I Need Answers

So the Saturday morning routine in our house is that there really isn’t any Saturday morning routine. We don’t always have a big pancake breakfast or go for a family walk or hum duets from the 80’s while we work on our macrame’ plant holders.

I pretty much pulled that last option right out of thin air.

But regardless of what’s going on, one particular thing is a given: our DVR will record The Pioneer Woman and Trisha’s Southern Kitchen on Food Network. It’s rare that I watch either show on a Saturday morning because, well, I believe I’ve established that we cannot be counted on to carry out a predictable routine, but I almost always watch both shows on Sunday afternoon. Ree and Trisha make me smile and make me want to try new recipes and make me want to discover an array of sassy new tunics that I can wear while cooking.

It’s an inspirational hour all the way around.

That being said, I need to bring up a very delicate topic, one that I hope won’t be too upsetting.

Trisha’s kitchen has changed. 

And listen. It has rocked my world. I cannot make my peace with it.

Here’s the deal.

When the show started, Trisha was in her real-live Nashville kitchen. OR SO I THOUGHT.

Because the set looked like this…

…and at some point I think they alluded to the fact that she was in her Nashville kitchen. But then I saw a picture of her real-live Nashville kitchen that caused me to question everything I had previously believed was true.


Maybe the kitchen in the first two pictures is Garth’s Nashville kitchen? Because I think that would make me feel better.

ANYWAY, the next season the kitchen changed, and I assumed she was in Oklahoma because she was forever having her Oklahoma friends on the show. I loved the Oklahoma kitchen (or maybe I should say “Oklahoma” kitchen since I don’t really know for a fact that it was legitimately her kitchen, but for some reason I decided that it was a guest house kitchen, and since I had made up my mind, IT MUST BE TRUE).




That’s Trisha’s sister, Beth. Beth is precious and I say that even though I don’t know her even a little bit. And I realize that these pictures don’t really convey what the second set looked like, but it was in “Oklahoma” and I liked the big refrigerator with the “Love you more” magnet on it and everything functioned beautifully. Occasionally the shelves in the back would change; they’d switch out the props or the color scheme, but WHATEVER. We were in “Oklahoma” and Uncle Wilson (God rest his soul) would come over and cook on the grill and Trisha would play a song after they finished supper and everybody would get teary-eyed.


But then this season everything changed.


I took this picture when I was watching this afternoon because seriously, WHERE IS SHE? I don’t think she’s in Nashville because Nashville wouldn’t have been that green when they were filming (yes, I think about these things). Same for Oklahoma. Plus, there was a segment at the end of the show where Trisha, Beth, and Beth’s son were outside eating dinner, and I swanee I saw some bougainvillea. So are they in California? SURELY NOT.

Are you picking up on the fact that this is driving me a little crazy?

I was talking about all of this at supper tonight (to his credit, David didn’t roll his eyes), and as I was speculating about where this new set is, I said, “You know, sometimes I think that she’s in a Food Network studio in Sandra Lee’s old kitchen.”

He just looked at me with a blank stare because 1) he has no idea who Sandra Lee is and 2) he might maybe possibly be tiring of my endless string of observations / questions about Trisha’s new set.

(Which reminds me: do you know that last weekend, when David was listening to Melanie and me talk about Kate and William’s new baby, he asked if she was their first child?)

(It was kind of endearing.)

SO. I believe I’ve dealt with all the major points of this critical issue. And I know that I need to let it go. But is it driving anyone else a little cuckoo that no one is acknowledging that anything has changed? I mean, don’t get me wrong: I would watch if Trisha was cooking in a 1957 Airstream that had been converted to a food truck. I adore her. I sing the chorus to “Walkaway Joe” at some point during every single episode. I love how she grins when she talks about her husband. But it’s sort of like when there would be a new Darrin on Bewitched. WE CAN’T JUST PRETEND IT’S ALL THE SAME.

Okay. I think I’m all done. I’m going to watch The Good Wife and try to calm down and hope that Alicia’s apartment isn’t suddenly different. I don’t think I could handle it.

I welcome your thoughts and observations and oh most definitely your theories.

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  1. Betsy Smith says:

    That last kitchen has GOT to be Sandra Lee’s kitchen! I’m willing to bet my favorite pillow on it. (And I really like my pillow!)

    • It also looks like The Kitchen kitchen. the window panes look identical. the Easter show, where they hid that easter egg for us to find, had the egg outside the window and it looked just like that window.

  2. Amanda K says:

    I have been wondering the same thing. It looks just like Sandra Lee’s kitchen. Drives me crazy that she hasn’t said anything. I did notice the Love You More sign on the fridge.

