Ray Of Sunshine

I rarely mention anything even vaguely political here on the blog because conflict makes me nervous – which is why online discussions about politics typically make me want to set my hair on fire and then crawl under the covers. That doesn’t mean that I want to crawl under the covers while my hair is on fire because, well, HOME HAZARD, but the point is that politics make me want to do a fair amount of screaming and then find somewhere to hide and maybe even sleep.

This is a very mature perspective, obviously. It’s no wonder that I speak so frequently at local political rallies and also debates.

(I just rolled my eyes so hard that I wondered for a few seconds if the right one was stuck.)

Anyway, this week I’ve followed the news a little more closely because I’m trying to keep up with what’s going on in Washington, and I have thought over and over again that I am REAL glad that I’m not the Health and Human Services Secretary or a member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Those hearings have STRESSED ME OUT.

That’s one reason why I took some extra time to stare at the sunrise this morning.


Isn’t that just something else? Seeing God at work in that big ole sky has a way of putting things back in perspective.

Anyway. Tonight is Halloween, which is probably my least favorite of all the holidays because COSTUMES. I do not enjoy costumes. I do not enjoy making them, or wearing them, or trying to make conversation with other adults who happen to be wearing costumes. It’s totally irrational, I know, but I just prefer a holiday where I’m expected – and lo, even encouraged – to show up in street clothes. I think one of my issues with costumes is that I don’t like to pretend, so it throws me off if I see someone I know wearing a wig and talking in a funny voice and pretending to be Katy Perry. Because no, you are not Katy Perry. You are Rhonda. Hypothetically. Because I’ve never actually had a friend named Rhonda who dressed up like Katy Perry. But if I did, there’s no question that it would freak me out.

(I’m totally fine with kids in costumes, by the way.)

(I think that kids in costumes are adorable.)

(Can you tell I’ve been a little punchy this week?)

(I’ve been a little punchy.)

A little while ago I was thinking about how adults in costumes can make me feel uneasy, and then I got tickled because IRRATIONAL FEARS, I GOT ‘EM. I’m not scared of snakes and spiders and normal things. I mean, I don’t like or watch scary movies, but if I did, I don’t think they would play into my fears. Because my fears are weird. For example.

1. I am completely grossed out by and terrified of clusters of raised circles or clusters of holes. I found out earlier this year that it’s called trypophobia (I mentioned this in a podcast), and I can totally work myself into a dither about it. It really does cause great anxiety when I get a mental image of some sort of cluster-y something that I can’t shake. And I think it all started in botany lab when we would watch videos with up-close images of things like insect eggs. Okay I have to stop talking about it right now STOP IT.

2. Honeycombs. Forget it. Instant nausea. Please see #1.

3. Pictures of tumors or cysts. Just NO. Because you know those people who will put a picture on Facebook and say, “I was so surprised when the doctors removed this from my arm” – and then THERE’S A PICTURE OF IT? That picture will cause me to take a nerve pill. Because while that cyst or whatever is unfortunate, and while it’s good the doctors were able to remove it, THAT IS YOUR PERSONAL BUSINESS.

(I seriously just walked in my kitchen and wondered if I have any nerve pills on the premises. I’m getting a little worked up.)

4. The insides of pumpkins or cantaloupes. It’s the combination of stringy/slimy and seeds. Can’t do it. Totally gives me the shivers.

5. Animals with opposite textures on their bodies. Porcupines. Hedgehogs. Turtles. Armadillos. Couldn’t touch any of them if you paid me cash money. Might have a heart attack if I had to look at the underside of a turtle while touching the shell.

All righty. That just about covers it. You’re so welcome. And now I’m wondering why in the world I just did that to myself because ICK.

Let’s look at that sunrise one more time, why don’t we?


Better. Much, much better.

So. Does anybody else have strange fears or phobias?

I think it would make my crazy feel better to know that I’m not alone. Seeing as how I just told the internet that I’m afraid of turtles and all.

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  1. I am with you on the photos of cysts. In no world is that appropriate to share on any medium except a medical journal.

    I do not like cooking things in a pan on the stove. There I said it. It’s just too high pressure for me. It’s so loud and tense and it’s so easy to burn something. I prefer to use either the oven or the crock pot because they are much calmer in my opinion. If I read a recipe that says “saute xyz” WELL THANKS BUT NO THANKS.

    I also do not like pens that do not have lids or the ability to be clicked shut. There is just something about it that feels unresolved to me and I can’t stand it. If I lose the cap to a pen, I will throw the whole pen away!

  2. I fear clowns, and not just the Stephen King “It” kind of clowns. Clowns in general do not give me a peaceful, easy feeling. So, imagine my response last Halloween when my husband and I visited Busch Gardens’ Howl ‘O Scream which featured various creepy vignettes and haunted houses…including a whole scary clown/insane circus portion. It involved clowns carrying chainsaws. Maniacal, lab coat wearing clowns with frizzy hair and rotting teeth would sidle up beside an obviously petrified person (me) and revv up their chainsaws. We didn’t know what to expect, but the entire production was incredibly well done and I would wholeheartedly recommend it. (There was an entire haunted area dedicated to phobias.)

