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Ashley Adams

This sweet little girl could use all of our prayers.

And thanks, April, for the heads up.

Busy Moms Book Club

Sweet Holly emailed me a few days ago to tell me about the Busy Moms Book Club that Lisa Whelchel has started over at her website. The first selection is Liz Curtis Higgs’ Slightly Bad Girls of the Bible, and you can find all the info here.

I would write more, but I need to get back to napping.

Happy Sunday, y’all.

In Which My Life Is Forever Changed

You can imagine my delight when I walked through the kitchen earlier tonight and caught a glimpse of the playroom.


And as you can tell, the little man, who was hanging out with his daddy in the den, was terribly bothered by the mess.


But guess what?

Earlier this week his teacher sent home a chart that says “The Happy Way Is To Obey,” and it has four categories on it: goes to bed, comes when called, recites memory verses and picks up toys. And then out to the side of each category there are little boxes where you can put a sticker or make a check mark when that task is accomplished. Once the entire chart is filled in, Alex is supposed to take the chart back to school so that he can claim a special prize from the treasure box.

I didn’t think too much of the whole chart thing, honestly, because some form of gold star system has always motivated me about as much as a potential trip to an amusement part would motivate a fish.

Which is to say: not at all.

But the boy? On the other hand? ALL OVER IT.

We discovered his love for the chart the other day after he said his memory verses and started screaming “I GET A CHECK NOW! I GET A CHECK NOW! MAMA, PUT A CHECK ON THE PAPER FOR ME!”

And so, as I silently wondered HOW IN THE WORLD I HAD A CHILD WHO RESPONDS TO POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT, I put an orange check on Alex’s little obedience chart and watched his face light up like a fancy pre-lit Christmas tree.

You would’ve thought that I’d given him a bucket of fried chicken or something.

Anyway, tonight after I saw the playroom I decided that I’d see if I could put the chart to work again, so I said, “Hey, buddy – could you please pick up your toys? I can give you a check on your chart if you work quickly.”

And then I witnessed two incredible events:

1) Alex hopped up off of the couch and ran to the playroom.

2) Within ten minutes, the playroom looked like this:


People! It’s magic!

And now I’m more convinced than ever that I need to add some additional categories.

I’m open to suggestions, but I’m pretty sure that “brings Mama a diet Coke at least twice a day” and “naps for at least two hours each afternoon” are going to the top of the list.

A child needs goals, y’all.

Oh yes.

A child needs goals.

And Furthermore, The Weather Here Is Perfection

Well, I guess I didn’t have to be afraid to tell the internet that I’ve been struggling a little bit, especially given that your responses to yesterday’s post were every possible combination of awesome. I appreciate your prayers and your emails more than you know.

I actually didn’t realize how much NOT writing about all the STUFF RELATED TO SOME THINGS has been weighing on me until I finally hit “publish post” yesterday afternoon – and I’m telling you, as soon as that post went up, the tears started to fall, and I cried all the way from Panera to Alex’s school.

By the way, I would not recommend listening to Watermark’s “The Purest Place” when one is in a highly-charged emotional state.

Because it will send you straight into the ugly cry.

Which can be somewhat awkward and unsafe while driving.

And all that to say: I just love y’all to pieces.

We’re going to lay low around here this weekend: plant some mums, wash some clothes, watch our beloved Bulldogs play South Carolina (not to mention Auburn vs. Florida and Alabama vs. Florida State), have some sweet friends over for dinner, and gear up for the fact that Sunday is my day to help with the three year-olds at church.

I may need me a special anointing for that last thing.

I’d love to go all-out this weekend and decorate the outside of the house for fall (seriously, HOW CUTE IS THIS?), but I know my personality. I would start off with the perfectly innocent intention of buying a few pumpkins to make some topiaries, and before you know it I’d be all up in the Michael’s trying to find pumpkin lights and fake fall foliage, only not the fake stuff that looks fake, because I would be very particular about wanting the fake stuff that looks REAL, and sometime around 4 o’clock Sunday morning D would have to physically remove me from the front porch because I would still be out there trying to artfully place some dried gourds along the steps.

I’m not very good with the HAPPY MEDIUM, you know.

Have a great weekend, everybody.

Michael Scott’s Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run Race For The Cure

If you too are trying to figure out how you can get a Schrute Farms Beets t-shirt, then we may need to chat in the comments.

Because in all honesty I was a little worried about a season premiere let-down, but oh, tonight’s hour-long episode of The Office did not disappoint.

