Practically Pointless

At some point I assume that I’ll have something relatively exciting to blog about, but unfortunately this is not the day for that. This is the day when I can tell you how yesterday I bought a cute vinyl table cloth at the Walmarts for $4.88 and am now using it as a fun little Christmas topper on our breakfast room table.



But for better or worse, the ordinary has just been the lay of the land around here. For the last couple of days I’ve worked for a little while, met friends for lunch, crossed some stuff off my to-do list, solved several of the world’s problems with Melanie and then watched a fairly impressive amount of reality television programming.


Last night’s game wasn’t on UVerse, so I had to watch it on the computer, and SWEET MERCY WHY IN THE WORLD DOES THE INTERNET LET ME HAVE A BLOG? The next thing you know I’ll be talking about how I have a lime green rug in the playroom, followed up by an exciting update on Martha’s Latest Jackets.

All I can figure is that I’m pushing my way through a pesky bout of writer’s block, and at some point the mental fog will lift and I’ll have some thoughts about some things – and those thoughts MIGHT EVEN BE CONNECTED.

As it stands, though, disconnected is the best I can do, so I will share All The Disconnectedness with you at this juncture.

(Well, maybe not ALL of it. Just some of it.)

(If I shared ALL of it, you would be concerned for me.)

(And maybe wonder if you should try to contact my loved ones about the fact that MAMA’S SLIGHTLY OFF THE RAILS.)

1) I feel that Top Chef contestants are too dependent on the scallop. I get that scallops cook quickly and therefore lend themselves to challenges, but I don’t think there’s been a single episode where the scallop hasn’t been featured in some way. WHAT ABOUT SHRIMP?

2) Tonight’s episode of Survivor was weird. Lots of drama and icky emotional manipulation. IN MY OPINION.

3) Today I was trying to figure out my menu for Christmas. Do y’all happen to have any fun food traditions for Christmas that are slightly non-traditional?

4) Speaking of Christmas: The Nester’s Christmas Tour of Homes is tomorrow – be sure to stop by and check out (and join in) all the pretty. Kelly is hosting another Christmas Tour on Friday.

5) I’m thinking about having a Miss America pageant viewing party here on the blog. It’s January 14th. Anybody game?

Okay. I think I’ve hit the point where I need to wrap it up and put an end to the misery that is this post. But at least I have my pajamas. And my DVR. Not to mention my sassy Walmart tablecloth.

I mean, if I have to have writer’s block, at least I get to wear flannel and watch strangers pick out houses overseas while I gaze at a tabletop covered with lime green and hot pink Christmas trees.

The end.

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  1. Tammy Elrod says:

    The world has problems with Melanie? Wow, she seems like such a nice person on her blog. JK. =)

  2. Yes, Yes, Yes on the Miss America viewing party. We had so much fun watching Miss Mississippi together that I know MA will be a blast.

    Food for Christmas…I do easy cause I want to enjoy the day and not worry about multiple recipes being ready at the same time. We usually get a big deli tray and add a fruit salad, various relishes, deviled eggs, a shrimp ring, chips and dip and call it good. Plus desserts. For Christmas Eve we have a cheese soup that I only make once a year.

    This season of Survivor has just seemed long to me.

  3. We have an awesome Christmas Eve food tradition! Because we reserve our big meal for Christmas day, Christmas Eve night, we have what we like to call a “Pickin’s” meal. Basically, we make enough appetizers for everyone to make an entire meal out of. It is fabulous! There are always lots of leftovers as well, which can then be put out the next day to snack on. Last year we had baked brie topped with cranberry sauce, miniature potato pancakes with green onion dip, fruit salsa with cinnamon pita chips, BBQ’d meatballs, a relish tray, and Christmas cookies for dessert.

    *Pickin’s is a family favorite for us….and not just at Christmas time. We partake throughout the year! : )

  4. For Christmas dinner, I usually make a big pan of lasagna…. but this year we are doing ham and a beef roast. I’m doing ham and my sister is bringing the roast. We share side dish and dessert duties. My eldest daughter makes coconut pie filling for all of our holiday meals, as well as the mashed potatoes. She makes awesome potatoes. I’ll make homemade rolls, and since my mother will be here as well, I will see if there is something she wants to make. It’s going to be a blast.