    However, circus music still makes my eye twitch.

    • Ditto, Ditto and Ditto! Clowns creep me out, I don’t want to hear about them, think about them, definitely not look at them – keep them away from me. Not in a book, nor in person, nor stuffed, nor knick-knack form. I don’t want to be near them!!! My husband and children think I’m crazy.
      I don’t care! Keep them away from me!

  3. I have a strange phobia with wooden spoons, especially if they’re dry. It goes the same for popsicle sticks or wooden yard sticks. That rough, dry feeling just makes my skin crawl. I’m a teacher and I actually have one end of my yardstick wrapped in packing tape. My students think its hilarious. My husband and kids also like to come up behind me and touch me on the arm or leg with a spoon. Good family entertainment!

  4. Styrofoam. Don’t ask. For years, you couldn’t even get me to touch the stuff. And I HATE HATE HATE the sound it makes when it squeaks. So to torture me, every time we came home from a restaurant, my sister would take the styrofoam container and chase me around the house while scratching it with her nails and making it squeak, and I would run screaming. It’s still awful.

    • Completely agree! Hate Styrofoam! Visited our daughters at college last weekend just outside of Chicago and it seemed every take away place used Styrofoam cups! I kept to my water bottle.

  5. I have the weirdest irrational fear every time I am standing on a bridge over water. I am afraid I will take off my wedding ring and throw it. I would NEVER ever never do this intentionally, but I have this crazy fear that I will do it without thinking. So every time I walk across a bridge, I use my left thumb to press and hold my ring tIghtly on. I won’t let my right hand touch my left hand while on a bridge, because… Oh! The horror! What if I accidentally take off my ring and throw it?! Now I’ll be the one searching my house for nerve pills…

    • I have a similar fear. I can’t take my son to feed the ducks at the park because I’m am totally sure that my ring (which is actually too small and I have to force it on and off) is going to fly off my finger. I always hold my ring with my thumb any time I’m near water. Glad to know I’m not alone!

  6. I’m a nurse and not grossed out at all at work (even working in the operating room or hospital or ER-type-situations) but I’m completely grossed out by #3 if I’m not expecting it. At work, I find it all interesting and exciting (Well, for the most part…. Some things are always gross.), but Facebook is just not the place for that… Gag.

    • This nurse agrees. Please keep all medical matters off of the Facebook. Nobody wants to see it!

  7. I don’t know if I had any phobias before but I’m pretty sure I do after reading that. Why must I google everything? WHY??

  8. Hair not attached to the head. It actually grosses me out more than scares me, but still, I can’t take it. Attached to the head, perfectly fine. Stray hair on my sweater, panic like it’s a spider. And don’t get me started about the ones that get wrapped around my fingers while washing my hair. It’s enough to make me want to shave it all off and go with wigs. Except that would technically be hair not attached to the head, so NO.

    • Oh thank goodness I am not alone. I got the gags and shivers just reading this. My poor husband has to clean out the drain thing every day or I cannot get in the shower.

    • Yes! Just yes! Hair off the head totally creeps me out. Strands on the bathroom counter or floor make me gag a little. My family thinks I’m loco!

  9. I am petrified of fish hooks. Will. Not. Touch. One. Will not go into a room where a fishing pole with a rusty hook sits. Seriously, I have goosebumps just thinking of it!

  10. Canned biscuits. Or any kind of pressurized dough product. I cannot pull the paper or press a spoon against the seam until it POPS open. The suspense of not knowing when that will happen is TOO MUCH for me to bear. Oh, and cockroaches. But that’s not irrational at all so that can’t be a phobia, can it?

    • I am terrified to open the pressurized cans too! I have my 11 year old son do it for me!

    • I’m the same way about canned biscuits! I want to make breakfast for my family on Saturday mornings and have to wake up my husband or boys to open the can for me. I can’t even peel the paper back because some of them pop early…Sometimes there is no one to help me and I have to force myself to pop the can and it just makes me sick! I break out into a cold sweat! When I was first married, I worked as a hairstylist and the receptionist would give the kids balloons in the waiting room (not far from my station) & inevitably a kid would start biting them and I just knew it was going to pop and all kinds crazy would result…

    • Phyllis Harper says:

      Oh geez! Canned Biscuits! I make someone else open those things!

