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Casting Crowns Giveaway

Y’all know that I love to give away some music.

And when I got a copy of Casting Crowns‘ latest CD earlier this summer, I knew right away that I’d love to share it with the internets.

Because I think that many of us know that Casting Crowns can offer up some Christian Power Ballad Gold like nobody’s business.

“Voice of Truth,” anyone?

How about “Praise You In The Storm”?


And seriously, if you enjoyed Casting Crowns’ previous CD’s, you’re going to love this one, too. It’s heartfelt and worshipful and inspirational – everything good.

So if you’d like to win one of the five copies I’m giving away, here’s what you do (by the way, I totally got this idea from Shannon – just to give credit where credit is due, you know):

1. Go to this page on the Casting Crowns website.

2. Listen to the clips of the songs.

3. Come back here and leave a comment that tells me which song is your favorite. And I realize all you can hear is a 30-second clip of each, but still. It’ll be fun.

I’ll close comments Tuesday morning around 9:00 central and then use a random number generator to determine who wins.

Happy Friday, everybody!

(and p.s. – I’ll get our new podcast up sometime tonight or tomorrow morning. Provided that the computer and the Evil Microphone don’t conspire against me.)

Game Night – Updated

All manner of updates below.

6:49 pm – Just got Alex out of the tub, and now I’m sitting in the living room and wishing that D would CHANGE THE CHANNEL, ALREADY from the US Open coverage because WHAT IF THEY START THE FOOTBALL EARLY? WHAT WILL WE DO THEN?

(I’m just guessing, but I doubt that “Change! The channel! CHANGE IT!” is an appropriate response when your husband is expressing awe over Andy Roddick’s 137 mph serve.)

6:53 pm – We’re still watching Roddick. I’m screaming on the inside.

6:59 – Still watching tennis. The State game is probably over by now.

6:59.59 – Channel finally on ESPN. Praying nerves recover.

7:02 – Just saw cowbells. All is well now. Except that Alex won’t quit singing, “Excuse me, I pooted! I have gas!”

7:03 – MSU’s field could not look any more beautiful than it does tonight. The grass is flawless. I am understandably proud.

7:04 – Feel that James Carville announcing the LSU lineup has jinxed the Bulldogs and therefore is responsible for the early fumble.

7:07 – Excellent punt coverage by the Bulldogs. COME ON, NOW, SONS.

7:08 – Received our first trash-talking text message from our friend Benji in Baton Rouge. Bulldogs promptly sack the Tigers. Keep up with that trash-talking, Benji.

7:13 – Total number of times I’ve talked to my sister already: two.

7:14 – EXCELLENT coverage by our cornerback in the corner of the end zone. Tigers have to punt. Will call Sister again.

7:17 – Intercepted by the Tigers. Think I may need to eat something.

7:25 – Tigers score a field goal. Tickled to death it wasn’t a touchdown.

7:30 – 3rd & 4 Dogs. GOT IT! Alex just told me not to yell so loud. I am a delicate maternal flower.

7:32 – Another first down for the Dogs. I did not yell.

7:36 – 4th & 2 – and we’re going for it. May throw up.

7:36 – Contemplating writing ESPN a letter to remind them that we are MISSISSIPPI STATE, not MISSISSIPPI, and as such they might want to show OUR public service announcement and not the Rebels’.

7:39 – Rain pouring down.

7:42 – State gets their first penalty of the game with one second left in the first quarter. This has to be a record. Coach Croom has this team well-prepared.

7:43 – First quarter over. LSU up 3-0. Feeling somewhat pleased that the Tigers are only up by a fieldgoal.

7:45 – Wondering when Brett Favre started doing commercials for Wrangler?


8:32 – Safari crashed. All my pithy 2nd quarter observations are lost in the process. Somewhat concerned that the WordPress autosave feature was apparently neither automatic nor saving.

Plus, I had to get Alex to bed so I missed about 15 minutes of the game. At some point I will tell the story of how I tried to help the little man with his scissor skills today, but right now I just can’t because I’m too busy trying to block it out. At one point there were actually tears when I was trying to coach him through cutting out a rectangle, and he didn’t fare so well, either.

So. Yes. The game. Back to it. Of course.

Here’s the gist of my 2nd quarter comments:

I miss ESPN’s normal Starkville crew of Chris Fowler, Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit. And something tells me that Chris Fowler is missing them, too. Because Doug Flutie, bless his heart, knows about as much about Bulldog football as I know about Boston College football. Which is, to say, not a lot.

