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It’s Shaping Up To Be A Lovely Saturday

The last time I was at Mama and Daddy’s house, the Bulldogs played a road game at Auburn and won.

This morning I decided to stay a little longer at Mama and Daddy’s than I originally planned. The Bulldogs played a road game at Kentucky. And won.

I now have no choice but to come back here in three weeks when the Bulldogs play Arkansas in Little Rock.

You can’t argue with science, people.

And in the meantime, we celebrate:

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AP Photo / Ed Reinke
Beloved Bulldogs – 31
Kentucky – 14

I’m just so proud of our boys.

Go Dogs!

Jewelry Giveaway Winners

I just used the trusty random number generator, and we have us some winners!

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Commenter #96 – Melissa May

Commenter #167 – Meredith

Y’all can email me or head over to Lisa’s if you’d rather email her directly.

Thanks to everyone who participated – and congratulations, girls!

I’m Off To See The Wizard

This afternoon, at approximately 2:30 central time, my two inch-long roots and I are going to be crowned with some of the finest chemicals and color processes known to man. Because we have an appointment with The Hair Wizard.

Alex and I are going to head to my hometown around lunchtime, and even though it’s going to be a very quick trip, the little man is thrilled to death because he is bound and determined that my daddy is going to take him to McDonald’s and THAT! IS SUCH! A TREAT!

I know. We really need to get out more.

However, last night we did eat at Jason’s Deli, mainly because Alex’s school had a fall extravaganza yesterday afternoon, and no way was I cooking after spending a chunk of my afternoon running a cupcake walk and trying to stay out of the path of the older kids who seemed to all have these containers of inky liquid that they delighted in squirting on one another, and of course I had to just smile at them and laugh off their inky liquid-related antics because, after all, it’s a fall extravaganza! It’s big fun! We’re all happy!


Alex thought the whole fall carnival-type thing was just delightful, and my friend NK got a huge kick out of watching him see his friends and then scream something along the lines of, “KATIE! KAAAAAAAAAAAAA-TIE! HEY! KATIE!” before he enveloped a startled Katie in a bear hug that nearly knocked her over right there in front of the inflatables.

My favorite Alex moment was when he saw a little boy and said, “JOHN! JOOOOOOOOO-OHN! HEY! JOHN!” and then threw his arms around John’s shoulders, only guess what, it wasn’t John after all, oh no, it was a complete stranger who, once freed from Alex’s embrace, looked up at his mother and whispered, “Mama? Mama? I don’t even know that boy who just hugged me.”

I was so proud.

Anyway, a little hair therapy is going to be just the thing to wrap up this crazy week. I am going to sit in that salon and I am going to drink massive quantities of coffee and I am going to read me an Us magazine and maybe enlist the aid of a magnifying device to determine just how pregnant J.Lo is and whether or not she might be expecting twins.

It’s going to be an afternoon filled with Deeply Meaningful Activities.

Also: I really need to figure out how I can lose 35-40 pounds before Shannon and Melanie get here next week. So if you have any tips on that, I’d love to hear them.

Obviously, I am all about some realistic weight loss goals.

Limitless Paper In A Paperless World

Tonight’s episode of “The Office” tonight was all-around hilarious, from Michael making his directorial debut to Dwight’s Second Second Life to Darrell composing a theme song (and re-mix!) to Phyllis going to the mall in the hopes of recruiting Sue Grafton for the Dunder-Mifflin commercial.

A few of my favorite moments:

“Who let the ‘Nard Dog out?”
“People person’s paper people”
“Call Indian Kelly for your business paper needs”
“That would be quite a coop!”
“Break me off a piece of that Chrysler car / football cream / Grey Poupon / Fancy Feast!”

And don’t even get me started about Jim protectively wrapping his arm around Pam at Poor Richard’s.

But the thing that made me laugh the most? The part of the commercial where Dwight hands Phyllis a piece of paper that says, “You have a son, and it’s me.”


And Dwight and Angela? Totally on the path to reconciliation.

Can’t wait to read your favorite moments in the comments!

Christmas Home Tour ’07

The internets have spoken (well, some of them, anyway), and it looks like we’re gonna be having us a Bloggy Tour of Homes again this year. Before I put up the previous post I’d decided that if at least a hundred people wanted to participate then it was probably the thing to do. And since it’s almost Christmas, I think it makes sense to do a Christmas tour. Because that would be convenient.

So give me a couple of days to get a sidebar button done, and once it’s ready I’ll post the code here so that we can start to get the word out.

If you don’t know how these things work, it’s pretty simple. I’ll be the home base and will put up a Mr. Linky on the day of the tour. You’ll put up the pics of your home tour on your blog – and then you’ll come over here and link to your post on a Mr. Linky. It’s a big bloggy extravaganza.

The date is going to be Monday, December 17th – I’m guessing that most folks will have their houses decorated by then. I’ll outline some specific tour guidelines later. Whenever I figure out what those guidelines might be. Or if they’re even necessary. Or whatever.

Or maybe we’ll just abide by what we did last year:

I only ask a couple of things if you’re planning to participate in this humble little tour:

1) That you actually post pictures of your holiday decorations (and by all means, if you celebrate Hanukkah and not Christmas, please join us).

2) That you don’t mock the season. Or the Reason. Or the people who are participating. And I shouldn’t even have to say that because MY WORD WE’RE A BUNCH OF GROWN-UPS, PEOPLE!

As for what kind of pictures we’re going to post…well, I’m thinking pictures of your tree…pictures of a particular collection that you love…pictures of your favorite nativity scene…pictures of your front door…and pictures of your outside decorations if you’d like to share them.

So basically, you know, whatever.

And really, it’s only fair that you should provide some refreshments (I mean, you ARE inviting us over and all), so I think it would be great fun if everyone posted his or her favorite quick and easy holiday recipe along with the pictures.

Seems easy enough to me.

Deck the halls, y’all!

To Tour Or Not To Tour, That Is My Question

Over the last couple of months I’ve gotten several emails from people who have wanted to know if another Tour of Homes is in the works.

And my answer has been something along the lines of “Well, actually, now that you mention it, no.”

But a couple of days ago I got another email about it from Lisa, and she made the point that there are probably some new readers hanging around these parts since we did the first Tour-o-Homes. Plus, there may be some people who wanted to do the Christmas Tour last year but didn’t get a chance.

And then Lisa suggested that maybe I could take a poll or something.

Y’all, I’m telling you: Lisa is overflowing with good ideas.

So at the bottom of this post you’ll see a little poll, and it would help me a bunch if you’d take five seconds to answer. I would love to host another home tour if anyone, you know, cares, but if it’s too much trouble for everybody I’m fine with that, too.

As Big Mama and I like to say (via “Friends,” NOT “Seinfeld,” please forgive me, I made a huge TV trivia foul): I’m breezy.

And thanks in advance for your help in addressing this issue of critical international importance. No pressure or anything – it’s just that THE FUTURE OF THE WORLD HINGES ON YOUR ANSWERS.

But other than that, it’s no biggie.