    • Here’s a tip that helped me. Instead of using a spoon and all that horrible anticipation, bang it on the kitchen counter. Then you know exactly when it will open. :)

  11. I love this. I have several, but I’ll just go with my top three. I am with Laura on the pens without a cap thing. I also can’t stand pens near me when I’m eating. So a working lunch, no. If I do eat at my desk they all have to go in a drawer. I also don’t like gum. But I don’t even want it around me or in my house. If my husband buys it, I will usually throw it away. I also HATE putting my hands in pockets that have little pieces of paper, or tissues in them. Like if I borrow a coat or have to clean out my husbands pants pockets before doing laundry, and put my hands in the pockets, and surprise there is trash/junk in there, it just does me in!

  12. I once knew a guy who said “I’m only afraid of spiders if they are hiding under toilet seats.” So, ever since I too have a fear of spiders under toilet seats.

    And, admittedly the guy who said that.


    • When I was younger and at summer camp, we had outdoor latrines. My last year we shared a three holer with another cabin. A tarantula was living in there and you had to check all 3 toilets before sitting down.

  13. I had to comment just because I was tickled that you used my name in your post. You even spelled it with the “h”! Tickled! Anyhow, I don’t have any weird phobias but my daughter is deathly afraid of worms. Like, she will cry if she sees a worm. She’s 18…..and she used to be afraid of automatic flush toilets. She is afraid of the vacuum cleaner. About 2 years ago I gave her the choice of vacuuming her room once a week, or doing all of her own laundry. She’s been doing her laundry ever since then and has never used a vacuum.

    • I have to laugh because I have a three year old daughter who is deathly afraid of worms, automatic flush toilets, and vacuum cleaners. She refused to get out of the car this week because she saw a dead worm on the floor in our garage….and I was thinking to myself, “SOMEDAY she will grow out of it!” But…maybe not?!?

  14. Ack! Here we go…
    1. Mustard
    2. Squirels

    My biggest fear in life? #2 running around covered in #1. Summertime picnics are no fun for me!

    • I wasn’t gonna take the time to read these responses but I’m so glad I did. This is my favorite so far! I can just picture a cute little mustard covered squirrel running around. LOL!

  15. Stray hairs! Hair in a public restroom sink makes my skin crawl. Hair on the floor, hair on a chair in the Dr.’s office! I could
    It’s weird because I have long hair but I can not stand stray hairs! I could never be a hair stylist!

    • That is a VERY good one. It’s funny how thousands of hairs on people’s heads are okay, but one falls out and AHHHHHHHH!

    • It’s a good thing you don’t work at my high school because I find big hunks of weave EVERYWHERE and I just can’t stand it. I will turn around and walk the long way to avoid sharing air with weave hunks….ew.

  16. Michelle Washington says:

    These are hilarious and it’s good to know we all have a certain type of crazy in us. Mine’s Band-Aids. Can’t stand them and will avoid using them at all costs. I don’t like the smell of them and the fact that used ones always manage to show up at public pools, water parks, sidewalks….UGH!

  17. Raw Chicken hate looking at it and touching it. It creeps me clean out.

    One a side note I’m not a fan of Halloween either, and its for the exact same reason, I don’t do pretend well, never have, never will !

  18. I always stand on the sides of my feet while using a hotel shower. I feel I get less germs that way. And using a hot tub?! Barf!

  19. Laura McG says:

    Mold on food. I remember my mama would just cut off that pesky molded corner on the cheese block. No way can I even think about doing that. I get sick thinking about it.

  20. Spiders. And there are two huge garden spiders on both ends of our shop. My son named the one with THREE egg sacks and seven legs Charlotte. We had to work around her while we were doing yard work two days ago because, you know, you don’t want to mess up her web or her eggs with millions of baby spiders inside. Help.me. I did my work with my eyes closed mostly, only peeking out to make sure I wasn’t making contact with a web.

    • Kathleen George says:

      What a brave woman you are. We have a small shop or storage attached to the house & I can’t go in it. Have to wait for my husband to go in. Its creepy. Think that something is in there waiting. Always looking for a black widow’s too

  21. Bagpipes.
    I get the willies when I see them, hear them, or like now, when I think about them.
    NO idea why. :)

  22. Kathleen George says:

    Perfect post for post Halloween. Watched Grey’s Anatomy last night eating Halloween candy and low and behold, a patient with maggots on her leg. Gross! Maggots! Seen my share. Oh, roaches? Sewer roaches, a category of its own. Now, I have to check the lid of the toilet set for spiders. Mmmmmm don’t have any nerve pills, so I’ll settle for Halloween candy with my coffee.

  23. I cannot walk over sidewalk grates. Luckily our small town does not have them, but if we go to Atlanta,New York or other big cities, I have a panic attack trying to make it down a crowed sidewalk while avoiding the grate in the middle. I am usually balancing along the curb.

    • kacey korting says:

      That is my fear as well. I have never been able to do it and have been made fun of numerous times- so glad I’m not alone!!!

  24. I am scared of the color yellow. Yep, I just admitted that on the whole world wide internet. It makes my skin crawl and my head hurt and it scares me. I have no idea why.

