American Idol – Top 6

The songs of Shania Twain?

Sounds good to me. We’ll sit back and relax and pretend like it’s 1998 all over again.

Here we go.

Lee DeWyze – “You’re Still The One” – Well I wasn’t at all prepared for that. At first I thought it was going to be a little weird, but it turned out to be a nice alternative spin on a country song. It wasn’t my favorite performance of Lee’s, mainly because he seems to do his best with rock stuff, but he did a great job with it.

Michael Lynche – “It Only Hurts When I’m Breathing” – Oh my word – I loved his version so much more than the original. I’m so glad he kept it simple at the beginning, and I really liked the falsetto at the end. Reminded me of some old-school Luther – and that’s never a bad thing.

Casey James – “Don’t” – It’s funny, but I feel like that’s the first time in this whole competition that we’ve really heard Casey’s voice. And Casey? Can sing. Loved the raspiness in his voice, loved the way he connected with the audience, loved the way he just sat there and sang his heart out. I thought it was great.

Crystal Bowersox – “No One Needs To Know” – Crystal always sounds good, but I would’ve never picked this song for her. It’s a little too flirtatious or cutesy or something. Plus, the arrangement was way too slow and borderline folksy. It just didn’t do her justice.

Aaron Kelly – “You’ve Got A Way” – The beginning was fine, but things got pitchy about half-way through the first verse. He sounded great on the last note, though. He mainly just needs some consistency; he still doesn’t seem comfortable and confident on the stage. But tonight was his best so far, I think.

Siobhan Magnus – “Any Man of Mine” – I know that the judges liked it, but I didn’t. I thought she seemed a little hesitant during the first part of the song, and I thought the screaming at the end was way too much. There were moments in the chorus when I thought she sounded better than she has in awhile, but on the whole it just didn’t strike my fancy.

Best of the night: I have no idea.
Worst of the night: Siobhan
Should go: Siobhan
Will go: Siobhan

What did y’all think?

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  1. lavonda says:

    I loved Michael’s.
    (miss me some Luther)

    My boyfriend back in the day surprised me for my birthday by taking me to the civic center… all these people were dressed up nice, walking in. He wouldn’t tell me what we were going to, even let me guess it was a basketball game (I’ve seen people dress up for these before!)… when we got inside I found myself on the second row CENTER of a Luther Vandross concert.

    It was heavenly.
    because ‘a chair is still a chair…’

  2. I won’t lie and say I’ve watched AI yet (I typically record it and watch it a few hours later after my baby is asleep!) but I wanted to go ahead and read your thoughts.

    I myself am a HUGE Crystal fan so I was sad to read her song was less than great.

    I have been over Siobhan for a few weeks now. I by no means have any sort of music knowledge other than knowing what I like BUT, I personally don’t think she’s a wonderful singer. When she hits those high notes? It is PAINFUL. Anyone else agree? However, I don’t think she’ll go home, even though I’d like her to.

    I think this may be Aaron’s week to go (again, haven’t even watched yet!) just because he’s a bit awkward and inconsistent.

  3. I don’t like anyone but Lee and Crystal. Half of the time I feel like the judges and I are watching different performances. I didn’t like Siobhan at all tonight and Aaron? Not so much. Mike is a great guy, but I’m just not a fan of that style of music. I hope Aaron or Siobhan go.

  4. I totally agree about Siobhan. She and her boots really need to take a walk. Ugh.

    I think everyone else did a great job. And I think it’s going to be a close call tomorrow. Oh boy.

  5. I always say go big, or go home. Siobhan went big tonight with that sqeal. I’m hoping its her week to go home!

    Just my two cents.

  6. I had the feeling tonight that the judges had read all the press about “the worst season yet” and just amped up the praise to show Idol still “had it goin’ on:. Embarrassingly so. Need to bring that hype down a few notches and be a wee bit more truthful instead of gushing.

  7. I’ve had my favorites since the beginning: Lee, Casey and Crystal. I just don’t care for all the others. I’m hoping those three make the top three. Fingers crossed. I agree Siobhan should go home – Because if I have to listen to Siobhan scream one more time, my nerves will be shot.

  8. Sounds to me like you like Casey…. I loved Lee tonight. I agree about Siobhan…kinda freaky. What was with the bad floral 80’s dress with the leather straps?

  9. I think that Lee totally rocked tonight. My family didn’t necessarily agree with me, but what do they know? His voice reminds me of Darius Rucker (whom I love) so in my mind he cannot go wrong. He has been my fav since the beginning.

    I concur with all the thoughts about Siobhan…waaayyy too much. Hopefully we have seen the last of her!

  10. I agree. Siobhan just couldn’t carry it tonight and will likely go home. I think the judges will certainly change their minds when they watch the playback. I’m calling the Bottom 3 as: Siobhan to go home, Big Mike to stick around another week, and Aaron to sit first. Can’t wati to see tomorrow!

  11. Clarissamia says:

    It’s Big Mike’s time to go. Siobhan has a huge fanbase, and has VFTW support. She’ll be bottom three, but would be ultimately safe. I love Lee, pitch problems and all, because of his vulnerability and musicianship. He sure is very likeable. But Casey was the best of the night.

