Impulsive Decorative / Snack Cracker Disorder

Listen. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

But this morning, around 11 or 11:30, I was checking my email and minding my business and listening to the little guy laugh with our next door neighbor, and out of nowhere I thought, I kind of feel like painting the kitchen cabinets.

And then I looked around like Who? Who just said that? Who would suggest such a thing? STOP IT WITH THE CRAZY TALK ONE TIME.

So y’all know what I did. I listened to the crazy. And then I hopped in the car and drove to Sherwin Williams and bought myself a quart of paint.

Oh, sweet fancy Moses.

But here’s the thing. When I repainted the cabinets three years ago, I never did love the color. I liked it fine. I appreciated the fresh coat of paint that made everything look cleaner and more updated. But the color was way more mint-y than I thought it would be, and I sort of had my heart set on an apple-y green. I chickened out on the apple green because I was scared it would be too much color, and I went with something that I considered a little bit more safe.

Today, though, I decided that if I paint the cabinets apple green and they’re completely obnoxious, I can paint them again. Because part of the fun of having a house that was built in 1974 is knowing that at one point it was made of groovy, and heaven knows that I do enjoy the groovy. Plus, I think there are people who create spaces that are subdued and elegant – and I think that I am not one of those people. I love living in the middle of a whole bunch of color. Anyway, I guess we’ll see how it all turns out. I’ll post pictures whenever I finish.

Unless it’s all a disaster, of course.

Now. Let’s talk about something really important. Let’s talk about Jingos.

What are Jingos, you ask?

Well, I didn’t know until today. Target was kind enough to bring me up to speed.

Y’all know that I can’t resist a new snack cracker product. And it looks like they’re Jingos! instead of just Jingos.

Apparently Jingos! are enthusiastic! They’re also snappy.

I don’t know about y’all, but I think that “snappy” is an underutilized adjective. We need to give it more attention in our day-to-day conversation.

So. There were three or four varieties of Jingos! at our Target, and we picked the parmesan garlic.

Once we were home, I carefully opened the somewhat oddly-shaped box before I tore into the foil bag.

I was immediately struck by the crackers’ strong, cheesy notes with an undertone of roasted garlic. The smell was stronger than I expected – way stronger than a box of CheezIts – and I decided that Pepperidge Farm must have approached the Jingos! with a go big or go home snack cracker philosophy. After all, you can’t take challenge the CheezIt empire with some watered down cheese flavor. You have to create a cracker that’s cheesy enough to make the consumer think, “Is somebody cooking Italian food? Because I’m pretty sure that I smell Italian food right now.”

The Jingos! are actually really tasty, and I will buy them again. However – and I can hardly believe that I’m saying this – they’re almost too cheesy for me. There’s a mildness about the CheezIt that’s comforting, and there’s nothing mild about the Jingos! parmesan garlic. It’s a snack cracker with attitude. It’s also a snack cracker for grown-ups; I think the flavors are a little more intense than what most kids expect from an afternoon snack.

This is merely the opinion of an amateur snack cracker aficionado, mind you. I am certainly not a snack cracker professional, but I have dreams, people.


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  1. I absolutely LOVE your “snappy” blog! (and BAM!, the adjective goes viral!)

  2. Can’t wait to see the new color! I love color, too! I’ve tried almost all of the flavors of Cheese-Its this summer. So far, Four Cheeses is my favorite. I’m sure you feel more at peace since I just shared that :) It’s important stuff.

  3. Because in my head we’re very dear friends (Putting the crazy right up front today) I feel I should tell you that my family room is Apple Green, and just today I was contemplating painting it a more toned down ‘elegant’ color, but then thought how sad I would be without my color.
    I’m just not a beige girl-but on many levels I wish I was.

    Ok, going to tuck the crazy back away. . .at least for now.

    Can’t wait to see the cabinets!

  4. Merri Jo says:

    Wow, a sudden urge to paint your cabinets…followed by the actual purchase of paint-YOWZA!
    And, “too much cheese”!!– I had to check to be sure that I was reading Boo Mama ;-)
    I’m exhausted from just editing & reorganizing all my photos on iPhoto and endlessly watering my gardens due to oppressive heat and record drought here in Chicagoland.
    Perhaps you should google you symptoms–there may be a pill!

  5. Love reading your crazy!

  6. Rebecca says:

    My daughter was just saying that she wondered if you would post about snack crackers soon~we LOVE the crazy cuz we don’t think it’s crazy at all! Apple Green is a bold choice, this coming from someone who painted her kitchen WALLS lavender!!!!! No, I didn’t just paint cabinets I went BIG! But I love it and everyone who sees it says it looks just like me (don’t know or care if that means they like it as well) So paint yourself silly and enjoy!
    You brought a smile to my face this morning! Thank you! Can’t wait to see pix

  7. So I’ve been pondering your apple-green cabinets since you tweeted yesterday and can barely stand the suspense. I’m thinking it’s going to be FABULOUS :) Happy painting!