Also: the LSU punter is so good that we started one drive from somewhere around Biloxi.

End of first half: LSU – 17 MSU – 0

Hey. You know what would be delightful? Some offense.


9:15 – So now that we’re down by 24, I guess I need to turn my attention to other matters.

9:20 – Like, perhaps, the badly bungled attempt at podcasting Big Mama and I experienced earlier today. I couldn’t get my microphone to work, and D had to provide technical support on at least three different occasions. Then, when we finally started recording – an hour after we had planned – we ended up getting a world-class case of the giggles which resulted in a complete inability – at least on on my part – to form words.

I laughed so hard that I wheezed.

And could not compose myself.

At which point we decided it might be better to try again tomorrow.

9:26 – Doug Flutie just said that our team has heart. I’m starting to warm up to him a little bit now.

9:30 – Fifth interception of the night for MSU’s quarterback. It’s getting ugly, my friends.

9:33 – LSU scores again. Maybe I need a light snack.

9:39 – I haven’t mentioned it, but I do think LSU has the best fight song in all of college football. I’ve been reminded of that tonight because I’ve HEARD IT SO OFTEN.

9:45 – End of the 3rd quarter. LSU – 31, MSU – 0

Still looking for offense. Obviously.


9:49 – SIXTH interception for MSU’s quarterback. This has to be a record. Only not the good kind.

9:57 – LSU scores again. The phrase “adding insult to injury” takes on a whole new meaning.

9:59 – D is still watching the game but also listening to one of our friend Kevin’s sermons on his iPod. The Lord is the Source of all comfort, you know.

10:06 – Jackie Sherrill is on now. It makes me smile. He looks tan and rested – I think retirement is agreeing with him. And somebody needs to put him in a broadcast booth. In my opinion.

10:10 – LSU scores again. Ditto what I said at 9:57.

10:15 – Is it over yet?

10:21 – The up side is that we’ll have plenty of Rotel dip and Mississippi (State) Sin Dip to eat tomorrow. Because what could possibly better for you than not one but TWO (TWO!) dips loaded with cheese and / or cheese product?

10:23 – Do y’all think we can score 45 points in two minutes?

10:25 – It’s over.

LSU – 45, MSU – 0

Poor Bulldogs. God love ’em.

I’m going to bed now.

It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

I’ve been a little distracted today because, well, I don’t know if you’ve heard, but tonight, around 7:00 central time, my beloved Mississippi State Bulldogs will take the field against the LSU Fightin’ Tigers in the first SEC football match-up of the season.

The game should be a total cinch for us to win since LSU is only ranked #2 in the nation.

A cakewalk, really.

But for now? And for the next few hours? Optimism reigns supreme.

And needless to say, we’ve played this song about 400 times today at our house. Aye, and loudly.

So in the spirit of the new college football season, I think I’m going to live blog the game tonight. I know that only about six of you will even care about what happens between MSU and LSU on the gridion, but let’s not forget that this is Alex’s heritage, people.

I mean, quite frankly it would be irresponsible if I didn’t document this particular facet of my insanity. Plus, I’d like to think that a running talley of how many times I scream “COME ON, NOW, SON” during the second quarter will one day be a priceless treasure for future generations of our family.

I’ll be back after kick-off – and until then I’ll be watching the game day cam, frying up some sausage for my favorite Rotel dip, and screaming “GO, STATE” with Alex.

It’s a happy, happy day.

And if we can beat the Tigers? It’s going to be even better.

Internets, I’ve Missed You Terribly

So I’m happy to report that both of my lungs are still present and accounted for despite my best efforts to vacate them from the premises. I’m much better now, thankyouverymuch, although I seem to have passed on my affliction to my husband, who is now trying to cough up one of his lungs as well. In fact, there’s been so much congestion and whatnot in our house over the last two weeks that I will forever think of this particular time of our lives as HackFest ’07. We’re thinking of making t-shirts.

But aside from a disproportionate amount of coughing, things have been pretty normal around here. I went to Panera a couple of days ago to get some writing done (or, I should say: get some “writing” done) but ended up doing little more than attempting to plow my way through my inbox. And then a sweet lady asked me to help her get her laptop connected to the internet, and when I said, “You know, I think you have a firewall setting that we need to disconnect,” I realized that at some point aliens have overtaken my brain and infused it with mysterious bits and pieces of computer-related knowledge.