  3. Leslie Ruth says:

    No lie, my first thought when I saw that last pic and before I read the next paragraph, was that it was Sandra Lee’s kitchen. And while I don’t love that they’ve abruptly moved Trisha over to it, maybe it will redeem the ridiculous “cooking” nonsense that used to happen in there ;)

  4. Missy Bush says:

    I agree, I think the last picture is Sandra Lee’s kitchen….what is going on…I hadn’t noticed, but now it is bothering me too!

  5. i thought the same exact thing! At least she has the love you more sign still there. I loved that you said “Swanie” because if I said it my kids would think I was talking greek. My daddies name was Lonnie, so it was I “swoonie, Lonnie”.

  6. I’ve never watched Sandra Lee’s show, but it also looks like the kitchen Giada used for a while…

    • Courtney says:

      My first thought was Giada’s kitchen too! We must have answers! We must solve this mystery!!

      • Cathleen says:

        Looks like Giada’s kitchen. I really wish they would cook in their own kitchens. I know for the sake of production and appearances, they need pretty sets, but I cook in my itty bitty kitchen and turn out huge meals, so why can’t they? I know, I know…sigh. I’m all in favor of a little reality. I still watch.

        • Can we address Giada? Way too skinny for me to take her seriously as a cook. And B. She talk normal until she comes to a name of a dish or cheese, then she pronounces it like she’s from Rome. “Pass me the Reee-Zoe-toe. I want to put some on my Par-Mee-John-Na.”

          • Ouch…let’s just share love, not harshness. While Giada might be thin, it doesn’t mean she isn’t a good cook. It just means she works out so that she can enjoy all the yummy food while maintaining a slim figure, which she probably feels pressure to maintain given that she is on TV and is/was married to a fashion designer. Plus, she is Italian and I think she still has family in Italy, so the correct pronunciation does make sense. I’m sure if she pronounced those same words in more of an American way then there would be people slamming her for being Italian and not pronouncing them correctly.

    • It looks just like Giada’s kitchen. I have watched her more than Sandra Lee so it was the first thing I thought of.

  7. I meant swoonie not swoonie

  8. Dang autocorrect. Never mind, you get it

  9. it looks like Giada’s kitchen to me! We need the TRUTH

  10. CSmith says:

    I’m kinda of a Food Network fanatic, yes it’s a problem, and this is what I know. Tisha originally filmed in a house down the road from her Nashville home because her own kitchen wasn’t big enough, then she began filming in her own kitchen in OK, but now that her youngest step-child is graduating and she and Garth are ramping up their careers she is selling that house to move back to Nashville, so now she is filming in the FN studio, and yes I think you are right, it’s the same set Sandra Lee uses.

  11. Danielle says:

    It’s driving me crazy. I have spent way too much time trying to figure out the change.

  12. This has been on my mind so much the last couple of weeks that I’ve had to rewind because I lost focus on what she was cooking! I always wondered if the last kitchen was really hers because it was really small, but now I know they have been trying to pull one over on us all along! At least I know Ree’s kitchen is real and that helps me sleep better at night!

  13. … I think I saw her Nashville house for sale a great our so ago…and yes, I read the MLS listing that says the show was filmed there… but I could be wrong. And I agree this new one looks like Sandra’s….was her show canceled?

  14. That last picture looks to me like one of Giada’s old kitchen sets. I know that they rent different homes on the Food Network to film. So it very well could be an home they have used before.

  15. All I can say is clearly you’re not alone. I’ve been keeping score at home myself. I remembered hearing they were moving so at first I thought that was it, but then, Oklahoma visitors. While it does look like Giada’s kitchen, I also remember that for a while Good Eats was filmed in a rental house. Ahhh the magic of television….

  16. Melanie says:

    No answers……just totally cracking up at all you said!!! Thanks for getting my day off to a great start with laughter. I love Trisha, her food, and her relationship with Garth!

  17. Connie says:

    Just to show you how out of the loop I am, I didn’t even know Trisha and Garth had a house in Nashville. And I live 30 miles away. I just thought they lived in Oklahoma. I’m still laughing about you using the word “swanee”. Reminds me of two great-aunts. Talk about cooks. Those ladies could cook. Coconut cream pie. Blackberry cobbler. Chicken and dumplins (yes, it’s dumplins — not dumplings). And don’t depend on being able to figure anything out by the foliage outside the window. I remember Rachel Ray talking one time about how they make her kitchen at Food Network look like it is a real house with trees outside the window.

  18. Someone GOOGLE this and get answers so we can all sleep tonight!

  19. Marcia says:

    This may answer a few questions about Trisha Yearwood’s kitchen.


  20. This post has been very good therapy for me. I have been trying to deal with this kitchen change since Saturday morning, and it’s comforting to know others are confused as well. At least she kept her blue color scheme. That would have been to much!!!

  21. That IS Giada’s kitchen. Or what I thought was actually Giada’s kitchen! Is nothing sacred??

    • Tracey says:

      Amen. This was exactly what I was going to say. Stop messing with our emotions Food Network!