I’ll put my favorite moments in the comments – and I’d love for those of you who watched to chime in.

If you’re not too busy trying to raise money for rabies awareness, that is.

A Title, If I Had One, Would Go Here

So I’m sitting here in Panera Bread, hoping to maximize the little bit of time I have before I pick up Alex from school, trying to heed D’s advice to IGNORE MY EMAIL in the interest of getting some actual writing done.

(And I think we all know that the wri-word is totally in quotation marks in my head.)

(Because it’s the illusion of self-confidence, really, that matters.)

And for whatever reason, I feel that it’s very important for you to know that since my normal iPod headphones are broken, I’m sporting a pair of these right now:


Thank you. Thank you so much. I know you are so proud.

And I feel fairly confident that any Panera patron who has caught sight of my sassy circa-1992 headphones would find it hard to believe that last week I actually wrote a couple of blog posts on, you know, FASHION.

The weird thing about sitting in a place like this is that you catch all these snippets of what’s going on with strangers. Just as I’m sure there’s someone peering over my shoulder and wondering “BOOMAMA? WHAT IN THE WORLD IS A BOOMAMA?,” I’m wondering why the woman across from me can’t hang up the phone long enough to eat her salad.

I’m also pretty certain that she’s not from around here because of her repeated use of the word “super,” and OH MY WORD SOMEBODY HELP ME BECAUSE I CANNOT QUIT STARING AT HER FOOD.

Anyway, the last few days have been a little nerve-wracking around our house, mainly because we’ve been waiting on some stuff related to some things, and I would be more specific if not for my ongoing desire to continue to bring you the best in Annoyingly Vague Information.

After all, this is in fact the blog where details go to die.

So the last few days have been filled with D and me sort of dancing around each other, pretending like we’re FINE! WE’RE JUST FINE!, but the truth of the matter is that we’re both sitting on pins and needles, and now I’m realizing that this is sort of making it sound like I’m pregnant, so let me just clarify that potential misunderstanding rightthissecond and assure you that no, I am not pregnant.

Because if I were I would probably liveblog the news via cellphone from my doctor’s office and then follow up with a Special BooBaby ’07 Podcast.

In case you were wondering.

So D and I have both been sitting on pins and needles because we’ve been WAITING ON SOME THINGS. And honestly, I’ve been really disappointed with the way I’ve responded to this situation, primarily because it’s one thing to say, “Oh, yeah, I trust God, He’s in control, Hallelujah” – but it’s something else entirely to, as Emma Kate says, put some feet to that thing. I’ve been a little ticked off with how my selfishness and my impatience have been exposed over and over again.

Because I just think that at some point I should get past all of that. At some point I should do better.

So while it’s true that I absolutely want whatever it is that God wants in my life and my family’s life, I’m realizing that my tendency is to want to know what He’s up to rightthissecond. And when I don’t get an answer within the timetable that I have deemed most convenient for our family, I question Him.

I’m sure God loves it when I do that.

And I really don’t know why I’m sharing all of this. It may fall under the category of TOO MUCH INFORMATION, MA’AM, COULD YOU PLEASE KEEP YOUR STRUGGLES TO YOURSELF, but what I’m finding during this particular season of my life is that it’s more and difficult to write about my usual brand of nothing when there is so much going on behind the scenes, when I’m basically unable to type because I’m so busy WRINGING MY HANDS FOR HOURS ON END.

So I guess I’m just asking that you would pray for us, knowing that this is not life or death, this is not a marriage in peril, and this is not a child who is sick with no hope of a cure.

This is just two people who are standing in unfamiliar territory, knowing and believing that God has led them to this place, but struggling with their all-too-human doubt just the same.

Yesterday we were about to sit down for lunch, and D asked Alex if he could remember his memory verse for choir. I didn’t even realize that they had been working on the memory verse, but this probably does not surprise you considering that I am a mama who finds herself stressed to the point of no return over THE LETTER BUCKET, of all things.

Anyway, Alex looked at his daddy, looked at me, and in the sweetest voice you’ve ever heard in your life, he recited Job 37:5: “God’s voice thunders in marvelous ways; he does great things beyond our understanding.”

To my credit, I did not collapse into a sobbing heap in the middle of the kitchen floor.

But I wanted to.

Because I know that it’s true.

And I know that He’s working.

And I pray that I would patiently trust Him – whatever His timetable might be.