    I also greatly dislike human feet. Baby feet are okay, but if you are over the age of five I do not want to see your feet, ever. Which is funny, bc my feet are fine and I am wearing flip-flops right now.

    • Amen to the feet. Everything you said sums me up perfectly. I don’t mind a bit to get a pedicure but the thought of having to give someone a pedicure makes me gag. I even apologize to the people at the nail salon for their endless woe that must be their job. My family is so supportive and sends me pictures of disgusting feet and toenail fungus on a regular basis. Good times!!

      Also the lady who has the irrational fear of throwing her rings into water made me actually laugh out loud. I do the same thing…but it’s my cell phone. What in the world???

  25. Gum. I loathe it. The smell, the texture, the sound of people chewing it or the sight of people blowing bubbles. I just can’t take it. My husband thinks I am beyond strange about this.
    I am also irrationally afraid of heights. My husband’s office is on the 12th floor of a skyscraper in Dallas. One wall is a floor to ceiling window that looks out. Before I can walk into his office, he has to move his extra chairs away from the window where they normally sit, to the other side of the office and then turn them with their backs to the window. Then I walk in with my eyes closed and feel my way to the chair. Just the sight of that window with the view from so high makes me feel like I’m falling. And I’m afraid I will hysterically run right into the window which will magically disappear and I will be free falling. The issues, I have ’em. I only go to his office maybe twice a year and I’m sure he’s happy with that. No sense letting his employees know that his wife is insane.

  26. Mary Feagley says:

    The sound of bristles makes me…bristle! I hate the sound of people brushing their teeth (oddly not when I’m doing it to myself)…send shivers up my spine. A big brush cleaning a floor sends me running the other way!

  27. Sarah Stephens says:

    I am so glad there’s a name for that nauseous feeling I get when I think of honeycombs or bubbles or bumpy things. I thought it was just me!!!

  28. I’m totally with you about costumes. It freaks me out! I can’t ever tell who the people are and it’s just weird.

  29. BALLOONS!!!! I hate them.. Always afraid they are going to POP!

    I never let my children play with them when they were small…..

  30. Yes!!! To ALL of your phobias! I have always called it “a fear of weird textures.” Falcor, the bubble dog in Neverending Story started it for me. BUT, if I look to closely at trees, I get nauseous. Even houses and walls that are covered in shingles or are overly textured- shiver! I once accidentally saw a special on a man that was petrifying into a tree based on some weird disorder and I actually had to throw up. I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it.

    • Eek!!! So I am not the only one who was completely and utterly disgusted by Falcor! Good to know:). And growing up my aunt used lotus seed pods in her dried floral arrangements. I could die just thinking about it again. How could anyone think that looks nice!?!?!

  31. Jennifer S says:

    Terrified by heights. I know that’s not a strange fear, lots of people have it but I get an immediate physical reaction. My husband often thinks it’s funny to veer to the side when we’re driving over a high bridge. I do not find this amusing at all. Also, I do not like or watch scary movies, especially ones with paranormal themes. There are some things you should just not put in your head. Oh, there is one odd fear that I have – I am afraid of the rhinoceros at the zoo. Afraid he is going to charge and skewer me like a ka-bob.

  32. Karen Ward says:

    I don’t like swinging bridges or any type of walkway where the walls on either side don’t come up past my waist or higher. I live in Chattanooga so the swinging bridge at Rock City? Negative. A couple of years ago, my family and I went to Clingman’s Dome in the Smokies. I wanted to go up to the top of the tower – truly, I did. But the walls on either side of the walkway don’t come up higher than my waist. I tried SO HARD to make it all the way up but ended up crying, sinking into a mess on the ground and crawling backwards down. HOW. EMBARASSING. Luckily, I’ll never see those people again. Not my family – the other folks :)

    • I had to laugh (only because I feel the same way). I am also deathly afraid of heights and I get the coming above your waist as an acceptable mark! I have never and will.never. walk across that swinging bridge! I have envisioned myself doing so and i am 100% sure that a step or two (or a number needed that i could not safely step over) would fall out as I was walking OR the entire thing would detach from one side of the mountain and hang loosely while I was left clinging for life. Worse yet, I would for some unknown irrational reason lean over the flimsy little rope…..seriously nervous just imagining. Oh goodness…I have flashbacks of watching others go over it!

  33. Kimberly L says:

    First of all, Sophie, I just want to tell you how much I really enjoy reading your posts. I receive the daily feed, so they’re typically a day after you actually post them on your blog. However, like this one, they always seem to be heaven-sent and the message that I need to uplift me for a particular day. Thank you and God bless you!
    Okay, I just had to respond to your call for weird phobias. Sure I have the typical aversion to snakes and high places, but what makes me unique is that nuns give me the creeps. Yes, the mere sight of a woman in black habit causes my heart to flutter and a feeling of dread come over me.
    This stems back to when I was 5 and a group of nuns moved into a motel room next to ours when my father was going through special pilot training in Sumter, SC. They’d checked in for a weekend holiday. I saw these women coming down the walkway and I fled under the bed in our room. Years prior my mother had to take my sister to a Catholic hospital in Laredo, TX. I kept staring at these women dressed all in black. My mother tried to correct me and tell me not to stare at them. She told my 3-year-old mind that the women wore that clothing because they were “married” to God. Oh horrors! Naturally, when I saw them again two years later all I could think was that they knew how bad I’d been and the wrath of God would come down upon me. I can smile looking back on those days, but I still get the willies whenever I see a nun to this day.