  8. Two nights ago I served my husband a beautiful spread of crackers, cheese, pepperoni slices, and grapes for dinner.

    It was a hit. (Apparently, when you mow the lawn in 104 degree heat, a plate of crackers and cheese is about all you can stomach afterwards.)

    I was delighted.

  9. Sara A. says:

    I recently got “in the know” and have been reading your blog. Thank you for this post. I noticed the Jingos! at my Target over the 4th and hesitated….I’m picky about my crackers! I’m sort of probably not going to try them now….I think I’m too attached to my old staples.

  10. Jennifer in Ohio says:

    In my last house, I painted the walls in my kitchen granny smith green, and it was gorgeous! Visitors were always surprised, and they either loved it or were politely silent on it (bless their hearts). And it was amazing the way the color changed throughout the day as the outside light changed.

  11. THIS is why I love reading here:

    “Pepperidge Farm must have approached the Jingos! with a go big or go home snack cracker philosophy.”

    (well, among other things, too….) :)

  12. I do say, that I just love your blog. Reading nearly everyday (nearly bc, well I do have to do some work while I am here at, well, work).

    I do agree that if one has a snack cracker philosophy, that your’s is def the one to have.

    I also do think that you should be painting those cabinets right now bc I, for one, can’t wait to see them. You could also apply your cracker philosophy here, go big or go home. You will love them I’m sure. This coming from someone who has painted my counter top, Yes counter top, hot purple, my cabinets a teal-y/aqua-ish color and am currently in pursuit of a red sink. Mine is an older house that will soon be saying “Anyone for a game of Candyland?”. My kids think I’m weird (well, not only for my kitchen color choices) but its all fine with me. I’m in love with my lil ole kitchen.
    So, go apple-y green and be in love with your kitchen too!
    Love from Mississippi :)

  13. The passion with which you write about snack crackers MAKES MY DAY!

  14. Yup apple green deuces mint green every time.
    Good luck!

    Hugs from Minnesota

  15. Cheryl Stanley says:

    Debbie Travis did the most amazing kitchen years ago on a show. She painted the cupboards apple green and then glazed them with brown. At the time I hated it (It was over a decade ago) but now I wish I had a kitchen to do it in. Here are some pictures – this was before mainstream internet so they are hard to find.

    If you are ever so inclined to paint them this way I would love for you to post pictures so I can live vicariously through your kitchen.

  16. Lindsay says:

    Chili Lime Jingos single handedly made a road trip from Seattle to Disneyland happier. :)

    Go apple green! I wish I had the nerve to do something so exciting. :)

  17. This House Was Made of Groovy. I love that. I am going to use that to describe things from the 70s now.

    And apple-y green is one of my favorite colors. Love it. Can’t wait to see pictures!

  18. I want you to know that the thought and thoroughness with which you approach your snack crackers leaves me feeling secure in listening to your advice.

  19. C Smith says:

    We tried these crackers over the weekend. They are awesome with some mild cream cheese dip! We love crackers, but around here, it’s really all about what we can put on them.
    I would love to see your finished cabinets. Green is my favorite color, moss, apple grass. We are buying a new(to us) house and when my husband asked what color I wanted to go with in the kitchen, I said,” well, green.” He said “oh, of course.” I mean, duh! It’s a given.

  20. I thought of you and your obsession with the snack cracker the other day, when I saw “Ritz Crackerfuls” for the first time. They are filled crackers…filled with Peanut Butter and Chocolate. My kids love them. Just FYI!

    I, too, have bought Jingos! and I must agree… 2 thumbs up!

  21. Oh, but I got the “fiesta cheese” variety, not the parmesan. Give those a whirl.

  22. Michelle T says:

    I love the tip from your previous post about painting the cabinet handles! I have been wanting to change our kitchen cabinet pulls since we moved into our house almost 9 years ago, but replacing almost 30 handles is crazy expensive. I’m buying the paint today!

  23. I, too, love color. My philosophy for decor happens to lean more towards Mexican restaurant than Pottery Barn. And Cheezits (also goldfish) are my favorite. Trent doesn’t quite understand my love for Cheezits. Clearly, we need to teach him. Ever made Cheezit chicken? It’s yummy and reminds me of my Nana…

  24. I feel sure this post just sealed your spot as a judge on what I’m sure is to be the next big Food Network reality show about crackers.

  25. I haven’t tried those crackers before but it looks like a tasty snack! Being impulsive is always fun! I hope you enjoyed painting and snacking.