  5. Oh I love House Hunters International — sadly I live, as a matter of fact, overseas and can’t watch it! how’s that for irony? I like the idea above, for having a buffet of appetizers or pickin’s — that sounds fantastic. I have friends who every year get Chinese take out for Christmas Eve and I think it’s a fine idea, too!

  6. Glad I am not the only one who when finding a quirky bargain think “I am SO going to blog about this”!

  7. You make me miss American TV!
    I’ll do a ham with macaroni and cheese and green bean casserole and squash casserole for Christmas dinner. I’d love to be creative, but somehow things become traditions and wheels squeak if they get changed. This year my girl will be recovering from sinus surgery, so we’ll be low, low key.
    I’m really in love with a cranberry pecan pineapple jello salad lately – the tart and crunchy appeal. The recipe makes enough for a crowd, too.

  8. Well…..I don’t know if you would call it “slightly” non-traditional, but after having the traditional at Thanksgiving and twice at family Christmas gatherings in December, we have steak and baked potatoes on Christmas Day.

    • We do steak and potatoes for Christmas, too! It might not be exactly Christmas Day, but this is the meal with have with our family. It all started because my Mom expects the kitchen to be completely cleaned up before any presents are opened. So, we had to find a delicious, easy to prepare and (most importantly!) quick to clean up meal. We love it!

  9. Well it’s not so non-traditional to a southern girl like myself, but we always have cinnamon rolls, sausage, eggs, bacon and GRITS on Christmas morning. The day simply can’t begin without the grits. Period.

    And then a couple of hours later we eat a HUGE lunch because we, you know, ate so lightly, at breakfast…

  10. Carolyn Fodel says:

    Yes, yes and YES on the Miss America party — just remind us, OK? Some of us forget things, occasionally. We always did a wild turkey on Christmas, and a lasagne for Thanksgiving. My husband’s family always makes Chex mix.

  11. Even when you are just blogging about your tablecloth, you still brighten my day! Keep it up! I think a Miss America party would be AWESOME. I miss getting a big group of girls together to watch the pageantry…not so feasible with the newborn boy here (he doesn’t seem to understand the importance of watching Miss Missouri play the Star Spangled Banner on the marimba while simultaneously tap dancing to God Bless America). AS for dinner, we always do the whole prime rib/standing rib roast thing, but this year, I was thinking gumbo…maybe two different ones…chicken/sausage and a seafood (no scallops…)…who knows!

  12. This year, I’m breaking from tradition and NOT making a turkey. Turkey, while I love the taste, is so messy. Last year, we went Italian, with two kinds of lasagna. But this year I’m making pork tenderloin, with spinach salad with cranberries and almonds and raspberry vinaigrette. And some kind o’ carbs to go with. Let us know what you decide to make . . . I could use some carb ideas! (And I know you’re good at those!)

  13. Just keep it real for us Boo! Makes the rest of us feel better about our randomness!
    We are going completely off the tradition this year, my family took a vote and we are ixnaying the turkey and doing prime rib. I hope no one goes into shock at the table! The irony of it all is that we voted all together and now one by one each is saying “we aren’t having turkey?!?!” See what I deal with!?!? : ) Anyhoo, I have missed the updates on Martha’s jackets and the trips to the Stein Marts! So don’t think you’ve let us down at all. Happy Hunting for your Christmas recipes!

  14. Love it that some days our Walmart tablecloths are the hilight of our day. How about a Big Mama/Boo Mama podcast?

  15. I bought the exact same tablecloth just yesterday for the exact same purpose. =)

    I’m having the VERY traditional spiral sliced ham for Christmas. I know it isn’t very creative but with hubby being a pastor and having 3 services christmas eve and one on christmas day, it’s the easy go to thing to do…..