  34. Snakes. It’s snakes with me. I know being afraid of snakes isn’t that strange, lots of people are afraid of snakes. Since I like to be original, I take my fear one step further and am so afraid of snakes I cannot even touch a picture of a snake. If I happen to come across on in a newspaper or book when I turn the page, it seriously freaks me out. Yeah, I can count on nightmares if that happens…

    • Beth in the City says:

      I don’t like pictures of snakes either! Also, at night, every circular thing in my house, lying on the floor in the shadows, is totally a snake. Except when I turn on the lights it never is!

  35. Oh gosh. Number 1. YES.

  36. So, first I have to tell you that your post title made me chuckle. Back when I attempted grad school, I had this very old man professor (who was apparently famous in the world of grad school communications people, but honestly, he hadn’t been in People magazine, so I’d never heard of him before that semester). He was very nice and more than once – once even in writing – called me a ray of sunshine.

    I’m pretty sure everyone who’s ever met me knows how ridiculous THAT is.

    Anyway. I’m scared of trains. It goes back to a recurring nightmare I had as a child about being run over by trains…in outer space. (No, I did not go see Gravity, thank you so much for asking.) So when my daughter decided she loves watching the PBS cartoon, Dinosaur Train? I pretty much just died. IT’S ABOUT A TRAIN TRAVELING THROUGH TIME…AND SPACE! Who thinks of such horrible things???

    Yup. Ray. Of. Sunshine.

  37. Porta Potties Yep, I’ve been known to go BEHIND the porta potty rather than in it. My idea of hell is an entire row of nothing but port potties and nowhere else to do your business! I mean can you imagine what kind of something that could live inside the porta potty?? And then what if it tried to come out and bite me on the behind???!!!!! aaaughhhh!!!!!!! I wrote a paper in English class in college (we had to write a paper on a fear) and my professor thought it was so funny that he actually made me read it in front of the class. Good thing public speaking wasn’t a fear, right? So the next time you have to use a porta potty just think about some gross monster coming up and grabbing your behind and pulling you in. **shivers**

  38. This post made me smile.

    I cannot go barefoot. I must have shoes, or socks on at all times.

    I really dislike Cotton Candy, Marshmallows, Divinity Candy, Licorice and Jelly Beans. The texture, the smell-there is something just off about them.

    I am creeped out by Victorian furniture. I think it goes back to the old movie with Don Knotts- The Ghost and Mr Chicken…

  39. I am totally, TOTALLY, wigged out by tree frogs and the little tiny lizards that run around everywhere in Florida. Yes, they are completely HARMLESS, but those tiny creepy feet that can cling to walls?? EW EW EW..can you imagine those tiny feet somewhere ON YOU? Aggghhhhhh!!!

    Thanks for sharing your weird, Sophie! We all have some!

  40. Afraid of? Roaches. Thanks to a mission trip to Houston when I was a teenager. Found out that some roaches are, indeed, longer than 3″ long and some can, in fact, FLY. FLY!When you have to completely enclose yourself in your zipped sleeping bag for the night, that’ll change you. In our house, I deal with every spider. Husband gets every cockroach. YUK!

    Disgusted by? Food sitting in water (like a dirty plate soaking in the sink) absolutely disgusts me. Grosses me out to no end. So, no, DO NOT RINSE YOUR PLATE IN THE SINK trying to help me out. Just leave it dirty and dry on the counter and I’ll deal with it in a minute.

    On a related note – baths. DISGUSTING. How can someone actually like sitting in a vat of standing water soaking in their own filth. UGH! No, thank you. I’ll pass.

  41. I’m 100% with you on trypophobia. I never knew it was an actual thing, but when I googled it and the images popped up my legs immediately started itching. I’m itching just typing this. I want nothing more than to fill all those empty holes.

  42. Becky in 'Bama says:

    Fears of bugs, snakes, bridges, heights, etc… not surprising. But, Sophie – pumpkin and cantaloupe insides? clusters of circles? animals with opposite textures? I laughed out loud! I guess everybody has the MC Hammer ‘can’t touch that’ syndrome about something. I can’t say I have any paralyzing fears, but I have a ‘do not do that’ subject in my life: I simply cannot/will not watch an animal-themed movie (8-below, My friend Flicka, Lassie, War Horse, Old Yeller, etc..) nor will I watch any news documentaries concerning animal mis-treatment, etc.. It usually does not end well for an animal and the despair and sadness are too overwhelming (yes, I know the movies are not real). I have watched National Velvet many times, but the first time was before I developed my phobia and I know the outcome in that one is happy! (plus I love me some Mickey Rooney movies) Oh…and shrimp…I can cook them for the husband, but they do not go in my mouth. Yew.

