebook… don’t have Twitter!

  87. Love Carrie and Rachel. All so cute!

  88. Like them on FB.

  89. I love the Michelle Tunic in either pretty..
    Also, I love the Holly, Rachel or Carrie (don’t make me choose a color) dresses!!!
    I have never been to their website before..very fun and cute things!
    Erica Listi

  90. I’m not commenting about this fabulous giveaway, I’m just commenting because I LOVED dancing with the stars, did you watch?!
    Precious clothes & looks like great kids!!

  91. Kenslea Ray says:

    I love the Holly dress :)

  92. The Vintage Sally would be BEAUTIFUL on my BEAUTIFUL daughter!!!

  93. Wow. So much good stuff! But if I had to pick just one it would be the Michelle tunic in brown.

  94. I love the dresses. I love the dresses. I love the dresses. Did I mention that I love the dresses?

  95. I like them on facebook

  96. I also liked Nations on Facebook. And I like the dresses, did I mention that already? And Cheez-Its.

  97. I am now following them (and you) on twitter

  98. I like the Ruby dress (in black) and the Candy dress. Cute, cute, CUTE!

  99. The Michelle tunic

  100. Love, love, love the ruby dress. Gray or Black, they are both so cute and look so comfy!