    • Not Giada’s kitchen, at least her latest one. That was a darker wood, with a smaller window that looked out on the Ocean and shelves above the window.

  22. I most definitely notice those changes. They actually did that to me with another favorite Food Network show recently, Southern at Heart. It always makes me wonder what is TV real and what is real life real.

    One thing I feel safe about though is that Ree is really cooking in her lodge. I take comfort in the consistency.

  23. We need a post on the Good Wife. Will needs to come back. ..maybe it can all be a bad dream like Bobby on Dallas. And Kalinda….Poor Kalinda

    • Connie says:

      We need Kalinda!!!! That girl is so full of sass. She was a match for every never-do-well that they put on the show.

  24. This is kind of hilarious. Because now that you’ve drawn attention to it, I can’t NOT notice that her kitchen has changed. Please let us know if you get any answers. I must now go teach and deal with problems not nearly as intense as this.

  25. I don’t watch, but since Garth Brooks is right under God, me (I hope), and our daughter in people my husband love, I can tell you that they sold their house in Oklahoma and moved to Nashville full-time again. So, maybe that’s one of your answers.

    Oh, and I’m thankful our family isn’t the only one with no real Saturday routine.

  26. I once read that she didn’t use her own kitchen because her range wasn’t on an island and she would have her back turned toward the camera the whole time. In the same article she mentioned that her “Oklahoma” kitchen was a house down the road from her real “Oklahoma” house.

  27. This is hilarious. I don’t guess I’ve seen a show from this season. But (kind of along the same lines but maybe not) it drives Trent crazy how the Man with the Yellow Hat on Curious George has an apartment in the city and a house in the country. He REALLY needs to know that guy’s profession. 😂😂😂

    • We love George (Strait and Jones, too, but I am referring to “Curious” right now). Mr. “Yellow Pants” works at a museum. The accent Mr. Rankin (the maple tree guy) has, I think the country house must be near Maine, don’t you think? I wish I had FoodNetwork, but alas, we have Netflix and a three year old.

  28. I am with you on this one, Sophie. I love Trish and change is fine, but don’t pretend like it’s still the same. IT’S NOT THE SAME.

  29. This gave me a good laugh. It brought back memories of never being able to get over the new Darrin.

  30. Mary Kat's Mom says:

    I thought the same thing – it is Sandra Lee’s old kitchen!

  31. Krista says:

    I love her show, but I don’t like when they change the sets. This kitchen looks to small.

  32. Stephanie Walsh says:

    This absolutely made my day. I don’t have any answers for you, but this is so hilarious, the use of ALL CAPS, I’m certain you will get to the bottom of it! I’m thinking Nancy Drew has met her match, and the secret life of Sandra, Tricia, all of them, will be undone…UNDONE I TELL YOU! Oh my I needed this today! I’m certain you will get to the bottom of it! ❤️

  33. Oh my gravy – I thought the same thing about it being Sandra Lee’s old kitchen! For the sake of world peace and because inquiring minds NEED to know, I googled “Trisha Yearwood new ki…” and do you know the Google finished my phrase for me. That means we’re not alone! Anyway, they’re selling her Nashville house because the youngest is graduating and this was part of the story, “The home is also where Yearwood has filmed her Food Network TV show, “Trisha’s Southern Kitchen,” which means she is now negotiating with the network about how to handle filming for next season’s episodes.” Now if we can just find out exactly WHAT that means!

  34. Kacey Korting says:

    I am completely on board with you! I was certain that it was her personal Oklahoma kitchen. I was very sad to see this ‘new’ fake kitchen. Its like I dont even know where she is.

    You are not alone.

  35. I watched Saturday’s episode and I thought she was at her sister’s house and that was her kitchen…..

  36. Stephanie says:

    Agreed! This has been driving me crazy. I hate when Food Network changes sets with no explanation. I thought Trisha was probably in a Food Network Studio Kitchen and it reminded me of a cross between Sandra Lee’s and Gaida’s kitchen. I did see a few weeks back an article saying Gartha/Trisha were selling her Nashville home, where her show was filmed for sometime, since they are ramping up their entertainment careers again.

  37. Just LOVE this post and all the comments. I haven’t (gasp!) followed Trisha’s show, but I really needed to read about all this today to take my mind off some other things that aren’t fun to think about. And I feel so much better for having experienced this with y’all! :)

  38. I’m from the Nashville area and word on the street (lol) is that while Garth & Trisha have kept a house in Nashville over the years, they haven’t lived in it again until recently. So, I doubt her show has ever been filmed in Nashville. From the gossip I read, they have spent most their time in Oklahoma until Garth’s youngest daughter graduated high school and since she just graduated, their plan was to get back to Nashville sometime this year.

  39. Yolanda McLean says:

    I saw that picture and said to myself, “that looks like Sandra Lee’s semi-homemade kitchen! Crazy!!