  43. I am going to need a nerve pill just from reading this. Loose hair is by far my biggest terror, but clowns are right up there and I am also petrified of dust bunnies.

  44. Cardboard boxes. Can’t see them or touch them, or hear or see someone else touch them without the shivers and getting nauseous. And, horror of horrors, I have had to move 4times in past 5 years. That’s a LOT of boxes. I am hanging hanging on to sanity by a mere thread. A mere thread I tell you. :)

  45. kacey korting says:

    Sidewalk grates as well. Will NOT walk on them ever! Downtown is a huge issue and one day I might get hit by a bus avoiding the grates, but I’m not afraid of busses so that works! :)

  46. Monkeys, and that’s all I’m going to say about it.

    But, feet? I could go on and on. The earlier post who said that baby feet were okay is right, but the age of two is my limit. After that – please keep them shod and away from me. And don’t be looking at mine, either.

    • Becky in 'Bama says:

      growing up in a smallish town, there was a guy in the ‘singles’ group at church who had a foot fettish. He would glide through youth choir rehearsal, through adult rehearsal hoping to get a glance at some girl’s/lady’s bare feet. He was mesmerized by feet and once we all figured it out. Not good. Talk about creepy!!!! I pray he never got a job as a shoe salesman – society forever in danger. :)

  47. Jeannette says:

    I hate things that point at me. Like the straw in my cup. The person who is sitting catty-corner from me has his spoon handle pointing at me. A writing utensils sharp end pointing at me.

  48. I am a nurse, and I hate talking about, thinking about, or looking at wounds. And also talking about things that can seep from wounds. Gak.

    Also, I love that you call them nerve pills.

  49. Empty swimming pools. I hate them. I get all tense and freaked out just thinking about them. Not like I run into them a whole lot, but even pictures of them make me FREAK OUT. And if they’re like indoor empty tiled swimming pools, they will make me faint. In fact, I kind of don’t really even like FILLED indoor pools.
    The odd part of this is that there’s no place i’d rather be than in an outdoor pool in the middle of summer. (A filled, clean one of course.)

  50. I am so with you on politics, cantelopes and costumes. They make me want to fall down and die.

  51. Railroad tracks and doors that are open to pitch dark rooms!

    Railroad tracks give me the fear that I’ll get my foot stuck right as a train is coming — sadly, I still shiver even when I drive over tracks! I can’t stand it!

    Also, I can’t go to sleep at night unless my closet door is completely closed and I can’t see the darkness behind it. The lights in the hall have to be open so a pitch dark hallway isn’t seeping in as I sleep. {Shiver}

  52. I am so with you on the pumpkin goop…yuck!

  53. Got issues? LOL! Best post ever!

    I recently saw a couple pictures on fb of snakes that had gotten in people’s houses. Now I’m afraid of a snake getting in my house. Never mind that I’ve never seen a snake anywhere near my house or my neighborhood.

    Things I don’t like: loud crunching when you eat (if I’m the cruncher it’s fine but I can’t stand to be in the room with a loud cruncher) and humming (humming gets on my last nerve).

  54. Sooooo funny!!!

  55. Love this! I have a friend with Tryopophobia but didn’t know what it was called. I made the mistake of googling it after reading this. NOPE! I believe I may have contracted it just by looking at the pictures. Shudder!

    I’m with those of you who have issues with street grates, etc. I will do everything in my power to avoid them.

  56. I don’t like snakes. Although, I am getting used to the little garden snakes that seem to be in my yard all summer. I found out that the neighbors up behind us have a small snake pit in their yard. Somehow that does not make me feel very good. I try not to think about all the ways they could get in my house. Also, not a fear, but it really bothers me when my husband brushes his teeth. Although, in retrospect, I am glad that he brushes his teeth. And lately, I am afraid to read the obituaries because too many people in their 40’s and 50’s are dying and that is my age range. I know God is in control, but I still don’t like to read about people my age dying. And just hearing about some medical conditions gives me an irrational fear that it will happen to me. Such as strokes or heart attacks etc. And your title? Ray of Sunshine – reminded me of my hospital stay a few years back and one of my doctors (we’ll call him Dr. Ray) whom the nurses referred to as Dr. Ray of Sunshine (whatever).

  57. My children know that I CANNOT STAND those weird kind of pictures that look like they move if you tilt them back & forth slightly. You know – the ones that make a horrible screeching noise if you run your fingernails back & forth across them. They make my skin crawl.

