Fall Back? Believe I Will.

Well, I don’t know if it was the weather or the time change or the fact that we didn’t have much on the calendar, but we had the best weekend. Friday night we went to a high school football game (even better: our team won), and Saturday I went to the grocery store and then worked on the new book for a few hours while the fellas enjoyed a little father/son time. I made a big batch of Ree’s beef stew with mushrooms, and Saturday night our friends the Hamptons came over with a big pot of chili and the most delicious corn muffins I have ever eaten (better than Jim-n-Nick’s, Birmingham people, and you know that is saying something). Sunday morning I woke up at 5:45 but didn’t even mind it; I’m just so happy that it’s cool outside and the trees have turned and IT’S TIME TO WEAR SWEATERS AGAIN, AMEN.

I’m heading out of town in a couple of days to do a little speaking and a little book signing, and I feel like I have a million things to do before I’m ready to leave. So, just in case I don’t get to post much this week (I know that there are some people who plan their posts and write them in advance and schedule them a month ahead of time, but I can’t even pretend to be that organized), I want to go ahead and share a few links before I commit all my energy to a hidden object game in a fit of procrastination and forget all about the internet goodness.

– Over the weekend someone on Twitter (I think) linked to one of the most beautiful testimonies I’ve ever read. I’m a little proud of myself that I read it in spite of the FoxNews connection (my parents always have FoxNews cranked up to stun on the TV, so between the volume and the bang! wham! zoom! graphics, it’s a channel that I tend to associate with sensory overload). However, Kirsten Powers’ story is so compelling that I might be willing to give FoxNews another try. Maybe. If I keep the volume turned way down low. :-)

– Yesterday our pastor preached on suffering, and while I know that’s not typically a topic that makes people think, “Oooooh! I can’t wait to listen to that!” – it really is so worth your time, especially if you’re dealing with some specific hurts or challenges right now (or if you love someone who’s going through a difficult time). Just scroll down to the bottom of this page, and the audio link should be there sometime today (I’m posting this Monday morning, and the file isn’t there yet, so I’m trusting that it’ll be posted pretty soon).

Edited to add: here’s the direct audio link.

– One of David’s co-worker’s sent him this video Friday morning, and I haven’t listened to much else for the last three days. You can download the song on iTunes – it’s a mighty good use of $1.29. Sometimes the simplest lyrics are the best.

– Last night one of our next-door neighbors sent over some pumpkin praline cake that was out of this world, and after I talked for fifteen minutes about how delicious it was, I started searching for other pumpkin recipes because, well, ‘TIS THE SEASON. Based on the last post (and oh my word – your comments cracked me up), I think it’s pretty obvious that I won’t be cutting into any real pumpkins, but I am all for a recipe where canned pumpkin is an option. Anyway, I found a great list of 23 Pumpkin Recipes on SouthernLiving.com. I think that the pumpkin crisp might be next on my cooking to-do list.

Happy Monday, y’all!

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  1. Mary Feagley says:

    I think there is some sort of pumpkin conspiracy. Every year, there are more pumpkin flavored and scented items than you can shake a stick at!

  2. Becky in 'Bama says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the video.

  3. That video made me late to my chiropractor! Thanks for sharing it — totally uplifting . . . and a reminder that there will be a day when everyone stops everything they’re doing to worship Him!

  4. Thanks for sharing that video! That was awesome! I am going to be singing it all day long!

  5. Seriously, I love your random posts – I discover the best worship music through you – and I have three pumpkins on my back porch that I need to turn into food, double win! Thanks for your great posts, and for not being one of the bloggers who has their posts planned out months in advance – I’m the same way and I’m glad to be in the same boat with someone who’s blog I love so much!

  6. Sophie, I just finished reading your book “a little SALTY to cut the SWEET” and loved it. Sorry I was unable to attend your book signing here in Tupelo! Glad to hear you are writing another book!!

  7. I just got your book and am enjoying it SO much. I can’t wait for your second one! Well done! :-)

    PS I hope you write a book with a marriage bent. Some of your marriage stories in the first book are very amusing.

  8. I want to know more of Kristen’s story now! What an amazing testimony and what a gift of God that Tim Keller was the pastor at the church! He was exactly the type of pastor she needed!

  9. Beautiful song…I just spent $1.29 so I can put it on repeat. I needed those lyrics today. I’ve been missing my husband so very much with the holidays coming, but I listened to that song and I can just imagine him in heaven, dancing and offering every word of praise to our God.

  10. Thanks for that video. LOVE. Gonna listen to the sermon too. Your pastor is a blessing to me and Gabe. xoxoxo

  11. I get to do a “little” book signing this weekend, too, in my hometown! Safe travels to you.

  12. Oh Jim n Nicks is my favorite! We have one in Nashville and it is always PACKED. Have you tried their coconut pie? Girl, it is so good I have asked for it as my birthday cake more than once- and I’m not even much of a pie eater!


  13. Thanks for sharing the video. I have the biggest smile on my face and joyful tears at the same time. Every Praise is to Our God! Amen! :-)

  14. Okay this is really weird, but if I click on the video it takes me to a clip of the Ohio State marching band! Is this happening to anyone else?

  15. Thank you for sharing that link about suffering. It was life-changing for me – and I’m so tired of the suffering, but now I can see a bigger picture. Thank you for allowing God to use you.

  16. About the “most delicious corn muffins I have ever eaten”. Did you happen to get the recipe (and would you share that said recipe)? I have a favorite one myself but I am open to new ones and since you say these are the most delicious you have ever eaten, I take that seriously. ‘Cause if BooMama likes them enough to make that statement, they have to be really good.

  17. I REALLY enjoy your posts. I wish you lived near me so we could be friends! I just wanted to send a quick msg to let you know that you’re a blessing to me. Thank you for your honesty and good example of a woman who loves her family, friends, and the Lord.