Because there’s really no other explanation for the fact that I have become a person who is capable of offering some light technical support to a stranger who is attempting to connect to a WiFi network in a local coffee shop.

(However, the aliens still haven’t taught me how to make a DVD play on the television in our living room. Baby steps, I guess.)

Also: thank you so much for all of your funny, encouraging comments about the podcast that Big Mama and I did. I can’t even tell you how much it means to us that you took the time to listen and to give us some feedback.

Because here’s the thing: I don’t think I’ve ever been more nervous blog-wise than when I finally put up that podcast link. It’s one thing to put your crazy in writing, but there’s something that feels infinitely more vulnerable about letting people hear your crazy – not to mention your voice and your accent (not that I actually have an accent, mind you – that was a purely hypothetical example).

So all that to say: your sweet comments are appreciated more than you’ll ever know, and if I could play a clip of “More Than You’ll Ever Know” by my pretend-BFF Christy Nockels right here, I absolutely would.

(But I think doing that without permission might result in some sort of fine and perhaps even a brush with legal action.)

(Which really isn’t the best way to win over your pretend-BFF.)

Anyway, we’re going to try the podcast thing again in the next couple of days, and I can promise you that it will contain the same level of deep, philosophical conversation that you heard in the first one.

Specifically, we will be analyzing the proposed foreign trade policy of every presidential candidate as well as taking a thorough exegetical look at the book of Leviticus.

Oh, who am I kidding?

We’re totally talking about lip gloss. Along with other issues of critical international importance.

And we do hope you’ll join us again.

The Bestest Link Of All

For several years my daddy has maintained a webpage of his own. It’s a password protected deal where he posts pictures of grandkids, fourth cousins eight times removed, and basically every possible morsel of genealogical minutiae that you could ever want to know about our family.

A couple of weeks ago D decided to see if Daddy had posted anything recently, and later that day when we were in the car, he said, “Hey, your daddy linked to you.”

“He did what I’m sorry huh?”

“Your daddy linked to you. He mentioned something about your blog on his webpage.”

Now if it’s hard for you to understand why I was a little shocked by this information, it’s because it’s only been in the last six weeks or so that I’ve known that Mama and Daddy are active readers of my blog. Daddy says that he has to “log on” and then pass the computer to Mama, and in fact just this last week Daddy wrote me a sweet email that congratulated me on my “recent blog awards” and went on to suggest that maybe I should “back up all of your blog posts into some sort of database, as Mother and I think that maybe one day you could compile them all into a book.”

I couldn’t help but picture me standing at a copier, painstakingly running off copies of each and every blog post, then putting the pages through a three-hole punch, placing them in a vinyl binder, and then asking Alex to put one of those title stickers he just made with some markers in the center of the binder cover. It’s sure to be a best-seller!

(I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: why would anyone in his or her right mind pay good money for something you can get for free? And since I have no imagination, a work of fiction is nowhere in my future. So blogging is as far up the writing food chain as I’m going, people. That’s just the cold hard truth of it all.)

Anyway, I logged onto Daddy’s webpage, and after a little bit of clicking around, here is what I found:


Where do I even start?

First of all, one of my favorite parts of Daddy’s blurb is that I’m “a blogger at,” mainly because the word “a” implies that I am but one blogger on a staff of many here at BooMama, where we toil furiously in the blogging trenches to bring you some of the very best mediocre writing you’ll ever find on the interweb.

Second, the part about him not wanting to brag? Totally sweet. I don’t care how old I am.

Third, I love it when he says that I have “a large reading audience, nationwide.” I’m not so sure about the “large” part, but when I read it I thought, “DON’T TELL MAMA THAT SOME CANADIANS READ, TOO! IT’LL BLOW HER MIND!” And then she’d call me and say, “You mean they can see your blog IN CANADA? Well I had no idea. HOW IN THE WORLD do they do that?”

I also giggled when I saw, “it is different than most of what you read,” because it’s just a little bit ambiguous about whether it’s different in a bad way or different in a good way. However, I have to admit that it definitely is different if your normal reading material is a newspaper or magazine. I mean, consider the sheer volume of CAPITAL LETTERS and exclamation points! They don’t allow those SOPHISTICATED WRITING SKILLS in those fancy printed publications!


