An Update. Of Sorts.

I’ve gotten a couple of emails asking me if the Before & After deal is today, and so just in case you missed the post a few weeks ago where I chickened out freaked out at all the work in store postponed it for a little while, I just want to clarify that no, the Before & After deal is not today. We have family coming into town this weekend, and I didn’t want to try to supervise / administrate Ye Olde Mr. Linky while the relatives are here.

Plus, you know, I’m nowhere near ready to post before and after pictures of projects around the house. Unless we just changed the whole deal to a “Before” carnival. In which case I’m aces.

And I think I told you about two weeks ago that I’d get a new Before & After button ready, but then I went out of town and completely dropped the ball and haven’t done a new button and I think it’s quite obvious that I AM A TOTAL FAILURE.

So. New button. Yes. At some point in the near future, I will post one.


This week has been the first time in, oh, about a month when we’ve been home for the entire week (many days! in a row! without crossing a state line!), and the amount of stuff I need to get done in this house has overwhelmed me. Plus, you know, COMPANY COMING.

So I’m off to change sheets and clean bathrooms and purchase foodstuffs that are suitable for eating. Because I’m guessing that half-eaten container of Key Lime Yoplait isn’t going to be enough to get us through the weekend. Unless, of course, I pair it with that sleeve of stale saltines in my pantry.

And that does sound delicious, now doesn’t it?

By the way, last night I upgraded my WordPress to the latest version after Antique Mommy reminded me (via Twitter, no less) that there’s an automatic upgrade plug-in, and raise your hand if the first part of that sentence makes your head hurt just a little bit because hey, here’s me, trying to raise my hand and type at the same time.

Once I remembered that I had the necessary plug-in on my WordPress dashboard (head. exploding. from overwhelming. nerdery.), I clicked a button and clicked another button and clicked some more and about five minutes later I’d installed the new version of WordPress WITHOUT BLOWING UP THE BLAWG OR ANYTHING, Y’ALL.

But the point of this sideline tale is not to boast of my technical prowess, which, as we all know, is decidedly non-existent. The point is to tell you that WordPress now has A WORD COUNT FEATURE, and that is how I now know that this particular post?


(So far.)

And I think at this point that it’s safe for me to say: HELLO, NEW OBSESSION.

Because now I feel obligated to bring this puppy in at an even five hundred.



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  1. Don’t stress Boo Mama. You are not a failure. You have your priorities in line.

  2. Umm… not to state the obvious, but considering what you’ve done with this blog in the two-and-a-half years you’ve had it definitely show that you underestimate your technological prowess and God’s mercy. :) (I would go so far to say that you have encouraged more women to start blogging than you could ever imagine!!)

  3. For some strange reason, I felt the need to count from 465 to 500…you hit the nail on the head!

    Looking forward to the carnival! Enjoy your company this weekend.

  4. Hilarious!

    You should just do it as a “Before Carnival”….that way we’d all feel better about ourselves. :)

  5. It has a word count feature! I need to update!

  6. You crack me up! Have a great weekend with the company!

  7. Well, I just finished taking my after pictures! Darn it! I guess I will save them for a later date! Have a good weekend with your company!

  8. You are a woman of untold talent! (7 words)

  9. Proud of you.

  10. Word count?! I am so jealous.

    (And I’m glad you figured all the techy stuff out, ’cause your twitter post had me worried last night!)

  11. We’re having company, too! So the list? It’s not done, yet!

    Have such a wonderful time, Sophie!

    And did you see Travis’ blog? It’s a Krispy Kreme conspiracy, I tell ya! And here I am, far away from Krispy Kreme…and the beach. Boo! But the moutnains? Oh, they are lovely today!

  12. My name is Gretchen and I, too, am said failure. ;)

    Enjoy your comp’ny!

  13. I love counting words. Well, I don’t, I love it when my computer counts my words.

  14. I just noticed that the comments for this post will be closed on 8/8/08 – and coincidentally, I know someone turning 8 years old on that day.

    How’s that for random?

    (30 words even)

  15. You’re no more of a failure than I am. WOW, that should boost your spirits.

    I think every one of your posts should be 500 words from now on. It will add interest. And liven up your quiet, boring life.

  16. Oh Boo, you crack me up. :)

  17. Sophie…


    But I’m dying to get the plug-in now. Will have to let my Info Systems Guru (the husband) handle it for me.

