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Oh, I am but a weak vessel. But the TV and I have made up – due in large part to this past week’s episode of “The Office,” which was the cure for a world of TV hurts.

Plus, our friend Todd is actually at the finals tonight because new Marti‘s brother-in-law is one of the musical directors for the show. Todd’s in the second balcony in the center, behind three girls holding a poster for Blake. I’m sure we’ll be able to see him.


Blake Lewis

“You Give Love A Bad Name” – Loved this the first time around. Very fun performance.

“She Will Be Loved” – Y’all know I don’t like it when Blake sings slow songs because he doesn’t blink. And it drives me a little crazy. But seeing as how his voice seems to have the exact same range as Adam Levine, it’s a good song choice for him. However, I have to say that if I had to listen to Blake sing in a falsetto for more than about ten minutes, I would start gouging my eyeballs with whatever objects I happened to have handy. But apparently that’s just me, because the rest of the free world seems to love him.

“This Is My Now” – I have to say that this year’s Obligatory Power Ballad isn’t nearly as bad as what we’ve been subjected to for the last couple of years. And Blake did give the song a little bit of an alternative feel, which was kind of interesting. But I think this song, unfortunately, showcased his weaknesses as a singer. The whole thing was sort of like me trying to rap: not impossible, probably, but really uncomfortable to watch.

Jordin Sparks

“Fighter” – I think this was her answer to Simon’s observation last week that she wasn’t youthful enough. And she nailed this song. Very feisty and fun.

“Broken Wing” – Beautiful. And like I just told D.: if you gave Blake a song that required that kind of range, there’s no way he could do what she just did. And granted, Jordin probably can’t beat box – but IT’S A SINGING COMPETITION. And I just think Jordin is in a different league.

“This Is My Now” – Okay, so obviously this song was way better suited for her. She did a great job – and definitely won the ballad round.

Who should win? – Melinda. OH WAIT, SHE’S NOT THERE ANYMORE.

Seriously, Jordin should win. Because it’s a singing competition. And she’s far and away the better singer of the two finalists. Regardless of the outcome, though, I think she’s going to have a long career. And honestly, I almost feel like Blake’s better off being the runner-up – I just can’t see him cranking out the kind of pop product that he’d have to record if he won.

All righty – for the last time this year – if you posted about AI on your blog, feel free to add a link to your specific post below.

It’s been fun, y’all!

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  1. As uncomfortable as it may turn out to be, I’d like to hear you rap.

  2. I second the rap request.

    And I have to grudgingly agree–it’s a SINGING competition. But I wish we had a beatboxing competition…

  3. But you have to admit, Blake’s shoes ruled. Come on now.

  4. In my head, “IT’S A SINGING COMPETITION” came through with a Brithish accent. Thought you’d want to know.

  5. First I have to say, I am HANDS DOWN, a Blaker-Girl. I just adore him and have been routing for him since day one. That said, Jordin is awesome and she RULED tonight. I agreed with Simon that she mopped the floor with Blake on that last song – as much as it pains me to say that. I think Jordin definitely deserves to win – because of what you said, and because she has an incredible voice. But I still love Blake!


    Rap on, girl. Rap on!

  7. Oh.

    Jordin should win.

    If you can’t.

  8. I’m too, 100% a Blaker Girl!!! However, I agree that Jordin should win. She will be okay doing whatever pop-ish cd they have in store for her and then Blake gets the freedom to make what ever kind of record he wants. AHEM…Chris Daughtry! :) And, that song fit Jordin to a T. We’ll see though..either way, I think America picked the top 2 right.

    Again..I say you make us a rap video and post it! LOL ;)

  9. I love that a pastor and Christian music artist won the songwriting competition!!!

    “Uncomfortable to watch” summed it up.

    p.s. Are you taking rap requests for your podcast/videocast?!? ;)

  10. I will give you 100 Schrute Bucks if you will rap.

  11. “Who should win? Melinda” Very funny! But folks have got it wrong: It’s NOT a singing competition? If that were the case it should not have been named “American IDOL”, and the judges should never have been allowed to comment on how anyone looks (hair too gray, too fat, look great, boots are hot, whatever – none of that was about singing!) The show is (right or wrong) about the whole package. The wow-factor in all its forms: entertaining, appearance, and yes, singing. So, I love Melinda and will be eager to see what kind of cd she puts out, but Jordin and Blake both have more wow to them, more exuberance, more excitement.

