Attention, Gift Givers Of The Universe

Some of y’all may remember a few years ago when I first told you about a sassy little jewelry case my sister-in-law Janie invented. It’s called the JJ, and it’s the perfect way to store your jewelry when you travel. Nothing gets tangled or knotted, and everything stays in its place once you’ve wrapped up the JJ and put it in your suitcase.

Here’s a little sampling of patterns – there are lots of cute ones!

Janie emailed me earlier today to tell me that she’s ready to close out this round of patterns – and as a result she’s having a big ole sale. The full-size JJ is only $25, and the JJ Junior is $15. The Junior is perfect for a weekend trip OR for a young girl who’s just started to get interested in jewelry. The full-size JJ will hold a TON (okay. not literally.) of jewelry and is my personal favorite when I travel because, well, I like lots of earring options.

SO, if you need a fab Christmas gift – or just a little happy for yourself – click on over and check out all the cute (and affordable!) designs. I have full confidence that Janie will ship out your order right away because she’s a total list-maker and doesn’t like stuff hanging over her head. Her calendar is color-coded, people. She doesn’t mess around in matters of efficiency.

Just wanted to pass along the good word about a great gift – let me know if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to answer!

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  1. Awesome! My daughter and daughter-in-law would love those! Hmmmmm……

  2. Girl! I’m heading RIGHT over there to get one or four. I love these! And what a great gift for my traveling girlfriends!

  3. How neat!! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Awesome goodies!

  5. These are so cute (and practical too)!

  6. Thanks for the great idea! I needed another stocking stuffer for my girls. You saved me a trip to the Walmarts/Target!

  7. My mom has been looking for a jewelry organizer. I ordered her one for Christmas!