    It’s raining here. Is it raining there?

    (Random question, I know, but inquiring minds want to know.)


  18. That definitely makes me wish I had WordPress.

    HILARIOUS. That’s all I’ve got to say about that.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  19. Technical stuff blows my mind too… if anything messes up around here that needs technical attention, well, it’ll just have to wait until my husband gets home. Heaven forbid my kids get hold of the TV remote and mess things up… way to complicated for me!

  20. I could definitely join you on the before picture! My bedroom is still a wreck!

    But I could post a lovely after picture of my friend’s kitchen. Because instead if using the time Paul was on a business trip to work on my own house, I spent my time helping a friend redo her kitchen. Yes, I do have priorities!

  21. Word count, eh? How about a donut count? In my house there’d be none — because dear hubs would have eaten every last one. Well all but one. One for me.

  22. Can’t wait for the Mr. Linky! My mom is coming for a visit and that means projects being done.

    I would prefer that she relax, but my mom WANTS projects!

    Enjoy your company. : )

  23. I just found your blog today coming from Blogging Basics 101 and must say, you are a riot!! I will definately be back. And I don’t use WordPress but that is a cool feature…

  24. Oh Dear – OCD in the neighborhood? Glad you postponed the before and after thingie – ’cause I’m still SOOOOOO before it is almost a tragedy – but I laugh therefore it is a tragicomedy. Therefore – I’ll be here when it is time for beforing and aftering – remember that old joke about if you aren’t here after what I’m here after? Alrighty then – I’m outta here. Glad you are home – no place like it right Dorothy?

  25. Well, of COURSE I’ll be happy to send you my bloggy username and password so you can take care of this little update thing-y for me. How sweet of you to offer!

  26. “And. DONE.” Classic! I felt as if I were a passenger on your bloggy 747 comin’ in for its perfectly timed landing.

  27. YACMU! That’s Carol-talk for You Are Cracking Me Up.

  28. Okay that word count – I want that! Seriously! :)

  29. God led me to Blogger for a reason – he knew that the word count feature on WordPress would be the end of sanity for me. I could get embarrassingly neurotic about that.

    Congrats on the smooth upgrade!

  30. Lea Margaret says:

    We have family comeing this weekend too! What are you cooking???

  31. Kudos for 500..I feel ya. there are certain things that just need doin’. Makes sense to me :)

  32. I just love you. Thanks for making me smile.

    And don’t worry. I have had a towel pinned up over my bathroom window and random places on the wall where wallpaper has been pulled off FOR TWO YEARS!

  33. Hey, that was VERY nicely done!

    Enjoy your weekend… :)

  34. Hope you have a great time with your company this weekend.

  35. So I had to count the words….excellent post…have a good weekend!

  36. Hey don’t worry! I’m not doing any Before & After projects myself so I don’t mind when you do it.
    Now do you feel better?

  37. ~Amanda~ says:

    Is it considered a compliment if I say I wet my pants nearly every time I visit your blog?


  38. I am sooo looking forward to the before and after thingy. Maybe we could do it second week of September, you know after the kids are back in school and before and after isn’t an endless loop of before the child enters the room and after…

  39. A word count feature? Maybe I should switch to WordPress. I love those things….

    Have fun with the company!

  40. I’m jealous of the whole word count-thing.

  41. Thanks for my morning laugh. :) You just make anything sound exciting. My half sleeve of stale crackers does not sound so happening. ;) Have fun with the fam.

  42. I can’t believe I just did this, but I actually had to COUNT from 465 to the 500 to make sure you were right.
    Like I really have ANY reason to doubt you, or your technological expertise!
    You crack me up girl, God bless your little sweet southern soul!

  43. Bless you (and Antique Mommy) for the easy way to update WordPress! I was dreading it, but that little plugin is oh so handy! Thanks!

  44. it certainly takes company to get me to cleaning! have fun.

  45. I SO want to upgrade to a big girl blog!

  46. Remember before when you had a contest and a unnumbered comment problem. I should have paid more attention because ack!! Bloggy Giveaway and no numbered comments!!!! And advice?

  47. No no… my head is exploding all over the screen. I need to do the upgrade, but can you say scared? I thought you could.

  48. And here I’ve been putting off that upgrade, but now that I know about the word count feature? Will go upgrade right now.