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I have an incurable case of The Shares. Therefore comma get ready for LINKS-A-PLENTY.

– Well.

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 5.40.25 PM

Dave Barnes released a Christmas album today. It’s called A December to Remember, and it is fantastic (seriously – it is FANTASTIC). Somehow it’s classic, soulful, and modern all at the same time, with a great mix of standards we all grew up with and original songs we’re going to want to learn by Thanksgiving. I know it probably sounds strange, but I can’t wait to sing this album in the car with my family. It’s ’bout-near perfect.

– Something tells me that Ohio State’s band did some practicing over the summer. I loved the Michael Jackson halftime show, but I think this one is even more awesome.

– I’ll be at Mistletoe Marketplace in Jackson, MS next week to sell and sign books at my friend Lea Margaret’s booth (SoDelta Candle Company, booth #608). I’ll be there early Thursday afternoon through Friday night. My friend Elise will be there to sell books at the gala (which sounds very fancy) on Wednesday night – just in case anyone wants to buy books and then pick up signed copies later in the week. Email me if you have questions or if I’ve made this whole thing terribly confusing.

– I want to write like Angie when I grow up. You’ll understand why after you read this post. Absolutely gorgeous – and a mighty timely word.

– This looks awesome (giddy up, J.J. Abrams fans). (via)

Cheeky Maiden Soap Co. has spoiled me rotten. I order all of my soap from them these days; it’s all-natural, affordable, and so very kind to sensitive skin. Plus, it smells like a little piece of heaven. My most recent order arrived last week, and as soon as I opened the box and inhaled the deliciousness, I made a mental note to pass along the link. Because I love the stuff.

– My friend Rosemary is in college and got engaged a couple of months ago. Her post about the proposal will make you cry happy tears.

– Last but not least.


Ree’s new cookbook released today, and it is a feast for the senses. The photography, the writing, the recipes – everything about it is engaging and helpful and fun. I’m crazy about the way it’s organized (holiday by holiday), and I can’t wait to try the recipes. I have a feeling that my copy will be dog-eared in no time.

Hope y’all have had a great Tuesday!

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  1. Sophie – don’t know if you’ve seen the following video, or not, but I do know that I darned sure know No. One. who loves tap dancing more than do you. My darling DiL shared it with me and I immediately thought: BooMama!, when I saw it. So, in the spirit of sharing links, for your viewing pleasure (jazz hands and all): Hope it delights and chuckles you as much as it did me. beth.

  2. That’s my band! My Dad taught at Ohio State for 35 years and several members of my family got degrees from there. It’s where my parents met. I didn’t go there, because I wanted to go to a small Christian school, but I bleed scarlet and gray. This halftime show is just one of the reasons we feel we have the (giving the ‘g rated version of the name here) Best Darn Band in the Land! GO BUCKS!! :)

  3. If that proposal wasn’t precious then I don’t know what is! And that band is amazing.

  4. Go Bucks!!

  5. Sophie! My father-in-law is making a special trip to Mistletoe Marketplace from his home in Brandon, MS to meet you! Then, he’ll send a signed copy of your book to me in Monroe, MI (yes, home to Miss America 1988 who is still amazing). He said he wants to be part of the fun! How precious is this man!? He may be bringing my sister-in-law Christina as well. I cannot express how grateful I am for my Mississippi family!

  6. That band was awesome, wowzers, someone has to work very hard to come up with new ideas. And I loved the way the crowd was so into the performance, it surely must make all the hard work they do worthwhile. Thanks for sharing!


  7. I SO wish you could come to our huge holiday Expo held here in Lebanon, TN. (November 22-23) Then all your Nashville fans could come meet you! SO many of us want you to come to TN!!!!!! I have a booth all ready for you if you could come:) Wouldn’t y’all LOVE to see her here???

  8. Canaan Herkamp says:

    That post by Angie…oh my heavens! I sobbed into a dirty dishtowel that was close by..

  9. Jennifer S says:

    Sophie, is Dave Barnes’ new Christmas album only available in MP3? I can’t seem to find it on CD on Amazon. Help!

  10. Erin in CO says:

    GIRL! The Ohio State University Marching Band…TBDBITL! My hubs and I are going to be at the IN game next month, and this makes me oh-so-excited for what we’ll see : ) In the meantime, I can show our kiddos, who won’t be there. Extra awesome! Love that you included that in today’s post. Can’t neglect mentioning Angie’s link, too…emotions all over the place between those two…

  11. Lynnetta C says:

    Since you’re going to be at Mistletoe and you like fancy soaps, you might want to check out Dirty Hippie Soaps while there. These all natural, vegan soaps are made in Morton, Mississippi, and they will have a booth at Mistletoe.

  12. My hometown is close to Columbus OH and our high school marching band got a lot of inspiration from OSU’s band. Good memories!

  13. Loved all the links — thanks : ) See you at Mistletoe!

  14. Love the links and going right now to check out the soap. I’m all into soap and love a good recommendation! Blessings!

  15. Fran Calloway says:

    I have Ree’s cookbook…….totally awesome!