    Also, I cannot watch anyone use a mandoline to slice food or even look at a picture of one in a catalog. The potential for unintentional finger slicing overrides any food preparation-related convenience thankyouverymuch.

  58. My phobias are: I go nuts when my husband crawls on the floor and he puts his hands in a fist and comes at me! Is that not the weirdest thing.
    Also, my biggest phobia is closet doors! Yep, I said CLOSET DOORS! They have to be closed all the way, I mean ALL the way! No little space! It freaks me out. I don’t know how many times I have gotten out of bed to shut the closet doors ALL THE WAY!
    I so enjoyed reading all of your phobias!

    • Id rather have the doors open, lol!

    • Mine is closet doors, too…UGH. Hate the things…they HAVE to be closed…soundly!…and after I check them to make sure Lord only knows what is NOT hiding inside them! How crazy!
      The other thing is any kind of green drink…blech. I’m a nurse and that looks like…well, nevermind but it’s really, really, really gross. Shudder, shudder.
      (So needed this laugh, Sophie…thank the good Lord above for sunrises and sunsets and LESS politics!)

    • I can leave the closet doors open during the day, but at night? No, way!

  59. Amy Sumrall says:

    You know those inflatable stick figures that flail about when you plug them up and air shoots up in them? Heaven help me. I can’t even deal. A used car dealership and a quick loan place in town have them and I cringe when I must drive by. And that commercial where a lady gets attacked by one. My.worst.nightmare.

  60. You have no idea how much better I feel reading this! I have always wondered why clusters of holes made my hair stand on end and sent me running, and now I know – trypophobia! There was a tree that I could see from my bedroom window when I was a kid and either bugs or birds had had their way with it. It was FULL of holes. I’m starting to get goosebumps just typing about it. If I would accidentally catch sight of it before bed, I’d have to go through images of happy things in my head to try and get to sleep. (BTW, do NOT Google trypophobia unless you don’t want to sleep tonight. They shouldn’t put images along with the definition!!).

  61. Hi BooMama,
    I feel exactly the same about Halloween. Really the only thing I like about it is the little people’s all dressed up, I love that….but I could do without all the rest also…..Love those sunrise picture’s….They just make everything good, no matter what day!!! I love your every post BooMama, I look forward to it everyday!! Thank You :-)

  62. Crossing the street. Anywhere really, but if it’s somewhere particularly hoppin’, then I RUN LIKE THE WIND, passing grandmas left and right. And when my husband insists on us crossing when the flashing sign says “DO NOT WALK,” then I turn into Usain Bolt.

  63. ICE CREAM TRUCKS freak me out. Big time. Could you even image an ice cream truck being driven by a clown????

  64. Dirty tops – as in dried-up, gummy ketchup, mustard or toothpaste tops. Must clean them immediately and can barely stand to do so.
    Roaches – have an irrational fear of them getting in my bed while I’m sleeping – when I am really tired I hallucinate/dream that I see them on the sheet or my pillow, I wake up in a panic and run out of the room – often can’t go back to sleep in the bed because I’m not sure if it was real or not – this happens weekly
    Steep driveways or streets – absolutely cannot drive up a steep driveway because I am afraid the car will roll backwards. My girls met a new friend in middle school and the first time we drove to his house I knew I couldn’t even attempt it as their house was on the top of a huge hill. So we had to park on the street and walk up the very hilly front yard. There is a restaurant in town whose driveway is a very steep decline. I can’t go there because I won’t be able to leave as I would have to drive back UP. I am able to ride with someone else there but I am panicked the whole time we are driving back up the driveway to get out on the main street.
    I have a daughter who is scared of and can barely touch: styrofoam, towels and newspapers.

  65. I am so happy to read all of these comments, I don’t feel quite so odd now to admit that I am afraid of people using crutches….no idea why, I always have been. Sometimes it is just a nervous feeling, or a little edgy and right down to being terrified. I have been on crutches many times and I feel bad for anyone who has to be on them.
    I also panic when I see someone about to fold a piece of paper and run their fingers along the fold to press it tighter, UGG

  66. Terrie Cash says:

    Amen sister on Halloween. CHALK gives me the hebbie jebbies. Just thinking about it makes my hands begin to sweat as I am typing this out. I hate the feel of it, the sound of it, and the smell of it. I taught school for 5 years back in the late 80’s and never touched chalk. In case if you are wondering if I had to give up my career because of my dislike of chalk, the answer is no. I became a stay home mom. My kids did get to play with sidewalk chalk and had a chalk easel. The chalk and I just kept our distance from each other.

  67. So per #1 EXACTLY. I nearly couldn’t finish reading it for fear that you would go into detail.

    I have a weird thing with terra cotta or anything that resembles that texture…give me CHILLS just thinking about it. Chalkboards will just about send me over the edge.

    Dairy—I cannot stand if I am eating yogurt, ice cream, millkshakes or anything similar to that for someone to come up and ask for a bite. I’ll give your the entire thing. Just yuck. No sharing.

