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Perhaps I’m A Smidge Over-Attached

So yesterday I totally forgot to email the winners of Friday’s impromptu iTunes gift card giveaway because, well, I’m lame. And also because I got all wrapped up in an episode of Guiliana & Bill even though? Seriously? I think that whole show is scripted. I mean, I’m certainly not saying that I’ll no longer watch because they seem to be following some sort of general outline as they make their way through each episode, but last night I was thinking They totally made this up the whole way through the show. I’m not so sure that their house isn’t on a backlot at Universal Studios, either. But, you know, whatever. Guiliana’s hair is fab so KEEP THAT ENTERTAINMENT COMING.

Also, this has nothing to do with the giveaway winners, but Friday night I realized that at some point during the day I’d lost one of my beloved (AND I DO MEAN “BELOVED”) multi-color beaded hoop earrings. I think I’m on my third or fourth pair of them; I started wearing them about four years ago and have not been without a pair since because THEY GO WITH EVERYTHING. Plus, I adore a hoop.

So Friday night, when it came to my attention that one of my earrings had gone missing (apparently the earring was British, otherwise it would have just been regular ole missing), I went into Earring Recovery Mode like nothing you’ve ever seen. It’s a good thing, too, because I think I paid upwards of 7 American dollars for those earrings about a year and a half ago, and you have to be super-proactive when attempting to recover jewelry that valuable. I even contemplated alerting the authorities about the fact that my earring had GONE MISSING and then offering some sort of reward.

You know, something along the lines of a pack of Orbit gum or maybe even one of my most treasured Sharpie pens.

I called a store I’d visited earlier in the day to see if anyone had turned in a lone hoop earring, but alas, no luck. I finally accepted that the earring was gone forever (perhaps it decided to return to its homeland in England), and I figured that I’d run over to the shop where I bought them Saturday morning and see if they had a spare pair. Since I searched the internet for the earrings to no avail, the shop was my only hope.

This is starting to sound just a little bit like a Lifetime movie, isn’t it? Just a wee bit? Just a smidge overboard in the drama department, maybe?


Saturday morning I was UP AND AT’EM bright and early, and by 9:40 I was out the door so that I could be at the store when they opened at 10. When I got there I headed straight for the jewelry section, and at first the prospects did not look good at all. There were tons of hoops but not a multi-colored bead in sight. Just when I was starting to contemplate what my future would look like without a multi-colored hoop earring as a part of my daily routine, I spied a bracelet that matched my beloved earrings. So I handed the bracelet to one of the sales clerks, and I very quickly said something like, “ArethematchingearringsinthebacksomewherepleaseIdon’tknowwhatI’lldowithoutthem?”

She asked another clerk, who pointed her in the direction of a storage cabinet, and do you know that within two minutes that sweet sales clerk was handing me these?


But I’m sad to report that they’ve gone up to 8 dollars a pair.

Quality comes at a price, my friends.

Anyway, I’ve enjoyed welcoming my new earrings into the family, and I hope that they’ll stick around for awhile. And I also think that I’m going to go back to the store where I got them and buy one more pair just so I’ll have some insurance in the event that one of the newbies decides to GO MISSING at some point in the near or not-so-near future.

I’ll be out 8 more dollars, of course, but the peace of mind will be priceless.

And even though I got a bit off-track with the whole giveaway update part of this post, I did want to tell you that I’m totally going to email the winners of the iTunes gift cards today.

So see? It all worked out.

My new earrings and I just couldn’t be happier about that.

– Last week I wrote about my new OnStar FMV mirror (which I love, by the way). Here’s the review if you’re interested.

What Women Fear

It was back in 2008, I think, when I first read Angie Smith’s blog. I’m pretty sure that I found it because one of y’all sent me a link to it, and as soon as I finished reading one of her posts, I had to take a little break and grab a box of Kleenex and compose myself. I remember being blown away by the beauty of Angie’s words, by the tenderness of her heart – and more than anything else, by the depth of her faith. It may sound crazy, but I liked her immediately. Even though, you know, WE WERE TOTAL STRANGERS.

As it turned out, though, we weren’t strangers for long. I can’t remember all the whys and the hows, but over time Angie and I became email buddies. Eventually it worked out for us to meet for coffee in Nashville one morning when I was visiting my sister, and SWEET MERCY we talked non-stop for three hours. Angie is one of those unique people who is fully present in a conversation – not looking at her phone or looking around the room or thinking about what she wants to say – and within the first four minutes of our visit that morning I was Officially Oversharing. What’s so great about Angie, though, is that she overshared right back. And thus a real-life friendship was born.

A couple of years ago Angie wrote her first book, I Will Carry You. I loved the book for a whole host of reasons, and I always think of it as being the book that so captivated my mama that she not only read it non-stop during a visit to our house, she also packed it in her suitcase and took it home. Mama has good taste. I Will Carry You is so beautifully written, and I knew as soon as I read it that it would be the first of many books by Angie. She’s such a gifted writer, and that’s why I’m as tickled as I can be about reading her next book, What Women Fear.

The new book doesn’t come out until September 1, but when I found out about what’s going on online today with Barnes and Noble and What Women Fear, I wanted to pass along the news. Barnes and Noble has really supported Angie both for I Will Carry You as well as What Women Fear, and they are doing an exciting one day pre-sale today, Monday, August 22 (online only – the offer isn’t good in stores).

If you pre-order a copy today at, you will get 50% off, so the book is only $7.49. In addition, if you order the book today at Barnes and Noble online, email your order confirmation to to be entered in a giveaway for two prize packs that each contain 10 books from B&H Women and a $25 Barnes and Noble gift card.