  16. Hi there,
    For Christmas Day, I always make a big pot of chili in the crock pot. We make a big breakfast and then have the chili for dinner. We also have the biggest batch of sugar cookies you could imagine, ha. The kids and I make those the day before (Christmas Eve Tradition) and decorate them wild and crazy and that is what is left for Santa and the reindeer. The cookies are our desert for Christmas Day as well, sometimes I make something else to go along with it. It’s simple and easy, and we stay in our pj’s all day and enjoy each other.
    We still do the traditional Christmas meal, the meat, veggies, all the good stuff before Christmas, we have a big get together with family, but for Christmas Day, we have done the chili and sugar cookie deal for the past 4 years and love it! :)

  17. Jennifer A. Tucker says:

    Boo Mama you are the BEST! Do not ever stop writing your blog posts even if you think they’re boring because they are NOT! They are hilarious! You make lol at my desk at work and I need a laugh around here! Merry Chrsitmas!

  18. I am TOTALLY game for a watch party. Last year, the comments between you, Melanie, Kelly, and Angie were like a watch party anyway. I’d love to be a part!

  19. Around Christmastime, we make a GIGANTIC batch of homemade chex mix in the big roaster, and it’s gone within a week!

  20. For Christmas Eve, we always have King Ranch chicken casserole, chips, salsa and guacamole, Spanish rice. For dessert, we go to the “goody table” set up in the dining room which has a cheesecake, homemade pecan pralines, peanut brittle, toffee, shortbread, all kinds of Christmas cookies… and Kelly’s Korner ice cream punch! The punch is like a cold chocolate shake and so refreshing!

    Love your blog!!

    • Oh my that punch sounds great! Do you have a recipe?

      • Ice Cream Punch

        1 box vanilla ice cream
        1 box chocolate ice cream
        half gallon of milk (use low-fat, if desired)
        1 bottle Hershey’s chocolate syrup
        (optional) 1-2 cups of coffee, if you want to make it a cafe au lait punch.

        Empty both boxes of ice cream into a punch bowl.
        Pour in about 3/4 of the milk.
        Pour in the bottle of syrup or as much as you want.
        Stir together. It will be the consistency of a milkshake with small lumps of ice cream. Use a punch ladle to serve into cups. Drink and enjoy, kids love it!

  21. Heather Crawley says:

    Christmas Eve is always lasagna. It was a tradition when I was a kid and I have carried it over to my family. Since both my parents are now gone, it is also my little way of having them here for Christmas. Christmas dinner is always something different – last year porkloin, this year we are going turkey/ham. But, one staple is what we call Crawley salad – mixed greens, mandarin oranges, bacon, mushrooms, almonds. We have it at every family gathering.

  22. Thanks for reminding me to get out the Christmas table cloths. We should enjoy them for the whole week rather than just on Christmas. :)

  23. Thanks Boo Mama for your continued chuckles on a daily basis. I love it!

  24. Every year, for Christmas dinner…my mama makes me enchiladas. No ham and turkey for us thank you very much….just some good old TexMex…or maybe it’s TenMex since we live in Tennessee.

  25. When we’ve had our fill of typical/traditional holiday foods, we generally go with Swiss Steak. :) It’s yummy, and we typically don’t eat it throughout the year. I’ve already requested it for this year. I’m over the turkey.

  26. Writers block stinks:) We have gumbo every year for Christmas. Growing up I thought we were kind of weird for eating seafood on Christmas, but my hubby family always did gumbo on Christmas too!

  27. Love this food tradition from my in-laws—let the kids plan the menu for Christmas Eve. Be prepared for popcorn, ice cream, and all manner of junk food—not balanced but definitely brings out the child in all of us! My mother-in-law says it’s a relief when the children become teenagers and ask for pizza.:)

  28. I, for one, think a post written by you on Martha’s latest jackets would be deelightful!

  29. You watched basketball? That’s practically exercise. *gold star*

  30. For Christmas Eve we have always had French Onion Soup! Yum!!

  31. Our slightly-nontraditional Christmas-season side dish over the past couple of years has been – don’t panic; no water-bath or tiptoeing around the house required, at least not with my mom’s recipe! – cheese souffle. Or I think we’ve done carrot souffle, which always takes kind of halfway like a side dish and halfway like a dessert.