  40. Callie says:

    Wouldn’t PW know the skinny or be able to get the scoop from FN?

  41. Jennifer says:

    The other night my precious mother was talking about watching Ree and said, “Did you see that the other night? She was in a hurry trying to make dinner for some friends her husband had invited over at the last minute. He gave her maybe 30 minutes notice! I thought, ‘I’d just kill that man.’ Can you believe that?” Seriously, I think she believed that had actually JUST happened RIGHT THERE on the show in REAL SPACE AND TIME. Hilarious. (Heck no I didn’t tell her she wasn’t right.)

  42. debbie ivey says:

    I am also stressed over the kitchen! I thought it was just me but I CANNOT get used to it! I love Trisha, and I’m with you..I will continue to watch but I gert bumfuzzled over the kitchen! thank you for giving me a outlet for this frustration:) LOVE your blog!!

  43. most important of all, how was The Good Wife? We don’t have a fancy pants DVR and, on demand isn’t working today, so I’ll be calling Charter for some cable service chit chat

  44. I agree, call your friend Ree and just ask her to find out for us! Inquiring minds NEED to know!

  45. Oh my gosh, I am laughing so hard. I think/worry about those things, too! Like the ‘green’ leaves out the window! I must say I vote for her original kitchens ……where ever they are. Love, love your blog!

  46. Michele says:

    How funny. I DVR her show as well and when one of the new ones came on, I thought…”What the heck, where is she, what house is she in?” I loved the old kitchen, but I’m glad to see the “I love you more” sign went with her. Also, side note. I went to Piedmont Academy in Monticello, GA with Trisha Yearwood. She was in high school when I was in 6th grade. I still have the yearbook where she posed with her guitar for her senior picture. Hmmm, maybe I can just call her up and find out about this kitchen debacle. You know, since we were in school together and all. I’m sure she’ll remember me. I’ll let you know how that goes. :)

  47. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Sophie! This was bugging me, too, and I can always rely on you to feel the same but express it better! :-)
    But I may have committed a fan faux-pas: I commented on Trisha’s Facebook post when this Saturday’s episode was airing, and said that I loved all the kitchens, but this new one was my favorite, with all the lovely blues and whites (and the continuity of the “love you more” sign). Now, reading all the other Sophie-friend comments above, and finding out it is actually a FN set this season, Trisha may hate me for loving a set more than her actual homes! ;-)
    Anyways, I can’t wait to see her new home/kitchen decor line. Probably can’t afford anything, but it will be nice to look at all the pretty blues and dream!
    And did I say “Thank ya” for being do doggone timely with your posts? Thank ya!

  48. Becky in Waxahachie says:

    I pretty much have the same routine, record Ree and Trisha on Saturday morning and watch sometime on Sunday. And I envy that you got to watch The Good Wife. With all the storms in Texas we had a power outage and then a power surge that knocked out our satellite and had to wait until today (Monday) to get them serviced. No Good Wife finale for me. But at least I had Ree and Trisha to watch on Sunday as we could watch recorded stuff. Going to my son’s house to watch Good Wife sometime this week as he recorded it for me. Good Son!

  49. Lindsey says:

    The way they were talking on the show, I thought it was her sisters kitchen…or that they purposefully did it in a different kitchen to pretend it was her sisters. If she’s back there next week though we will know my theory was incorrect.

  50. Tina Nobles says:

    Oh my word, I thought I was the only one that gets caught up in tv people lives and believe I know them and they know me. I saw the episode too Saturday, and was wondering the same thing. Just like the Duggars, I must keep up with them and know what they are doing. All the kissing the newly married couples do just drive my husband nuts. Everytime Jill and Derrick look at each other he says, ok go ahead and kiss. I on the other hand love them. : ) Wow! that was off topic. That is the way my mind works. Not that you were wondering. Have a great day!

  51. Maybe it is Sandra’s old kitchen? I didn’t care much for her show, but maybe she isn’t using it right now while she deals with having breast cancer. Bless her heart.

  52. Brooke says:

    Don’t feel bad! I watched the lobster mac & cheese episode of The Pioneer Woman & had to stalk her FB to check on Charlie because they had puppies. ☺️

  53. Her “Oklahoma” kitchen is not all that far from my Oklahoma kitchen. My kids have actually bumped into her and Garth at the soccer fields, which means that I am practically famous. ;)

  54. Sue Pittman says:

    i live in Owasso, OK where Garth &Trish have a home up for sale. I heard that her show was actually taped at an empty, ritzy home which was on the market here.

  55. I think Giada used that kitchen on her very first series, some different colors though. They probably just rent houses and use them over and over again. The Neeley’s used their own kitchen, they had specifically designed it for the tv show when they built their house. At least, that’s what People Magazine told me…. :-))


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