The Joys Of A New TV Adventure

This past Friday I was supposed to have my wisdom tooth removed, but since I didn’t realize that the person driving me home (which was, you know, my husband) had to be there for the whole procedure (what with the sedation and all), we had a little scheduling mix-up and had to bump my appointment to Monday. Since I’d sort of planned the weekend around a rigorous regimen of painkillers and sleeping, the whole re-scheduling thing meant that I suddenly found myself with a wide-open stretch-o-weekend and a horribly neglected DVR.

I haven’t intentionally neglected the DVR, mind you. I’ve wanted to have some quality DVR time, in fact. But I’ve been working on a little sideline project at night that has basically triggered my obsessive gene to SOARING NEW HEIGHTS OF OBSESSIVENESS, and as a result I’ve gotten way behind on all my normal shows.

(Except for Project Runway and Survivor. I always seem to make time for those. Along with Food Network and Bravo as the occasional background noise.)

Anyway, after I read your comments in the last post, I’ll have you know that I accomplished three significant TV-related achievements over the weekend: 1) I caught up on The Office (I am loving Andy as the boss and wanted to hug him after that garden party with his parents) 2) I caught up on Modern Family and 3) based on your recommendations, I totally caved and watched Revenge.

Listen. I have some thoughts about that third thing. So many, many thoughts about that third thing.

I had no idea what the show was about, so I was surprised to see a cross between Dallas (did anyone else think Southfork Inn was a wink at the Ewings? am I overthinking it?) and Dynasty combined with a hefty dose of Veronica Mars. I was also surprised to see that Revenge marks a television series return to the land of people who store their alcohol in crystal decanters (oh, Sue Ellen Ewing – you have been missed). Sweet mercy. I DO NOT MIND IT.

And Madeline Stowe as Victoria Grayson? SOLID GOLD. Plus, Victoria’s collection of stylish dresses would make Krystle Carrington and Alexis Morrell Carrington Colby Dexter Rowan so proud. Though Krystle would probably be puzzled by the fact that Victoria isn’t wearing more shoulder pads. Krystle is still trapped in the 80s, bless her heart.

My favorite part so far was in the last episode, when Conrad and Lydia were arguing at her sassy loft / penthouse / big city apartment. After he tossed the picture frame, she picked it up – then grabbed a magnifying glass off the desk so that she could examine the photo more closely. A MAGNIFYING GLASS. Because, you know, she just happened to have a magnifying glass sitting around. AS WE ALL DO.

What up, Mrs. Columbo?

All that to say: I think I’m hooked. I don’t want to be hooked, but I’m pretty sure I’m hooked. And I also think that maybe Emily and Nolan are brother and sister but don’t know it yet. Their hair is the same color and their clothes always (sort of) match – almost like we’re supposed to associate them with one another.

Clearly I need to take a step back from this situation and maybe REACQUAINT MYSELF WITH REALITY.

Odds are that the whole wisdom tooth removal will probably be the perfect antidote to the Graysons and Emily and the fact that David Clarke was framed. HE WAS FRAMED.

So see? It all works out.

Have a great Monday, everybody!

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  1. Two things:
    1. Please tell me you had to look up the names of Alexis. If not, you’re super good, woman.

    2. We have a magnifying glass on our kitchen counter most days when it’s not in the junk drawer where it belongs. A 9yo will want to magnify everything he finds indoors and out, and since our kitchen is where he enters the house, the magnifying glass has got to be close. Otherwise he will run all over the house with that insect or goo in his hand!

  2. Okay, i am so glad you mentioned the Office. Listen. I have been upset about this season and didn’t feel I had anywhere to turn. And there you are, boomama. I know you will understand, even if you don’t agree.

    I don’t like the new Dwight. Of course, I didn’t like the old Dwight, but at least I liked that I didn’t like him. But now, I feel like he has lost himself. The old Dwight would never have fallen for some of the pranks that Jim has been pulling on him lately–many of them in the garden party show. Which brings me to another point. Jim. I think Jim has been hardened and has become bitter. Not a good time for Jim to become bitter, with the second child on the way. I miss the old Jim. I feel like there has been a role reversal between Jim and Dwight. I never used to mind when Jim would come out on top, because it was always won the hard way, after a good HONEST fight. But now, Jim just cuts Dwight down with no remorse, and really no provocation. Dwight just seems sad lately (after losing the job to Andy…who is great as the boss, I agree), and I can’t help but pity him.

    I do like that there is more of Darryl now, though. I’ve always loved Darryl.

    Thanks for listening. :-)

  3. Revenge is my absolute favorite show at the moment. Where’ve I been that I didn’t realize you were a Project Runway fan? Who do you think will win? I want Anya to win but I think it will come down to Josh or Viktor.

  4. Did you happen to see Once Upon a Time last night? I LOVED it!! Am I crazy? Did anyone else see this and love it? I had a rough weekend with my parents visiting, and this show let me escape and appreciate all the clever allusions to fairy tale characters!

  5. 1) I have adored Revenge from the very first episode. I remember my aunt letting me stay up late when I was a kid to watch Dallas, when she babysat me– my parents came home earlier than anticipated and mom was FURIOUS auntie let me watch Dallas. I don’t know, but maybe Revenge sates a deep need within me for that type of show?? At any rate, I LOVE IT!!