  32. Seafood gumbo for Christmas dinner!!! Not traditional for most people, but it’s a semi-tradition for us.


  33. I usually don’t comment, but I just have to say, sometimes my favorite blog posts of yours are about the everyday stuff just because I like hearing that not everyone has Super Important Things going on everyday. Good to know I’m not alone and that sometimes a new tablecloth is the most exciting news!
    As for Christmas food, we have our strange tradition of quiche and chili. Strange, I know, but my mother has always done this and insists quiche has eggs (a breakfast food) and the chili is a lunch-y food. So no matter what you’re looking for there is something. Personally, the all appetizer format sounds fantastic to me! Perhaps I’ll pitch that idea this year!

    • I totally agree with your comment about blogging everyday stuff! I think everyone’s probably experiencing a bit of a haze this week, so why not blog about a cute tablecloth and menu planning?!?!

  34. Love the table cloth… errr, topper! Walmart is one of my fave go-to places.
    I haven’t watched Survivor since the week before Thanksgiving so I wonder who are still in there.
    The Miss America viewing party sounds awesome — I may partake on that (if I won’t forget).
    BTW, followed your blog from Ree, The Pioneer Woman.:)

  35. Kimberly/OKC says:

    Have you watched Storage Wars? It’s really good …and addicting. Survivor…it WAS weird, too much talk about God…don’t know if he wants credit/blame for all they are doing…tho I am SURE that Survivor is at the top of God’s priority list ;^).

    PS: wanted to tell you I tried the Sister Shubert’s rolls for T-day and they were terrific so we will be eating those for Christmas too! Thanks for the tip!

    • Kimberly/OKC says:

      —-Make that a capital “H” at He in middle of line two…I NEVER forget that, but this time I did!

  36. On Christmas Eve we have biscuits and chocolate gravy with my husband’s family. Delicious!

  37. Totally up for the Miss America viewing party. I had a blast reading comments from the Miss Mississippi viewing party.
    As for non-traditional meals during the holidays—when I was a little girl we made individual homemade pizzas on Christmas Eve. Now we have my dad’s delicious italian sausage and peppers pasta. Yum! Christmas night, we have french onion soup, pork/beef tenderloin, twice bake potatoes, some kind of green vegetable, and peppermint pie.
    Can you tell I could talk food and menu planning all day long? Sorry.
    Merry Christmas!

  38. I kind of started a tradition with our family after our oldest son got married 4 yrs. ago. Our daughter was already married and I try to keep peace with everyone. I’ve said it many times that “I do not care which day we celebrate Christmas over the holidays. I just want my family all together on whatever day we can.” We’ve managed to be together on Christmas afternoon-evening, so far. We open gifts around 4:00 p.m. and eat at around 5:30-6:00. I want to enjoy my family while they are here so I fix stuff that can be prepared ahead of time. I try to time it so the food is ready to come out of the oven/crockpot at 5:30. Last year, I had my knee replaced on Dec. 16, so hubs helped me fix chili and potato soup. You’d be surprised what you can do using a walker! (Having a thoughtful hubs was key)
    This year I’m fixing baked hash browns, baked beans, ham, dips, cheeseballs, and desserts. All totally self-serve :) Love your cool tablecloth!

  39. With my in-laws, we’ve started to have fondue on Christmas Eve. Cheese and chocolate with all kinds of fun things to dip in! I’m already excited for it next week!

  40. When we lived in Lake Charles, LA for 10 years, we always had gumbo on Christmas Eve after the church service at a friend’s home. Since we moved to Decatur, AL 5 years ago, we decided to continue with that tradition, only now I cook the gumbo for our family to eat after church on Christmas Eve. The nice thing is that it can (and should) be cooked the day before so it tastes best!