Just FYI: there’s no sort of affiliate link in this post. I’m just telling you about the pre-sale because I thought you might like to know.

And don’t forget: if you buy a copy of the book online today, email to be entered in a giveaway (two prize packs) for 10 books from B&H Women and a $25 Barnes and Noble gift card.

Have a great Monday, everybody!

An Exercise In Nostalgia (And A Giveaway, Too)

Last weekend I was working on something that made me think of Moonlighting, which in turn made me think of the Moonlighting theme song. Which made me think of Al Jarreau. Which made me think of this song (I’d embed it if I could, but I can’t). I hadn’t heard it in YEARS, but as soon as I remembered it, I immediately bought it from iTunes and have listened to it over and over and over. For some reason it makes me so happy.

Anyway, thinking about old Al Jarreau songs reminded me of the artist that I listened to more than any other in the 80s and 90s: James Taylor. I can’t even tell you how much I adored (and currently, presently, at-this-very-moment adore) his music. There’s something about listening to him that makes me stare off into space all dreamy-eyed, only pausing occasionally to wonder if it would be possible to hire someone to come to our house every afternoon and play acoustic guitar (accompanied by soothing vocals, of course) for 6-7 hours.

I know. That’s sort of unrealistic. But considering that I would be willing to pay upwards of $25-$40 American dollars PER MONTH for such a service, I imagine that I’m going to wake up in the morning to an inbox that’s full-to-overflowing with hopeful participants. FINGERS CROSSED.

So all that to say: tonight I’ve pretty much been sitting in a chair and watching James Taylor sing on YouTube and sighing with great contentment.

I mean, there’s this.

And there’s this.

And my all-time favorite – this.

So. Who’s your favorite go-to artist when you just want to hang out and relax and listen to some music that makes you smile? Tell me in the comments, and since it’s Friday and I’ve had a crazy week and there was a slight hint of fall in the morning air for two whole days and IT’S ALMOST FOOTBALL SEASON, I’ll draw from the comments early Monday morning and give away (3) $20 iTunes gift cards. Just for fun and for kicks. And also because I want you to encourage you to heed Al Jarreau’s advice and get your boogie down.

Happy Friday, everybody!

This giveaway is now closed – I’ll send the winners an email later today (Monday)!

Because Maude Might Need Some New Things For Fall

So back in the spring I wrote a post about my fondness for the asymmetrical hemline. However, I have to tell you that despite my best intentions, I don’t think that I was necessarily using the right terminology when I tried to describe the object of my fashion obsession (though I do have a couple of cardigans where each side is a different length, so I think those would in fact qualify for the asymmetrical moniker).

Anyway, I think what I should have said is that I was smitten with open front cardigans in general and handkerchief hemlines in particular. And I still am smitten with them – mainly because I still feel like I’ve met my fashion goals for the day if I get dressed in the mornings and bear some resemblance to Maude. And let me tell you: there is nothing that will help you achieve Maude-related fashion goals faster than an open cardigan. If there’s a handkerchief hemline, then all the better.

I want to assure you, though, that I’m going to try to practice Maude moderation this fall since I’m well-aware that combining my beloved open front cardigans with all the new palazzo pants possibilities may be too much Maude for the average citizen to bear. I mean, I’m all for looking to Maude for some fashion inspiration, but I’m not necessarily interested in looking so much like her that people start to hear a certain theme song when I walk by.

Yesterday we had our first little tiny hint (tease) of cool in the air, which naturally made me want to look for all manner of cute, Maude-ish clothes for fall. Some of these are what Martha would call “transition pieces! they’re transition pieces! you wouldn’t wear them in the winter, necessarily, but they’d be perfect in September and October, you know, when you go to breakfast with the girls! They’re just adorable for breakfast with the girls!”

So here are a few (or 12) of my open cardigan favorites, and then I’ll be all done with talking about clothes for a very long while because I think we’ve already established that the extent of my fashion expertise is, well, dressing like Maude. And it probably comes as no surprise that the demand for such a skill is practically non-existent.

This one from Loft is oh-so-versatile.

This plus-size Awake Rosette Trim cardigan (on sale!) would look good with just about anything; you could dress it up or dress it down.

This Style & Co. cardigan = great price, great colors.

And you can’t beat this one for when the Maudes of the world need maternity clothes.

This striped cardigan, in sizes 14 and up, is super cute.

I found the love’s sweet innocence curvy plus cardigan when Melanie linked to Ruche on one of her Fashion Fridays. Love their vintage looks – very fun and girly.

The Rolla Coaster Open Cardigan? It’s a rolla coaster of love is what it is. It’s also out of my league budget-wise, but it’s so cute that I had to include it.

Technically this Style & Co. ruffled vest (plus) doesn’t have a handkerchief hemline, but it’s on sale and a great layering piece for fall.

Gorgeous though it is, I would never, ever pay full price (or even half price) for this Balkhash Shawl, so I look forward to the pretend day when it’s marked down to $20. My imagination and I will be so happy when that happens.

This tie dye cardigan (petite) is a kicky variation on stripes. I’m such a fan of tie-dye in moderation, by the way.

You may have noticed that I have sort of a thing about stripes. I LOVE THEM.

This Hive & Honey Cable Tassel Cardigan makes me long for chilly mornings. It’s Maude-esque, for sure – but 21st century Maude. In fact, I think Maude would wear this sweater to Starbucks with jeans and tall boots.

And she’d look FANTASTIC.

Have a great Tuesday, y’all.

I’m Not Here…

…but I am over here today.

And I’m talking about TV.


OnStar FMV Mirror Review

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