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It Would’ve Helped So Much If I’d Seen More Than Four Movies In 2010

Well, last night I watched the Oscars, though I didn’t pay much attention that last hour because OH MY MERCY THE BORING.

It didn’t help that I’ve only seen two of this year’s best picture nominees and, until this past weekend, didn’t really even know what was nominated. After listening to some friends discuss all ten films, though, I feel much more educated.

Here! Let me show you some of my knowledge.

Black Swan – This movie is about a crazy ballerina. I didn’t see it because there’s a part in the preview where it looks like Natalie Portman’s skin is turning into bumpy swan’s skin, and NO.

The Fighter – This movie is about how Marky Mark wants to fight. I imagine that the fighting is on a literal and figurative level. Because movies are fancy like that.

The King’s Speech – This movie is about a stutterer. I believe he is British. And from what I have gathered on Twitter and Facebook, people adore this film.

See? I am very informed.

And even though I really was only familiar with – seriously – approximately two whole plot lines, I tried my best to be an Oscar gamer. I watched the awards live, laughed at the opening, tried to give the proceedings the benefit of the doubt when the “banter” started to feel a little awkward, and then, well, I just caved. Surrendered. Had a nice, long talk with my husband during the last hour of the show. Found out the Best Actor / Actress / Picture winners from him when used the DVR to “watch” the entire telecast in the span of about four minutes.

So for me, at least, the Oscars were a bit of a bust.

However, I did enjoy seeing Sandra Bullock, Michelle Williams and Gwyneth Paltrow on the Red Carpet. They were probably my three favorites, though Gwyneth’s earrings did cause a bit of a debate on Twitter. I couldn’t decide if they were monkeys or lemurs, but in the end I went with lemurs. I seem to recall Alexis Carrington Colby Dexter Rowan wearing something similar on Dynasty back in the day, but I applaud Gwyneth for not following Alexis’ lead by pairing her lemurs with a silk shirt-waist dress. And also for not getting in a catfight on the red carpet and winding up in a lily pond.

I really wanted to like Cate Blanchett’s dress – I thought the colors were dreamy and her hair was perfection – but I didn’t understand the plain oval section in the front. Neither did folks on Twitter, apparently.

Oh, Twitter. You just delight me.

So what about y’all? Any fashion favorites last night night? Any thoughts on the awards? Were you underwhelmed or pleasantly surprised?

Thus And Such And This And That

– First things first: I made a mistake yesterday when I posted the Nations Outfitters giveaway. I should have added the info that you can get a second entry if you follow Nations on Twitter or like them on Facebook, but I forgot. I fixed it, but if you were one of the first 50-ish people to comment, know that you can still get a second entry. Details (and links to the Twitter and Facebook pages) are on the giveaway post. Sorry for my absent-mindedness!

– I was so moved by Debra’s “becoming: puzzle pieces” post. Good stuff.

– If you like nesting / home decor blogs, you will love Bradford Avenue. LOVE. IT. It’s so fun to see the transformations from week to week as an old Nashville home gets a very modern makeover. Delightful.

– This is a local tip, but if you’re in or around Birmingham and love great music, the first week in May could very well be the best week of the whole year for you. Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors will be at WorkPlay on May 1st, and just FOUR DAYS LATER Matt Wertz & Ben Rector will be in town. It’s too much goodness is what it is. Too. much. goodness. For ticket info, take a look at the calendar on the WorkPlay site.

– Today Kelly has a great Show Us Your LIfe post that features mom-owned businesses. You could spend hours looking at all the links – so much creative stuff!

– Over the last few days Nester has shared some really wise perspective on thrifting – and why it’s not always a bargain. Very interesting indeed.

– And last but not least: Jack Cristil, the voice of the MSU Bulldogs for 58 years, will broadcast his final game this Saturday when the Bulldogs face Tennessee in basketball. I have listened to Jack Cristil all my life, and I have searched the radio dial for his voice on more occasions than I can count. I’ve watched him on hundreds of coaches’ shows. I’ve listened to him say “You can wrap it in maroon and white” as long as I can remember. He’s nothing short of a legend to Bulldog fans, and we will miss him.