    I know I have more…but who needs to hear all that mess?

  68. First of all, i completely understand the need to look at something divinely beautiful after being exposed to all the man-made issues that surround us daily. Today, my parents and I took a drive to look at all the fall colors. It’s a nice reminder that the bad isn’t all there is to this life. That God is still God and He still sits enthroned above even our most difficult situations.
    Second of all, I am so glad to realize that you and all who have commented have weird fears just like me. I’m not afraid of all bugs but there is one that paralyzes me. Literally. The cockroach. (I just gagged a little.) My dad can’t understand why I can’t just step on one when I see it. I have this theory that if I make eye-contact with one (assuming they have eyes) they will fly at my face and attack me. I have been known to cry and lose my breath from being in the same room as this terrifying monster. It’s a real problem.
    I also cannot stand the feel or sound of skin on fabric. Rubbing feet on carpet. Hands on couches. No, thank you. It’s a little known fact that my mother sometimes likes to use to terrorize me.
    Glad to know I’m not the only one. Thanks for sharing!

  69. This may be your funniest post and comments ever! I am laughing out loud and my husband is looking at me like I’m crazy. I also do not like to go barefoot. I always wear shoes or slippers. I have a weird thing where I cut the edges off a piece of chicken before I eat it. It’s crazy I know.

  70. CourtinFL says:

    I can’t stand chalk, more of an issue with the texture, but the sound is horrid too. I wrap my kids chalk in a wet paper towel if I’m forced to draw with them. And the white suds from boiling chicken…just no. I cook all my chicken in the crock-pot because there is no way I am dealing with the white clumpy suds.

  71. This made me smile because I have my own set of irrational fears. Frogs give me the heebie geebies!!!! I can’t explain it, I just try to avoid them and not have a heart attack when I see one. This also reminded me of a YouTube clip I saw recently… It is probably pretty old, but absolutely hilarious! Bob Newhart is great. If you have a chance take a look. I promise you will laugh!


  72. I am absolutely terrified of large things in water. Sunken ships, whales, submarines, ship propellors…… I could never, ever, ever scuba dive!! I love to water ski but if I think too long about what’s on the bottom, I start to hyperventilate! GROSS! I cheered out loud when I found out the Jaws ride at Universal Studios was closed for good. The thought of that huge mechanical shark lurking under the water still makes me gag! Really, anything large and mechanical makes me nervous. Standing next to a large airplane or cruise ship gives me the willies. Also, roaches. Tree roaches are terrifying! They fly and squeeze under things! So unbelievably disgusting!!!

  73. Bridges. I live in a city with lots of water. LOTS. The Atlantic, Intracoastal Waterway, St Johns River, and smaller rivers. If we go over the edge of the bridge, what order do I free my family from their seats?? I review my strategy often!

    • I think we may live in the same area. I have four kids, 16, 12, 5 & 3. We have to drive over a three mile long bridge to get to doctor appointments, and we have a plan in place so we know who is to help the little ones out of the car.

  74. I hate chalk, flour, certain words (I can write them, just hate hearing them…moist, ointment, creamy, curd, tartlette, etc), dry skin, hunks of weave, dirty hands/feet, shoes on in the house, horses, and actually many other things.

    But I loathe vomit. I can’t even handle it. If I hear it, smell it, see it, etc…..I. will. die.

    Baby spit up is fine, but once it gets beyond milk? No, ma’am. I’m outta here.

  75. I can’t stand for anyone’s mouth to be anywhere near my stomach. Kids want to rest their heads on my tummy? No way! It comes from my cousin biting me there when we were little. She bit through my clothes and drew blood.

    I can’t defrost a chicken in the microwave. The thought of warm yet still raw chicken gives me the willies.

    My daughter can’t stand gauze. She can’t touch it and she once cried because someone just said the word over and over.

  76. I am soooo glad I read this post, and sooo glad I read through the comments. I have truly gotten a laugh out of them….so, I have to share mine! I even might write a whole blog post on it!

    The biggest thing in the world that makes my skin crawl is putting warm food on my lap, or anywhere near me, except my hands.

    Example: getting takeout food, and sitting it in your lap as a passenger in the car…NO WAY!!! The bottom of a Pizza box is WARM AND MOIST….UGH UGH UGH…THe thought of that going in my lap makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand…
    I can’t even put a burger, still wrapped on my lap…something about warm food gives me the creeps!!!!!!!!!!!

    But, its only food. I have been peed on, pooped on, thrown up on (I have 2 year old twins)..none of that bothers me. BUT DON’T ASK ME TO HOLD WARM FOOD!!!!!!!!!

  77. Playdoh – smell, feel, i’m gagging right now just thinking about it. My children were deprived. I told them they could play with it at grandma’s or a friends, just wash their hands and never ever ever let me see it or smell them with it on them!