I’d Feel A Little Ashamed If I Weren’t So Rested

This past weekend was the first one in months – MONTHS, I TELL YOU – when we didn’t have one thing on our calendar. Not one thing. And listen: you have never seen three people EMBRACE THE NOTHING like we did these last three days. We reveled in the nothing. We picked up the nothing and swung it ’round and ’round in a big bear hug and then told it how much we adored it. We were ALL ABOUT the nothing.

And granted, there were little bits of something thrown in for good measure. We went out for Mexican food. We did a little Christmas shopping. Alex saw a movie with a friend. We watched TV. Read. Napped. Cooked. Wrapped presents. Went to church. But more than anything else, we relaxed. And IT WAS GLORIOUS.

So all that to say: I was planning to put up my post for Nester’s Christmas Tour of Homes today – even took a few pictures Saturday night – but then I realized that my house looks just like it always does. My tree looks almost identical to last year. I decorated my dining room the same way. I’ve put up the Christmas card tree. But I don’t have anything new and inspiring to show you. I do have live wreaths hanging on the windows this year instead of fake ones, but that’s not exactly an earth-shattering development. Unless, of course, you’re fundamentally opposed to fake wreaths, in which case I would imagine that you might be sort of tickled that I’ve embraced the live greenery.

Anyway, you can certainly look back at my Christmas Tour posts from the last few years if you’d like to see the ways things typically go around here in terms of decorations, but if I were you I’d head straight to Nester’s. There will be more beautiful ideas than you can shake a stick at – and you should totally add a tour of your own house to the linky. It’ll be more fun! So much fun! Just more fun!

(Sorry. I was having a Martha moment.)

(By the way, Martha is having a Christmas party for “the girls” this week.)

(“The girls” are all in their late-70s and early-80s.)

(And that makes me smile.)

All righty – I’m going to resume with my relaxing. You may not believe this, but I’M READING A BOOK.


Enjoy your Christmas touring with The Nester today – I’ll see y’all tomorrow!

Oh, Internet. What Would I Do Without You?

You told me in the comments that I should try the clips.

So I bought the clips. They were on sale. And I had a coupon. So the clips ended up costing me cheap dollars and discounted cents.

Then I re-hung the curtains. I still need to add one more little clip thing to each panel, but that’s a minor detail.

And I am here to tell you: the clips have made all the difference.

I am forever grateful.

And maybe just a little bit obsessed with opening and closing the curtains VERY rapidly.

The end.

It’s Curtains For Me

I’ve been meaning to hang curtains in my dining room for a sweet forever. I didn’t want anything elaborate or fancy or complicated – just simple panels – but I knew that they were probably going to have to be made by somebody else because, well, I don’t sew. Unless you count those six cloth napkins with gapped seams that I managed to put together back in 2001, of course. They were a real treasure.

This past spring I actually saw some curtains that I loved at World Market, but I didn’t buy them because, well, I just didn’t. I also looked at fabric a couple of times over the summer – even thought about the possibility of doing some mistreatments – but I couldn’t commit.

The draperies, they overwhelmed me.

A couple of weeks ago I was in World Market with Sister in Nashville, and I remembered the curtains I’d seen several months before. I walked over to the window treatments section, looked around for a second and then I saw them – just as cute as I remembered – ONLY NOW ON SALE. I was intrigued.

When I got home I kept thinking about those World Market curtains and how they might be just the thing to add some warmth to my dining room. After all, I’d discovered them a while ago, but the magic was still there. The thrill wasn’t gone. And since I’d set aside some money for house stuff and still had a little left over, I knew I could swing the curtains purchase without breaking the bank. Plus, curtain rods were also on sale, SO CLEARLY THE LORD WAS IN ALL OF IT.

Now normally my spiritual gift is to overthink things to the point of complete inaction, but since I’ve been shielding my eyes from the morning glare in the dining room for about four years, I figured that it was time to commit to either the curtains or some blinds or maybe even a big ole sheet. And that is why, after seven whole months of thinking about the various and sundry window treatment-related possibilities, I marched (okay. drove.) right over to the World Market and bought me some curtains.


And guess what?

I love them.

(However, I should probably make the Martha-esque disclaimer that I don’t LOVE them LOVE them! I just really like them! Because you love God! You love people! But you don’t love things! Unless it’s a jacket from Steinmarts! I mean, it just stands to reason! Their jackets are perfectly beautiful! And so handy if you need a light sleeve!)

The curtains really do add so much color to the room, and they make me smile. So I’d call that a win.

The only drawback? The length on them isn’t exactly right because the molding around our windows interfered a little bit with the ideal height for the brackets, but I’m not nearly as interested in perfection as I am in the fact that I FINALLY GOT SOME CURTAINS. Eventually I may add a little piece of coordinating fabric or trim to the bottom, or I may not. There’s just not a bit of telling.

So there you have it. I can now check one more item off of my to-do list – which means that the DVR and I are about to have a marathon catch-up session. It’s time.

(I’ve missed you terribly, 30 Rock and Survivor.)

(The curtains and I will be there soon!)

My Goodness The Internet Is Helpful

So this morning we went to the pool about 10:30, hung out there until about 1:00, then went to the grocery store(s) and finally got home about 2:00.

This is all riveting information, right?

But my point is that I was away from the computer for a chunk of the day, so when I sat down to read all of your comments after I unpacked the groceries, my decorative wheels were a-turnin’. I just can’t thank y’all enough for all of the great suggestions. I read every single comment, looked at the links you left, gained a whole new understanding of the vast array of wall vinyls that are now available (I HAD NO IDEA) and learned what “quatrefoil” means.

The internet is just a wonder.