    2) Boomama– set your DVR also for Once Upon A Time on ABC on Sundays. Another GREAT show– I am already hooked and Lord knows I don’t know how I can fit another show in my already full arsenal. By the grace of God, I will somehow find a way.

  6. There is something so satisfying about shows where people live a life so opposite of mine. The more preposterous these shows are the better I like them. First, they get up everyday and put on high heels. Secondly, not only do they store their liquor in a decanter everyone drinks straight ( no ice, no mixer) booze. They all down it in one swallow, and no one makes a bad face or coughs after doing so. Finally, the villians on these shows are multi – talented. They can tamper with brakes, poison the decanter, stage a kidnapping, take on a new identity, and not break a nail.

  7. I love Revenge! I want to watch Pan Am, but I missed the first episode and have not tried to catch up. Does anyone watch it? What do you think?

  8. Such A GOOD show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) So glad you hopped on the Revenge bandwagon!!! And never thought about Nolan and Emily being related. You might be on to something!!!!!!!!!

  9. I love Revenge! I also have wondered if they are brother and sister.

  10. We cancelled Dish 3 months ago, so I can’t help you much with current TV offerings. I can say that I’ve watched a few episodes of Up All Night and New Girl on Hulu. Both made me laugh out loud. The wedding episode of New Girl is hilarious.

    What I have been doing with myself is watching Friday Night Lights on Netflix. Oh my word. I never watched it… I had to read the book in a grad education class back in ’96, and I decided I hated Texas football. (I’m a theatre teacher – if you ever read the book, you’ll get it). Plus – we lived in the D.R. when it first came on, and our “cable” was unreliable to say the least. We never what was coming on when and typically ended up watching Sabado Gigante or a Japanese game show, if we were lucky. Although, I did discover the Gilmore Girls while over there. It came on at 3:30 am with subtitles – I watched every episode while nursing my daughter – rather convenient.

    Oh my word. I JUST watched the last episode. I cried. Like, Marcia Brady cried. I need to know what is happening with these people! It’s like the Gilmore Girls all over again. Dang it. I’m tired of investing in these people when they just keep leaving! At least Vince is on Parenthood now… and if you aren’t watching Parenthood – well, get to it!!!!!

  11. Are you not a Biggest Loser fan? I love that show to DEATH!!! I cry EVERY single episode! I swore that I wasn’t going to watch it this season without Jillian as one of the trainers, but once again, I have been SUCKED IN! My husband and I truly LOVE it! And what about UP ALL NIGHT! Could not be any funnier!!!! And PARENTHOOD! Oh my! I missed the first season and a half. But it is the BEST show on TV in my opinion:)

  12. Love Revenge. Even my husband can’t turn away. We started watching by accident and now I find myself craving more.

    I find myself simply craving a beach house during the whole show, and better clothing of course. Can’t wait to see what happens.

  13. You are missing out…you didn’t choose PARENTHOOD! Watch it now! Best show on TV !!!

  14. Oh. My. Word. I read your blog this morning and your delightful description of Revenge had me intrigued. I am a Dallas, Knot’s Landing, Dynasty and Falcon Crest GIRL. I remember those shows from when I was younger and loved, LOOOOVVVVED them. I saw the previews for Revenge but didn’t think much of it until I went to the website and thought I would catch up. I am hooked on the pilot..hooked like a fish I tell you! Mercy, if they cancel this show I will be so upset. I’m loving the hoity-toity, cat fight, money-dripping, eye candy of a show. The only thing to top it off would be if Lydia and Victoria would have a cat fight in a pond like Dynasty circa 1980ish. Oh, what a delight that would be. DElightful. I actually had to YouTube the Dynasty cat fight and mercy me, it was worth it. I hope you stick with Revenge, I would love some more of your thoughts. :)

  15. LOVE Revenge! I was intrigued to begin with because of the name Emily Thorne…it just so happens to be my childs name. She was thrilled…lol. I never thought about the Nolan/Emily connection, he is kind of a mystery to me….can’t quite figure him out!

  16. I agree, Revenge is all kinds of awesome and has filled the Dynasty-size hole in my heart! BUT, have you seen Hart of Dixie, Monday nights on (I think) the CW?? It will tickle your southern heart. You would love it!

  17. boomama,

    a.) hope everything with your wisdom tooth (teeth?) worked out.

    b.) IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY THAT YOU LOVE REVENGE. i have almost felt too guilty that it is my guilty pleasure. my thought exactly? ‘i am a CHRISTian. i am not SUPPOSED to enJOY THIS.’ but i just can’t help myself.



  18. I’m just now seeing this post so, even though I’m late to the party, I have to add: I LOVE THIS SHOW. I didn’t start watching it right off… came across it on the dvr new show catch up thingie and watched the first 3 episodes in a row.

    Yes, I am hooked.

    Emily and Nolan? You think? Oh my, now I feel the need to go re-watch a few episodes and evaluate from this new angle of possibility.

    What an amazing tool the dvr is. So much handiness at our fingertips!