Go ‘Dogs.

Nations Outfitters Spring Giveaway

About a year ago I told y’all about my friend LisaAnn. I told you about how she started a clothing company called Nations Outfitters – and how she has a very big dream for the generation behind us. I told you how she longs for them to know the One who made them, how she hopes they can wrap their hearts around the fact that He’s uniquely created them to fulfill a purpose that no one else on the earth can fulfill.

And she’s living out her dream – and spreading the Gospel – through her grassroots clothing company called Nations Outfitters.

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again: the clothes at Nations are contemporary enough to satisfy teenage girls, modest enough to satisfy moms, and cute enough to satisfy everybody. These clothes are feminine and sometimes just a little bit funky; they allow a girl to celebrate her individual style without worrying whether or not her skirt is too short.

And more than anything, the clothes at Nations remind teenagers that who they are and what they do is way more important than what they wear.

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The Amazing Journey Of Amazing Connections Has Been Amazing

As best I can tell, last week’s plague has turned into this week’s sinus infection. And since nobody really wants to read details about my ongoing issues with congestion, I’ve just been laying low and coughing. The good news is that I’m caught up on laundry for the first time since, oh, last July, so I’m considering creating some sort of memorial stone for our front flower bed to commemorate this miraculous accomplishment.

Over the weekend I also got caught up on this season of The Bachelor. After all, I think it’s important to be well-versed in current events, especially ones with such long-term ramifications in the area of international relations.

Oh, whatever.

Anyway, now that I’ve seen all the episodes and now know who’s who and what’s what, I have one very important question:

Who’s it gonna be? Emily? Ashley? Chantal?

Feel free to back up your answers with equations and formulas when appropriate. If you need scratch paper, please raise your hand. Please refrain from sharing spoilers with the class.

And for the record?

I say Emily. She’s kind, nurturing, patient and cute as a button.

Your turn.

Me Likey

I meant to post a link round-up yesterday afternoon, but I never got around to it because I decided to watch Thursday night’s “Survivor” episode all over again. I couldn’t help it. Alex was playing outside with a friend, the house was quiet – and I really, really need to hear what is sure to be my absolute, all-time favorite “Survivor” quote two or fourteen more times.

What is that quote, you ask? It’s from Phillip, who was acknowledging that voting off one particular tribe member would be bad for the tribe – and then:

“But is it in the interest of Phillip Shepherd and company, who came to play a game and make some bold moves?”


Oh, I adore it. And Phillip, for the record, reminds me of Dragnet.


All righty. Here are some links of note / interest / happy fun times.

– I totally related to Patricia’s Valentine’s Day post. It convicted me and made me smile and encouraged me.

– Another post about marriage that I loved? Lindsay’s take on True Love, Ten Years Later.

– Ladies and gentlemen, Casey Abrams.

There’s nothing slick or calculated about him – which is oh-so-refreshing. Not to mention that he’s crazy gifted. Just deeply, crazy gifted.

– My house is a wreck and in desperate need of a good scalding. This has nothing to do with links, but I just thought I’d share.

– Last night I watched an episode of Season 25: Oprah Behind the Scenes that focused on Oprah’s interview with President Bush. Several of the producers traveled to Kennebunkport for some pre-show interviews, and when they unexpectedly ran into President Bush 41 and President Bush 43 – well, the reaction of one of the producers made me smile way down deep in my heart. Very touching.

Happy weekend, everybody!

Walgreens Giveaway

This is a compensated review from BlogHer and Walgreens.

I don’t think it’s overstating it to say that we are a family that loves Walgreens.

No. Let me rephrase that. We loooooooove Walgreens.

It’s shameful, really. We shop there two or three times a week. We know our cashiers. We know our pharmacy techs. And more than anything else, I know to check out in the cosmetics department when I’m stocking up on shampoo and make-up because they’re always well-stocked with coupons.

There’s one other thing I happen to know about Walgreens – and I know it from first-hand experience.

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