Finally, I thought it was very gracious of Daddy to point out that my writings are done “mostly on the spur of the moment” because I don’t “have a lot of spare time.”

In other words: don’t expect too much, people. She’s frazzled and crazed. SHE’S FRAZZLED AND CRAZED!

All in all, I thought Daddy’s post was delightful. Being in your 30’s doesn’t mean you stop enjoying some parental encouragement. And while I’m sure that some of my distant relatives were a wee bit horrified by what constitutes “writing” in my little corner of the blogosphere, I’m glad that a few of them might know where to find me now.

(Sidenote: if you ask my mama anything about my “website,” she tell you that I have “a blog on Google.”)

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to return to “backing up my database.”

Or, you know, watching “Little Bear.”

We’re busy as bees, people.

And on behalf of all of the writing staff here at BooMama, I want you to know that we’re going to continue to crank out as much writing product “on the spur of the moment” as we possibly can. That is what we do.

All one of us.

This post was originally published on February 22, 2007. And I’ll be back with something new tomorrow.

I Haven’t Even Told My Husband This Story Yet

A few days ago Alex and I had to get out of the house in a hurry because some people were coming by with a realtor. I had been cleaning and scrubbing and vacuuming since about 7:30 that morning, so by the time we made our hasty exit at 11, I was a mess. My hair wasn’t fixed, I hadn’t taken a shower, I was wearing zero make-up, and I had on these gaucho-ish workout pants that are not attractive in the least but are as comfortable as all get out when you’re spending a morning up to your elbows in Pine Sol.

I didn’t have time to change clothes or, you know, bathe before we left, but I was so frazzled by that point that I really didn’t care. I figured I’d run through the McDonald’s drive-thru, grab some lunch, and then Alex and I would head to the park and commence with the killing of time. Plus, given the condition of my appearance, at least if we were at the park people might think that I’d been hoofing it on the walking trail just moments before I sat down at a picnic table to systematically demolish an order of McValue fries. And a cheeseburger.

As soon as we got to the park Alex noticed a lady who happens to work at his Mother’s Day Out, and all I could think was, “WELL, THAT FIGURES” because it never fails that I run into someone I know when I look my absolute worst. We made small talk for a few minutes, and in an attempt to explain why I looked like death warmed over, I offhandedly mentioned that oh, someone was looking at our house, we were in a hurry when we left as she could probably tell, ha ha ha ha ha, all the while hoping that she wouldn’t think I was some deranged mama who was unfamiliar with Why Good Hygiene Is Important.

In the meantime, a little girl who was probably one and a half kept running over to me, lifting up her arms, and trying to crawl into my lap. Alex was infinitely entertained by the fact that “the girl baby” wanted to play with his mama, and since the girl baby’s parents didn’t seem to object, I picked her up and let her play with the toy from Alex’s Happy Meal. She’d sit in my lap for a little bit, then jump down and run to her mama, then climb back in my lap, and so it went for about the next ten minutes.

When the little girl climbed down for about the twelfth time, I mentioned to her mama, who looked to be about my age, that I was flattered that her daughter seemed to like me so much.

And here is what her mama said to me:

“Well, you do look like her grandmother!”



I just sat there, stunned, trying not to feel offended, reminding myself that I’m not in fact getting any younger and that being a grandmother is one of life’s greatest blessings. Grandmothers are loving, they’re wise, they’re treasured – they’re the apples of their grandbabies’ eyes.

However, grandmothers are not, as a general rule, IN THEIR THIRTIES.

So in my head I tried to put a spin what she said, tried to remember that I didn’t exactly leave the house with a youthful glow that morning, tried to justify that maybe she meant the grandmother and I have a similar body type, or maybe the grandmother and I have a similar-sounding voice.

But at the same time, I couldn’t help but channel a little bit of Suzanne Sugarbaker and think, “Well, if I’d wanted to be insulted, I’d have stayed at home and waited for a crank call!”

And please don’t misunderstand. I have high hopes of being a Sassy Grandmama, as I know several of you are. But I’ve sort of envisioned my late 50’s / early 60’s as being the Sassy Grandmama years. Not, you know, NOW.

I mean, y’all. I can’t help but feel like I may need a touch of the Botox.

Perhaps the plastic surgeon will give me some form of senior citizens’ discount!

And just FYI: I’m considering changing the name of the blog to BooMamaw.

Consider yourself warned.

This post was originally published on October 12, 2006.