    Also, imho, Chris Daughtery sounds great but I much prefer him without eye make-up.

    Thanks for letting us connect links! Fun.

  12. It could be worse, they could still have Sanjaya on there. It’s been fun to watch Blake, just so I get a little glimpse of what cool looks like these days, since at my age I’m pretty much clueless, but I sure hope she wins. Barb pointed out to me, in email, she should get all the Melinda and Laskesha votes, so here’s hoping they pick a singer over someone who does strange things with his lips…but it was a cool vest he wore, I think?

  13. You should totally rap for 100 Schrute bucks! Yea!!! for The Office!

  14. You are sooo right, Melinda should have won, but let’s face it, as long as all the little teeny boppers (who are mostly female) vote thousands of times each, Blake will win, even though Jordin has the best singing voice. Let’s face it they both have won just because of being on AI. All the other kids are winners as well–it’s a good thing.

    I’ll give you 500 Schrute bucks to rap!

  15. I totally think that Jordin should win. You know what frustrated me – Simon always telling her to be younger or act her age or whatever he called it. But then at the same time getting onto that other girl because she was showing too much leg, etc. I understand the point about the leg showing, but let Jordin be a modest girl – let her be a role model of keeping her clothes on – let her sing within her gift that just happens to be way more experienced than her age!!!
    I usually agree with Simon, but I didn’t like him trying to “market” her before the show was even over……….

    Have a great day!

  16. OK, Blake IS a cutie patootie, and I dig the beatboxing a LOT, but even I am tired of it……….. Jordin can “sang”, the power she has behind that voice is amazing.

    Also…gotta agree about Daughtry, what is with the “guyliner”?

    Men should not wear eye makeup, especially if it makes their eyes more beautiful than mine.

  17. NO…this isn’t the REAL Jordin! Well, I’m real, but I’m not the famous one. :)

    I don’t think I’ve ever commented before (although I DO love your blog), but I’m just popping in to second–or fifth–the rapping request! ;)

  18. Oh dear, did someone say Sanjaya? :::twitch::: Honestly, if SJ had made it to the final I’d just have to poke my eye with a pencil.

  19. Boomama thanks for mister linky’ing for the blogs participating I’ve had as much or more fun recapping and reading as I do watching LOL. (esp. when Sanjaya was on!) xoxo melzie

  20. Did. Not. Watch. Purposely made other plans if the truth be known. I refused to give AI anymore time this season. I know who the true winner is and she’s not on that stage. It’s all fluff to me now.

  21. Rappin’ with Boomama… I can see it now!

    I’m with you on Jordin winning. Plus, she’s from my state and I would love to see her win for that reason, too!

  22. LOL @ Shrute bucks! Oh my!

  23. Shelia says:

    I just don’t think that jordin should win. Ok, so maybe she is a good singer but look at her dad… he eaisly could get her a record deal. I feel sorry for blake and his family and hopefully after my 47 phone votes he will be the winner.

    Guess we will see tonight.


  24. I think it’s cool that Scott Krippayne won the song-writing competition with “This is my Now”. Big deal for him – and for Christian music! Jordin better win it – she’ll be perfect to record that song!

  25. I am boycotting AI b/c America is stupid. That is what I said to my mom when I called her after Melinda was voted off last week. Last night I only watched the end to here Hotry Daughtry sing (do not like the guyliner). At this point I really don’t care who wins b/c it won’t be the right person. so…wahwahwah. Melinda should hit it big after the tour.
    Oh and you should do a RAP-something with some southern friend style to it for sure.

  26. How did I miss this yesterday??? Anywho. I added my link. A little late. Love your recap. You nailed it. SO glad you made up with the TV. :-) And SO glad Jordin won.

  27. I found out what Blake whispered to Jordan!!