Miss America Viewing Party Tonight, 8 Central

Tonight about 7:55 central I’ll set up a post for our Miss America festivities. I’ll probably do a live blogging-type thing and update the post throughout the pageant. Y’all can take over the comments, and I’ll jump in there from time to time, too. I think the easiest way to talk back and forth is via the “reply” button, but posting a regular ole comment will work just fine, too.

One last thing. This will all be in good fun, so, like I said before the Miss Mississippi viewing party, let’s please be mindful that somebody’s mama or cousin or great-aunt Ethel could stop by and read what we say. In other words: let’s do our very best not to say anything hurtful. These girls are darlin’.

See y’all later tonight!

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  1. bring on the fun!!!

  2. I’ll have to comment during football time outs-watching Tebow try to beat New England. Got the DVR set for the pageant. Maybe I’ll write Sam Haskell, the Miss America CEO and tell him he needs to schedule the pageant after the Super Bowl but before March Madness…

    • i like you and don’t even know you… my facebook status was “miss americ or football ~~~ sorry pretty ladies this is a sports loving home”.

      i came for a half time visit and LOVE your comment. as a sports loving family this is a great time of year ~ football winding down and college basketball in full gear. my hubby and i joke that after the masters is over we actually have to communicate until september rolls around. although we are not loving the score of the game at this point hopefully they will turn it around in the second half.

  3. So glad you reminded me~!!

    and B! T! W!.. I SURE MISS Y’ALL!!!! :-(


  4. Carolyn F says:

    Let’s get this party STARTED!!

  5. Tebow or tiaras? What’s a girl to do? :-)

  6. So scoot’s mom makes the big tulle wreaths for front doors. She has given me one for every occasion for the past 2 years- needless to say,I have given most away to those in need of BIG wreaths. When miss alabowma walked out in the evening gown competition I could not help but say “look Scoot, your mom made miss alabama’s evening gown.” we got so tickled!
    Thought about you as I watched! So funny :)