  12. The guys rocked it. The ladies left me underwhelmed. I sure hope Siobhan goes home – I’m so tired of her screaming and terrible outfits. I’ve always loved Michael and would buy his album tomorrow! (Sidenote: Casey’s hair looked gorgeous and I wanted to run my fingers through it. And take a picture to show to my hairdresser so I can get the same cut and style.) It’ll be a nail-biter for sure!

  13. I agree so much with your assessments that I feel as if I could have written this post. And Siobhan? Geez already! She didn’t change the song AT ALL and the screaming?! I mean, really, can you even imagine going to one of her concerts and she did that with EVERY. SINGLE. SOLITARY. song? Horrible. She’s so beautiful and quirky but I’m over her.

  14. I just don’t care for Siobhan….never have!
    I thought Casey was the best last night. Seems like Crystal has had this in the bag since day one….something about her, I just can’t love. I think it’s her attitude.

  15. Sister, I was not a fan of Siobhan’s song either. Great minds think alike.

  16. I love Shania, so I loved last night, but I totally agree with you that the guys did better… Siobhan was terrible! I have no idea what the judges saw in that performance that they liked! I thought that Lee’s song was amazing…really sexy! And I actually liked Aaron’s song. I can’t imagine what tonight’s going to look like…..

  17. I was underwhelmed, but…in other news…I read “Stuff Christians Like” yesterday. Congrats on the shout out!

  18. I agree about Siobhan. Really did not like the performance and can’t believe the judges raved so. Although I agree that they were way overboard with their compliments last night anyway.

  19. I agree with your assessment above. My least two favorites are Aaron and Siobhan. I was really surprised the judges liked her because I didn’t. I really hope she goes tonight (like in a really bad way want her to go – is that mean of me? ) Aaron still seems a little young to me and maybe that he’s not quite ready for being a ‘star’. He’s seems like a really sweet kid but I think he needs to go back to school and mature a little.

    My favorites of the night were the first three guys – Lee, Mike, and Casey. I love the cute little sideways smile/smirk Lee does. I thought Mike was so tender and sweet. I loved it! AND Casey – wow I looove his voice. I love how he finally showed off his vocals and didn’t let the guitar out perform him. He did a fabulous job. He needs to keep doing that.

    But this is just my humble opinion…. :)))

  20. Oh I so hope Siobhan goes home tonite. I did not like that. at all. Neither did my hubs. I always stop and think, would I buy this on itunes. Uh no. Definitely not.

    Casey was the best tonite I thought. I voted for Lee though cuz I know Casey will get the votes and I love Lee. Crystal could even be in trouble tonite because I thought she was weak. It was a bad song choice…I still love her.

  21. Totally agree! It is getting harder to decide, don’t you think?

  22. I was SO shocked when the judges said they loved Siobhan!!! I thought she was NOT GOOD! We even FF’d through the middle of her performance because we couldn’t take it. My favorite of the night was Casey but Michael was good, Lee was good-agree with you on Crystal. Anyone could go! I will be on the edge of my seat, that is for sure. Who’s YOUR favorite to win it, Boo Mama? oooooo! I wonder if the judges were all positive so she wouldn’t get the VFTW (didn’t think of that until reading comments) How does that work, anyway? Enough rambling. good day –

  23. You are so right about Crystal – that song did not do her justice. And I agree on Casey too.
    Have a good day!

  24. Is it just me or to Aaron and Siobhan just not fit in the competition anymore. Crystal, Lee, Casey and Big Mike are in a completely different league. And I wish Siobhan would go home, if only for the sheer fact that the thought of even typing her name makes me tired.

  25. I SO hope Siobhan goes…but would be fine with Aaron going too.

  26. In our house, we’ve been over Big Mike for several weeks now; however, he was respectable last night. Siobhan is a little too out there in all things, and we think it’s her time to “ease on down the road.” Casey was the best of the night, for sure! Unfortunately, this season of AI is just not “bringing it” for me. Thankfully, Ellen has piped down some, but I think she needs to head on back to her own show. Just my two cents…kinda not diggin’ it any more.

  27. Isn’t it funny how there are so many you like in the beginning that you think you’ll never be able to let anyone go towards the end, but then some contestants start to lead the pack while others kind of fall behind?

    That’s how I feel about Mike. At first, I thought I would love everything he did, but he’s kind of taking a backseat to my 3 favorites, Lee, Casey, and Crystal. TO me, each week is just about them and seeing what they bring.

    I’d LOVE to see Siobahn or Aaron go home tonight, but I think it will be Big Mike.

  28. me and my roommates (who are married) had a contest. during week 9 we had to make a “guess list” of who we thought would go home every week from week 9 to week 1.

    whoever got the right person would get a point. the person with the most points at the end of AI wins and the person with the least points has to do dishes for a week.

    so far…i got katie right…so i have one point. they have none.

    this week i have aaron on my list. he NEEDS to go home… (though i really want siobahn to go)

  29. Christy Semsen says:

    Hated Siobian. More each week. But her goodbye song (and only good song) was brilliant.

    Also hated Crystal last night. But usually like her.

    Loved Lee.

  30. I didn’t get to see it. Now that we just have cable and no DVR, I doubt I’ll ever watch TV again. I have too many kids and too little time for regular programming.