An Assortment, If You Will

According to the Boston Globe, the word “literally” is “literally the most misused word.” (via)


This morning when I checked my email I saw one of the most beautiful phrases in the English language:


And just FYI: a week or two ago someone left a funny comment saying that they hope Steinmart(s) pays me for all the free advertising that I give them. Oh, that it were so – but the fact of the matter is that I have never, ever heard from the Steinmart(s) people. I’m not even remotely on their social media radar, and that is fine with me. I think it’s good and healthy that I can adore the Steinmart(s) without any sort of bloggy attachment.


Giveaway Round-Up: MouseMail ($100 Visa gift card), bodycology rich&creamy (bodycology gift basket), Purina ProPlan Selects ($100 Visa gift card).


Two guys named Seth and Jeff – who work at LifeWay – were in charge of the little video that Mel and I did for .MOM last week. Our friend Paige told Melanie and me ahead of time that they are both just crazy gifted, and listen – she wasn’t kidding. Within two minutes of meeting them I felt so comfortable (I am not necessarily a fan of participating in videos/acting/any sort of skit), and their VERY sharp senses of humor totally won me over.

Anyway, yesterday Paige sent us an email with a link to a short film that Seth directed. Apparently it has movie people all abuzz (the short film, not Paige’s email). We watched it last night and LOVED IT.

I think you will, too.


Tomorrow I’m spending the afternoon here. I probably won’t sleep tonight because of my OFF THE CHARTS EXCITEMENT. It really is a little bit of a dream come true for me, so just rest in the peace of knowing that I will probably be blogging about it FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.


All righty. Now I must fold clothes. And perhaps shower. I might even unload the dishwasher, but I can’t make any promises. Hope y’all have a great Tuesday!

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  1. ooh i want to go with you…even though we root for different teams…what fun

  2. That football video got me excited about the upcoming football season! I am going to put my LSU tigers t shirt on right now. Sorry…LSU first any other SEC team second!

  3. LOVED the short film! I can’t wait to see what the .MOM video will look like! Are yall planning on doing a podcast or anything for the Mom’s that can’t break away from their momly duties but still want to be there? That would be awesome.

  4. Love the film! Wow. You have quite obviously been hooked up with THE BIG TIME.

  5. Rebecca says:

    VERY EXCITED for you and your fun tomorrow. How exciting is all that? Just FYI I found a site where you can order the TJs body wash and shave cream~both are on it so when you run out, I’m sure ordering will be cheaper than going to Nashville! : )
    Have a great time. SEC football is great, our daughter is a UF grad but we are UT as in TEXAS grads, HOOK EM!

  6. How in the world did you get the SEC gig?!!!! That is awesome! How exciting! I hope you’re planning to tweet about it all day tomorrow.

  7. So you are going to media days? Wow. Pay special attention to what Coach Muschamp says about my Gators! Got tickets to the UF-Bama game in The Swamp in Oct! Can’t wait.

  8. My hubby and I “literally” use the word “literally” about 100 times a day!
    Love it.
    And I think Steinmart should pay you. :)

  9. cynthia says:

    Thanks again for making me smile! I think the “Plot Device” is hysterical… and I’m super excited for you and your “dream come true”. Can’t wait to read about it. I’m so ready for FOOTBALL!

  10. Oh my gosh! SEC Media Days! I cannot wait til ‘toe hits leather’! WDE!

  11. So Seth is the oldest son of my old (not literally!) choir director. I watched Seth grow up (and he’s not that much younger than I am) and even from the age of eleven, he’s always been behind a video camera. He is so talented and has always followed his dream… Love seeing his video make your blog!

  12. I literally loved Seth’s short film! Literally!

  13. Oh, bloggy/virtual friend, I cannot pass a Steinmart(s) without thinking of you. You should come to Austin: I found a link for the actual locations where FNL was shot here. Chuy’s corporate location is here (and there is another location called Chuy’s Hula Hut on the lake which is nothing but fun.) Whole Foods “mothership” store (international headquarters) is here. And I am sure with a little goggling, K. Chandler’s address in west Austin is there for a driveby. ;) Have a great time this weekend.

  14. It was me!! I’m the one of the funny comment! I realize that pointing this out makes me seem mildly like a blog-stalking weirdo, but so be it.
    And YAY for more fashion, less price!

  15. Joelle @goldenchances says:

    Hoooooooold on!! I thought we had an agreement that I would be your assistant at any SEC Media Days appearance. Clearly, you just forgot. It’s understandable. But next year is a different story because promises are promises. ;-) Hope you had a great time!

  16. SEC Media Days?! Can I have your life?? I’d even take the laundry and the dishwasher. How did you score that gig? Promise us a FULL recap tonight.

  17. Cindy Mc says:

    Color me maroon with envy. I would love to go to SEC Media days and the College World Series, both are on my bucket list. Hmmm, wonder what that says about my priorities? :-) Have a great time.

    Are you coming over Saturday for Women’s Football camp? you really should!!!

  18. Loved “Plot Device” for so many reasons. Please keep us updated on what happens with these guys.