One of the first comments I read suggested a black and white print over the bed – maybe something with trees to mimic the leaves on the pillows. And since I am a person who is just a teensy bit obsessed with trees, that idea really resonated with me. So did the comments where people suggested that I add a third leaf pillow to the bed and maybe throw a little more brown in the mix. And I loved the idea of monogramming the smaller white pillows – I’d never even thought of that.


By the time I finished reading the comments, I was certain that a third leaf pillow was my destiny. So I grabbed my keys, told the young’un to hop in the car, and headed to Home Goods. Again. For, like, the 46th time in 10 days.

But do you know what? They had another leaf pillow. THEY DID. And they had a cute brown pillow that I thought would add some color and texture to the increasingly elaborate stunt pillow arrangement. (By the way, in the comments for the last post, Bailey’s Leaf asked me if stunt pillows were a Southern thing. I told her that, as a general rule, Southerners think that if you don’t have to WORK to get in your bed at night, you don’t have enough pillows on the bed.)

Anyway, after I got the (home) goods, I came home and introduced all the pillows to each other. They were fast friends. And see? It’s all very different now.

That third pillow was critical, y’all.

And here is my husband trying to figure out why in the sam hill a pillow would have sequins on it.

I’ve never seen him more perplexed than he was in that moment. He turned over the pillow a few times, then looked at me and said, “Really? REALLY?”

Yes. Really.

Finally, a few of y’all asked where I got the stuff for the bed. I got the comforter set at TJ Maxx (comforter, shams, three small pillows), and the leaf pillows are from Home Goods. If you look really closely you’ll see that the blues don’t match exactly – the leaf pillows have a little more green in them – but I loved everything together so much that I just couldn’t make myself care. It blends. I’m fine with that.

Hopefully I’ll get some more stuff on the walls this weekend, and I’m sure I’ll also spend some quality time obsessing over my black and white photograph options. The fun never stops!

Have a great weekend, y’all.


When we moved in this house we put our bed in front of the windows in our bedroom.

I liked the set-up for several reasons: 1) you were facing the foot of the bed when you walked in the room 2) the leaves or branches or whathaveyou looked really pretty as a backdrop when the blinds were open and 3) I didn’t have to worry with hanging anything above the headboard.

Because here’s the thing: I’m no good at hanging stuff. It stresses me out. I feel like I never know what to hang, and then when I finally figure it out, I have no idea if I’m hanging it too high or too low or if the thing is too big or too small. Are the colors too bright or too subdued? Do I need a grouping or is the one thing okay?

The choices, they overwhelm me. Which is why I typically just stare at the wall for 15 minutes, then fix myself a diet Coke and some Cheez-Its and settle in for an episode or four of House Hunters.

And yesterday, I spent a good portion of the afternoon walking in the bedroom, staring at this, and then walking away.

The bed is on a different wall now, mainly because we can use the space in the room so much better when the bed’s not hanging out by the windows. But oh, all that wall space – it intimidates me. I keep thinking that maybe a grouping of plates would look pretty there (all my favorite home decor bloggers are wizards with wall groupings of plates and platters), but I don’t really have a collection of plates and probably wouldn’t know the right way to hang them if I did.

I know that I could get a big canvas and let everybody pitch in and paint it and then hang it there, but we’ve sort of run that route to death in our house. I love the clean look of the new pillows and stuff, but because they’re not quite as overtly traditional as what we had, I can’t seem to figure out my decorative direction.


Plates? Platters? A photograph? Sconces? A wagon wheel? An old chair?

I’m only sort of kidding about those last two things.

Because I’m very desperate.

The end.

If All Else Fails, I’ll Use The Swatch Cards For A Game Of Solitaire


Yesterday Sister and I went to Home Depot so that I could look at a few paint colors.

After all, I’ve only been talking about painting our bedroom FOR THE LAST TWO YEARS. I figure it’s high time for me to buckle down and maybe look at some paint swatches so that I can have the entire project finished just in time for Alex’s high school graduation.

Lofty goals!

Right now our bedroom is a really deep burgundy color that we inherited from the previous owners. You’d think that it would be right up my alley what with my love for a certain college team that wears the maroon and white, but living with the burgundy bedroom for the last three years has pretty much convinced me that I most like colors in the purple-ish brown family when they’re on spirit wear and in end zones. But bedroom walls – not so much.

There’s a lot of blue / blue green / green in this house, so I figure I’ll repaint our room with some color in that family. Honestly, my first inclination is to go with a light taupe because I just think that’s what you’re supposed to do – PAINT WITH THE LIGHT TAUPE – but I fell in love with the turquoise-ish color of the Drapers’ living room in the first season of “Mad Men,” and every single time I think about painting our bedroom some form of beige, I remember how Betty Draper’s decorative choices inspired me, and I resolve to be a little bit bolder.

It’s totally fine if you want to pity me for being inspired by the choices of someone WHO ISN’T EVEN REAL.

So here’s what I brought home from The Depot.

Okay. Obviously the second swatch card is waaaaaay too blue, but the second color on it reminded me of my imaginary friend Betty Draper’s living room.

Have I mentioned how much I love my imaginary friend’s imaginary living room?

These colors were Sister’s favorites, and they look much more green in real life than they do in this picture. I think the second one is really pretty – and it would look great with our bed (which is dark wood) and our white bedding.

David’s favorite is on the left, and that’s not really a surprise because he loves dark colors. I think our bed would get lost in the middle of all that dark brown, though.

This one, surprisingly, is my favorite. IT’S BLUE. And I’m not really a blue person. But there’s the prettiest touch of green in this shade in real life, and, well, I am intrigued.

What about y’all? Do you have favorite paint colors you’d recommend? Similar OCD tendencies when picking out paint? Temptations to throw all your paint swatches in a hat and pull one out and then yell WE HAVE A WINNER?

Any suggestions?